List of cosmetic surgeries

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The Top 5 Countries for Cosmetic Surgery

6 963 views | 5 Feb. 2018

Can you guess the Top 5

Can you guess the Top 5 Countries to go to for plastic surgery? Board certified plastic surgeons discuss.

An article was recently released detailing the top 5 countries in the world for cosmetic surgery. Implied in the article is the idea of medical tourism, or deciding to take a trip to have a cosmetic procedure performed usually because it’s cheaper than home, or marketed as better.

American board certified plastic surgeons discuss the article on the latest episode No Spin Live, specifically helping patients to understand whether or not traveling to a surgeon is wise and/or necessary.


Travel for cosmetic surgery is nothing new. Many patients from all across the world descend upon the United States for surgery, as well as the other top 5 countries: Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and Japan. For casual readers – and persons who may be interested in the idea of cosmetic surgery – is this list definitive and/or important?

“I look at this and I think, ‘Where is the most cosmetic surgery done in the world?’ It’s probably those countries!” says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner. “So that’s the place to go cause we probably do the most and we’ve been doing it for the longer period of time. We know our Brazilian colleagues are very involved in cosmetic surgery and are actually more involved than the United States in times past.”

Dr. Pozner makes a good point in that these lists denoting the “best” places for cosmetic surgery are maybe pointing out where the field is most performed and common. This matters because if an industry is heavily researched and participated in, it’s probably going to produce more and better practitioners. If the US and Brazil have “the best” cosmetic surgery, that’s another way of saying the industry in those country is huge, there is a high demand, and thus more great surgeons will rise in under growing, vibrant conditions.


One aspect of “best of” lists is an unspoken charge that countries not on the list must not have great surgeons and should be avoided. This is very, very far from the truth, and is an inaccurate reading. “There really are great surgeons throughout the world,” shares board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford Broumand. “I tell people, ‘You don’t send your shirts to be dry cleaned to Malaysia, you do it where you are.’ You can find someone who is quite talented in your neighborhood, vicinity, or your region. I don’t necessarily say that you have to stay in Oshkosh (where there probably are good surgeons!); go to where the surgeries are done on a regular basis, proficiently. We are masters of what we do, and we do these things proficiently. You want to go to the masters.”

Dr. Broumand strikes another key point: what matters in selecting a surgeon is discovering their credentials, of course, but also how regularly they’re performing the procedures you’re interested in and how proficiently. There are absolutely astonishing rhinoplasty surgeons who may have a national reputation, does this mean that’s the surgeon to select when desiring a breast augmentation. It could be so, maybe that surgeon is very well-known for nose surgery but spends half of his or her time performing breast surgery, too. Or maybe they concentrate only on rhinoplasty. Nuances like these are extremely important for patients; knowing a surgeon is “great” could mean a lot of things, and may be irrelevant considering the procedure patients have in mind.


Undoubtedly, there are unbelievable surgeons all over the planet. When expert plastic surgeons advise against medical tourism, they’re usually pointing to the risks involved, not the abilities of the surgeons in question.

For example, perhaps a patient discovers an incredible surgeon in Brazil and is most curious in selecting he or she because the overall costs are much lower than going down the street in the US. For the inexperienced, a trip to Brazil, their procedure, room and board on the beach during recovery for less than a procedure at home sounds very enticing. The problem is not whether or not that surgeon will do a fine job, but the risks that all surgery carries. If a patient has a complication, would they rather be in Brazil or down the street from friends and family?

“There is a bit of danger in saying people can’t have good outcomes and good surgeries in other places, because I think they can,” explains board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Brzowski. “We run into the pitfall of saying, ‘Oh, why would you ever have surgery down there?’ because there are examples of people who’ve had lovely results. It’s just what is the magnitude of the risk they’re taking by doing it in that location, and sometimes they fall off on the negative side.”

