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Why it matters that the NIH cancelled a coronavirus research grant

38 480 views | 10 May. 2020

Faulty allegations led to

Faulty allegations led to cutting $3.7 million dollars to ecologists studying coronaviruses. The ramifications may be felt in future pandemics. See the full report, here: https://cbsn.ws/2Lk8sbz

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Jeffrey Levy

I'm taking a course offered online by Harvard School of Public Health. The class covers the material presented here, and warns practitioners to prepare for such epidemics as predicted here. The course lectures were recorded in 2015.


Fact check please! This 60 minutes report is a complete PR campaign with deep conflicts of interest.

In FACT... the funding and research history, as well as forensic science of SARS-CoV2 says it was most likely Peter Dascak and related Gain of Function research that led to the CREATION of SARS-CoV2 virus ? rather than the PREVENTION of it!

Scribble D.

Take your crew to the lab in Wuhan .... find your answer

Audiobook Library

First Ask yourself Why did china Ban all research on Origin of Virus .


Dr. Chris Martenson "Covid-19 A Result of Lab Manipulation? Suspicions Grow..."

Bad Wolf

I’m not surprised trump would pull this funding because we have evidence that this virus was circulating in the US as early as October.

stephen bardzilowski

Excellent journalism!!!!


Wuhan Institute received about $600,000 from the NIH, according to Robert Kessler, a spokesperson for EcoHealth Alliance. The funding was a fee for the collection and analysis of viral samples. TRUE for bats

Josh Joyner

CBS you have been caught in misinformation! But acting is good isn't it. There are plenty of sources for information besides CBS.I think l'll go out on the porch an take a real look at the world-----bye.

Ben Moore

who is this woman that asked Trump about the funding? why did she ask? is there an agenda for her asking? cut funding just because a reporter asked a funding question? covering someone's tracks?

Steelers Country

This is the Republican playbook... deter, lie, change subject, collude, separate people, disenfranchise. It goes on and on... I have a couple of questions for the supporters of this president and the myths of the Republican party. 1. Are businesses in business to hire people or are businesses in business to make a profit? 2. If you have children, are you okay with the president making fun of people and calling people names? He acts like a five year old.... He is the leader of the free world...


If Trump is a "stable genius," I think we should move into the barnyard, then the pasture, then the back 40 to get far away from him.

Di Horse

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”― Albert Einstein
I refer to some of the commenters below, can only think out of hatred.

asymptotic singularity

That bad orange man killed my fifth wife!

Aron PC

The Trump administration and their truth-twisting followers around the world are dangerous to human civilization.

tired boss

we don't need to listen scientist's word!the politician can save us ! we just need to blame chinaaaaaaaaa!! LOL

Amerigo Vespucci

If the researcher saw a pandemic coming back in 2003 and the research is
so valuable, why did the the current situation unfold as it has???? The chinese
are self serving, secretive and masters of deception. Why did we fund a lab
and research in china in the first place??????


370 people work in the West Wing. TRUMP and all others around him have NOT been using masks and they all get DAILY rapid 5 min tests. But TRUMP says taxpayers really don't need all the tests that the EXPERTS say we need.

Julian Eaton

Such a headache, it's like talking to students who put more work into coming up with excuses than just doing the work. Why go out of your way to invent conspiracies to defend your preconceived notions, when the truth is figuratively staring you right in the face?

Brad Wilderotter

“I wonder who 60 minutes is sponsored by?”. How is it that ignorance has clutched this nation so firmly that people refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing by the current administration from probably the most credible news show in the history of television? When you criticize everything as seeming overtly biased nothing seems real anymore. This is the world that the right has conjured, one that criticizes credibility incarnate because it doesn’t fit their world view.

Bangla Carving House

Assalamualaikum, it was very nice to watch the video. Your invitation remained in my small room


The Tiffany Network? More like The Tiananmen Network.
Why did Scott say the $3.7 didn't come from the Obama administration? Even Snopes acknowledges that more than $3M came from the previous administration.

Joann Harden

Why trust anyone who works with the Chinese? They are Communist!

David Westwater

The Wuhan lab did get some monney and eco health is taking viruses and making them much more dangerous supposedly so they can study them. It's called gain of function and it's enormesly controversial in the scientific community. Very misleading report.

Richard Beam

Miller : ... There's fraud involved at some level. There is either manipulation of the data, you're putting your participants in harm's way, or your data are fraudulent.
Scott Pelley: And none of those things have been alleged with EcoHealth?
Maureen Miller: Absolutely not. None.

What about fraud at the level of the NIH up to the White House? Is this another case of "serving at the pleasure of the President"?


Watching CBS provide cover for China is a terrible shame. The simple fact is CBS hates Trump so much...they carry water for the CCP. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. When the truth comes out covid-19 virus came out of the Wuhan institute of virology, you morons will never admit how you covered for China. ???? and ?? CBS. ?

cat car

Such disappointing journalism. Daszak is the creator of the virus. How, how does he know the virus is not in the WIV, ridiculous!! Maybe he knows that they destroyed it. And sad, 60 min just lost credibility in my book! Ask him about his gain of function research, and he really is pedaling remdezivir! Really! Ask him about his in vitro and in vivo studies, homemade Coronavirus, courtesy of the Wuhan Institute! All these virologists work together and know each other, this is not the conspiracy theory in the way you think, but another way. Get the media to back your deadly research and make it political to throw off the scent...

