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Ayreon - The Eye of Ra (Star One) / Credits (Universe) LYRICS IN SUBS

45 971 views | 23 Jan. 2020

*End credit song is muted

*End credit song is muted due to copyright shenanigans*

The Eye of Ra (Star One: Space Metal, 2002)

performed by:

Damian Wilson

John Jaycee Cuijpers

Irene Jansen

Floor Jansen

Hansi Kürsch

Tommy Karevik

Anneke van Giersbergen

Marko Hietala

Jonas Renkse

Michael Mills

Marcela Bovio

Robert Soeterboek

Edward Reekers

Jay van Feggelen

Maggy Luyten

Lisette van den Berg

Arjen Anthony Lucassen

The Ayreon Universe concert was recorded in September 2017 at 013 Poppodium concert hall, Tilburg, the Netherlands. It was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 30, 2018.

Guilaine Lagriotte

Il y a toujours un moment pour écouter ça.


OMFG, I would just about kill to see this show.

Jose Alexander Morales

That was simply astonish!!!


Man. Marcela is quite small next to those giants, but I think her voice is the biggest <3_<3

Gela Kobakhidze

great great great, for next time please invite tarja and simone simons

Jaime Molina

A song based on the movie: Stargate SG-1 and with this kind of overtalented musicias!!... Oh yeah!!! :3

Simon Adams

Now THAT is how to end a show.....................

Terry Jackman

I love that Floor and her sister are singing together.

Marcelo Bassalo

His Russell Allen impression is on point during the song. Props to the guy, difficult shoes to fill.


thank you so much for uploading this. Absolutely LOVE the whole show!!


Thanks for the upload! Its the shit!

Ana Citlalli

@Ricamros Thank you so much for uploading this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

synn hys

Excelentísimo!!! bravo!!! Saludos desde Argentina!!!

Kies Kop

lol,Joost revenged for The day that the World breaks down at 5:49 and calls Arjen ``LUL`` ( means Dickhead).

Janne Pellonpää

Really irresponsible of Arjen to amass that much talent on stage at the same time. Had they squeezed in just a bit tighter, a black hole would have formed.

Jeronymus V

Well, well. More than a few quality musicians are gathered on that stage. :=)

David Harris

Holy hell, Marko, Hansi and the Jansen sisters on the same stage!!!


What a finale, the sheer number of world class singers all on stage at the same time.


My first Ayreon Album. I never heard of it. But the cover artwork blew me away!


Overload of goosebumps :)

C Wes

I,AM watching the universe every Day. Can't stop???

Clotario Gotario

E X T R A O R D I N A R I O !!!


what is the religion of these singers?


They should have ended the show covering "No World Order" and making fun of the eye of Ra and the Catholic all seeing eye.

Laughing Man

Who was it singing "sings" instead of "sign"! I'm on to you!

Guy DeYoung

So much talent all on one stage!!! My God!

Charles Junior


Con Olavicus

Why is Floor wearing Jon Snows jacket?


really great job Arjen Lucassen and all the crew!!! do this same concert in Chile please :)

Tod Pet

Warning! Warning! Talent overload! Talent overload!

LG Sounds

He really like to joke about his brother @ 9:48


I don't know if there's a better song to end this show with. I think Live On Earth's performance is bit better, but this comes really close.


1 word...INCREDIBLE.

Diana Galli

Wow!! Amazing!!

Rob Cnp

Omg, So fucking cool having the sisters sing together.

Frans Bouman

Sisters are doing it !


Enjoyed all of this production.

Luis Rosa

5:48 I guess Joost and Arjen can't resist calling each other LUL every chance they get!

Star on the eye

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Star One - The Eye of Ra

101 351 views | 28 Jul. 2007

One of the highlights of

One of the highlights of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's project, Star One. Good stuff.

Henrik Hansen

Metal orgy! Awesome!!

Lucien Immink

and in 2018 this will be the 2nd best; hold up for 10 years though!


fuckin amazing!


Its been so long since I have watched this video. They were great!

Geoffrey Ramel

The two girls voices match so well ! And Russel Allen is just perfect as usual.


That was fucking awesome and the end was so fuckkkkinn [email protected]#@#[email protected][email protected]#


@h2nzel If you can find it.


