Sores around waistline

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Fleet Foxes - Shore

548 008 views | 22 Sep. 2020

Fleet Foxes -

Fleet Foxes - Shore

New Album available now. Pre-Order and stream here: https://fleetfoxes.ffm.to/shore


01 – 01:05 – Wading in Waist-High Water (https://youtu.be/tqVxd57H-cA)

02 – 03:20 – Sunblind (https://youtu.be/LQ3nAhJyE44)

03 – 07:50 – Can I Believe You (https://youtu.be/_SZp-XP8IkQ)

04 – 12:05 – Jara (https://youtu.be/YWJSKwgQjSs)

05 – 16:20 – Featherweight (https://youtu.be/LoZ4q_lft2A)

06 – 20:20 – A Long Way Past The Past (https://youtu.be/fTS2mos6kng)

07 – 24:30 – For A Week Or Two (https://youtu.be/YTgUBghbKJM)

08 – 26:55 – Maestranza (https://youtu.be/kqHKSLjc-Q4)

09 – 30:10 – Young Man's Game (https://youtu.be/OHsGsMD9wW0)

10 – 33:40 – I'm Not My Season (https://youtu.be/lLdGlDVg9So)

11 – 37:05 – Quiet Air / Gioia (https://youtu.be/59aZZnDgV-k)

12 – 41:45 – Going-to-the-Sun Road (https://youtu.be/ZwMvK8jUYDc)

13 – 45:55 – Thymia (https://youtu.be/MB5YfyrRHNM)

14 – 48:35 – Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman (https://youtu.be/n2SZCIZrllc)

15 – 54:00 – Shore (https://youtu.be/Jxu5oKlArVc)


Shore is a road-movie depicting Northwest American landscapes and the people and animals that inhabit them. Kersti Jan Werdal is an artist working in film, photography, installation, and collage. 


Alta Amdal

Paris Collins

Robbie Corral

Adaliah Hernandez 

Vijay Manival

Jack Paradise

Lily Rand



Director: Kersti Jan Werdal

Executive Producer: Robin Pecknold 

Director of Photography: Kersti Jan Werdal

Assistant Camera: Robbie Corral

Editor: Kersti Jan Werdal

Visual Effects: Kesiah Manival

Sound Recordist: Robbie Corral

Street Casting: Kersti Jan Werdal

Title Design: Kersti Jan Werdal, Kesiah Manival, and Robin Pecknold 

The film was shot on the following First Nations’ land:










Produced by Robin Pecknold

Engineered & Mixed by Beatriz Artola

Additional engineering and assistance:

Michael Harris

Christopher Cerullo

Jens Jungkurth

Paul Spring

Lauren Marquez

Bastien Lozier

Jon Low

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound

Website: https://www.fleetfoxes.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fleetfoxes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FleetFoxes

#FleetFoxes #Shore


Feather Weight = Proof the Fleet Foxes can do Father John Misty better than JT.
Pecknold 2024


this song sucks.

Oscar Perez

How can I search on to find that Pearl I have lost? in a sea of comments?-- perhaps ill walk by these sands, sands filled with sea-shells, maybe she's underneath in one of these or below those rocks hiding, there --or maybe she's above the Milky Way ingrained as tapestries floating in the night sky, or as a crab connecting the flickering stars, or say a full moon moving the seas and returning its ocean currents and tides back to safe shores-.
Where are you? sleeping in the cold snow?--I still sit here and hear the wonder of your singing voice, singing a Fleet Foxes spell: "Sim Sala bim!" 
Oh the chasm you've dipped me in! and I continue on into my clumsy imagination, so be it ---until I dim away or fade into these seas that sway.

Ryan J.

Out of all these tracks, "Quiet Air / Gioia" is probably my favorite, with "Can I Believe You" as a close second.

Leandro Machado

This is just amazing...


Hey, I just purchased and downloaded the album, and noticed that it DOESN'T start with the ocean sounds or include ANY of the nature sounds that serve as bridges or transitions to other songs. I love this album (my favorite from Fleet Foxes), but am not pleased! I really like that aspect of the album--which is featured on this version of the release, which comprises an additional six minutes, and which I've gotten used to. What's the deal, guys? How about you release BOTH versions? I shouldn't have to pay for something, but get LESS than what I was initially offered free.