Remixx Remixov

https://youtu.be/V-BIwBGOOGs deaths increased

Pulsar Stargrave

This so called president has mishandled this situation so badly, from dismantling pandemic agencies to delayed action to possibly opening the nation prematurely to this, there's no way he can be fired for incompetence before November ?


Right wing reactionaries...

King Java

Trump told the reporter to ask China.


We were warned...before the US contracted GOF research @ the Wuhan Lab
"Risks and Benefits of GOF (Gain-of-Function) Experiments in Potentially Pandemic Pathogens"


Warning: Big wave of Trumpanzees is on the way...???

Fore Right

We are moving backwards as a country. Conspiracy quacks trump scientists. ??‍♂️

Maria Angel

We need the team president Obama had set up while in house.

Lindsay McCoy

Hmmm... i believe if the President goes so far as to completely cancel funding for such life saving research then people need to research for themselves why he would go to that length, or trust that the one WE elected did this to our benefit. Period.

Zinxeb Zinxeb

Did any of these people mention the fact that the funding from the NIH to the lab in Wuhan was going toward 'gain of function' research of the SARS virus...to make it more deadly and transmissable to humans??

majd ma

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Wile E. Coyote

If the money is truly given and used by US researchers, and not China, I hope the funding is quickly restored and increased greatly. However, if he was working with the Wuhan institute, was China given any US funds or did they collaborate with the US researcher independently and paid their own expenses?

RS Hopper OCarolan

Thank you. Cormavirus occurs in canines back in 1979. I was on the for front. The NIH I've dealt with on Veterans. How the contracts determine from VHA/VA. To the University who are on the board. Then the researcher, then to another co tract corporation. I know as a fact. This is first time I have said anything. Like agent orange, blue, white, etc in fish for acute leukemia and say that they found no evidence in humans. Two different species. And no one knows how many meetings are at NIH that are told tell the Veterans they found no evidence. So they do not have to pay anyone. My cousin sin found the evidence in a box. Priceless. Check out Lubbock TX Veterans archives. She had an investigation and law suit, but life took her and VA turn it down for the widow's. By the way according to the classified medical records my cousin Purple Heart had hook worm from the jungles. He was shot in the eye. Thank you ho est researchers and honest Veterinary schools and honest medical schools. By the way there are two new flu virus in canines, why not people? Paradenics have been prophesied for years Study your history, math, sciences, reading, laws, and arts. I volunteered my time. Stop criticizing. Be humble. YOU can find a vaccine but you have to be vaccinated without ALLERGIC REACTION. WORK TOGETHER, YES EVEN THE PERSON WHO SAYS I CANT AND SAY I HAVE NO EDUCATION. Remember the French man on Rabies. These human saved your life. Please be kind.


60 minutes the official news service of the CCP

Adam Unknown

surprise surprise....they are toeing the $4,000 pill line....this is an Anti Trump pro Fauci video BURN IT!!!

James Musbach

Fact :Harvard professor of biology & 2 Chinese students arrested Dec 10,2019.. still in prison for attempting to sneak 20+ vials out of US & into China. .

Zakk Horan

3.7 million to know more. Thanks donald

jaim haas

We are taught in our American culture to "follow the money"...where do you suppose it will lead us?

El Sucio Federali

Scott Pelly Intellectual Smug clown - Just look at what China did after - Need you to fog the facts ?

Virginia Tyree

5 10 20 Hello Scott & the Team, Cancel the funding? That's from the "very stable genius" & a religious science-denier; unfortunate indeed. Thanks for the post. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v P.S.: Happy Mother's Day.

Adela Romero



Reading the comments here. I guess there is no stopping stupid.


Every mess Trump created in the last 3+ years, he blames someone else... That's his MO.

Spdrcr cho

It matters that CCP China can not steal the Wuhan virus vaccine work no longer. CCP China has denied world scientists access to the Wuhan lab. These nonprofit company has been compromised by the CCP, just like the WHO. We need independent scientists to look into this.

El Sucio Federali

CCP loves CNN and 60 minutes....

Alan Tyler

"Peter Daszak worked with Wuhan Institute of Virology and they literally captured 10,000 bats and they took blood samples from the 10,000 bats and they found 50 coronaviruses that had been unknown, no-one knew they were out there, and yes, they had the capability of moving from the wild into human beings. So they created a catalogue of the genomes of all of these viruses. Have there been any benefits from this work so far?" A global pandemic which started in Wuhan, killed millons and put the world in crisis is a plausible answer to that question.


Trump has caused this mess and will go down in history killing thousands of American lives


What BS...GOF research was contracted out to the Wuhan Lab, because after multiple accidents in the US it was deemed too dangerous. CBS never asked the real question..please explain to us exactly what GOF research is and why it is so incredibly dangerous. https://www.newsweek.com/dr-fauci-backed-controversial-wuhan-lab-millions-us-dollars-risky-coronavirus-research-1500741


Peter Daszak also said that "the Wuhan lab doesn't even have, in its inventory, the virus that causes Covid-19."

Exactly how would you know, Peter?

John Hood

Damm! A real fool in the White House. That have no ideal what he is doing.


According to the above video bats still carry 50 more viruses that can be the next pandemics

Why it's usually the bats that throw these diseases on us!
I know about the ecosystems and that we shouldn't play with established food chains but I can't help but thinking that it's either us or the bats on this planet :(

Lisa Rosenkoetter

Such a shame this funding was cut. It's very troubling.


