Oil spots

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Castor oil for age spots and healing

1 630 views | 11 Sep. 2017

This is an update of a

This is an update of a video I did one year ago about castor oil

Dawn E

Thanks I have a few, do eilling to try. I have a young friend who has quite a few and they really bother her. The drug store stuff did not help her. Hope this does.

Debbie Palmer

Great, thanks for sharing. I'm trying this too. x

Right Now !

sorry about the dark eyes had no decent sleep the night before

Oil spots

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How to Remove Greasy Fingerprints From Walls! Easy Home Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

159 927 views | 26 Nov. 2012

Maker's Cleaning Cloths:

Maker's Cleaning Cloths: http://MakersClean.com

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Greasy fingerprints happen everywhere. Here's the mind=blown method for removing them! Visit www.cleanmyspace.com for more details.

For example, I use coconut oil as a post-shower moisturizer. I also have allergies and sneeze about 6 times in a row at rather inopportune times. Those two random pieces of information meld together to create numerous greasy handprints on my bathroom wall caused by me using the wall as a support structure during one of my sneezing fits. I'm sure you have similar stories.

An abrasive product or all-purpose cleaner won't work on greasy wall fingerprints. Also, you can ruin your paint job if you aren't careful!

I have a ridiculously simple solution.

Here's what you need:

- Chalk (white)

- Microfibre cloth (dry)

- Water

See, I told you this was simple.

Here's what to do:

- Take a piece of chalk rub it over the fingerprints. Remember to use it on an angle. If you use the chalk on a sharp edge, you'll leave small scratches in the paint.

- Leave it for 5 minutes or so.

- Take a dry microfiber cloth and dust off the chalk residue. You'll see remnants of the chalk directly over the oily marks. That means the chalk has stuck to the oil and removed it from the wall (success!!).

- Add a bit of water onto the microfiber cloth and go over the prints once more, to wipe up the dusty prints. Let it dry and you'll see, the oily marks are goners!

This is magical...I love doing this trick because it's so easy and works like a charm.

Give it a try and see what you think!


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We love hearing your stories, seeing your messy/clean pics and answering your questions!

Razaz Eltom

Can you give me a tip for textured walls please?

Shosho Soso

Will try that

Raffa Jabbar

I couldn't constrate on the video she is so gorgous I was watching her tits.


Thank you so much! Alternatives is exactly what I'm looking for! Can't wait for the video! Keep up the great work!

Kanupriya Sharma

Did not work for coconut oil stains

tony m

Wow, I love your videos =_)

Cristian Grigore

So i was kooking and some drops of grease splashed, leaving some round stains on the wall. Beside this method is there anything i could give a try?


Hi, your music is to loud!!

Rotten Egg Creations

well hopefully this works on my walls. got tape residue and oil from sticky tack all over the place, would like to keep my deposit.


Will this also work for Vaseline smears on the wall

Kimberly Waqas

How you do this with Vaseline too
To get it off the walls
Can you my answer this question for me please
Thank you

Hanika van Schalkwyk

thank the heavens. finely something that works.

Girl Not Local

how do you get rid of food stains on kitchen painted walls?

Karolina Borycka

I have lilac walls will this still work?


Does it work with blue painted walls

Gabe Matzza

im screwed

Kella Pushpanjali

Hi Melissa can we use chalk powder instead of chalk piece???

Ms.California Roll

how about dry wall?


Love this trick....
Thanks honey! ?

Brenda Alvarez

cleaning walls what arent greasy please!

Sabitha fahima

Does this work for coconut oil

Rose Ladd

❓ This question is about how to remove an oil stain on a wood end table but you don't know what kind of oil it is or it may be some clear nail polish. ONe of those funny things you find but you don't know how it got there.?

Janice Gill

great tip..I'm sure I' be using it often.  thanks!!!
my question: I have greasy smoke residue on painted textured wall, wallpapered wall and on popcorn ceiling.....need help fast, ANYONE?