James Trueblood

I’m studying reconstruction and cosmetic surgery and I’d say avoid Asia stick to Brazil and the United States they work with a variety of races and different features which makes them better at achieving the best most natural looking results because they treat such a diverse population unlike Korea and Japan where it’s quite homogeneous and the procedures don’t vary much but here in Miami I see Europeans Hispanics/Mestizo Blacks and Asians


Humans are terrible ,they worry so much with the outside appearance and forget that the most important part is your heart your actions your morality your behavior .They pouted the planet destroy mother nature they have a malicious mind no truth love no respect no humbleness no mercy no kindness no morality .Plastic surgery should be only for real necessities like a burn accident etc....


Didn't learn SHIT

Gang Shitz

South Korea isn’t here wow ?

Han Yoo

South Korea has the best TECHNICS. So a lot of foreigners comes to Korea to have one. And that's why foreigners think korea=plastic surgery

List of cosmetic surgeries

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Priyanka Chopra; Plastic (Cosmetic ) Surgery 2020

537 042 views | 21 Apr. 2020

Priyanka Chopra; Plastic

Priyanka Chopra; Plastic (cosmetic) Surgery 2020

Hi Fam: this video is about Priyanka Chopra's plastic surgery. I think it really important to talk about plastic surgery openly. We will also be discussing topics like skin lightening and inclusivity of all skin tones in the beauty industry and in different cultures. Please don't bring hate to Priyanka Chopra for plastic surgery; she like everyone else is doing the best they know how to do and there are many pressures in Hollywood. If you like commentary on plastic surgery then I invite you to watch and comment on this video: Priyanka Chopra; Plastic Surgery 2020 #priyankachopra #powerofmakeup #nickjonas

Special Thank You to my Indian subscribers: Rakshita, Selespurti, Krupa, Ravindra, Aditi, Raya, Meek, Tamanna

Credit given to :

The View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU5e8By68xA

The Hero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_26kh9Pgno

Baywatch excerpt with the Rock and Priyanka

Polybeak examples: Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj


2nd Polybeak before and after : Dr. Naficy

Polybeak example with bird: Richard Zoumalan MD

New List Of Top Ten of Indian Most Beautiful Actresses:


Article citations:





Equipment Used:

Promaster Ultra Soft 914B 2- light transport KitBi color 9X14

Camera: Canon 80D

Editing: (self) Final Cut Pro

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.

MUSIC at the very end: https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/5MhlgZGN2L

MUSIC in background: https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/7...


BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected]

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnClOuzfbOj3ZcUKs2GahjA

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lorryhill/?hl=en

BLOG: http://www.lorryhill.com/

Alex araya

she looks ..........practically the same!.......just different makeup

Jeremiah Sanadion

This video is so choppy I thought I was going to have a seizure.

Mechak Bengia

She is even beautiful then Kim Jennie she win missssss worllllllld okey y'all Jennie didn't even won Korea ah❤️

La Silveira

I think Indian women are so beautiful, I watch a lot of Bollywood movies and I was so pleased that all of them are so stunning ? Middle Eastern women are beautiful too. God ill pay good money to be gorgeous like them. I have their skintone lol does that count? ?


Well this didn’t stop the jona brother from marriage. ?

Divine Ray

I'm an Indian girl. Yes, we've had and continue with the bias but skin lightening or brightening will always sell in India. Reason : We have brown skin and our skin hyperpigments a LOT. It's not the same as Caucasian which doesn't pigment much. So , we try to clear our skin or make it fair not be white and pale but just to achieve a flawless look. Brown skin has its own problems.


Don't use zafran during pregnancy because it will kill the baby. I'm sure noone gonna use it for skin bleaching of baby.I love you Lorry and i love youre viedeos but that was a wrong information. Maby it was just a misstake. Sorry for my bad english it's not my first language.

Ayan P

As for skin bleaching, I doubt it. Without heavy makeup and lighting, she still looks brown. That's why she looks brown again in Hollywood (although she still uses makeup to look slightly lighter than she really is).

Min Yue Yong

I think Indian women are really pretty.