NIH Won't Release Wuhan Biolab Docs Due To 'Pending Investigations'
In 2014, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) provided grants to EcoHealth Alliance, a global nonprofit organization which funds research on infectious diseases - including studies of bat coronaviruses in partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which has become the focus of international investigations into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. So - nine days after the FOIA request from White Coat Waste to the NIH requesting communications with the State Department about the Wuhan institute, the NIH cuts funding to EcoHealth, the organization funneling US taxpayer funds to the lab experimenting with coronaviruses.

Gas Guzzler

60 minutes is carrying some serious water for China.

Bill Ayers

This sort of reporting would mean more to me had not CBS and the rest of the lamestream media shown themselves to be so very in the tank with our governments' minority party ideology. This 60 min report seems quite plausible on it's face but past experience gives me no faith in anything produced by CBS. Rather than be true to the tenets of journalisim CBS has apparantly been sold to it's handlers and sponsers and has proven to be absolutely untrustworthy.

Adrianne Moore

Yeah, I would have pulled the dang funding too! You all were engaged in gain of function! Trying to study how to get a virus to jump from one species to another, more contagious, etc. Sure sounds like playing with ?. Because people were afraid of You guys studying how to play with a virus and get it to spread to other species, humans, etc. Ridiculous. Sure sounds like how this virus mutated and jumped from bats to humans to tigers and cats, etc. Dont forget you were studying this exact type of virus to see if it could jump to other species. You were making it that way. You needed the funding pulled. Your drug you are putting forth isnt even effective!!!! This is the most disgusting and sickening catastrophe that these politicians have taken advantage of and kept the public ignorant and sick!!! Every one of these people leaving out the facts of their research, reasons the money was pulled, purposely withholding facts about the treatments they are studying to further their agenda, WHO and their obvious denial and coverup, and the media reading off their scripts from their CCP owners.....every one of them are responsible for the virus spreading, the high death rate, and the overall longevity of the circulation of this virus. May every one of you get the karma and justice you deserve. There may be many ignorant people out here that do not care to look into the real facts, but there are many that are not ignorant or blind to your lies. Those of us that can actually read the research, have warned others about your studies, and watched this outbreak from the beginning, we know the truth and believe me, there will be more of us seeing through this corruption. You can keep lying and misinforming the masses, but even the masses are starting to see through your lies. It will be those of us that you have lied to and put in harms way that will ensure each one of you corrupt sobs get the justice you deserve!

Maria Farfan

They don't DO Nothing!!! Like the WHO.OMS etc.

Scott MacDonald

It's a real shame when the scientific blind people are running the country and we are paying for it with are lives.

Pharaoh SiPhi

Vaccinations come from Eugenics studies look up Eugenics

京华怪侠 Pekingman

CDC: Virus from Fort Detrick, lets closed that lab.
US : Ok, but dont tell the people, send in October some Soldiers to Wuhan Military Games.
CDC: OK! But there will be more cases.
US: say it comes from Vaping cigarettes, tabacco company pay good Tax,support pharma.
CDC: ok! https://pic.twitter.com/MYzinBQOUx


On April 15, when there were just 2 million cases and 128,000 COVID-19 deaths according to official counts (currently at 6.3 million infected / 376,000 fatalities), an organization called White Coat Waste filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the NIH for all correspondence with the State Department regarding the WIV, according to National Review.
Four days later, on April 19, NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research, Michel Lauer, wrote in a letter to EcoHealth: "There are now allegations that the current crisis was precipitated by the release from Wuhan Institute of Virology of the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Given these concerns, we are pursuing suspension of Wuhan Institute of Virology from participation in federal programs."
Five days later, Lauer told the organization: "the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), an Institute with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has elected to terminate the project . . . NIH does not believe that the current project outcomes align with the program goals and agency priorities."
So - nine days after the FOIA request from White Coat Waste to the NIH requesting communications with the State Department about the Wuhan institute, the NIH cuts funding to EcoHealth, the organization funneling US taxpayer funds to the lab experimenting with coronaviruses.

Environmental Coffeehouse

I made a video on this type of situation. Having worked in research for 20 years- I know that 3.7 mil doesn't just get handed to a lab in Wuhan https://youtu.be/7mdmp1SBdxE

Pharaoh SiPhi

Vaccinations are just a weaker version of the disease you all are watering down diseases and given them to people


So basically you're asking us to believe the chinese lab ?

Joseph Gibbs

There you go again Scooter addressing YOUR commander and chief as Mister Trump. Your "fake news" story would be more believable if you showed some RESPECT to YOUR PRESIDENT and called him "President Trump" or maybe even His Excellency President Trump.

Zeta Zhan

Awful Reporting ! You didn't even ask what the money was used for! "GAIN OF FUNCTION" this man you interviewed was genetically modifying virus to gain the function of going from mammals to Human. This is political propaganda that doesn't ask hard questions of what they were doing in China.


This is just sad.  It shows more than any other action the danger of having a president who is not intelligent enough for the care and oversight of a nation.  It will no doubt be we the people who pay with the next even uglier pandemic.