Jesus Ramirez

Do you know how to get rid of oil stains on an acoustic instrument (guitar and ukulele)?


Alright!... I made the top comments Cool!! You guys are GREAT!! : )


Greasy Fingerprints on Walls:
Use a white chalk and color the stain and let it sit for about 5 minutes.
Then use a clean dry microfiber cloth and clean the residue away.
Then dampen the microfiber cloth and clean it of with a S motion.

daniel hemeryck

What a load of f#$%@n b#$%#@¥t why would this work ? What a waste of time, I actually went to the shop and got chalk,crayolla as Well and it did nothing thanks for wasting my time. I hope use go to hell

freya w

Would this work for blue tack marks on the wall? The greasy ones that get left behind..?

Alfonso gonzales

Every girl I hook up with put there hands on my wall. It’s hot and I like how they push back but my wall has finger prints all over. I need to buy A head board

sheeba tanweer

I have only focus on her breast

Debbie D

My sons sit on their computers with their feet on the painted walls, and dirty grease marks have appeared, do you think we should just repaint or try a cleaning method??

Mayank gaming

It is the worst vedio.it never works.

Alex Walker

This is awesome I need to clean oily marks on my basement wall. Thanks Melissa.


This does not seem to work with vegetable oil stains, any suggestions?

Hjohns H

Does not work at ALL on Sherwin Williams semigloss paint:(

Lucy S

Hi Melissa! I have hardwood floors in my bathroom. The grain is exposed on the wood so there are grooves, if that makes sense. There has been this residue on the floors since we moved in that I can't get off! It seems like a polish or something oily...things like painters tape won't stick to the surface and it's always slick feeling, any suggestions to remove it??

kylie turuva

ok so i tried this on my walls - i rent an old house which has been a rental for years so paint old -anyway i have oils splats over my bedroom wall from coconut oil i use on my legs and nothing would remove the stain i tried vinegarbaking sodasugar soapso i bought chalk today and whilst u can still see the stain it did remove some of it i mean it's not as noticeable as it was before so i going to try do 2nd coat and see if makes a difference and now i making sure to not be near any walls when applying oil to my legs????????

Keith Moran

Who does your music?

Matt Willoughby

What kind of paint? Seems kind of an oversight not to specify..


Like freya wilson, does anyone know how to get rid of the oil stains from blutack off the wall? :( 

von Pete

Wow thank you my kids are messing up my walls!!

Karen Call

The person's walls in the vid are painted with an oil-based paint. It's clear to see from the shiny gloss. You can tell the difference between oil-based and latex based paint by using a small bit of acetone-based nail polish remover on a rag on an inconspicuous spot on the wall....if nothing pulls up, it's oil-based. If paint comes up, it's latex based.

Oil-based paint is typically what's used in the kitchen in apartments in the U.S. However, in the rest of the rooms in the house...if you have children with greasy fingerprints, if a few drops of dish soap + vinegar + hot water don't pull it up, it will need to be repainted.

Pamela Williams

That didn't work on my walls, I have Fish oil? what do I use for fish oil stains?

Dazzler -

Didn't work at all just looks as bad as before ☹️


what about grease that splats on the walls where you cook will the chalk work on that. they are so tough to get off and they are like little beads in some spots. Thanks for all the good tips

Evie Cooke

will this work on a desk thta has been painted white

Anny Hughes

Do you think this would work for greasy blu-tak residue marks?

Bangtan TaeTae

This doesn't work

Ry Ramcharitar

this women is awesome!!!


Hi I have chairs covered with a red fabric and they stain my white wall, what can I do in that case, please?

Margarart Ball

I going to try this

Hayley Nguyen

I have bad tape residue left over on my walls what can I do?

Leon K

Tinted windows please!

Tips , cooking, Animals

What about on pink wall paint? Same white chalk?

Kabir Singh

Can anyone confirm that this works?