Please don't ever bleach your skin

Sonali Gain

i think it's human nature a fare skinned person will want a darker skin, a darker skinned will want farer, similarly a currly haired people will want straight hair, and straighter will want curly, it's just desire which happens from within, i see most Asian countries are obsessed with white skin eg China, Skorea, India, Phillippines, Pakistan etc. Meanwhile in western people want dark skin and spend millions to get it ?

Çağla Küpücü

Everyone gets browlift done

zeal rajee

Not all actress are dark in Bollywood ....Kagna ranouat shradha Kapoor and kareeena Kapoor are fair since childhood
In India u will get different skin ton as we have geagraphical diversity

Thelma Cruz

How about Ivanka Trump's transformation over the years? Do you think there was surgery involved?

Sohel Shaikh


Anupama Goel

Her accent her face her image all made up


At first I thought it was Addison Rae in the thumbnail. ?

Sawera Khan

She has no cupid bow now

Elli In Korea

It's so wild cause I was bullied really badly for being extremely pale here in Europe. Never tanned out of spite. Wish we'd just stop harassing people for their natural skin tones :/

iam awah

I think she just changed the way she does her makeup and more conscious on how she smiles

Harsha Sewlani

Okay, this might just be me, but I think she had another surgery, her nose looks bigger in her recent instagram posts, and actually it looks a lot better. Maybe it was the makeup, but she does look different

Lorry Hill

For Celebrity BODY Analysis join my Patreon $4 a month ! My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lorryhill

Patricia Primitiva Pena Rodriguez

I love the way you speak. GOD BLESS YOU.

Alex Diaz

She looks Best at the moment lest cheap

Eva Mathebula

I'm south afrikan and Colourism is literally rive here as well there is inclusion of all skin tone but light skinned women are usually the ones given lead roles


I’m from Poland but my mother is Greek, father from Dutch ancestry . I take up more Mediterranean skin tone ( light grayish olive tone). 20 years ago it was really hard to find for example - right shade of foundation, because most of Polish women are naturally in light pink or yellow tone. Now it is more inclusive but unfortunately the beauty standards ale like IG filters


The discrimination against darker colored skin tones is all over the world coming from different cultures and races. Not just from white people in America so... It's human nature.

Honest Fella

i think priyanka is more sexy before....


She’s a dark copy of that blonde Hegl actress from grey’s anatomy ?



Cherry Blossoms

Good research.. medical stuff wise??❤️

Tina E

8:10 you said more westernized, yes perhaps the nose but eyes not so much any culture has those and as for the lips they’re not western at all, people aim for fuller African lips give credit where its due


damnnnnn I wish she didn't correct her nose now...

I'm not sure what is it but people in Asian countries usually want to be fairer. It could be to look more like a white person or that it is associated with the outdated thinking that people who are poor like farmers, spend time under the sun and have darker skin.

The interesting thing is most white people prefer to look tanner and sometimes skip sunscreen even though it can be very harmful to their skin. They want to look exotic? Why cant they just be white?

I am quite skeptical on whether views on skin colour/race are more open now in the US.

Enid Wellness

Colorism is a global epidemic.

human being

Today's world trending is k-beauty...
"I'm sick of this kpop"
Those obsession ,made me to hate kpop. Even I'm already stop to listen kpop. ?
I will going to change my house from earth to Mars.

Augh Bable

She... kind of looking the same. I think with such nose, you can just use make up because it's truly classic traits. It someone tweak too much, the whole thing became unbalance. For example, big ears... then you have lips that outworldly... it just doesn't add up with the logic

Juliana Davis

And that’s why I’m never touching my face

Stacey Herald

when God blesses you with such beauty you shouldnt mess with it. she was naturally a 10. now shes an 8. her nose is asymmetrical now and her lips are too large for her face.

70esgirl 7

I love your channel and your autheticity
Thank you for bringing light into the dark
So many people have no idea that the beauty of celebritys is not just natural and feel so unsecure

Proud Haitian

She looked more Indian before. I was kind of surprised when I first learnt she was Indian.
"It's ok to have a dark skin tone as long as you have the perfect westernized features."
This is so important!
I'm from Haiti and, in families, since we are all kind of mixed because of slavery, we all tend to have different skin tones and it's true that the person with the lighter skin tone and often get praised more but it isn't as obvious as it could be.