Oceania 23

Remdisiver was a drug that was used to fight Ebola years ago, in trials it was unsuccessful & rejected. The projected cost by one estimate is $4,400 per round (this is not accounting the scale up cost reduction and could be cheaper one mass produced)
In an open letter from Gilead pharmaceuticals makers of the drug, Chairman Daniel O'day on April 10th he is hopeful but states "Remdesivir is an investigational treatment and has not been approved for use anywhere in the world. In the broader efforts to determine whether it is a safe and effective treatment we have some way to go" It needs to tested and approved.
Hydroxychloroquine, Zpac and zinc are a couple bucks a dose. Have been FDA approved for decades...
Could it be remotely possible that Daszak is just a tiny bit compromised and under pressure to make the drug profitable ?
Could it also be possible that just perhaps instead of going to far away places and studying outbreaks that places like EcoHealth alliance and Chapel Hill university has simply skipped ahead in organic natural process and made chimeric viruses that they think are likely to be deadly then studied possible cures in the name of life saving research ? Maybe just maybe after having their funding halted over and over again decided to take their work the the Wuhan lab where little things like ethics and potential dangerous leaks wouldn't stop their life's work and livelihoods ? This interview full of omissions. Its frustrating


The 12 nucleotide insertion in the Corvid-19 seqeunce encoding functionally significant region of spike protein. In my opinion, it is almost impossible to evove naturally. This crazy and pathogenic insertion was not found in any natural coronavirus. Ironically, the similar 12 nucleotide insertion has been tested in many virology research laboratories to imporve viral infection ans transmission using cells and animals. The gain of function studies were clearly implicated with enginnering the virus. Really questionable and unbelievable why some scientists have firm conclusions about the origin of Covid-19. Any clear evidences it has evolved by nature? Or, is it still an open question?

Bangla Carving House



As distasteful as it will be, the next administration does need to bring Trump up on charges.


So 60 minutes.... please answer this:
How did the poly basic furin cleavage insert PRRA get into SARS-CoV-2???

Waiting for REAL investigative journalism from 60 minutes to ask the real questions rather than act as an official PR campaign to misinformation.


Not surprising to see CBS become a puppet of the criminal and evil Communist Party of China. Treasonous, actually.


Who are the sponsors of 60 Minutes?

S Ward

OMG ! Hahaha you are interviewing Peter D. Lol 60 minutes sure has sunk to the lowest levels of humanity......


Sounds like more of the China communist party propaganda to me. Please stop hating America because you don't like Trump. It's stupid.


Some people made a fortune off covid 19- grocery chains , N95 manufacturers, cloroz , Lysol , etc.... make them pay for the funding . 3.7 million is nothing compared to what some of these manufacturers made. The city of Philadelphia gives each council man / woman $400000 to do with whatever they want, no questions asked. Make them give them the money . There are those making a fortune off this pandemic . Make them pay. Make the rich fund it.

Bren Kelly

Thank you thank you. Hard to believe he not only predicted it, which you reported on 17 years ago, and how no one listened, but that they would cancel the grant that for one of the key investigators of these types of viruses right after they fired the key scientist in charge of the pandemic. I hate to say it, but monumental stupidity of conspiracy theorists is overthrowing logic and reason of institutes and scientists, people of knowledge and educated systems of analysis— fill in your own blank. Great real news here by real journalists.


result of the continuing collaboration between USAMRIID and Gilead Sciences...US ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE ..not eco whatever

Anna Long

60 minutes is fake news.


This advertisement brought to you by Big Pharma Gilead, makers of Remdesivir... proud sponsor of 60 Minutes??

Tony yates

The funding was cut because it was being used for gain of function research, this 60 minutes segment reeks of political spin without adding nothing too the facts of what happened in Wuhan.

My Vo

Misleading. That funding is supposed to be funnel into US based research institutions. He cut one in China but to bring them back home or to other olace that is safer and has stricter guidance. Not letting it into the China Communist Party trick

Rainy Cat

60 Minutes can't be trusted. It's part of the Deep State


usa today..."In peoples' imaginations there might be this image of one person in a lab in China who drops a petri dish and that somehow leads to a massive outbreak. It's just not like that. Every year there are millions of people going in bat caves and hunting and eating wildlife. It happens every day"..really?????


I do not trust 60 minutes because they are bought and paid for by big Pharma. I do not trust any vaccine research because they are also supported by big Pharma. Not only that, vaccines have a miserable track record as far as the effectiveness and safety goes.

eltham treehugger

If you frame a movie narrative based on an evil villain out to do the worst harm and killed as many as possible whilst grifting through his “job”, you would have the current science denying POTUS

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TA-65 video?

Milly Zayas

hay doctor i want to now what you eat in a day


Shame about spuds, but it is true as it is for sucking down ethanol.


@Dr Brad Stanfield the Glycemic Index is not a good proxy for measuring the harm. GI does not measure insulin production due to rises in blood sugar. As a result, two foods could have the same glycemic index, but produce different amounts of insulin. Likewise, two foods could have the same glycemic load, but cause different insulin responses

Sajan Patel

synergistic, that's why suppliments are also pointless. Cause nature created the food source in its totality for a reason.


Dear Dr Brad. Can you please talk about Bpc 157. Thanks

Wayne Bell

Fructose is fine in moderation and especially when it's within whole fruits that have a lot of fiber. Fruits are generally rare and seasonal when found in nature. While our fruits today bear little resemblance to the ancestors of those fruits, they're still generally good for you (with perhaps the exception of some grapes, bananas, and a few other types modified to be mostly sugar without seeds and less fiber).