Joseph Abate

Is this album great or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Nijjar

Guitar in song #1 is B-E-A-U-tiful.

David Burtenshaw

The fleet foxes have evolved over the years but one thing remains Robins fabulous voice and wonderfully written songs great band I’m in heaven.

Izzy Wooo

Featherweight hits different

Appu Ajith



I've been listening to this album all month and every time I listen it gets better!!!

Myuuchu - KittyKat90

Featherweight but actually a lot of these give me Death Stranding feels, gonna listen to this while playing some time! Beautiful!


I mean... If you want to define "hipster" comma

You would need to define existence itself...

-Me and my friend talking about this

Colin Long

Anyone know when the vinyls are supposed to ship? Bought one on the first day lol


I love you boys sosososo much.Thank you for saving my life.

Ali Moyano

so much love in every single song, a masterpiece.

phil taylor

This just may be the best album yet.... Great stuff!

Davy Roger

Such a free spirited album

Mark Sanderson

Simply beautiful noise!!

Adam Thompson

Thank you, this is a gift I did not know I needed.


a glimmer of hope

Nes C

wish you were here...


Thank you so much. This album was a miracle for my emotions, perception, and just energy during this difficult and depressing time. I have been taking walks around the city in the snow listening to this new album and it's straight bliss and therapy even when it gets sad. Thank you. <3


The radio is all "Can I Believe You" this and "Can I Believe You" that,
and please don't misconstrue me here or nothing,
but WE know about Maestranza.

Iris O'Brien

listening to this album with the nature noises is so soothing

Juno Rahman

Too Beatifullll :"""""""""""""""""""""""""

Edoras Marauder

Yes, lovely Wizards. Sing me to sleep with your stories.

The 4 Eye Cat

I cant stop listening to this masterpiece. no other album has ever been written from beginning to end as good as this.

Núcleo Radio Uno

01:09 Wading in Waist-High water
03:24 Sunblind
07:51 Can I believe you
12:05 Jara
16:24 Featherweight
20:24 A long way past the past
24:32 For a week or two
27:00 Maestranza
30:14 Young man's game
33:44 I'm not my season
37:07 Quiet air / Gioia
41:47 Going-to-the-Sun Road
45:56 Thymia
48:36 Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman
54:02 Shore

Karine Buinier

4 the puppies & kittens in the labs
and all the other animals too

Petition ?? ????? against animal testing on peta.org.uk

Gustavo Rosas da Cruz


Skylar Green

Not to be that guy to go into detail but. Fleet Foxes saved my life. Not necessarily one song or album but the entirety of the Fleet Fox has brought meaning to my soul i cant exactly express. Thank you immensely for everything Fleet Foxes. I genuinely love you all.

bill gillham

This album moved me to tears in many places. I'm totally blown. Absolutely wonderful.

Simon Hargreaves

This is bloody amazing

Kathryn White

So much love to you, Fleet Foxes: creating so much beautiful sentiment for the times: may it never get killed by evil.

Thomas Coyne

This doesn't belong in 2020

David Gasser

This release is pretty much as close as you can get to perfect. I am addicted!


This was released on the day of my Aunt's funeral. After such an emotional day we got home around an hour before this started streaming. After listening to some of the lyrics on sunblind and Jara it felt like Robin was reaching out and saying "Hey buddy everythings gonna be ok". So wierd how fate can bring things together


It has been about 2 months and I still can't get over how absolutely beautiful Featherweight is

Fahri Herlangga

This is probably the best gift i've ever had this year, Thank you Fleet Foxes.

Janessa Martin

this album makes working from home idyllic! It takes me on the road where my soul lives wild and free


Good one! Thanks for getting back to your former roots. Definitely a better album than the previous one! Congrats! :)

Rose Graven

thank you for bringing peace and some special feelings,from remembering holidays, lovers, beaches and tears. a beautiful thought provoking album . i am walking in the woods by the sea with the Fleet Foxes making me move........... brilliant


why does this make me want to play life is strange

Richard Mollberg

Best part tempo change at 39:58, strong finish to the song.
Second best part 19:08 and forward till end of song, hold on to the voice and drumsound.