Rowan Delevingne

As an honduran, and for my mother side, I have arabic (palestine) ancestors and from my father side I have british ancestors. I'm latina, and my skin tone is average. BUT when I see that koreans and indians tread bad other people for having an average skin tone,, make me feel like I'm black
is like Dammm this girls have "TAN" skin, what!!! they're paler than me.

Amit baghla


Olga Lidia

She has a big face now too

Habung Alie

Irony is that she still denies any surgery done on her

aria afghan

9:14 her nose is perfection.


I really believe she looked better before surgeries. ?

Onewayticket 2

Thank you so much for talking about colorism and featurism. I hate it when tanning is compared to skin lightening, it is not the same. Both for the reasons a person does it, and the effects that it has on the person thereafter.

Xo_amber 133

I hope Billie Eilish doesn’t get plastic surgery people now are fake

rigleia knapp

I am originally from Brazil, a country that is very pro plastic surgery. And also vey inclusive of skin tones.

Ms A

Please do one on Aishwarya Rai, that woman is breathtakingly gorgeous

Josephine March

I dont get the skin tone thing and bleaching. How did it start that it is now such a part of the Indian and other cultures? I have been hearing my whole life why are you so pale? mostly from my father.
I find ALL skin tones BEAUTIFUL and I have accepted mine too even though I never liked how I looked without eye make up cos of my fair, practically invisible eyelashes. I guess my husband helped me as he likes me the most with no make up.

vanessa espino

Lorry Hill I see you have a strong resemblance to Bella Hadid. Your eyes remind me of her so much and also your face but your eyes really resemble hers. My humble opinion.

music lover1984

She is still gorgeous but the doctor who filled her lips should have fixed it.


I think I've said this before , I rarely used makeup before because the ones sold in India made me look like a ghost. I started wearing them once I got the correct foundation matching my skin tone here in US.

robert loera

sad cause she has such natural beauty sad 99percent usually destroy there looks through plastic surgery

Freya Zilong Shippers

I binge watching all your videos. Its so interesting and you are so beautiful and very calm when talking. So classy too?????????


Love from INDIA❤️?? & yes here people consider to look more white and apply stuffs like gram flour etc because they think, beauty is too be fair,and that's absurd. @LorryHill

Faiz Khan


Sarita Meow

She was so stunning, SO stunning that she won MISS WORLD with her natural beauty. I’ve been looking around the web for articles about her story. I don’t understand why she felt the need to get plastic surgery and I feel like all it did was cause issues for her in the end. This just breaks my heart.

Sonali Gurung

Everyone nose shown here before plastic surgery looks great... Should see my nose ???...but I m extremely happy... But I do understand for top actress and models doing nose or lips jobs... They have to look super gorgeous...

Niki Patel

That was really cool! I am subscribing

iwona holman

I’m polish ?❤️

M.Christine.A. Barba

Well that is actually her original nose just ... Maybe trimmed? Lol . Nothing "fake" was put in it. It's just cut, and.. for some reason ..changed... Nevermind


Priyanka is a gorgeous woman, however, it’s sad the surgeon incorrectly altered her features.

Lumakant lumakant Lumakant


Priyanka Chopra

Go look at the memoir, if you dont have positive to say dont say anything at all because you never know what that person went through

Sohel Shaikh


ansari shoheb

I am like Kareena Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut dint need to be in this list for skin bleaching

Assumptah Cathald Zoe

I'm from Uganda and we just don't care,we love and embrace us ....except for a few people that have traveled ?

Li Young

She don't regret for promoting skin lightening products in an interview she defended it

maldives-joshua joseph

Don't judge people. Sometimes while doing septoplasty (a required surgery of the nose) the bridge collapse. In this case, there is no other choice than fixing it by plastic surgery.

Eddie Avinashi

The best way to look like Priyanka Chopra is to become Priyanka Chopra.