Turquoise Blue

So much of whether this works comes down to paint type and texture on the walls. This will work on the type and quality of paint Melissa has on her walls, but WILL NOT work on that crappy, lower-quality flat apartment paint many of us are stuck with (at least in the States). If you try to clean that horrid flat paint in apartments, oil stain or not, all you do is smear the stains and remove the paint from the walls.

Megha Kumari

how to remove oil strain from plastic paint wall plz rpl me ....

Christiana Harding

Wonderful idea. Love it.

Brooke Armistead

How do u get dirt finnger prints off a white door

Panic! At Twenty Øne

You are so beautiful! ♥️

Mamatha Bn

Our wall is yellow which colour chalk should I use

Mandyy An

How about a REALLY textured wall paper ? Either bumpy or striped at multiple directions ? :s

Alessia Juricic

yeah that didnt work for my matte wall, my mom is gonna beat my ass!

mehreen haroon

Thanks alot my niece left a vasiline petroleum jelly hands on my wall i defiantly apply this

Mads TeaParty

How do you clean your walls on a regular basis? I would really like to know and Love your videos they have really help me out. Thanks so much


And why didn’t you do the video with old oil stain marks? Of course any new stain will probably come off without hassle. You could have truly prepared for the video by staining the wall the week before or more and then creating the video with the method.

Lady Elizabeth

I have a problem in my bedroom with oily marks. I'll try this out for sure.


Do you have a tip for coffee stains on the wall? thank you!

Jenn Rex

Will this also work on wallpaper?

u ra

This didn't work for me. The grease didn't go of the walls?

Raj Sonawane

How to remove cake stains from the wall?

Chike Okwara

BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have TRIED it about 3 times on greasy fingerprints ( made by girlfriends granddaughter after eating chicken wings from Wal Mart deli ) and it DOESN’T WORK!!!! The THIRD time it took the PAINT off on the side wall of it. The front wall of it didn’t take the paint off but the fingerprints are STILL there!!! ????????????

autumn jasmyn

What is the best way to clean the walls on the inside of your house?

Ethan Litherland

What is u sprayed your name on the wall with febreeze and don't know what a to do to get it out


Will this work for mineral oil on a wall too?


I wish I was the little microphone on the sweater : )

Joshua Callum McBride


I've just tried this method on my wall, it makes them less visible than before.

I would recommend using this method if there are only a few marks, but in my case (many photos on the wall) it doesn't suffice!

nasser abdi

thank you


Didn't work, paid for some white chalk on ebay, followed instructions, now i have a massive scrape instead. This video should be removed.

Jack Sea

I have blu tac stains and this method did not do anything to help them at all

umzz Last

I have oil marks on matt black kitchen cabinets.
How could I remove?

Moiz khan



Ill be honest, I clicked because the beautiful smile and you just look HOT!!! like , like like and thumbs up!!


So… my two-year-old decided to finger paint on our walls with a tub of Vaseline. Will this work on that?!

Ishwarya Pedireddi

I have a question. I have oil stains on my wall that are 6 months old. would this trick work on such old stains as well?


Will this work on flat finished paint as well?

Mike Music and Motivation

How do you marks off of walls like crayon marks or even oil stains ?

Kind of Random

What if my walls are blue emulsion? Should I buy blue chalk? x

JaneelikeU Kim

Thx I'm going to clean my walls now!

Project Management

I have a grease stain on my wall paper. Can I use chalk on it or is there a better way to get rid of it?


Guys i tried this on Matt Paint...IT DOESN'T WORK! Matt paint just absorbs it and it just stays there, a grease patch or finger prints, doesn't go away. You have to paint over it again.


This is nonsense, at 1.08 seconds the prints remain , then at 1.09 (and supposedly before the prints are wiped away), they have gone.. my guess it's a new section of wall, try this at your own risk

JOhn WHiteClouD

Love your advise and your shirt

Sammy Sam

It's works..thanks

Leon K

When will it be posted? Cannot wait! Thanks Melissa!


what if the surface was black? do you use black chalk?


How do you get old grease marks from a frying pan (underside not the inside)


Just use trisodium phosphate. It's faster and more effective. No waiting or chalk dust.

