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15 Bad Decisions Fortnite Made That Might Hurt The Game

815 364 views | 25 May. 2019

The Decisions Epic Games

The Decisions Epic Games Made That Made Fortnite Worse

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Fortnite is closing in on its birthday in a few months time where it’ll turn two years olds, but this isn’t your regular toddler. This toddler is rich. Epic Games has steered the ship since day one and, if you look at the success of the battle royale, you’d probably think they can’t do anything wrong, but trust us, they can. In fact, we can pinpoint quite a few mistakes they made that we believe have already had a negative impact on Fortnite.

There’ve already been a few changes in Season 9 that we’re not very fond of. Sure, adding Neo Tilted and Mega Mall were great because Tilted Towers and Retail Row were getting a bit stale, but we’re talking about something completely different. We’re talking about adding the drum gun to the game. Now, this technically happened at the end of Season 8, but everyone is using this OP weapon in Season 9 so we just had to talk about it. We also can’t believe Epic Games got rid of the pump shotgun. It was one of the best weapons in the game, absolutely dominant at close range, but now it’s gone and we have to look elsewhere for easy close range eliminations. It’s a real shame.

There are many more bad decisions than just those so enjoy the video, let us know what you think is the worst change Epic Games made to the game in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Fortnite content.


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If you dont like the item because its to weak or something don't pick it up I understand hating a broken item but how do you complain about weak weapons


sees the thumbnail
Me : what's so wrong about abunch of ass

Ironman 8756

The drum gun was crazy capter 2 season 2 midas drumgun is crazy

Julian Carrizales

Destroyed the old map that's a bad decision

Antoine Jacob Olivo

Roses are red violets are blue fortnights gay and so are fortnight kids

Badboyhalo But actually evil

The fortnight zombies are called Fiend


Season 9 omg man I miss the old days of fortnite like season 5 6 7 8 9

Otavio Tanck

Seu merda bosta seu canal é uma verdadeira porcaria do caralho prefiro assistir galinha pintadinha!!!!


You didn't play free fire or PUBG mobile with network errors you will die


I absolutely love the LMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

project proffesorcat


Jack Whitney

The biggest disappointment about season six was when Calamity stopped jiggling


This is in season 9... wait for mechs+hencman aim and fortnitemares ghosts


My worst decision is me watching this shitty wideo

just gaming

With the plains i crashed in the people and if it blows up they most pf the time dies aka kamikaze


go outside fortnite kid

FaZe_LeoX X

CBR: put a big booty

People : 788k views


Jack Whitney

Nobody cares about what the stupid pros want lol

Derek Hutchins


crispy gamer

what about the jiggle effects on calamity in season 6


Wait people hated the zombies who I loved those things thought the things

Gt5o3 and LittleProAk

The brute

Justabiotismaccount SscondName

Epic games has steered the ships since day one

Me a minecrafter: well yes but actually no

Darran Norman

I chew my nails

dee jay

Redeploy was great

Brady DeCoite

nobody hated glider redeploy

Raithe Lischewski

I love all of these

Craft spert38

ha this guy is a quack


I want the LMG back too


When I started playing this game it was actually a walk in the park since eliminations were easy dropping in but later turned out to be sluggish with surviving nearly impossible.


All im gettin from this is that ppl bitch. A lot.


Alternate title: CBR Hates fortnite and absolutely everything in it.

The Cat

The LMG is back

Jack Whitney

Lol the planes were good it was just that the pros back then sucked more than decent players now

Diamond Wolf

Another bad decision the game made is exist

Naszear King

I wish the double pump was back in the game

fat buoy

It's not just a fucking battle royale it has a campaign too. fucking casual


I'm 6

Ohhh stinky

Nice thumb nail loser

Alexander alfaro

I’m a console player and I have never expirienced lag

Archer Newton

Zombies were fine I am unsubing


I think every body loves the combat more then the pump

HalfWayHuman 2.1

Stick to marvel and DC and not fortnite


Why is rifty here buud

Isaac Studios

Who's watching after the pump coming back then be vaulting again

dee jay

Hush tbr u dont know what ur talking about and the pros always complain

Vaspy Mclaren

This man calling it a smg me like look at the ammo it TAKES

Simon 'Ghost' Riley

Siphon, redeploy, all the things we did enjoy. Bounce pads haulted cause if its fun its vaulted. Fun game thrown away. people quitting every day! HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT TO SEE THIS GAME BE FUN AGAIN?!