But since that is impossible unless she clones herself and you transfer your soul into her body, that ain't happening.

I'm so sorry everyone. You will never be Priyanka Chopra.

I'm a guy though so I don't want to look like Priyanka Chopra.

I mean I want to be a good looking guy.

But I don't want to look like Priyanka Chopra.

Maybe if Priyanka had a beard, smaller lips, smaller eyes, and was a dude I'd like to look like that.

But otherwise I don't think I'd want to look like her as a woman cause that's weird and anything that is weird is evil.

On a separate note, does anyone know a good spot in Springfield, IL to get a good haircut?

There's this place called "Champs" I hear is great, but it's like $50 a haircut.

I'm like "dayumm" even I don't want a haircut that bad.

I'll just stick with long hair.

Janet Alvarez

The women is perfection .. she doesn’t age. Thanks to that melanin skin of hers

Chicken Momma

Stupid. She ruined her natural beauty, as usual with Hollywood.

Li Young

Miss world 2000 was financed by india. It was most corrupted peagent in the history of Miss World

pun na

lots of love from india

DeArt Expression

Hi Miss Lorry, I am from Philippines. Philippines' beauty standard is white skin too. Having darker skin tone got you bullied and not considee beautiful. Oh! Skinny body, straight hair and small nose with high bridge is a standard too.

Sandeep Hansdak



Sory to say that she is not beautiful !

Ritu Rao

I was called as crow in my school

Love Life Wander

omg she looked so good beore i loved her natural look wowwww!

Victoria Ashley

Even miss world can be insecure. Damn.

Anonymous Person

Please do Sridevi❤❤??
She is India's superstar who looked very different in her early days.


Her nose during miss America was perfect. Sometimes a little imperfections is beautiful

Fretchjean Galendez

She is very beautiful......every thing s perfect for her shape...

dimps dyspeptic

She's so full of it and it's harmful!!

queen zela


Md Atif Akhtar

Hey lory just to let u know...i love your videos ❤️

Ayan P

I agree that her original nose looked better, but I can see what she was trying to fix. She wanted to straighten the nose bridge, but I guess the surgeon just didn't do a good job.

Demi Lynn

Damn.. I have heard about skin bleaching .. but still.. wow.. it is so sad...

dimple sharma

Even lord Krishna was dark I really don't understand why we Indians or even the world too love fair skin

Everything and anything

I just wonder how she has the audacity to lie so bluntly , I mean nobody is blind

Agata Inventio

the skin bleaching thing is just awful, these girls are in some real health risk, and here I am, just to get bullied in school because I am very pale. We need to stop that.

Michelle Dorenkamp

Hello Lorry, I am annoyed by one of my eyebrows being slidly lower than the other. There are my ways to get improvement. can you list them and give pros and cons? Maybe make a series out of it for all facial feachers or body concerns?

Music Fan

6:30 all indian actresses you showed are naturally fair by birth (except ashwariya, ashwariya was wheatish but now her skin tone has improved naturally with time and not because of skin bleach).

Ritu Rao

Now I am in Europe, I feel more accepted and beautiful in Europe than in my own country

Rasika Ranade

Please do Aishwarya Rai!

mel i

oh i have the beak deformity naturally then because thats exactly what my nose looks like 3:57

Andrea Nikolic

Croatia! ?‍♀️ you're so awesome and professional wow! I don't understand skin bleaching, us croarian girls and all european tourists grill so much on the sun in th summer on our coast hahaha, we love tanned people a lot, especially me ??

Gilda Timoteo

Her nose looks too big for her face now.??

Bhanupriya sharma

What you learn about India is not completely truth

List of cosmetic surgeries

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All Plastic Surgery Prices | All Cosmetic Surgery Costs

260 462 views | 7 Apr. 2017



• How much does breast augmentation cost?

• What about facelift surgery or rhinoplasty?

• How much does it cost for facial plastic surgery?

• What is the cost of a face lift?

• How much is a nose job in New Jersey?

• What is the average cost of breast implants?

