Skincare laser

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Remedies Skin & Laser | TOP Skincare Practice | - Advances In Laser Skin Treatment | McLean

359 views | 12 Feb. 2017

Lori Terwilliger from

Lori Terwilliger from Remedies Skin & Laser in McLean, Virginia is featured in the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, Oprah Winfrey Network, Bravo and other networks and discusses the latest advances in laser skin treatments. These advanced laser treatments can rejuvenate your skin and give you the younger and beautiful appearance you desire without surgery, with minimal discomfort and now downtime.

Remedies Skin and Laser offers Laser Treatments, Cosmeceutical Treatments & Therapies and a wide range of injectables that address visible signs of aging, loss of facial shape and volume, and excess fat underneath the chin, and more.

After visiting Remedies Skin and Laser and speaking with their patients, we learned that patient comfort and satisfaction is their top priorities. Their dedicated team of medical professionals will address your individual needs to create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Remedies Skin and Laser brings over twenty years of experience and their team includes medical aestheticians, nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors.

Set your consultation by calling: 703-790-8900 or visiting their practice at:

Remedies Skin & Laser

6888 Elm St, Suite 301

McLean, VA 22101

You may also book your appointment online by visiting:


Skincare laser

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My Skincare Treatments - Hydrafacial & Laser

128 863 views | 9 Feb. 2019

In this video, I want to

In this video, I want to share with you my skincare treatments. If you like these types of video, let me know below and I will make more content around skincare treatments.

In case you want professional advice or more info about these treatments, my doctor, Dr Michael Kim is happy to answer questions via his Instagram. Feel free to drop him a direct message


Check out my skin analysis video:



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**Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Some of the links provided above are affiliate links meaning I do make a small commission when you purchase using the link. This does not cost you extra. You can also purchase from the brand’s websites so don’t feel obliged to use my link if you don’t want to. Thanks for all your support! xx

Jackie Escalante


Fab Tate

I am getting botox for years but never had this beautiful caring. May I ask what make is the product please?

Naaz Yousaf

Hi can you do the visia skin analysis again after these treatments so we can see if these treatments actually worked ?

Tai J

You look gorgeous! ..What's in the botox? Do you have any recommendations for skinny people with chubby cheeks (stretchy skin cheeks) looks nice when smiling but not when normal, like firming face care?


Wowow maam uh are the best i luv uh iam from india please like my comments i luv uh uh are the best youtuber of this world

Saba Rahmati

These clinics are just in Korea?


They dont use gloves??

Sree Bea

Love you Tina..big fan of your..my name is Pina..

Rozella S

was it q-switched laser? does it have any side effects? and you explain everything so well. love your vids

Arilertzy Gaeta

Did you get your eyebrows done? they look amazing??

Cassie Kim

I used to be a big fan, but am a little disappointed after you chose to support Kat Von D, an anti-vaxxer who is most probably anti-Semitic as well, on your instagram page. I know that you want to separate the art from the artist, but I do wonder how you can do that when the brand is Kat Von D herself.


There are a lot of new studies showing that Botox builds up and can cause nerve damage in other parts of the body... Please be careful

Ruby Ann

How often do you do this?


Hi... can you do another skin analysis after the treatments and possibly compare the results?

Jamai Bou

She is really a babe. I'm so lucky to find her channel.

Rahul vishwakarma

How much its cost


Tina you actually look like mina myoung from i million dance studio

Ninich Chhour

Thank you for being transparent about your skin care treatments! Not all YouTuber are being this honest especially when it comes to botox. Love you and your videos! <3

Natalie Au

woop I get the exact same laser treatment!

nicole janes vlogs

this is not funny

Artist M

Where did you get it done xx


Could you do a skin analysis again after all these treatments?


I would like to mention, that beauty is NOT the only reason people receive botox treatments. My neurologist gives Botox treatments to help some people with migraines. I haven't had to do that yet, but I have had to have a needle in the back of my head to stop Occipital Neuralgia. Thanks for the very interesting and informative video.

Satinder Kaur

Best place to get hydrafacial in Sydney ?

Rashi Lamba

Tina please try Indian bridal makeup for your India fans please ?

Rozella S

if she has "dark spots" then what are mine

samm sssja

Wow girl your skin looks amazing, like retouched? I'd like to do such procedures as well, but skin on my cheeks is really sensitive...

Miss Samayra

Anyone Indian here?

Jeni Schwartz

I've seen that Botox can apparently help with migraines too, so there's another reason to get it if you get migraines a lot.

Mrs J

Have you tried making some face masks?


You looks like Mina from Twice !


How old are you? Would be interesting to know xx

Amna Tariq


Carol Blackley

What's the price of all this? Thanks for a very detailed video. As always, you look amazing ?

So Da

I love the way you say forehead ?❤️

Lotchie Moreno

Hi Tina,, I just wanna ask if do you live in Korea or you just travel in Korea for treatment??,,,,?