fortnite_therealskye Gamble

Me being confused on how they have season 4 trailer when it was a year ago like what



dubby the subby


Darrell Lewis

Please can you send me a skin my name is yeet5004349

Joshua Valencia

Fortnite does ALOT thay could be better and fixed so simple


Pump is back

Rayne Baugh


Fat Noob

fortnite sucks anyways

The War Dodo

Shadow stones weren’t bad, I actually liked them


They missed the INFANTRY RIFLE

BuckLaser_ _INF

1: marvel season
2: marvel season
3: marvel season

isaac Luna

This video didnt age good


I know why I came here and you know too


I am from the future and they remove the pump and replace it with the charge shotgun don’t get your hopes up

Duck Blox

The most recent one,fortnite still not adding cars


They then didn't realise that the season after they made this the most hated thing came to the game ... The MECH

Archer Newton

The infinity blade is fine storming sucks

dumb kid who knows to much

CBR should not be able to talk about anything

Fanf Us


Ethan Adendorff

literally everyone -Storm wings are the worst things in the game >:(
one year later...
Epic- Lets add one of if not the most hated things back into fortnite ;)


Logic they were thinking logic

Cascade Stw

Who else is watching in s4 and knows how bad the combat is now much more worse than before

Nathan Michalski

Im a really great pilot i do not dive bomb i fly like an ace!!!

MD Valdespino

This vid seems like they just copy and pasted top 5 gaming vids


But now drum gun is back midass lol

Kian Mouton

when I was a bot in fortnite I thought the double pump was an actual weapon like the dual pistols.

Christian Custer

lol gg ez

Eva Clarke

I’m sorry if you hate me but I don’t like the pump it never shoots when it’s supposed to


The drum is not an smg.
I LOVE OP WEAPONS (planes, blade, Mechs, storm flips, etc.)even if they are used against me. season 10 was the best because there was so much variety in how you could play and now.... chapter 2 is boring because there is no variety and even if they tried to have some different weapons or mechanics. its just everybody sweating with the same Strategy .everybody is sweaty and its not fun anymore.

i dont like when everybody complains about spray and pray weapons like sure you pc players can have your insane speed edits and pump shotguns right out of editing a wall. but i hate how everything relies on pinpoint accuracy. drums and lmgs and mechs give console players and more less skilled players to have a chance at beating somebody.

Reee Kid

Lets be honest Ur watching while looking to comments right?


About season 5 I on Xbox and I got my first win so idk what you mean


Sea servers..? :(

Dherick Racoma

Who's here for the thumbnail


i swear to god that thumbnail...

The Parrish Show

I loved the planes, glider redeploy, the infinity blade, the shadow stones, and the cube monsters.

Brayan dragon slayer

Can someone get me a ski. When I get fortnite I'll update this when I do

Rok Grajžl

I love LMG

Abdul Sami

It's Tommy gun?

Aidan Vanguardia

Man do people not know about infinity blade i dont mean the fortnite sword thing, i mean the game ._.


CBR: You could turn into a character from game of thrones
Me: It’s from a game made by epic games called infinity blade

Samuel Molnar

wors decisions is : Fortnite added thicc skins.

Samuel Sauceda

1 yeah later they make juleses drum gun yay they nerfed it

Mystic Crimson

On season 13 the pump was vaulted again with a new shot gun call charge shotgun

Cascade Stw

11:22 is not the norm lmg it’s the candy corn lmg from stw

Sam Cab

I can't be the only one who thought this was t5g

Trey Sellinger

I'm so disappointed in you for not saying something about calamity's (things) moving around in Season 6


Rip lmg and homing missle ?the worse desision they ever made was trying to change the hole map and the contrast of it or making a season last 4 moths chapter 2 worse thing EVER

Adrian Josiah

I'm not a big fan of a combat shotgun for one reason and uncommon pump shotgun is stronger than a legendary combat wtf


Drum gun: you could not live with your failure and where did that bring you?, back to me

horse obsession100

These are good features that help us

Jack Whitney

Getting rid of the pump was a good decision bruh


Glider redeploy was amazing people were mad that it was vaulted maybe you were mad about it but not everyone most people liked it

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Best CS:GO Gambling Websites for 2021

7 847 views | 9 Jan. 2021

After using many different

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honestly this video is rly good


There is a site called csgo rival can you take a look at it for me? A admin from there reached out to me for me to put my name in that site, but I’m a bit skeptical atm.

chris tiaan

are there sites where you can deposit with ideal???

Young Deag

What sites accept PayPal?


I lose about 2k to 3k because they go 14 CT in a row, so sad


1. CSGOEmpire > https://csgoempire.com/r/csspy (1 Chance for an AWP | Dragon Lore)
2. CSGORoll > https://csgoroll.com/r/csspy (3 Chances for an AWP | Dragon Lore)
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Paulius Paulius



is csgo roll still not withdrawable?