Here's the problem with fructose:

1) It must be metabolized in the liver. While it can be converted to glucose (which can be used by every cell in the body), it's more often converted into fat given that most Americans have a high calorie diet. This means when one takes in a lot of fructose (from HFCS or sucrose or fruit juice), they're taxing their livers producing fat globules & that can lead to fatty liver disease and scarring of the liver. It's nearly identical to alcoholic fatty liver disease and leads directly to metabolic syndrome.

2) Fructose is "stickier" than glucose - meaning it attaches to and destroys proteins at a far higher rate. The Maillard reaction that gives browning foods that wonderful flavor is happening inside your body all the time - browning your cartilage... and randomly destroying cells, tissues, etc. It's how much of the damage caused by diabetes occurs. Fructose doesn't like to stay in its ring-shape as much as glucose, so it's open and ready to react to whatever it touches. If you get a lot of fructose in your blood, it can do a lot of damage before the liver has time to process all of it.

Why the problem isn't a problem:

If you're eating fresh, natural fruits, you're almost always eating fiber along with the fructose, glucose, and sucrose. You're probably not going to eat a lot of fructose at once as it takes time to chew through an apple, etc. The water content and chewing help satiate the desire for snacking and help hydrate people who confuse thirst with hunger, but the real deal is the fiber. Fiber helps slow down the digestion of sugars which helps prevent blood sugar spikes and overtaxing your liver all at once & if you have healthy gut bacteria, your microbiome has extra time to break down some sugars for you.

As with everything, moderation is key. But, if one had to pick a villain, it'd be fructose - and not just the fructose in fruit juices or high fructose corn syrup, but also in sucrose and in honey as they're roughly 50/50 fructose/glucose once an enzyme snaps them into their component sugars. Glucose alone or from starches can be absorbed by every cell, used by every cell... or converted to fat in fat cells... but, fructose is almost exclusively processed in the liver, and overtaxing the liver with fructose has pretty much the same results as overtaxing it with alcohol. That, plus its propensity for destroying tissue make it important to shy away from overconsumption.

The Obesity Solution

Missing huge point .., whole fruit natural not processed is not weight gaining .. read carbs and Cals

The Ancients Ancients

7 portions of fruit and vegetable was recommended by some researchers, and they said the ratio should be 5 portions of vegetables and 2 fruits portions a day. They claim the 5 a day is not enough

Luca F.

Very good point. Why dont you plan some over 50 supplementation video? There are so many elder people taking care of their health and interested in age reversing. Althought supplementation for them should be a little different (i.e. for antioxidants) think about it!

Josh Miller

You are stating the obvious.


would love to hear your thoughts on raw honey


No matter what the science says I know I can be extremely addicted to sugar, whether from fruits or added sugar, and I know some people don't react to sugar the same way at all. Every time I take fruits I end up binge eating, and rarely just on fruits. Even the times that I binge eat only on fruits I gain massive amounts of weight.
On top of that it makes me lethargic, it makes me find it so hard to move or exercise, I become lazy for most activities beside eating and what's on my mind most of the day is what I'll be having for next meal.
Veggies don't do that to me at all.

Regarding potatoes, yes high glycemic foods cause insulin resistance and blood sugar issues when taken in an uncontrolled manner. But if you stay low carb, take your high glycemic food just once a day, and don't combine the carbs with other foods (especially fats), it might even be slightly more beneficial to go for a high glycemic meal instead of low glycemic because it then takes less time for your insulin to reset and the blood sugar damage doesn't occur more since your blood sugar stays elevated for a much shorter time.
I've seen a study comparing a low glycemic group (chickpeas) with a high glycemic one (potatoes) eating the same amount of carbs, both groups had their carb food without other foods in the mix, and I can't recall the details about the rest of their diet but I think they ate the same things and the higher glycemic group ended up having very slightly better weight loss and just as good insulin sensitivity.
What I do is break my fast with lean protein + omega 3s, wait 2 hours, have potatoes, wait 3 hours, have fats + veggies + protein, then fast for as long as I feel like.

Janis Biksa

Fruit, the question is fruit- not vegetables. This is bait and switch!


Hi Dr, can you make a video about the so called "mushroom of immortality" reishi ? It has many anti aging virtues. But may be over-marketed.


Any Suggestions on Juicing, carrots, beetroot celery and cucumber. Good or bad for you ?

Mauro Sciaccaluga

At 6:10 you are talking about fruit when the studies showed fruit and vegetables. You can’t say the benefits are from the fruit. Most likely it is from vegetables

Peter North Rising

Fructose - WITHOUT FIBRE (HFCS/ Sugar) - is the problem.
Fruit has fructose - WITH FIBRE.
Very few people that eat a lot of Fruit/Veges have serious health issues...

Soft Drinks (HFCS) are the primary drivers of OBESITY in: Nauru, Mexico...

Gary Dinmore

Dump the juicers. Get your fiber. Eat whole food or use blender. Greens, grains, beans, fruits and vegetables each day. Diversity through out the week.

Andre 123

A video about astragalus World be great!


Great Video!
But in the defense of potatos: Isn't the glycemic load more important than the glycemic index?
Because potatos have a bad glycemic index but a good glycemic load

Todd Kauffman

Love your videos. Can you do one on the deuterium content of fruit and how it effects electron transport in the ETC???

