Vegan hair skin and nails vitamins

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DEVA Hair, Nails and Skin Vitamins Unboxing/VEGAN

944 views | 12 Jan. 2018

Hello beauties!! Today I

Hello beauties!! Today I unbox a product by DEVA..hair, nails and skin vitamins!! Let's give this a month and see if we notice any results!! Below are some links to information on this product as well as some sites you may purchase from xoxo





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Like 21! I keep my hair in a bun daily no skips haha but my hair don't loose.

Kyra Amun

love your channel! I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to check out my channel and let me know what you think. And maybe we can be YouTube friends and support each other! :)


i need like this one

Jery Resendiz

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Carla & alexander uy

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Luxury Queen

Your cat ? is so cute lol ?

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Felix Family

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Christine J Channel

Ur dog is so adorable! Ur hair looks good though it doesn't look thin!

Valerie Dison

LOL I don't know much about vitamins but she was very entertaining in this video! Kincaid is so adorable!


Good video very enjoyable and very well spoken ??

Lisa Zapanta

Kinkade wants to be in youtube too!! Soo adorable! Looking forward for an update. I loooove dogs, If only I can adopt here in Singapore. I will. I miss having them. You have such a good heart and your babies are so lucky to have you. xoxo

Max It Up with Marta

I am using a rogaine type liquid exactly on that area on my scalp. I also am taking biotin. I take 10000 mg. Keep us posted. xo Marta

Megan Kohl

i can not wait to get these! i’m trying so hard this year to get all cruelty free. it’s kind of depressing because so many companies aren’t. i just never realized. i am in the midwest and it’s 14 degrees today. i am with you! i want to live somewhere where i never see snow again. i hate the cold ? love you girl ❤️❤️❤️


Looks interesting

career minded

Very nice I love the fact that you are a positive voice for animals keep it going God bless have a blessed weekend ???

Jaya's Recipe

Niceeeee thanks for sharing

Epifania Villamor

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Moon Fang

I'm wondering if they changed some ingredients because mine taste and smell awful, and look darker.

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brown dwarf

aloe juice is very healthy

Kemmie XCVII

Did it work? I was looking for an update vid but couldn’t find it. Im considering buying this one

Edit: never mind. Found it! Haha

Shermineh SS

Love ure hat

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

I JUST received my vitamins. I’m excited! They smell like curry!? Awesome vid.

Shermineh SS

Like 25 lovieeee♥️♥️♥️♥️


My family and I use the same vitamins!!! Love them!! And your hat is to die for!! ❤️❤️

Cooking & Lifestyle

Goodone dear

zahra kazmee

Liked 27? thanks for sharing about vitamins nice editing the video❤️


Full view

Felix Family

?Video Bombing at minute 6:56?Awesome T


Wow, first of all i Love your sweater. Great unboxing!?


Thank you very much for the new product, it will certainly be a success, a great video as always,. Your kitten is very cute. Have a nice day.

Shermineh SS

I hate snowwwwwww??❄️?

BrendaG's Designs

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Luxury Queen

I take a hair, skin, and nails gummy multivitamin. Not sure if it’s vegan or not but it’s by Centrum

LaTanza Lashay

Loving that sweater. I love to shop at CVS ?

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Glamour girl

Great Video !!

Yow Giao Art

Fantastic !!!!????????

Valerie Dison

Move here with me! ALABAMA!!!!

Rania Kelesidou

It sounds like a very interesting supplement, nice unboxing!

Alicia Cronrath

I use the deva multivitamin with greens!!!


? OML... this is amazing! I really really need it ? ahaaaa yess I can smell it ? GREAT unboxing & thanks for sharing Love ? Btw, your looking amazing ?❤︎?


Nice video ?? :-)

Alicia’s Corner

I want to use a some vitamins for my hair new subscriber subscribe back let’s support one another ? I live in California the only thing I don’t like is the summer it gets so hot out there but you can always go to the beach ? and there are different areas that don’t get as hot during the summer like San Francisco San Diego places near the beach Santa Maria ?

Luxury Queen

You look very young for your age ???

Shay Marable

I've been vegan since September of last year, and I found it ridiculous that vitamins contain animal products. But great video you helped me out.


Taking Vitamins are good, especially when ur body is lacking vitamins.
Yeah keep us updated on results from taking these vitamins
Tfs hun
Have a good weekend

DeOndrea Walker


Tech Surge

Nice video

Ziva the dog

The boy bought me some medicine for my skin cause the cold air was drying out my skin and it was causin me to itch :D
He also bought himself some vitamins too :D

Chill with Del

new subscriber here with a bell notification on . cool video!! keep it up!!! blessed day☺️???

Olivia Sadlik-Peralta

Wearing your pony tail to tight will affect it!

Aishacooks T.V

I used to take their prenatal vitamins they were gross but that was expected you look great for 44 wow! I dream of living in tropical places too lol new subbie!

Joęlla briels

Beautiful ??

alyaa alice

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Vegan hair skin and nails vitamins

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YOOO!!..... I Found Some Vegan Hair Vitamins For Hair Growth!!!

1 853 views | 7 Apr. 2019

Finally got my hair on a

Finally got my hair on a Vegan Hair Vitamin to promote hair growth!! Why I believe in hair growth pills, why I stopped taking Hairfinity, and more in this video!


Instagram | @Vannie3000 (Natural hair)

@AlkieFitness (Vegan and Fitness Lifestyle)

Snapchat | @Vannie3000

Twitter | @Vannie3000


Business ONLY Email: [email protected]



That's why I stopped taking hairfinity. The gelatin is why I stopped shortly after I began. I bought the 12pk bottle set and started using the 1st one, and realized it was pork gelatin in the ingredients. That was 2012. So I haven't used anything since then... I will definitely look for these sis. ??? @ smackin. Are they sweet-sweet? Do they taste like the Flintstone vitamins?

Shantil Wallace

Notification gang gang

TheNatural Surgeon

Love this so much. ?

Break The Snow

Will try this Hum one. We do have similar hair growth videos that work. Plz checkout. Thankx

Tanarana M

Can you do an updated video on what you eat? Love the vegan option for hair supplement ?

Dani Chocolate

Please tell us is it works???

Wayne Jones

Your a women not a man try it on a bald man?? ?????

Dani Chocolate


Love Light Blessings

Has it helped it’s been a while since this video was posted I’m
Looking for hair growth remedies please and thanks

Vegan hair skin and nails vitamins

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Natural Hair Skin and Nail Products Vegan Products Sacramento, CA

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Natural Hair Skin and Nail

Natural Hair Skin and Nail Products Vegan Products Sacramento, CA