What a masterpiece!


I remember when this song came out, 7 years ago, and being totally petrified listening this again and again...

Thrash Commander

Hi Tron! Fancy seeing you here on the youtube comments. My addiction to this song is all thanks to Raptor, whichever one of you found this gem, thank you so very much.

Csodálatos Macsó

Many of awesome person on a couple of quadratmeter!!!


Floor and marcela singing...both pretty, gorgeous and talent voices...love them

George VonDemon

'scuse the language but, THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!


@magicdonjuan27 it's a song based on Stargate... Did you see Horus in the Stargate shows? I didn't. So shut it.

Mikko Rantalainen

See also:
Ayreon - The Eye Of Ra (Best Of Ayreon Live 2018)


@91nickt Check out Opeth! perhaps that will lead you further into it.

Milan Dinga

Russel Allen rulez !!!


I've heard this several hundred times, and it gets better every listen. Best harmony out there. Top 10 fer shur!

DHPT Sports Nutrition

amazing! the ending gave me chills. so much talent on the one stage.

Jon Shea

WOW! They're like a fucking choir!!! that harmony part was AMAZING!!!


Yeah. Same person from Loser video too, and After Forever. He worked with Arjen after Star One. He is Joost van den Broek, and he was 20 years old when this live was recorded. Scary good for his age.

Jonathan Payeur

All-Star Team and absolute top vocals ever.

Mikus Lorencs

Looks like they got their stargate from the pegasus galaxy (it's blue) O: Fucking awesome song, 100x more awesome live.

Mazen Harb

I hate their keybordist

Kyle x


Kittens' Cats'Angels'GOD'S

ratsdrugheadsdrugdealersverminugpolaksjealousugjackaldogspolakjewsvermin ratpotheadrepublicansratcasinosenlistedcasinosratstrannysvermin we must destroy This King Of The Son ?


Wow Russel A. from Symphony X?

Andrew Williams

The best singers ever!!


@explorer47422 Much more than you realize">

Trev Williams

I like how everyone is just fucking stood doing nothing... I'd have been going fucking mental"""" \m/

Amber Lennox

The person playing keyboards...is that the same person from Ayreon's Come Back to Me? Love this :D


@91nickt If you have just found out what progressive is, that's a shame, but I have hope for you, explore it!


Kinda cool...they even have the Stargate to the right. Anyone ever check out William Henry's teachings? Stargate 2012


one of THE most beautiful songs i've ever listened to. it simply causes eargasms.

Jason Coben

I have been listening to this for years, and still get chills at the end of this song. How I wish I could have seen them live.


ehhhh,what a song!!! arjen is a genious. this song send me to the other emocional dimension . YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

roo deejoo

Wereldklasse van Hollandse bodem! Rolf @ 


This is FRIGGIN AWESOME! Got the Live On Earth DVD incoming!

Jason Coben

Always gives me chills at the end.


Damian is a fantastic singer my god.. Everyone in this project. We are not worthy!


Russell Allen doesn't like the strange space suit lol

Marcela Bejarano



Yeah. My head almost exsploded of all the awesomeness and epicness of damian's voice! ....*BOOM*


still the best version of this song. I'll take this one over the Ayreon Universe live version also.

Jaime Molina

I would like to have those "spacial" sounds that are played along the synthetizer... They are not in the CD versión, just in this one! They sound like for use them as a message tone for your phone :3


@explorer47422 dude, it's a song about stargate...

Esther Klören

"Good stuff."
Biggest understatement ever made.

Kevin Brown

Damian's "Built a Gateway to the STARS" Is the most fucking epic thing i've ever heard in my life. It gives me chills.

Bartosz Naglik

I second the motion


Sales numbers.

peter wilkins

@explorer47422 Yeah it was. This whole album was inspired by various science fiction movies. It's a great find if you can get one. extremely well done.


This is by far the most solid song of this album, Arjen delivers an amazing energetic product, it's impressive how versatile he can be in terms of composing! Kudos~


Only Arjen could bring such vocal breakthru live!!! Only a personal curiosity... What is the birthplace of each musician (with the exception of Dutcher Arjen itself)

Bram Janssen-Ros

Best concert I ever had the privilege to see live. Goosebumps all over the place. Thx for sharing this magic!