David Leu

Lifestyle is the main driver, the fiber is the only reason fruits are less bad, doesn’t make the fructose good

Studio RV8

I think you are right on. It's the fiber and low GI vegetables that are key.

Koryun Léon Di Cristo

Can you also do a video on Vitamin C controversy? Ascorbic acid vs vitamin c complex foumd in natural fruits in which the ascorbic acid is only the shell of vitamin c complex.


Is organic pomegranate juice okay?

Liberals and Churls

Great video! Confirms my suspicions about fruit juices. The discussion about fiber was particularly useful.

Jaxon Mattox

The more fruit I eat the less candy, sugary baked goods, and other sweet junk food I eat. I'm trying to last until LEV, but I would prefer to not completely miss out on good food if I miss LEV. Delicious fruit brings pleasure to every day, and probably has no significant harmful effects and might even make me live longer than if I didn't eat it


Great video as always.
would love to see a video on low carb high fat opinion based on research.

Luciana Lu

Doc please talk about silicium

Ken Otwell

What about berries? Aren't they "better" than other fruit?

Maia Allman

I thought fructose is worse for you than sucrose

Constanze Cremer

As far as I know it's less the lower GI in fruit vs. juice (which isn't that much of a difference) but the thing that eating an apple makes you full and you stop eating. But you drink a whole glass of apple juice where the juice and hence the fructose of four apples is in.


Fruit is great for bears preparing to hibernate.

Lou Martire

Sorry guys. As a carnivore you don’t need fruit and vegetables and fiber. Maybe some berries occasionally. Plus fruit and vegetables today are nothing like they were 60 years ago. Super sweet today and void of nutrition.

jack buaer

I am going to continue eating whole fruit as there are no negative studies whatsoever and only positive studies. I eat a bowl of berries and nuts twice a day. In the morning, I will throw in half of banana. In the evening, I may throw in an apple. I will also eat one mandarin orange dailyy. Berries are great and are my main fruit, but we all can use some variety. I don't eat ice cream, cookies, bread or cake. Fruit is my dessert. I think it is guilt free. I also exercise several times a day. I have no fear of whole fruit.

Grahame Osgood

Dr Brad, please can you make a research video into Raw organic unfiltered honey. So much conflicting videos about it.

kevin lung

Natural food are co-evolved products by nature. There are synergies of fruitose with polyphenols, anti oxidants and other compounds coevolve to help animals to perform certain important functions. Human knowledge about nutrients is still not very advance. It is not just the fibre. They work in synergy just like animals and plants live in a ecosystem that they rely on ether. By taking out the fruitose and pointing fingers to it is deadly wrong. It is not the fiber too. Our liver need those fruitose compounds together to work. I heard it is not the natural fruitose causing issues. It is the processed sugar or juice causing issues due to starving our livers out of many essential nutrients that human are unaware of. With limited human knowledge to discredit the fruitose in whole fruit is dangerous to health. Oil is another huge issue causing liver troubles as oil is a high energy compound holding more energy than glucose that require more energy from liver to attend to as I heard. I was told the liver has over 2000 functions which human can only discover about 400 currently. If you overwhelm your your liver without nourishing it properly, you could get all kinds of trouble not just diabetes. It could harm people not to eat fruit due to misinform of fruitose.


When I switched to a plant based diet my cholesterol dropped 50 points in just a few months and I hadn’t had luck with other dietary changes. I am not real strict about it but do try to get most of my calories from plants.


Fruits are generally bad for your teeth (high acidity + fermentable carbs). I find it hard to believe that things that are bad for your oral health are good for the rest of your body. But fruits are still probably not as bad as the alternative people tend to eat: processed junk Best thing would be to eliminate processed junk completely and limit fruits and vegetables

Lawdog Wales

No soft drinks and no fruit juices. But I do sometimes have berries for dessert!

Sajan Patel

People honestly who question if fruit is bad for us is like saying trees are no good cause they spill leaves everywhere lol. We are so disconnected from nature we don't know what's right and what's wrong

Mauro Sciaccaluga

There is fruit and fruit. It is not the same. Those studies are useless unless they look at what fruit. I guarantee you if you eat grapes every day you will gain a lot of weight and get insulin resistance.

James Wright

I really appreciate the information you put out there, Doctor! Thank you for your videos!

Tony Mrad

Dr Brad, I like your evidence-based videos. I have a request. Can you please make a video about the combination: alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) + acetyl L-carnitine (ALC). I read a study that they have positive effects on extending aging.
I tried many supplements & found that ALA + ALC work wonders for a sharp focus & stress management (I take them with DMAE in the morning, then L-Carnosine with my smoothie)

Allyson Strobel

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pOpulaR ProduCtS

You made a video a few months ago about Coke Zero, I also remember Coke Zero I bought it many times, are you aware the current history says Coke Zero never existed? Also important you should look at your video to see if anything in it has changed. I realise this sounds odd but there something very weird going on, Coke Zero is now difficult to find on google and YouTube and you no longer can find Coke Zero, there is a reason but you should prepare yourself if your not aware of the Mandela effect. We both remember Coke Zero so hope you contact me I need to know what else you remember

You Tuber

Dr. Stanfield notes up front that fructose raises blood sugar. My understanding is that consumed fruit does not raise blood sugar much because fructose is processed differently than glucose. Fructose goes straight to the liver. I avoid fructose because it raises triglycerides, and I seek to keep trigs/HDL ratoi in the 1.0 to 1.5x range.