Whats wrong ? Wrinkles ? Young girls get the impression the have run to the doctor to get their faces botoxed becaused of people like you. If you cant deal with wirh the fact of getting older, thats your problem. Dont create problems if there arent any and stop spreading a weird message.


you look soooo much like mina from twice!

Brichanise Terrell

Skin care is great, but injections are too much. God made us to age and get wrinkles. God bless

Saba Rahmati

Why she is so beautiful ?????

Adalina Karomaline

Please try BTS&VT cosmetics please ???

Bella May

i wish i could afford this ?

Emerald Dragon3

I get really anxious around needles, but Tina warned us what a considerate queen (TwT)

Humi Kutlu

Hey from germany . I have a question . How many times do you get this skin routine in a month ?

Just Being Sharayah

It would be nice to see an update on your thorough skin analysis to see if there are massive improvements after this treatment. Very interesting.

Alienor dmg

You are so beatiful with botox don’t stop for anyone ❤️


I was a beautician before I got sick, and it has been years since I got a beauty treatment, but after your video I'm really considering to get one too!
I'm younger then you, so the botox may not be necessary though...

Kimberly Hernández

thank you for sharing! it was really interesting

Rocío Araújo

I am nearly 45, and been 2 years with botox treatment and skin Booster, i can feel my skin glow. So i am completely un favour if anything that makes your skin feel young and fresh! Why not? Isnt It the same reason why we do makeup? Your skin looks great, by the way!

Bushra Bardo

I've noticed in every single video you keep saying "I'm getting older"
Why it is such a big deal Tina?
You're not actually that old
And your skin is good healthy and beautiful
No visible age marks on your face


You look so young (and obviously pretty) without makeup! Thanks for going into so much detail.

Celine Tran

Your eyeshadow is beautiful! It fits your eye shape so well

Benny 7257j

I'm scared of laser treatments,but not now :)


Thankies for sharing an insider look on these facial treatments. I've always been curious about it. I'm amazed they allowed you to film inside the clinic during the treatments. Do they usually allow it?


Love your eyebrows! Love your simple and honest review


I wish there was a way to get a closeup of the removal of buildup around the nose area. That would be really neat. Thank you for sharing in detail all the procedures. Very informative to anyone new to this and have been thinking about getting it done.


Are you gonna give us valentine's day looks? Would u ever try lip plumpers? Or devices that plump the lips?


Really into the hydra facial want to get this one day definitely, and since I already use an at home led I'd love to try the super version.

Nooray Jannat Hrida

and all this long I thought botox is permanent damn?

Divya Kaur

Tbh I think your really pretty.

Sen Tariana

I'm a little fuzzy on what those different coloured lights do in your third treatment where you had the green one? I would really appreciate it if you could explain that in more detail...

M e

OMG Tina our profile pictures look so similar

My Simple Routine

Nice video sister thanks for sharing looking so change.. ????????

Fatima Guerra

I want botox so bad!!

Betsy Posey

They found Botox helps with migraine as well

Sana Sumbad

Amazing video soo satisfying and interesting ????

Coco C.

What's your nail color, Tina?

Usha Nayak

How much did all 3 treatment cost ?

Vi Bou

hi Tina, can you do a video about your chin and jaw botox please.

Baria Khalid

And nobody talks about the expenses as always....

Jillian Nelson


Gloria Salsman

Where did you have the hydra. And later, done at?

emilia a

Better than asmr?


Thanks for dong this video! I had just heard about hydrafacials and had wanted to look into it. I think I want to do that for sure now! :D

Pretty Catmint

Love your presentation style as you never try and influence others with your opinion.

ayesha habib

what was the cost ? for whole of this procedure

Mo Sid

Love your eyeshadow color! What product did you use???

Chonky Catto

A little fan from Bangladesh passing by the comments ?

Gunsword JR

I get Botox for migraines not cosmetics and it’s one of the most painful procedures ever. I should ask if I can apply some numbing cream beforehand next time.

Miss Samayra

I love your all videos ?


Does the laser actually help clear up dark spots?

christina williams

I'm 57 would bowtocks work for me


And you still do makeup


How much did it cost!?!?

bitter sweet

Since you're deleting comments on insta, I just wanted to say here, that I'm really disappointed, that you choose to promote Kat von Antisemitism. Nazis aren't cute.

Melanie Jane Procter

Hi Tina
I'd love to have a hydration treatment but I don't know if they do them here in the uk. I have had a face massage but they put the cream in my hair and I came out with big spots on my head which were very painful.
I have a oil t zone like you and get oily hair.

Tina Yong

Hey guys! Thanks for watching this video ? If you want more info about these treatments, you can contact Dr Kim via Instagram @obbamd, he’ll be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively you can visit the clinic website https://www.aeonmedical.com.sg they have lots of different treatments to target different skin concerns.

스칼렛 민지

Price point to results. I could use the hydro facial and the LED light treatment. I live in Texas where things like this seem to be more pricey. So are they worth being $500 USD or more?