Kris Fox

honestly - i miss the dominand harmonic singing from the first 2 album, i love to sing along with them.

maurelius _

thanks, great album

Leodo Nut

going-to-the-sun Road (41:45): Brazilian person (sounds like it at least) starts singing


Back in early October I had to give an oral presentation on a current event for my communications class, I did it about this album.

Jeffrey Popple

Robin.....Thank you.
Not just from me but my daughter's as well(15 & 14) Plus my wife Leah ....an absolute goddess...she is the one that found you!

Mar Mori Olvera

What kind of magic is this, Fleet Foxes? ?✨

Simone Pozzoli

Thanks for this. Really thanks

James Whelan

Genius. This album is incredible. I cant listen to the earlier albums anymore. This is perfect

Eric Maclennan

4 shore

Laura Harris

Featherweight really is a song like any other. Absolute poetry.

The Lonewolf

Best Album of 2020 hands down.


So existential... and spiritual

Ben Wherlock

It sounds to me like the band went back to 1976 to record it. A lovely record.


I'm beside myself that you'd put out something like this for everyone to hear. ?❄

F Howl

Where's Post Malone up in these comments? Wanted to hear his take...


a true blessing upon 2020

Pop Whirl TV


Ana Caroline Junqueira

hey, is that Tim Bernardes at 45:03????

Yasmin Viana

Wow! Loved! ...And there is a song that the end is in portuguese ❤️


Lovely music and film. Where was it shot?

Dalton Marsh

How this wasn't Grammy nominated I will never know. It's a thing of beauty

Jeffrey Popple

My wife Leah and I brought our 2 children (Boopie and Doodle) to see Fleet Foxes at the Mann Center. At the time they were 9 and 10. It was a magical night. The Philadelphia skyline along with beautiful music made for a night never to be duplicated!

Captain Swan

I love the calm, deep humming.


I've been clinging to my life raft over the rough seas of 2020, now I have found the Shore... thx FF

Paul Ollivier

Thank you.

Luke Seeley

I like fleet foxes but... I dont like this?.....


comfort for a broken nation

Crusty Council



Amazing.. thank you Fleet Foxes.

Frank Kubrick

Thanks for this beautiful album!


Fleet Foxes music moves me like no other music I have ever heard. These guys are so wonderful.

James Whelan

i listen to loads of music, this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever heard. incredible.Thank You!!!!

Jose Villagra Reyes

a la posteridad!

Jasen Jahn

Fleet foxes = get the fook out in nature. Live. Make love. Smile.

Indira Dalino

its a new sound of fleet foxes yet feels like still right in the same neighbourhood, robins craftmanship is top in this

R Secreto


Kyle Allred

How good is this?? Buying it!!

Javier Páramo

Its Production is incredible. The exquisite mix of sounds took me out of this mad and sick world. This is a therapeutic journey. A glass of wine to enjoy from the beginning to the end. Already an album of my life.

Fleet Foxes

New Album available now. Pre-Order and stream here: https://fleetfoxes.ffm.to/shore

Richard Mollberg

Great album, thanks Fleet Foxes!

James Marshall

this band is so good <3

Karine Buinier

Pour les chiots & chatons dans les labos
et tous les autres animaux

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sno saer

I love the part when were just chillin lookin at the white horse

Artu Pachuco

Simply beautiful?

English Rain


Yolanda Seed

Thank You so much Fleet Foxes for offering your magic Music to get us through turbulent Times ?????

Il Io

Looks like an invitation for humankind to discover the lost beauty of nature and integrate it into their lives.

Marc J

The drumming on Young Man's Game is electric.


THIS IS ONE OF THE ALL TIME GREAT ALBUMS Every song is a masterpiece.

Яна Шаповал

i'm crying

Thanasis Konstandinidis

well done fleet foxes!!!! great album!!! greatings from Greece

Rich O Hanna

Maestranza ... My Favourite track on the album!

Jose Garrido

Maravilloso álbum. Valió la pena la espera! Terapia para el alma.


Thank you so much for this. Thumbs up for the video as well as the music. Each evening i go to the wood to feed my friend the fox.

