How to shape hair

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Giving Myself A Shape (SUPER DETAILED) | How To Shape Natural Hair From Home

32 250 views | 10 Apr. 2020

Hello Loves I’m am back

Hello Loves I’m am back and SCISSOR happier than ever! In this video I’ll show you how I shape my natural hair from home! Hope you enjoy! #howtoshapenaturalhair


Tools Used:

*Kazmalaje Wide Tooth Comb: https://www.beaudentity.com/shop/KAZMALEJE-KurlsPlus-Detangler-Comb-p166747257 (Save Money by using the code "BEAUDENTITY_TRULEYTALENTED"

Check These Out

*: SUPER Defined ONE Product Braid Out | Back 2 The Basic|https://youtu.be/svhj9yQqBrM

*How I Shape & Trim Natural Hair From Home |https://youtu.be/Ps_eJ7IQt_w

* Cutting & Reshaping My Hair While Curly! | CurlyCut|https://youtu.be/olypW11Id2s

Instagram: @truleytalentedbeauty :https://www.instagram.com/truleytalen...

Music: Buddha by Kontekst https://soundcloud.com/kontekstmusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/b6jK2t3lcRs

Deandra Johnson

It looks sooo amazing!! Deff gave me confidence to shape my own hair!!

Judith Questelles

It looks lovely

some dill

girl bless you, my middle section is having the same struggle and i didn't know what to do ?


Looks amazing ???❤️
I like big hair too ??

Amy Fisher

I have the same problem ... I thought I was the only one

Michelle Rodgers

GIRL...I literally hate my straight hair! I straighten it to ensure my ends are cut and dense and not splitting but beyond that I want my hair in a protective style or in its natural state. Thank you for this!


You did that!! ????

Rediscover Skincare Co.

Love it. Feel yourself mama. Exactly the kind of video I wanted to see when I searched how to shape natural hair. Killed it

Monifa 360

This is super CUTE!! ?

Seline Le Brun

Girlll I got the same ‘tail’ problem ??‍♀️

Liberty did what?

Wow girl you did That!

Nicole C

It looks so nice ??

jaylaa /;

girl that volume!!!!!!

Shy Davis

Girl!!! You did that.


My Sister thank you so much, what you are sharing with us is like a breath of fresh air to start a new look and get you hair together. Without a big trim so we do not have to cut away all the hair we have been working so hard to grow. Thank you for the love.

Tosha CR

This braid out is absolutely gorgeous with that trim?

Kathy D

Very informative and definitely subscribing ! I’ve trimmed my hair several times before and you get more comfortable after every time . It’s great seeing more tips and tricks since I’m not a professional . If my hair cuts were great before I can’t even imagine now after watching your video :) . Thank you!

Jakenya Jones


Quita Sherrod


K. P.

Beautiful. Great job.?

Imani Ackerman

Shoot, girl you look good!!! You did that!!!


You did such a great job. I've been itching to shape my hair and your tutorial was super clear and easy to follow. Thanks ?


Can you cut mines ?

Thea Sudeall

Just subscribed today ! Your hair is gorgeous!

Jess M?

"I'm not a lizard, a lion or none of that" ??????? I cannot lol. But my hair is the same way.

Karlissea Hives

Absolutely loved this video! ??

Rachel Marie


awoere amachree

Looks awesome I will get back to this video by Dec or Jan. I have clipped my ends for this year.

I know I have seen you before. I just saw your hair trim 2years ago. You know how to shape.

iAmNon Basic

Anyone else getting Gabrielle Union vibes?

Zakiyah Archie

I’ve been trimming my hair wrong all along ??‍♀️ thank you sm for making this video girl lol

A. V.

Can u cut my hair?




I think you did a good job. You look stunning with the hair, makeup, earrings ? Thank you for sharing!

Thai Not Ty!

I love the final look. The shape is bomb. This video is very detailed.

SheRea DelSol

You’re so pretty

Miracal Martin

I used to love my shape & then something changed idk what it was . But shape left the building ???.Love your hair btw !