James Sang

Fruit causes glycation and it robs you of atp . I do eat a few apricots for its beta carotene and some pineapple for its bromelain. I don't think you need fiber.

Michael 1RareZebra

Very interested in hearing about Urolithin A ? Just heard about it and started to research. Would love to hear your take on it. Thanks.

Antonio González

How about putting boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes inside the fridge for one night, then eat them, apparently carbs turn into fibre?

Ruud Atlas

Always have some fruit daily.

Al Brackets

Thanks for your video. In regards to fruit in smoothies, Dr Robert Lustig claims the process of making a smoothie destroys the benefits of fruit's insoluble fiber. He has said this in many of his videos on YouTube. There is a link to this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2664987/

Calvin Tan

Should take low sugar high nutrients fruits only like berries - black/blue/raspberry or even cherries. Green Apple and kiwis should be ok too. I don’t take other fruits. I would opt for fruits with higher relative antioxidants / nutrients than the the level of sugar in it.

I hope you can do a video that look into various plant toxicity as highlighted by many scientists or carnivore dieters. It’s shown that kale, spinach etc supposedly healthy are actually doing harm to our bodies with some harmful stuff that plants used to protect themselves. We also get something called thallium (?) from kale spinach.... and I been having kale spinach smoothies for 3 years and my Heath hasn’t improved much at all!

mark veen

Energy expenditure is key. People eat fruit then go sit on the couch all evening watching t.v. Now fruit is the bad guy. If people didnt led such sedentary lifestyles, fruit could be great. I myself eat dried fruits of all kinds and dates for decades as sports snack while running or cycling. Always been healthy, always feel great and full of energy. Did you know dried plums have the highest ORAC score in fruits?


Well, my dad was a health freak, he didn’t smoke or drink alcohol, didn’t eat any red meat or high fat/cholesterol food, nor processed carbs like white bread or white rice. He ate lots of fruits and vegetables recommend by his doctors and nutritionists. Despite doing 4 hrs of exercises everyday minimum, he still became diabetic and had lung cancers after that strict diet for over 15 yrs. He drank 4 glasses of cold pressed orange juices daily with all the pulps, so effectively swallowed all the fibres of the oranges too, and he ate at least 1-2 pound of green vegetables per day. From my calculation, he was taking in 28 teaspoons (112g) of sugar just from that 4 glasses of OJs , and 4 glasses of carrot juices is 8 teaspoons (32g) of sugar. So in one year, he was taking in 116 lb of sugar just from those ‘healthy’ juices that was full of fibre, not even counting all the resistant carbs he was eating too. He was kind of skin and bones mostly but with a big belly. So I personally would stay away from most fruits apart from berries which i’s eat a small amount everyday.

Rational Inquirer

The main problem with fruit is that modern fruit is like chihuahua dogs we created them by artificial selection for our messed up bad taste (well of some of you). Fruit in reality was way less sweet, actually modern fruit cause diabetes to monkeys and that's why many zoos don't feed them with fruits.

Allyson Strobel

Do not care for Yt rules. We must be eating MOSTLY fruit and veggies per Anthony William.

David Frederick

I eat a lot of berries...better than cake and soda...


Fruit is a way how evolution figured out reproduction for some plant species. The plant want you to eat the fruit. If the fruit would be bad for us, it would reduce survival of those species who contribute to the reproduction of these plants and it would eventually rule out the plant species from the gene pool. If you would live longer and be healthier you could eat fruit for longer periods of time and in greater amounts thus helping plants to survive. Fruit literally evolved to be good for us.

Bendik R



I add a little fruit to my morning martini just to help it get rid of the cigarette taste in my mouth a little better.

Peter Pooe

Follow nature, it knows best, when there are fruits on trees, you can eat them, once they are finished dont go to the supermarket and buy fruits, wait until trees show you its time to eat fruits, that will be 11 to 12 months. Vegetables its a different story, its takes approx 3 months to grow cabbage , spinash ect... so vegetables can be eaten daily because you can plant them in a staggered way all year round, you cant do that with fruits, fruits are available once per year for roughly 30 days, follow nature...


One of the longest lived populations on earth, the Okinowans, ate purple sweet potatoes as the majority of their diet.

Ron Hooft

Love your videos. You do your research. Just one observation. I noticed you showed someone pealing a potato. While I dislike potatoes for the most part due to the starch, they do have potassium etc, but mostly in the skin. Eating potato skins instead of potatoes might be a good idea. ;)

J Rose

If you are in good shape fruit is fine. If you are fat, be very selective.


keto is an unhealthy diet because it promotes a high meat and dairy consumption. fat makes you fat not sugar. you look at type 2 diabetics, 90% are overweight , more like obese. why are are they obese, a rich western diet filled with meat, dairy and processed crap. sugar isent the main culpret in obesity and type 2 diabetes rich fatty animal products are. get rid of the meat and dairy, you loose weight, and hey look at dat, type 2 diabetes gone, crazy.

Ranny Bunny

After your milk video which should have been called why yougurt is ok for you, I was expecting a limited understanding on this fruit video. But instead you rocked it with the science. You really got the whole accurate picture this time, great job (:

i is

As an ethical vegan who sticks to whole foods, I can say that it's the way to go. Plus, potatoes are healthy and tasty.