Sores around waistline

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How to Relieve Right Sided Lower Back Pain with a L5 S1 Facet Decompression

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Tech Satish

This video is awesome for my side pain because it's being a long time I'm suffering from side pain thank so much sir keep it up....thx a lot

Joanne Baskerville

Wow! I've lived with a diagnosed L5 issue a few mths ago. Mackenzie exts havent helped and i've had constany nagging pain until i tried this! Instant relief, thanks :)

sent M

Can I do regular back excersice with this pain ? Or I just do this one

Yash mahalle

Sir, what causes this problem ?

Jari Rytkönen

This helped me too. Amazing! Thank you!

Every Man Is Your Teacher

Please bending forward feels really bad, what should we do?

Aidan Brooks

Will this work for a S1 compressed nerve? If so, my herniated disk is left side. Do I put my left leg on chair?


What if it's the opposite when I bend at the front it hurts

Harold Capo

Please coach mine gets worse when I instead pull frontward. What can I do please


Should your right knee be completely stationary when moving your left hand?


Thank you for posting this! I'm going to try this out.

Ali El Boussati

Thank you so much brother ❤️

Aslam Mandaviya

Big shutout for such a healing exercise. Feeling much better.
I have pain at only right side. Should I do this exercise only one side?


What do I do if it hurts going forward


All you need is to PRAY and ICYHOT it helps ?


Pregnant woman here. I’ve been dealing with terrible lower right back pain, doing yoga + stretches + physical therapy hasn’t helped much. But this! This really helped! I can’t believe the difference it made. I had to modify it slightly because of my bump. I’m so going to do this many times a day!

Ali El Boussati

I feel so betrer


Nice and practical. Will be using it with my clients.

Shweta Chander

I had pain in the lower back right side and it works like magic thank you very much ☺️

Bryan Ahaya

Just wonderful, I have been researching "sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Fenulian Prefatory Future - (search on google ) ? It is a great exclusive product for discovering how to expose the trick to beat down your sciatica back pain problems without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with i

Maryam Ahmed

This was helpful thanks

Let Go


Yani Rivas

I experience the right side of my body

Tenzin Youtso

? omg.. it’s like magic.. I just tried and it does work within a minute..thank you so much..???

Nicole Lonnie

Right after utilizing this plan, my sciatica pain has been treated. It has helped me personally to sleep conveniently in different postures. Will help my hip pain and it`s comfy. Look for this guide on Google, the guidebook name is Mason Κonozback

M I S S. J

Or you just don’t have those joints ..


This really helps ... wow

Tanishtha Dubey

I can't believe this gave me instant relief!!!

James no

This exercise gave me instant relief. I felt a small crack while switching sides, I’ll be doing this regularly. Please show a view from the side as well. Thanks!

Romelia Polly

This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more :)

ícҽís թհօҽղíx

Wow ED. I suffer for 8 years. Been to every doctor. Nobody EVER recommended this. I was in so much pain earlier I prayed to Jesus to heal me. That didn't work but MY GOODNESS THIS DID! It's not 100 percent better but it was instant relief. Unreal. Thank you deeply dear one.

Suyash Kumar

Sir but i am feelin the opposite...it become tight when i go forward and relaxed with i go backwards.....plz tell me what to do with that...sir


Thanks ? sir , from last 10 years suffering from one sided pain shifting right to left, dr diagnosed si joint dysfunction. Now I am relaxed. Stretching pain in left side hip area front only.
God bless you lot.

Fırat Ferocious

Hello. Would you mind if i shared my Mr results with you? I need an urgent answer because i have an important boxing match 6 days later. Regards. ?

nilesh chaudhari

I have lower back pain since 9 year. My MRI says that Disc bulges are seen at L4/5 and L5/SI levels indenting the thecal sac without any nerve root compression. Minimal marrow edema is seen in the subchondral portion of right sacral ala. Will this exercise help me to reduce pain in lower back and hip?

Temporary Illusion

I am going to try this now. I have had a really bad shooting pain on the right side of my lower back for a few days now. It is pure agony, has affected my sleep too where I can't move to one side without getting a screaming pain go through my body.


I have had a damaged L5 S1 for 16 years or so. I hang upside down to decompress it. This works just as well! Thanks!