Maicah Allise

Take a shot every time she says go ahead

Kimberly Rowe

Wow! Yessss shape!

Elle Marie

A true SHAME that more people aren't watching this video. This was THE most helpful shape video EVER. Thank you sis???

Kelsi Randall

GURRRLLLL !!! I love love loooove your braid out !!

Night Angel

This will probably be my go-to hair shaping video.

Anidra Lomax

That is straight up beautiful!

Adira Kalon


Im entirely to territorial of my hair to pay over $100 for someone else do my hair but i haven’t seen any DIY methods i liked until now. Ie the hundreds of DIY devacut videos on YouTube ?

Thank you so much ill be sure to plug you when i try it

Fiona M

I’m so glad that you said that you don’t like your hair straight. That gives me life. #Notfeelingthestraighthairlife

Mikaela Renee

this turned out poppin!!!!

Jackie Randolph

Lovely hairstyles love how you did it ❤?

Joy Tessa

I cut my tail too so annoying??

Trina Bartholomew

That blue brush though! ????

Jesus Christ is coming soon

So pretty!

God bless, Jesus Christ is coming soon!

Shanna Francis

Wowowow! Stunning! Well done boooo

tami tra

You did that so easily ! I'm blown ??

T. Renee

I looove this! I’m saving this video for reference when my hair is long enough to shape. My back grows out faster than all the other sides, too, so I know I’ma need to be cutting periodically.

Steefaanyy 9

What products did you use? And how long did you leave your braids? Thank you!


How we feeling about the final look??

Zaria Gamble

I definitely need a trim and shape mine it's kinda doing the same as yours! Going to be using your steps! Where'd you get that blue brush from when you were brushing your hair out?

curls_n_ kimchi

YESSS, this is exactly what I have been trying to go for! Your video really helped me realize what I've been doing wrong. You're final look is everything!

Deaunna Jonae





You slayed that haircut! ? TFS!

Seline Le Brun

Beautiful as always ?

Mariah Lyon

You are so incredibly beautiful get it sis

Demitrice Eady


I definitely need to shape mine like that as soon as.

Tee Tee J

I love the brush and comb. But they really playing with your discount code! I just went to order and it saved me 2%/$1.06. They need to do better?. I'm still going to order tho.

Glory Carrier

That shape is the bomb ♥️??


You're pretty. Your hair looks great!!!

Chelsy Mena

I’ve seen you reposted to deathhhh on ig and I’m only now finding your channel! Love all your looks tbh. How did you stretch your hair for this?! Blowout without heat?


How do you even get this done professionally? Can I just go to a regular barber or do I need some black hair specialist?

Mary Haward

Whats this shape called?



Jennifer Hudson

Love the new cut!

Been loving your videos!! They’re so entertaining and informative!! My hair is also uneven and I’ve been wondering what to do with it so this is super helpful!

How to shape hair

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How To Cut Your Own Hair [U shape]

33 578 views | 22 Sep. 2020

The scissor I bought from

The scissor I bought from Amazon is not available anymore. I found this one that is very similar:


Hope it helps ;)

My favorite products on Amazon:


My social media



Tik Tok: mirancraf

Facebook: os3mundosdelauraetheo


Janvy Leju

Best method should try this

Claudia Oliveira

Marina sua simplicidade e encantadora te amo minha linda seu cabelo e lindíssimo ❤???

Vanessa Germania Almeida Da Silva

You awesome! Its looks great!

Rosangela Maria Barbosa


Namita Chordia

Are you a professional hair stylist

It seems so..

Élida Oliveira

Could you put the caption in english available please , I'm a currently student of english and your videos will help me a lot?. Thank you

Zenilda Souza

Beautiful Marina

Tâmara Thainá

I watched the other video yesterday in portuguese, and now I am here! The hair looks great! ♡♡♡

Samantha Morris

Turned out really well


Yes its too much easy thank you so much

Eliane Xavier

Hello Marina.

Khaisara Thapa Uprety

thank you for help us.

Anur j

very helpful

Maria Farooq

Haircolor name nd no plz tell

Claudia Oliveira

Seu cabelo e lindíssimo Marina ?