Don’t use csgo roll I repeat

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SMITE - New T5 Skin for Anubis - Demonic Pact

204 084 views | 16 Dec. 2016

Introducing the final

Introducing the final Odyssey 2017 reward - Demonic Pact Anubis, the newest Tier 5 skin in SMITE! Available now. For more info on the Odyssey, visit http://odyssey.smitegame.com/

Subscribe to SMITE on YouTube to unlock Nu Wa, and the YouTube subscriber-exclusive Water Dancer skin, for FREE!:


Get social with us at:




What is a MOBA?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBAs for short, originated as a sub-genre of the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre. Because of this, in most MOBA games, the player takes control of a single character from the isometric (top-down) view akin to most RTS games. Typically, in MOBA games, a player takes control of a single character on one of two teams. Those players choose characters that all have their own abilities, or “kits”. To win, the players must use a combination of abilities, teamwork, and strategy to not only best their opponent, but destroy the opponents main structures. A bonus to the genre is that most MOBAs are free games, which is definitely a contributing factor of the their massive success. The genre has many titles, the largest of which being Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) and DoTA 2, League of Legends (LoL), and most recently SMITE!

What is SMITE?

SMITE is one of the more recent free MOBA games to enter the fray. In SMITE you don’t just choose a character, you choose a god. You’ll instantly feel an attachment to characters like Thor and Zeus because even if you don’t know the lore behind them, you’ve at least heard their names before! What makes SMITE so immersive is Hi-Rez Studios’ inclusion of historical lore into the gods’ abilities, kits, and play styles. Thor and Loki aren’t just characters from Marvel comics and movies. They’re also a part of Norse mythology and you can take control of them in SMITE!

What makes SMITE different?

SMITE takes all of the strategy of the top MOBA games and adds another layer of difficulty by putting you into the action! Unlike most MOBA games, SMITE offers players the chance to experience the MOBA genre they know and love from a third-person perspective. This unique perspective allows for an extremely immersive experience unlike any other game in the genre. While this doesn’t sound like such a big change, once you play it you’ll understand! All of these things added together is what has gaming websites everywhere continually rating SMITE as one of the best MOBA games available!

Merybell Noirecc

Guys wats background music?*__*

Jakob Piibemann

in my option best odyssey skin

Lord Crystallax

I want this...but...I didn't know this was a thing <:>>>
Im sad now


You guys missed the perfect opportunity to do a Scrooge Fafnir skin, him being greedy and all fits perfectly with the way Scrooge is described in the books.

Smug Bun

For all people complaining, it was either this, fafnir dragon form, or a t4 worthy skin.


But... Anubis isn't supposed to be evil. Neither is Hades. Or Thanatos.


thor has the worst t5 skin


there was so many better skins than this

suman dahal

Jackal tech is better

Leonardo Tiago

I buy the ward, but I haven't the skin..?? add me LeonardoTi704


You guys need a badass underworld necromancer theme skin for Ah Puch. I main him and all the skins are trash. I want something scary.


How do you get this skin? someone explain

Alejandro Decorse

Why Anubis?? Of all gods?! Cmon!!

John Haga

Can't believe I missed out on this skin and it's never going to be available again. Like, why not just remove all previews of all "Limited" skins if they're never going to be available ever again? It just bums me out when I see some of these Limited skins knowing I'm never going to get them. :/

SavageGamer HD

His ultimate :o

Un om

wtf anubis isnt an ugly monster

Tonys Army

Let me get one

Sidronio Souza

Now buff him

NeNe Kappa

100% disappointed with this Odyssey archon was made 2 years ago and 100 times better this pile of red and spikes

Slimer44 Producciones

panteon cristiano confirmado

Jahque Panthier

Thanatos is still a better god of death in my opinion.


I have it ^^ on my favorite anubis


This was just in my recommended.

black skull

I feel like an idiot for asking this but did anyone really tried to make a pact with Anubis. well I mean in the Egyptian mythology

Boosted Bonobos Inc.

Honestly i dont see a change enough to warrent 100 dollars,or 70

dogs club3


Lord Crystallax

Next limited should honestly be someone deserving of such a rare skin...someone who deserves the terror...

either Nox, Arachne, Serqet (she has her own demonic thing)...I would be scared to see demonic Arachne or Nox..


Shame its on this trash god :/ waiting 100 years now for Scylla.

Kevin Catron

Caution! Mileena is getting triggered


Anubises archon.

0 videos 0 subscribers challenge!!

pls let me buy the skin lol

Gappy Peters

Best. Skin. Trailer. Ever.

shepherd I

Will this ever be available again???


The only t5 skin i'll ever have...

Alexander Erling

Hi-Rez ????