Jame Andy

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Shelley Buchholtz

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Every Man Is Your Teacher

What about the pain when moving forward???

Harsh Arora

Bro thank uuuu

Fadel erki7

Hello guys im from indonesian, this exercise effective for herniated disc l5-s1 ? I have pain in tailbone and i feel in buttock, thanks for attention ?

fitness hub by td

Thanks ? soooooooooooo much

Tinku Baglari

Tq sir ?❤️?

Gamer Master

What causes this pain?

Jonathan Gilbey

This instantly relieved long term pain! Thank you so much - in terms of aftercare should i walk around or rest?

Debora Smith

Go ogle Kenzano Ayb back ache guidebook to find out why it’s effective. My serious chronic back pain had been treated because of it. I had been able to position well on my side or back, alleviating a few of the muscle spasms.

Mika Vanonen

I've been suffering this left side lower back pain for ages. Sometimes it's alright and it doesn't bother me, but sometimes, like after a heavy squat workout it's literally a pain in the ass. But this. The moment I started, after a few reps I heard a "pop" and felt like at least one lock opened. And I haven't been able to find a good streching moves for QL etc, so this is wonderful. Thank you


That's good it's working.. nice

SlavicGirl BG

I need this doctor asap. I have postpartum chronic pain in the right lower back and I feel hopeless.

Tomas P.

Thank you so much!


This back pain guide named Kenzano Ayb (Go ogle it) has treated by back problems. That is really a great deal for me because I have been working with many, numerous guides as well as my back still painful after each a different one. I had been amazed my back was better. This might be just the greatest answer to my concern!

•Dani G

What should I do if I feel the pain lower than you say???

Carlos Garcia

Thanks this helped out wonderful i feel so much better

Regina T.

Question: is this an exercise I should do regularly, or only when in pain? I stopped after the 1st two or 3 movements...when the pain left. I hav suffered bk pain for years & years.


What do you do if it's the opposite, it hurts when you bend forward?

Shelley Buchholtz

My aunt usually get out of bed each and every morning having a back pain. I recommended her to follow along with this lower back pain guide named Kenzano Ayb (Go ogle it) and in the next day, she has observed good advancements. The guideline has truly shocked her.

Banna Lovely

sir mujhe disc desiccation with diffuse disc bulge is seen at l5-s1 level indenting the anterior thecal sac and no effect on bilateral sided exiting nerve roots .
Meri mri reporte hai ye koi upaay bataye sir please

Markus Lucas

Go ogle Kenzano Ayb back discomfort guide to find out why it’s effective. It substantially relieved my severe chronic back pain caused by a recent injury. Nevertheless it will help me to set on my side or back which will help ease several of the spasms. .

Erlangga Fauzan Rezaganie

Cant believe this works? but it did thx

Ed Paget

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Markus Lucas

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Aashish Chalia

Thank you so much, it really helped me out. I have l5 s1 narrowing and the pain was unbearable when I got up in the morning it was so intense that I can't go for pee and I was sweating and getting frail. But this stretching helped me out. Really thank you from my heart.


Thank you very very much honestly

Ahmad Hilal

This is magic!!!!

Salman Sheikh

Instant relief mate love u godbless you

Akrem Diafate

Ihave c curv to the right and pain in the lower back in the right does this exersis work for me ? Plz respond:)

Sandip Rowing

Dear sir

Good morning

I am Sandip from India. I am a rowing sports player. I left my sport due to my back pain. I am facing lower back pain and middle back pain. I done my lower back MRI and find bulge in L4, S1 and L3. Please provide me your email id so I can share my MRI report details. Please suggest me exercises. I need your help sir. I want to back in sports.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Arlene gomez

i need this now i was crying and overthinking what will happend if the pain getting worse? i cant even wear my socks its very painful hope this one can help i will try this

June Mark Madrio

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The first time i tried i heard a click and just kept doing the exercise. Works wonders. Thanks


Thanks it's works wonders ??

Dina Sullivan

What about the way around. Bending forward gives more pain

Musabende Claudine

Thnks this works.be blessed?

Shelley Buchholtz

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all the best

BoBo SaTee

But what if bending back is fine, but bending forward is impossible?