Ben Vogeler

Have a better diet if you aren't able to drink fruit juice

David Ratner

Hi Brad,
Are you still doing the 2 x 30 second rehiit?

Koryun Léon Di Cristo

You can check what Dr. Gundry says about fruit.

Daniel Seddon

It seems that it’s hard to argue why you would eat fruit over vegetable. If you want to eat them as a treat, eat berries. Strawberries hit your blood glucose barely more than vegetables and taste great with cream, which lowers the glycemic impact.

Paul Coman

All the studies you mentioned that had a positive effect were of fruit AND VEGETABLES. I don't know if that's relevant.

Grahame Osgood

Seasons are also important. Eat fruits that are in season only and through winter months take that natural break. Problem these days that modern supermarkets provide almost a full range of fruits throughout the year.

Occupy Mars

I absolutely agree with you, moderation is the key too. Fructose isn't bad most likely when we get enough protein and choline, since they are needed to metabolize it. I started supplementing psylium husks like you do. I stopped taking Rapamycin and do mild calorie restriction instead. I might do berry smoothie too, it sounds awesome.

Svante Forsman

Each indidual fruit has it’s unique set of hundreds or thousands of health promoting phytochemicals ( and a variety of different fibers). Fiber is only one of many reasons why fruit is good for you. I think replacing fruit with psyllium sounds a bit reductionist and simplistic. Getting a variety of berries and fruits regularly is probably healthy. That being said, I agree that the emphasis should be more on the vegetables than the fruits.

Joshua Gilmore

If you cook potatoes then cool them before eating it converts some of the starch to resistant starch (retrogradation). This resistant starch functions a bit like soluble fibre and reduces the effective glycemic index. The same is true for rice. So if you really can't live without rice and potatoes this is a way to make them healthier.

Abraham Northhampton

If you are trying to lose weight or reset your body's insulin sensitivity, it makes sense to limit fruits.

However, on a maintenance program, whole, low-glycemic index fruits (such as berries, cherries, apricots, plums, pears. grapefruit, kiwi fruit, and apples) in moderation are great for you.

Juices are right out! Don't drink your calories!

Little Voice

But when I eat an apple in the afternoon as a snack (with no added sugar peanut butter) myblood sugar goes up to 9.0mmol/dl. I'm not diabetic but I'm worried to have fruit now ?

gary gjl

blueberries. peaches, pears, grapefruit, bananas: my top five daily. Smoothies. I still would like to see the medical community redefine the term type 2 diabetes. imho this is a false condition.

B woodward

Bart Kay proves you don't know how to interpret scietific studies.

Thomas 26

Curious as to why you don’t you take Acarbose given it has the longest proven life extension in mice of any of your supplement stack. Perhaps worth a video? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/labblog.uofmhealth.org/lab-report/a-new-drug-slows-aging-mice-what-about-us%3famp

Alexandre Juve

Thank you for the video. For what I've seen in this video and read on those papers, there is not conclusive evidence that fruits are good or bad, but we know for sure is that fructose is not. Those studies are too vague, how you have said could be for many reasons why that little diarise in cancer and diabetes. A good trial could be to have people with the same diet, but one do not take fruit, but if get get people in general and people that eat more fruit and vegetables and only get those results it's really worrying. I don't know the answer but seems to my that is sad that after so much years talking about this issue we still don't have a decent trial.

Ruth Horowitz

Fruits and vegetables have more than just fiber that's goid for us. It's also the phytochemicala. Also potatoes with the skin have a lower glycemic index.i eat baked sweet potatoes a few times a week. Look at the Okinawa.

Antonio González

How about dried figs?

Life Belle

todays fruits have 100 times less nutrient, are less acidic, and have more sugar than 50 years ago. so todays fruits are like bonbons that is why people like.people with cancer should avoid any kind of sugar including fruits. how do you get a fatty liver ? by eating fruits and cereals. egyptians got fatty liver from duck using this method and France does it to. so there may be some bias in studies pretending that fruits does not make fat and diabetic.

james hancock

In addition to fibre surely many fruits have polyphenols and flavonoids which have positive systemic effects.


Always take the whole form of food, concentrated foods like fruitjuice is the problem

Yahusha is the Torah made flesh

Bogus video. Fruit sugar is just fine for you. I was gonna subscribe but not after this. You are spreading misinformation. Organic Fruit vegetables and meats are very good for you. Its the processed foods grains diary processed sugar nuts and seeds are the enemy.


look at what a chimp eats= banana. we are 99% identical to them (hahaha) being primates, we should eat a high fruit diet to be in optimal health. ditch the bacon pick up the mango!


Fiber and Flavonoids.

Not that it applies to me. I only drink Pomegranate Juice, and limited amounts.


I think the Glucose/Fructose ratio is important cause fructose despite having lower GI is prone to malabsorption which wrecks havoc on the gut microbiome. Glucose enhances its absorption which obviously increases the GI but in my opinion that`s actually the better option cause you could just walk upstairs or something afterward to blunt the spike

Adam Jp

Hello Dr. Brad, I really enjoy the videos and follow much of your advice. I did smash the thumbs up button as well. I was wondering if you are looking at Gluten could you also take a look at the research on HMO Human Milk Oligosaccharides. It can be found in baby formula in some countries as well as a supplements. I am wondering the effects on the gut and also lactose intolerance as well as any other additional benefits in adults. From what I am reading it looks very interesting but unsure if this is research based.