Sunshine Lola

Botox is like a drug, once you try it, you can’t stop doing it every year. The best to start doing it it’s after 25 year’s old but not before and if you don’t have wrinkles or problems like for e.g. bruxism, or big jaw line or sometimes it can also improve to stop the migraines,.. better to wait till you really needed.

Sunita Kokal

Your face looks young, fresh and beautiful...i do not think you need a Botox :(

KiwiLuvsPie Official


Alaina Barber

Wow I need to look sexy in those goggles

Horain Fatima


kristine joyce

i need the hydrafacial too.....love you tina...

Shaina Shine


vivien pham

wth i’m 15 and when i lift my brows i have wrinkles already LOLL


I wonder wat the diff wud b between getting filler or botox for ur forehead wrinkles? I have them too.

Haily Heckendorn

Crazy expensive for sure

Syndi Griner-Owens

I get Botox every 3 months for Migraines

Aena Munir

Tina......love u.......❤❤❤❤❤

Skincare laser

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I used the Nira Skincare Laser for 60 days and THIS HAPPENED! ?| BEAUTY OVER 40

1 800 views | 23 Dec. 2020

I used the Nira Skincare

I used the Nira Skincare Laser for 60 days every single morning and here are my results (with before and after pictures)! Enjoy!

* I received the Nira Skincare Laser for free- however this is my honest opinion!


How to get rid of frown lines between eyes!


How to clean your teeth like a dental hygienist!


How to make your own dry shampoo!


How to remove a mole yourself!


How to make a hat stiff again!


How to make your own Vitamin C serum!


How to make your own brow-gel!






✔️B L O G


✔️I N S T A G R A M


✔️F A C E B O O K


✔️E M A I L

[email protected]

Zachary Knipe

So glad I found you! Love, love, love you and love this honest review!

Stone Cold

Thank you for your honesty.

Tallis In Wonderland

I do see a slight difference. I think under your eye looked better and the eye looked a bit less hooded. You have very pretty eyes by the way. I have this device and it’s really worked for me.

Mary H

Most people have stated they aren't getting results. Thank you for your review as well. I won't be buying one!!

Alika Certo

Merry Christmas Sissi!

Payton Vandy

I love when you upload :)

Jana Kanewicz

on the second picture the part of the skin in the socket, that is near the nose looks tighter


Just brilliant, you are so honest, its refreshing to see. I was going to get this in the New Year on another Youtubers recommendation...but now, I think I will leave it thank you! Great video and saved me parting with my cash. Happy holidays x

Heather Lovesherhusband

Many people are returning this item. I would try to return if you can!

Suzanne Giroux

Thank you for this honest review.

Becky Moody

Thanks. You saved me some ?

Suzanne Levesque

You didn't use it long enough... it's actually amazing...

Theresa Jopson

I seriously think as we are older we should expect this to take longer than two months.

Karla Q

I love this reviews! Your honesty is so much appreciated.

Jo-Ann Mitchell

Hi Sissy❣️ I agree with you, I didn't notice any change either.. Oh I saw that you'd moved to Marrietta, GA!! It's so funny cuz I used to live only 15-25 minutes north of there in Canton, GA. It's in Cherokee County. It was nice, we were there about 4 years before moving back up north to Massachusetts. The apartment complexes there are gorgeous, we don't have them up here. The only thing close are condos. But Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas ?⛄???️✨❄️?????️and a Blessed New Year ??

Leisa Watson

thank you so much, you are hilarious, love your attitude and approach to giving an honest review X

Free Spirit

Honesty is ALWAYS the BEST policy. Even when the truth hurts.?

Myranda Brown

I had amazing results and have been able to maintain by only doing it once a week. I did two rows below the eye and three row cease to to brow. I also only use it on a level one.
I’m sorry you didn’t see results.

Jana Kanewicz

Hi!, excellent treview!, in your first picture i see the texture of your skin is different, the skin looks like thicker, or fuller


Danke, dass du mich vor dem Kauf bewahrt hast, ich bin mitlerweile nur noch enttäuscht von den ganzen "Influenzern", ursprünglich sollte es bei solchen Videos doch mal darum gehen, was der ganz normale Endverbraucher davon hält, nun ist fast alles gesponsert und man braucht es sich gar nicht erst anzusehen, es ist ja immer "amazing". Ich bin selbst Beauty Professional und arbeite seit über 20 Jahren in diesem Business und falle trotzdem immer wieder mal rein, obwohl ich ja auch oft lachen muss. Vor allem, wenn 20 Jährige eine hochwertige Anti Aging Pflege testen und von ihr schwärmen, obwohl sie gar keine Indikation für diese Produkte mitbringen, aber die Follower finden es "great"... Naja.


Your honesty is impressive ?


Ty. I love that u were honest!!

CC Cook

I also received it and put it down after a week or do. I was noticing that I was becoming very dry and wrinkly. I’ve heard you have to continue on... I do think I saw improvement in those pics you posted though?


Thanks to the honesty ?

Mayra Roman Diaz

Thank for saying the thrue I almost by this device you safe me

Mar Tina