Perfect Life

His final form makes it harder to hit with mummify

Jakob Piibemann

guys when will the odyssey end ? i need the excact date

The Crimson King

Can you just re-release the Archon Thanatos skin instead?


I want a t5 cupid that starts off small but becomes a very detailed man with massive wings.

omar sameh

why they just don't put it in shop for high cost so we don't have to buy that dam oddysy or wharever its names

Some Random Dude

It seems Anubis shoved a Soul Stone in his forehead to become Diablo.


I like how it's Anubis's skin except it's not actually Anubis

Alexander Erling

what is the Problem? were is the tripple XP on the consols?

Bernardo Beluchi

So it's free or i can buy it ?

Chris G

I feel like they should make more tier 5s frequently. Idk how much longer smite will go on . Even in 10 years it will be like 12 tier 5s . I think every God deserves at least 1 . One can dream

Nemo Pencil

Looks like Arachne takes a ride on Anubis back in the last form.

This Skin is so dissapointing for me as a X Anubis.

Ali Qadry

ezio why you stupid assasin


anyone have an Xbox one account they don't use anymore that has this skin?


Was Anubis really that evil? Thought he was just the caretaker of the dead.

Lord Drykon

Is Anubis Diablo now?


We need a cinematic of Demonic Pact Anubis vs Archon Thanatos. Give him a reason to fear death


Still think Janus concept was better. but not a bad skin! ^^


I just want the grim shadow nox skin :("Bring me something beautiful"


anyone want this skin for iron crow message me

Valk Nguyen

Oh hey Infernal Nasus how are you doing?


>still waiting on Slam Dunk Odin


i love the skin even though i silently scream to myself since i can't see parts of the map when i hit level 15

Bob Hotte

Archon Thanatos, demonic Anubis and Eldritch Ra are the the skins I want to buy!!


BUFF SUSANO PLZ he's kinda useless at this point because he's an assassin with low damage and low attack speed plus he has crowd control... either that or make him a warrior pleeeeeeaaaaaassseeee

Jody Resnanda

Since when anubis attacks have stages?

Sinnous Vezalo

Is this skin ever going to come back, I really want to buy this skin (just start playing smite).

Lê Văn Tịnh

This skin was inspired by Diablo right?

Amorphous Beast


The King

What a waste of a potential skin.


Now if they could do this on a god I actually play......


Sweet skin! :)


How do I buy Oddyssey points to get this skin

Erik Killmonger

Gt: MangekyouxX let's play! I main thanos.




An almighty angel and a destructive demon...

where are the Horsemen when you need them?




How does you change form?

Felipe André

Nasus infernal

Sumit Patel

nice skin

Jack McNerney

Yay another tier 5 skin I will never afford

Miranda __Huh__

For some odd reason. I feel like smite is coming to an end.


is this still available??????????????

Asta Wolfe

Fix his camera view in his last form, please. Can't see a thing. Still a little sad Kuku didn't win it.


0:24 It looks like Sliske

by Artem_Mc

Как нахуй его получить

Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

Had to come back here after not getting this.....Also Am I the only one that thinks Demonic Pact Anubis goes very well with Demon Soul Serqet?

Asian Peter

Dread knight has a better voice pack imo

Kosta Kosta

i liked the Sol skin much better

Issam 070

pleas Smits makers bring this skin back pleas i really want this skin pleas

Megan .Rauch

All these people complaining about it being a high price and it's not worth...the skin is LIMITED. It will never return meaning it is worth. A few years from now it will be rare to see and will be a trophy. Probably not as much as archon but it will definitely be nice to look at. And I'm pretty sure you spent more than $100 on the game by now maybe not in one blow but over time so it won't hurt to do it now especially when there is quests to reduce the amount you spend

Adrian Lastbreath


Hybrid DemonWerewolf578

Anubis:Demon Pact



is there a way i stil can get this i m new to the game and i play alat of anubis i realy wanne have this skin


How dare they use the ragnorok force Thor skin
are they waving it in our face!?

Don't do it

can u guys let me buy dragon knight ao kuang plzz


pity I had an accident at this moment, I missed the skin of my character??

Anthony Lopez

When will demon pact Anubis return I want this skin

Strange Times

yeah but you cant get it without paying. So Booooooooo! thumbs down.

Brazilian Steak

2:10 this must be a work of a enemy STANDO


you evil

Afro samurai324

i wish i could trade this skin for the archon skin

plang moo

I wish i could get this now :(

Echoes Act 3

You guys are as bad as Valve when it comes to pricing.

Jame Thou

I DC when I see this


I'm actually really annoyed that his final form isn't dog-look-a-like.
That's a bit disappointing :/