Tamanna Begum

it can't work properly

Emily Robertson

hi! thanks for your video. i have this grease issue on my walls, however, the walls are "flat" painted, not glossy...do you have any ideas how to remove oil/grease spots from a matte/flat painted wall?

Oil spots

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How to Remove Tar, Grease and Oil Based Spots from Carpet and Rugs

363 385 views | 15 May. 2012

This is an effective

This is an effective method for removing difficult and stubborn tar, grease and oil based spots from your carpets and rugs by http://www.procleaner.biz. Summer is coming and for Hazleton PA residents that means fresh tar from road work and hot driveways. I'll show you safe and professional methods using household items to easily take away those unsightly spots.


Lanolin in Dish detergent will bleach your carpet, laundry detergent is what you need to use or a lot of ppl are going to have discolored spots on their carpet.

_Wimza _

For all of you that either walked oil in yourselves or your dopey mrs like in my case.. 1001 spray, took me three attempts and now the stain is pretty much gone.

Rebecca Parrish

I work in a big warehouse and the forklifts and chariots constantly leave black grease around and there was a huge glob of it in the freezer that I didn't notice till I had tracked it around and I managed to get it in my cream colored carpet, so I'm going to try this and see if it works out. I'll update later.

Colyn Colyn

good tips, off to get the required goods for countless oil stains walked in from our garage in our rental apartment. Wish me luck, the carpets are beige o-O will take a before and after shot for you.

Doug Rose

This does not work! Tried the denatured alcohol and it did nothing. Dawn dishwashing liquid took heavy grease right out of my carpet.

ladyt5000 5000

How do u remove crisco? Out of carpet

Catus Jack

Denatured Alcohol and 4 oz water to 1/4 teaspoon Dish detergent - cloth

Brenda DeVries

I really appreciate this video. I have some stubborn grease stains on my carpet, and can't wait to try this out. Also, I returned home from a weekend-long trip out of town (Thursday through Monday) to find the corner of the carpet nearest to the bathroom completely soaked with water, and the whole room smelled like mildew. I sopped up the water the best I could with towels, and opened the window and turned on the fan. Is there anything else I can do to remove the mildew smell from  the carpet?
Brenda DeVries
Southern California

Robert Martin

You are very welcome and keep tuning in for more DIY carpet spot cleaning tips.

Mario Fromadistance

Wow! Thank you. :-)

Mackel B Lewlis

slight variation: i rubbed in liquid dish detergent without water, waited a few minutes, then proceeded with the blotting using instead 90% rubbing alcohol. worked pretty great.

john thor

Do you know what kind of stores would would have the alcohol?

Maxime Desjardins

very nice video i must say, i have not tried yet, but i have some wd-40, release all, vinegar, resolve (spray'n'wash), butane gas, clr


I've got an entire bottle of vegetable oil in my carpet. How screwed am I?

Ray's World

I put a car jack into the trunk, its wheels had grease on them (lubricant chassis grease type stuff). Whilst the jack was secured and on a large piece of cardboard, it worked its way loose during the drive and rolled all over the trunk carpet, which now has many grease stains. Will give this is a try!

Tammy Lawman

I was thrilled to find your video after a houseguest tracked greasy footprints all through the house. The carpet is less than 2 years old and I thought it was completely ruined. The denatured alcohol and water/dish soap worked great on all the spots except the two heaviest and I thought I'd try those again tomorrow to see if it will clear up. It's much better than it was so thank you!

Raging Surf

Wow, this works great. Thanks, Bob!


My boat sunk a couple times last summer :-( --- and now the indoor outdoor carpet is all stained with probably oil/gas. How would you attack large areas like this ??!?

David Allen

This is a great post Thanks. My carpet had the same great result. Good man.


Does this work for grease that's been in carpet for months? Does Wal-Mart carry that stuff?

Anitra Logan

Thank you so much!!