Seen this exercises just now. I have similar problems as you described. Hope it will benifits me. Thanks in advance.

Fiona Davis

Wot would we do without u guys on u tube to help us . My doctors r just not interested. Have to self diagnose all the time when it comes to aches and pain because I have osteoarthritis they blame ever pain in that and don’t check it out . Thanks for this information

Mehdi Darvish

Wow! It worked really well! Thank you so much!!!!


Good exercise and good experience

nnn rrr

What if the pain is when we bend forward?

Padmanabhan Devarajan

Very useful and tried very effective

Samantha Chun

omyghoossshhh it worrkkkeddd!!!

Gustavo Alapizco

You’re the man thank you a lot !

Regina T.

OMG that worked instantly!! Had just reached my maximum pain level, & was about to make an appointment. Tried this exercise & got immediate relief. Sure hope this last, because I was in tears. Thank you!

Kamal Kaur

Sir can u tell me wht problem is mine... I'm having pain on both left nd right sides above hip area at lower bck

Andrew Riscart

are you supposed to do this both ways or just the one direction you emphasize in the video?

Silly Point

What to do if there is pain while bending forward and relief while bending backward

Adam Everett

Best video out there thank you

Ms OhSoSolo

I have an L5-S1 & L4-L5 disc bulge that extends 2 mm into my central spinal canal. THESE exercises brought me out of the debilitating throbbing, tightness, tingling & burning radiating pain I’ve been in consistently for nearly a year. I’m not 100% but I feel MUCH better than I did 30 mins ago. I appreciate you so much. I’m finally learning the exercises I need for my specific condition. I’m certain if I stay on THIS routine my discs will heal normally. I cannot ever thank you enough. ????????????????????????????????????????

RMH Bricklaying

This helped me so much, I went a little too hard on my last set of squats the other day and on the last rep I tweaked my lower back a little and the right side has been killing me the last couple days and tried this for 2 sets just then and a lot of the pain subsided for now will repeat again tomorrow

Sores around waistline

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➭ MAC Brushstroke 24-hour Liner

➭ Flaire Lashes Type D

➭ Barry M Lip Liner - russet

➭ NYX Professional Lip Lingerie Push-Up Long Lasting Lipstick - LS06

➭ MAC Fix Plus Magic Radiance Setting Spray

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Tiara Putri

Seneng banget,selalu nggak ketinggalan nnton tutorial makeup nya kak ala ?

Lutfia Fitriana

kak ala lanjut nonton search www nggak?? btw aku keracunan nonton itu gara gara kak ala, n me likeyyy nonton itu langsung berasa jadi wanita yg bersahaja wkwkwkw

Puput Anisa Rosid

Make up jukyung produk lokal..❤️

Yuni Lestari

hadirr ?️

Finka Briliana

Make up jukyung tapi recreate pakai produk lokal dong ka ala ????

Raihani KSW

Gak sabar bahas true beauty.. tim mana kak???

Mayang Adilia

Liat rambut kak kiara keluar dikit.
Jiwa perfeksionisku : ???????????

zhey lolla

Smangatt buat kita acne fighters

hope milae

Kak Ala mesti banget nntn Mr. Sunshine atau engga Voice?

iyan taryana


Anggie Ariyanti

Kurang softlenss ajani

nurchalida salsabila

Always cant wait for watchhh?

Talitha Sal

Can't wait ?❤️

Nisa Nururrachmi

Pake colorgram aja ka alaa.. sekalian review produknya..
Kl pake produk local youtuber lain udah banyak yg buat.. ?

Elyya Septyana

Tim gercepp nunggu ?

Fena Intan

terakhir kabar dari sg kaka bakal lamaa sampe, takutnya jadi basi gaksih. better yaang ada aja yang penting looknyaaaa?❤️

Yorri Amalia

salfok sama mansetnya merk apaaa kak kiara

Btari Rifka

Iya bangett cobain colourgram kaakk. Penasaran sama glitter shadow nya

Elyya Septyana

Bikin jookyung kak setuju??

Lutfi Febriansari

The moon embracing the sun udah nnton belum laa???