If you are currently researching plastic surgery procedures, you may have noticed that pricing information is missing from many plastic surgeon’s websites. The primary reason for withholding procedure costs often comes down to variability: the exact cost of an individual’s procedure could vary based on their specific needs and desired results.


Here are the average national costs of the most popular procedures:

Breast Augmentation: $6,450

Eyelid Surgery: $4,525

Facelift: $12,075

Liposuction: $6,000

Smartlipo: $5,050

Rhinoplasty: $7,375

Tummy Tuck: $8,100

Arm Lift: $7,325

Body Lift: $15,100

Breast Lift: $7,850

Brow Lift: $7,150

Chin Augmentation: $4,575

Labiaplasty: $4,025

Lip Implants: $2,475

Neck Lift: $8,225

Otoplasty: $4,200

Thigh Lift: $8,575

Breast Reduction: $7,050

Gynocomastia: $5,300

For more informations : http://www.cuturl.co.uk/Oyus7



Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/softsurgeries/

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Soft-Surgeries-1788984571418773/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/SoftSurgeries?s=09

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/u/SoftSurgeries

Pintress : https://www.pinterest.com/surgeries/

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/soft-surgeries-3406bb140/

1000 subs without videos challenge

Seriously dont change yourself, god created you to be YOU, not someone elses

shyamal roy roy

I want your contact number please give me

Giri Thapa

What do u mean by check implant

kashif khan

how much would it cost to design a Super SUPER Super paradise perfection and Super super super beautiful n good-looking woman with unbelievable unimaginable beauty added that type of girls would be a american dream Girl worth BILLIONS For American Marketing and in INDIA values more than gold n diamonds in value $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ invention art design ideas for comics drawing frames movies music etc$$$$$$$$ $$pure gold

Akash Selvam

Plastic surgery face fully what cost?

Sunil Lokhande

nam bata oo

Kamal Darani

One birth mark on face how many cost

juned salmani

What is the price of full face surgery

Jyoti Choudhary

Nose reshaping..???

Laurianne Levesque

What about forehead réduction

Suraj Yuddunnvar

How much cost for face plastic surgery for removie black pimples

Nitu Patil

acne scars cosmetic leser surgery cost

Md Danish Parwej

what is price of full body skin surgery

Halkat Chhore

Face surgery

Roma Raj

Only Face surgery how much. Tell me your address and phone number of what's app Account

Divya Saroj

sir I want to remove my tattoo so can you explain me what treatment is better.

Sanju yadava Sanju yadava

hello sir mujhe v surgery krwani hai face ki aag me jhulas Jane se dag ho gya hai Pura 1 side me ?left side me ..

Shweta Kumari

fairness surgery ka cost kitna hoga

Pooja Mishra

Kha h aapka hospital

The cosmetic surgeon india

Great work. for better price you can also visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahcrk2dDXAg

Zubair ansari


prasil das

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Miley Aleman

Is this in all countries? I was looking forward to going to Korea so idk if prices are different there. If anyone knows anything please give me info?

Shila Sheet

wht is d price of nose surgery?

Rose Sneha

Plzzz watsap no ....n contact no plzzz

Sanju yadava Sanju yadava

hello sir mujhe v surgery krwani hai face ki aag me jhulas Jane se dag ho gya hai Pura 1 side me ?left side me ..

hasinaakter puspo

Face lifting cost koto

dolly rawal

Acne scars treatment cost ???

Jitendra Raaz

i meet you pls contack

Joan Jojo

How much is height

Kutung Katang

Whay do u mean by 30.000 ....is it thirty thousand dollar

Senlit Bangsia

I want a surgery for small forehead Tell me how much it cost total please

Nikhil Digra

For face

manu achar

What is the price

Anuradha Singh

Plz tell me the best surgeon whom I consult to my face surgery. With place and price

Sarojvishwakarma Saroj Vishwakarma

surgery Brest ka banaras me kahi hota h agar hota h to pls sir bataey

pvsharma 001

Plss help ne

suhra siya04

plastic surgery price for remove suture mark please

Pak Love Tiktok

What price use in Pakistan?
I wont surgery and I have mony

hasinaakter puspo

Please your contact number

deepika managuli

What prices legs surgery?