Komfy Koala

Thanks for sharing your routine!

Hamsan San

Yr freckles are sooo beautiful

How to shape hair

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How to Cut a Face Frame - TheSalonGuy

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In this video I demonstrate how to cut a face frame. This video is helpful for hairstylists whether experienced or beginner.

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I have a passion for helping people, educating and motivating. I work with major brands, local businesses and individuals looking to expand and grow.

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mhn .a0

Instructions unclear I now am bald

Sandy Lowell

I'm not even a hairdresser & I get a lot of my ideas from you & get compliments on my hair cuts all the time because of your help. Thank you so much for sharing.

Autumn Cannon

Would this work for naturally wavy 2b hair?


I did this before quarantine and I messed up kind of badly...so now I'm using this time to grow it out so I can try cutting it like this again when all of my hair is the same length ?

Nicole W

I fucked up...

Nhung Crosbie

Thank you for the great lesson! I really enjoyed it!

carmen bonnici

Covid 19 brings me here

Usual Weirdo

I love this video but how do you do this cut if you part your hair on the side?

Nina M.

Why can’t i find a good tutorial for doing this on curly hair?


Anyone else think it’s ironic that he’s bald

Iliana Ilieva

You are amazing! Looks awesome! :)

Spiritual Peace

How do u get it to lay on the face?

verity newell

Can I do this with my layered hair ?

Sean Phipps

Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this video,excellent explanation.
Started hair again at the age of 53 after loosing my job to covid
I am growing my customer base and the tips from your video s have been invaluable

Layla S

it’s midnight and i’m having an identity crisis let’s go

Isabela Schmitz

glad to know I’m not the only one doing dumb shit to my hair during quarantine

aaaAAaAaAaaaA I’m so nervous to actually do it, wish me luck

D.soome Al

Can you do Billie eilish haircut please

Kelley kellsz

I feel so confident to cut my own hair after watching this. comes back looking like coconut head haha!

Bella Ela

Thank u ❤️??


Is it possible to do the face framing layers with a blunt cut at the back?


Thank you! You saved me lol

Madison Ward

i wrecked my hair so now i’m here


Steven do you have any videos cutting a side part face frame on long hair? Thanks your videos are so helpful! ?

verity newell

I want to do this so bad but I'm scared I'm gonna mess up

Chyna Davis

Damn. He did this. Superb.

Robert Wong


Ayesha Khan

Very nice video


i did this on myself at 2 am and it actually turned out really good


uhh so u cut my hair like two years ago and now they look like a face frame but really bad

Marina D622

our Australian hairdresers only care to get paid and they know nothing about cutting hair..

Michele Escobedo

This was super helpful!

Debie Fuentes

I love your videos, and really enjoy your teaching techniques. You are very detailed.

Mate Moto


Kit snow

Thank you, the best face framing guide ever.

Denise S

Need to find a man caressing and treating me like he be treating pretty Tammy the Manny over here ????‍♀️ #LongHairOpenToChange - root to tip ? ok???

Liam Brown

ive been looking through lots of videos for a fringe tutorial and this is the best and answered my questions


Love it! Definitely trying this!

Rosie Mai

I’m ten and I did this on my one and it’s really easy

Vicki Falcon

hi. love that hair style .. does that style looks good on a round face. get back thanks. have a nice one.?


Ahh! He can't stop cutting. I' wld have jumped oit of the chair. He makes me nervous. too short

Sasha B

Everyone in quarantine watching this like ?️??️

Rachel Lee

This guy is amazing

Patricia Eachus


Debbie S

Very nice tutorial !!

Rita Francis

Wow u r genius!!

Elle Sisters

Hi! Thank you so much for this great video! My sister wants me to cut her hair to face framers soon, and I've only ever given her trims. This video really helped! Thank you :)


I thought you were like 30 wth! haha I was like no way he's been a stylist for 20 years. Well thank you and great work as always

Widi Utami Ningsih

Can you cut my hair? ? im from indonesia?