It would have been so awesome if there little stargate in the back had started turning and lighting up.


@explorer47422 as if the stargate setup in the back where the girls are isn't a dead giveaway? :D STARGATE FTW wonder what kind of song Arjen could create based on Farscape? hmmm


I love this song. wish I had been there ... such an accumulation of talent.


Ok, yes, the beauty just bringeth forth yet another tear. Not everybody likes this prog metal, but just a little patience, and listen for a few minutes, and at the end all should feel the goose bumps. The pure goodness should bring all back home. I adore this epic!!!


Long live Sir Russell Allen!


this song is one of the best i've ever heard... Arjen is a model for me... I hope my own project will be 10% of his genius...

Knut Einar Evenmo

@h2nzel Same here :D I get goosebumps by thinking about it.

Aaron Hurst

Voices are great, song is great, but Damien needs to work on his stage presence...walking around like a badass in a silver outfit is kind of contradictory. I don't always enjoy Russell's frantic stage movements, but at least he's more expressive than Damien.

Andrew Williams

Masterful harmonies!!


wonderful pitch in the harmony at the end, fantastic!!


I´d like to be there...soo much

Csodálatos Macsó

Arjen and thier band!!! Allwayyyys the best!!! :D

Kittens' Cats'Angels'GOD'S





@metalicdemon "The guitarist"? his name is Arjen and he wrote this song.


Nope. It's Robert Soeterboek.


The Eye of Ra, LOL! or The Eye of Horus, its the all seeing eye. Egyptian Goddess, but yes.. lets celebrate this dumbness

Bob Raymond Kars

Absolutely, THE would be kickass live :P


dont forget Irene :P


'Found the 7th symbol, down in the catacombs' isn't that the plot to Stargate the movie? lol


this song is so nice. love it


I see too much comments about Russell and no comment about Damien. His voice fits so well on all Star one themes (more than Russel`s itself, in my opinion).


pain of salvation yo

Jonathan Payeur

Too bad Ayreon and crew are not more renowned. I sincerely wish they all could make a decent living out of their music.

Samantha Lennon-McFadden

Seriously......nothing compares to the creations of Arjen and the talent of the musicians he works with. I have never been able to get enough of his albums. And this live version...this was spectacular through my headphones just now. Bloody brilliant. Bless you Arjen...you truly rock \m/

Franco Salinas


JennRAll SeveN

My eyes are always travelling ??

Michael Johnson

One EPIC song!!!!

christine bardin

Is it progressive metal ? Love it, regardless of the name, i love their style.


lol at russell biting the guitarists arm ^^ in other news, what a fucking epic vocal lineup!!!

Lorenzo Gerola

I love everyone from all the Ayreon Projects. But what's the Keyboarders Name ? Love his playing everytime i hear him, haahhaaa ?
Love you all my Ayreon Friends, too ?
Stay tuned


they are sisters, so yeah they match up well ;)


Jansen sisters rock! :)

Joe Rec

Ive watched this so many times ha. I love when damien comes in and sings gateway to the STAAAARRRRS yea man that shit is intense!


Apart from Russel Allen (American) and Damien (British), all the others are Dutch.

Aaron Hurst

Don't get me wrong, Gustaf, I listen to this song at least three times a week,...I just wish metal frontmen were a hair less...awkward?


ayreon is great

J Leffel

Due to unforeseen circumstances in tonight's performance, the role of Kurt Russell will be played by Sir Russell Allen of Symphony X.

TronNet DevOps


Darth Cuddlefluff

Goddamn that sexy Damion Wilson voice. I love it so.


That was absolutely amazing.


AMAZING, who can change Arjen´s minds to not make a World tour

Andrew Williams

Looking forward to the new Star One album. I do hope Arjen ueses these 5 great singers again. All wonderful


this song is based on the movie Stargate ;)


I remember when I first listened the "Space Metal" album. It was all great, then came "The eye of Ra"... IMHO, the most epic song of the album. If you don't even tears with this song, then you are the biggest liar on earth.


Russel Allen rules...maybe the best vocalist to sing with Arjen....and there have been many great ones for sure.....Marcella Bovio (Elfonia) and Floor Jansen to name a few

Star on the eye

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