Jill Brogan

Thankew so much - Great information. On my way to get denatured alcohol. Hope they sell it in smaller quantities.

Dolores Larrick

This is a very helpful video! Thank you. Can you tell me will it work for a WD_40 stain my son got in our carpet. I have been attempting this but maybe I need to work on it longer? Thanks

Anna Jolie

Will this work if the stain is a few days old 

Denise Evans

I started just using the rubbing alcohol on stains that have been in my carpet since moved in. Not sure oil based, or water based but the alcohol alone has helped but the spots aren't dry yet. I'll be back to comment. Thank you Robert for the tip because I would have NEVER thought to try alcohol, and worse case scenario, I'll go down an buy some denatured;) I also had the Dawn detergent ready, 1/4 tsp in 4 oz. thank you again, Denise


Great tip, thank you!

Tracey Smith

I wonder if I could try this on a sweatshirt?? My zipper hoody is trashed from work.. It used to be pink.. Now it's grey with stains everywhere!! Can u help? Do u think this might work?? I work with boxes and mail.. And the trucks being in the warehouse running... the Diesel fuel and the dirt from the boxes just ruin my clothes.. But I only care about my hoody.. Cuz it's thick and durable.. I wanna try my best to keep it somewhat clean.. Maybe if I soak it overnight in the detergent or alcohol maybe it may take some of the harsh stains out? What do u think? All my stains are oil based stains.. Definitely! And they've also been washed in the washer and dryer prior to me writing this.. As I've been wearing this hoody for a few months that it's been cold.. So if you have any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it thank you so very much and have a great day


Hi Bob,I have some serious tar like substance on my berber carpet and tried your method to no avail. This sticky substance had been put on the concrete flooring to use as an adhesive, I believe, for linoleum a long time ago. After the carpet layers were done laying carpet I noticed black spots in several areas. Do you have any suggestions for their removal? after dabbing the spot with both alcohol and then soapy water (yes, I used what you recommended) some of the sticky substance can be picked off, but none of it ended up on the towel, and there is still plenty on there that I am not able to peel off. Please help! Thank you!

Vicki Clark

Thanks Robert!! My husband took down an old ceiling fan and placed it on our beige carpet, and a bright yellow oil leaked out. I immediately started soaking up the oil with paper towels. My first instinct was to spray the spot with ordinary foam carpet cleaner but I went to YouTube instead, and found this video. I did not have denatured alcohol but I found some "Goof Off" paint and tar remover (main ingredient is xylene) under the sink. I put Goof Off on a white cotton rag and applied it to the stain, just as the video shows. After just a few applications of Goof Off, the yellow oil disappeared from the carpet and no longer showed on the white rag. Once the Goof Off evaporated, I gently cleaned the area with a mild solution of water and Dawn dishwashing liquid to get the oily feel out of the carpet. It worked! A one year old $800 carpet saved, and my husband is forgiven. :)

Cole Averill

I followed your guide only I used isopropyl alcohol instead of denatured alcohol and it worked great. Thanks for the tip! 

Patrick Dillon

Thanks for the video. You said dish detergent, but you showed laundry detergent. So that was a bit confusing.


Good work, thanks for sharing


Thanks for the great tip Bob! For our grease marks from dropping a hinge pin on our off white carpet, before trying the Denatured Alcohol I thought it would be a good idea to try your soapy solution first. So I chose DAWN Platinum which we have on hand and mixed it one tsp with 8 oz. water. Amazingly, it worked great!

C Drummys

Will this work on old stains too??

Kevin 04

Now I have oil stains on my cars carpet I use the dish soap to get the stains out of the carpet correct?

-SMP- scientific method perspective

Better than all the other YouTube videos I found

Alice Delaney

would methylated spirits or ordinary alcohol work?

missj Stephens

omg if i would have known about this earlier....... group one reality is trying to charge us 850 dollars for the livingroom carpet because of oil stains.


hi there, my shop down the road sells denatured alcohol but its bright purple (presumably to put me off drinking it) - will this stain the light carpet purple?