Rizki Yanti Azzahra

Mau makeup jukyung dan pake produk colorgramnya ka alaa sekalian review multi cube palettenyaa karna naksir parahh tp blm tau worth it apa ngga karna harganya lumayan hehe, thankyouu ka alaa??

Vidiya Kresnawati

Tapi pengen juga kak kiara review colorgram :(

Herninta Fadhilah

mau dong kakkk cobain colourgram!

Aghnia Shafa Az Zahra

Failure is the part of the process.
- Kak Ala 2k21

Thanks for reminding kaak ✨

Zenit Anisa

First impression pake colorgram dan makeup LJK kak biar dedikasi buat true beauty sekalian bahas tuntas drakornya kak, suka bgt chitchat kak ala

dear_ U

Kak ala coba nanti bikin colourpop One brand dong, penasaran produk² nya klo di review sma kak ala gimana????

just bika

brush buat ngapus backing-an nya apa kiara? Yg double ended... hopefully you'll asnwer.. appreciate your help ???

aufaa sezara

Suka bgttt hasil bold makeupnya?✨✨

Denissa R

Ga nonton lovestruck in the city karena msh ga bisa move on dari chemistrynya KJW sm PSJ di fight for my way ~

Resti Yanuar

jd ikut mangap??

A-5- Nadya Fitri Niza

kak, aku pernah liat di tiktok, ada org yg maskne gitu, trus dia coba pake obat kumur (kaya listerine), kan obat kumur bisa bunuh bakteri mulut, jadi mungkin maskne itu disebabkan oleh bakteri dari mulut ketika penggunaan masker.. trus katanya di dia minum obat kumur gitu works jadi berkurang jerawatnya, jadi mungkin bisa dicoba

Reffie Srigati

Bikin 2 2 nya aja kak recreate pakai voligram dan juga sama bikin make up jukyung menggunakan produk local.

Andi Aulia

make up jukyungg tapi produk lokall, biar bisa beliii wkwk

Fitriarisma rianti

selaluuu gaketinggalan sama konten ka kiaraas. mmmmuach kaa kir
sukses selalu

kasuari anjar

Recreate pake produk lokal aja kak

Sri Dewi Purnama

Aku juga jerawat nya lagi ngamuk :((


alisnya bagus bgttttt aduh keracunan si luxcrimeeee

Auliaa M. F.


Salsa Bila

Ini inspirasi sih kata gua

Rizky Gardelia

gapapa ya kak Alaa aku telat tapi selalu nontonin ini???

Risma_ ssi

Pake lokal brand aja biar gampang carinya ?


humorku sebesa " plek ketiplekk " it's me when bener2 bener benerrrr bgt, ribet amat gue ngomong hehe, miann

Debi Meilina


Cindha Nurita Sari

Selalu excited kl nonton kak Ala, karena ada review Drakornya. Point plus banget???

Alya Kahfi Mirawan

Kiara jangan keseringan pake eksfoliator ya, soalnya yg persennya dikit juga ttp ngaruh. Sorry kalo kesannya so tau, cuma mau ngingetin soalnya w juga dulu gitu jangan sampe ala gitu jg.

Shofi Nurul Wafa


Erika Dian

Sukakk bgttt kakk?

Ibra Khatami

Recreate pake produk colourgram dong kiara ? di shopee udh ada di olive young officialnya

Aura Suzan

11.07 ngakak banget sih sama ka ala kagetnya sampe kek gitu hahahahaha

Beee Bee


Ahda Azharina

Cobain serum essence pineapple-C nya kaley skincare ka, mayan cepet meredakan jerawat even hormonal

sarah nafila

ngakak banget pas kaget

Calysta Aurelia

pakaii colorgram ajaa

Mutya Hazna

Kak ala udah pernah coba skingame belum? Klo belum plis cobainnn

Talitha Sal

Luv ka Kiara?❤️


Cangtip sekaliiii

Aprilia Diandra Savitri

recreatenya pake colourgram sama local ajaa kak sekalian review colourgram dan bisa belajar pake yang local juga hehe


bikin 2 versi aja ka kaya kaka pas makeup wisuda tu, jadi 1video pake semua produk yang dipake jukyung video lagi pake prosuk yang ada di indo entah drugstore atau lokall

Diva Amanda P

Buat duaduanya aja ga si kak? Lokal dan cologram sklian first impression jg kan yaaa ehehhe

Vikha Alya

alisnya sukaaak bgt kaak alaa

kurnia fattah

Kii, you should watch Extraordinary You :")

Rahmada Rani

Kak kiara, dagu aku juga kayak kakak. Aku pikir itu jerawat mendem ternyata pas tanya dokter itu scars jerawat kak karna dulu aku pernah jerawatan parah banget.. hikss

Fatima Zahra S

kakk alaa i love your brows in this vid?