Nikhil Digra

Only for face

rosaline gurung

Very expensive I can't effort ?

Joan Jojo

How much is height increase

Mj Koc

Dont trust them!! Phalloplasty myths debunked!!!!!

savitri Chougale

Totel face surgery prizes?


First time in India Laser Hair reducation and cosmetic surgery get a price and free consultation by top doctor India share your request +919718459379 this is whats up number

kim jine

can any body say me in which country plastic sergury was done ?

Meenu Dive

India mein kitne hue

Sunita Pradhan

I also need to surgery mah nose it's so fat

bonie ayungao

what about hole face?

Duaa Bhat

chubby cheeks

kim jine

in which county it Was done?

Nesha Khan

Plzzz tell me

Panda Love

That spelling tho

Reena Gupta

Chehra agar jal jaye to plastic surgery ka jitna hoga puts chehra ka

Nesha Khan

What is the price of lip surgery


if you can't speak english.....dont

Sahil voice

oh high lewel price????

Alessandra Joaquin

I'm just 12 and watching this?

Nisha Lama

????wow so

Prince Gupta

How much cost of whole face change black to white ??

Sabina yasmin

Can you give me some information about Indian plastic surgery or cosmetics surgery cost? Thankyou dear.

All in all

Sir, receding chin correcting surgery cost pls..

Arun Kashyap

Sir forehade koi nishan ho toh uski konsi surjry krani chiya jo best ho


Sir mujhe nose ki surjary karvani hai aapka address send kijiye

Shourov Biswas

Ay gula indian price naki


I want to surgery my nose
How money rent for surgery

Deepak Bhoir

Address plz

Bikki Alam

Nose surgery price please reply

Deepak Bhoir

Plz body sarjury ki praice Kya hai bataeye na

Marcela Ramírez

Is the price in american dollars? If so, is much better to go to Latin America or South America to get it done, proces are much better down there.

Deepak Bhoir

Sir mujhe bhe body sarjury Karne hai

shipra 470

To become beautiful??

Ryan Castro

Is Clegenatur Methods effective to increase your cup size? I have read many good stuff about Clegenatur Methods (look on google search engine).

Bikki Alam

Nose surgery price kitna hi please reply

pvsharma 001

I HV to rinoplasty

Selia Ortiz


7111 Adhishree Sharma

me subscribe nahi karungi

Sanjay Singh

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Pankaj Pankaj

What prices nous sargary

sangeeta Kumari

Life is short... Adore yourself and enjoy the life

Varun Gupta vm

I'm hear sir ye injection kaha lagta h

Nikhil Digra

Comestic surgery pirce


more expensive than the us ,im sure he get his cut also there is alot of ediots out there specialy in america this guy must be born in nigeria .

Palash Halder

Address plese

kalpana kashung

Is a burnt face can surgery how much it can cost


Am in need of some Particular ones where cn i get Axis to the Doctor here z my Whatsapp number (+971564488697)

Dream Girl

Full body whaitning price ?

Kavya Gowda

leg plactick surgery amount plz

Ashutosh Deshmukh

I want all these surgeries to be performed on my body except Brest reduction/augementation

Katrina Reid

fat transfer for breast augmentation, how much

Vasilena Toneva

hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out make breasts bigger without implants try Corbandy Bigger Bust Crusher (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

Anees Anissa Begum

Kaha per karte

Sunil Lokhande

konse hospital me itane cost hai

dolly rawal

Under eye bag or dark circles fill by fat or co2 grafting cost

MuHaMmAd KhAn

what is the price of nose surgery please tell me fast

Asia Jan

mery forhead aur eyes k nichy wrinkle hain kindly btain surgery cast?

Bandenawaz MJ

Total kitnato hoga btav

Doc Ray

These are extremely overpriced! Might as well go to Asia. Better doctors, better results, and cheaper!