Linda Bostoen

This is sutch a beautiful haircut.
Why can i not find a hairdresser in my city Antwerp who is CAPABLE?!


Very nice haircut!


It's quarantine season and I'm cutting my own hair :D And thank you!!! This video is so helpful, the frame looks so good especially when I put my hair in a ponytail. Gotta give myself a pat on a back as well.

Samia hanna

Pretty good helps

Kalpana Vibhute

I like your hair cut

Niranjana S

Loved this!!!!!

dandy d

Thank you very much you are best stylist ever. Can you please do a video of how to get ride of bulkiest in hair.thanks

Izzie Land

Ik I’m gonna get internet double but I don’t care ?

liv m

anyone else cutting their own hair in quarantine?

LightsCamera Tamara

Where are you located? Its hard to find stylists that actually check and balance cuts. They all just point cut anything to make it go together. I have an inch more in layer length on one side that the other. Hair just doesnt lay right when its not even

Punitha Mary Kali

Who disliked the video? He is amazing?. Nice video?

ilikesoup withsourcream

Why don't you use real people? You should

Hannah Vaughn

This video is a life saver! Thank you for this awesome educational video! Very helpful!

Evelyn Mejia

I accidently cut the length so my hair is way more short in the front :/ can i fix this?

Yissel Galaviz

Anyone here because they’re in quarantine and are on the edge of losing it???

Kelley Lauren

Wow! Sweet and simple ?? so helpful! Thanks so much for all of your video tutorials ?

Sandhya Sandhya

It's really awesome......keep doing .....tq for thiss


I fucked up my hair

Maddie R

hello to the oikawa kinnies having a breakdown in quarantine


Thank you ❤️


Perfect tutorial thank you, i nearly cut my face framing wrong on my channel now I may just do it this way

Navigating Mama

This was beautifully explained!

linda alden

For a face frame which falls forward on to the face, would this still work, but would the layers have to be longer say from the chin. .


I like the smug expression of that head. It's like she knew she was getting a good haircut.

Zahid Khan

Sir nice cut

Dawn Marsh

Wow wish I knew someone like you brilliant video x

Paula Roman

Very nice! Might have to try this on myself depending on when I can get back to a stylist.

Blue eyes Mcgee


Sinem Karaaslan

I used this tutorial to cut my sisters hair in march since she couldn't get one from a hairdresser, it helped a lot! Now I'm gonna give her another haircut and I've came back here! Grrat video :)

Danielle Formica

help should i do this to myself


will parting in the middle affect the way it looks when it’s to a side part? i usually part my hair to the left but i’m worried using this technique will look uneven


Thanks for sharing your expertise on hair cutting. You are a great teacher for me because you make it so easy to understand and duplicate and now I can cut hair and know why I'm doing certain things to get the end result I want. I can now reap the rewards of being a licensed cosmetologist!!


I'm holding my blowdryer exact way...?


9:15-10:00 is everything.

Ann Marie Stephens

Does this look good with a deep side part?

Matio Just Matio

I like your vid but your arm covered the most important cuts. I hope you do another one  at a different angle.


Thinking of doing this now because my stylist today forgot to match up my sides! Goodness.

Step Dream

I wish I would’ve seen this before I cut them during quarantine ???

Joanne Pickford

Excellent online hair tuition.

cabdala bashiir

Rape aint cool

Hira Ansari

i’m literally watching this to cut my own hair at 3 am during a mental breakdown

Amie Tiger

Good Lord you're AMAZING!

Colleen Hamson

Thanks so much. Really, this is great

Maja Muster

Does this also work for curly hair?

VigorousTuba 684

Yeah this video messed up my hair?


i just did it oopsies

yuridia gonzalez

Love it! Thanks for the helpful tips.

Argent Hale

sorry but i cant see nothig whit you in the middle

Christine Trent

Wish you was in my area I'd have you cur my hair people around here don't know squat how to face frame the haircuts I get are horrible glad hair grows back!


Do u have a video where u can do this cut face framing by self im tryn to do it myself and see how it goes

Nadya Buatsim3

How can i tell the stylist when i want to get cut like this?

Kit snow