Nadia Asyifa

Baguuus teruuus pokonya kak ala mah

blackpearl mujigae

Kalo aku jadi kakak, panik pas sblm bedakan. Kenapa muka gue jadi bronze rata semua gini ?

Debby Prymanita

Plisssss pake brand apapun yg mirip jukyuuungg.... Hehehe apapun brandnyaa yg penting mirip2 :)

Anisa Dwiyanti

Kiara (palinglingin) leswara❤️❤️❤️

dinda puspasari

Cobain teknik bakar foundation kak ?

Sarah Shafira

Kenapa ya kalo nonton video kak ala tuh anteng banget tiba tiba udah habis aja huu durasinya berasa 5menit?✨

Debby Prymanita

Sukaaaaa bangetttt video sambil chit chaattt giniii...... MasyaAllah cantiiikk banget alaaaa... ?

peseekar _

pake produk apa aja yg penting recreate jukyung ya ?

rosiana risqi


Irda Apredita


Della Amelia

Tonton Mr.queen deh raa, kocak drama nyaa tpi msh dapet bgt juga intrik nyaa, seru bgtt, hrs liat dulu 1episode ajh, jamin ketagihan

Nani Yuniar

Recreate pake produk lokal plissss...

Nadia A. Tahani

Pake produknya colorgram ?

oktarina oktarina

Sama, balik ke bha nya paulas choice ?

Talitha Nabila

wajib nonton drakor mr queen kakkkk!

Herse Love

Makeup jukyung nya pake yang hasil atau warnanya mirip aja kak

bunny jm

aku pengen deh liat kak kiara cobain teknik makeup yang lagi trend di tiktok, yang pake lipstik paling pertama gitu dan foundation terakhir ? kebayang hebohnya kak kiara gimana ?

sylvia rose19

Kak ala recreat make up jukyung pake produk lokal

Fera Yunita

Coba nonton "she would never know" kak..

Lastri Syahira

Ga seru filmnya.. endingnya sih bagus.. cuma krna udah nnton webtoonnya jd agak kecewa dgn endingnya.. pdhlkan emang film luar negerimah episodenya sebentar2

Nabila Ramadhanty

makeup jukyung pake brand lokal kak??

nur syamimi

kak, dicoba donk make up ala ala emoji gitu

sofi N azizah

Kaaa pls nonton healer sama k2, seruuu bgt

Reffie Srigati

One brand Berry M kak kalau ada semua produknya sih.kalau enggak yah hampir Berry M kak bagus nggak produknya atau biasa aja.

Diyah Puspita

makeup apa aja di kamu baguss ka alaaa?

Kiara Leswara


zhulian adani

Keren bangeeeetttt smokey eyes tu agak tricky ya tapi kak ala hasilnya bagus bgt ??? kak cobain deh teknik2 yang lg viral di ig/tiktok. Kayak paka blush on semuka sebelum foundie itu misal

Nurasih Nadira

Aaa suka bgettt

Muti Cyla Diareka


lalala na


Siti Aisyah Tunlayya

Arabian makeup tutorial plizzzzz!

Deira Razzaaq Darsono

MasyaAllah cantiknya kaak

tarisa nindyas

suka banget sama konten kak kiara, karena juga permasalahan kulitnya sama jd pas trik make upnya juga sama love!

Yaya Nad

Sebelumnya ga prh seheboh ini nungguin premiere makeup ?cm di channel ala donk ??

Juleha Putri

Kak alisnya beda sebelah menurut aku??

sherika Nuari

Always beautiful ?


Say cobain sabun lanbena batang yg hujau bgs bgt buat acne aku dah cobain bgs bgt