Solution for blackheads

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Blackheads solution

6 921 views | 5 Jan. 2021

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Products : (All products are OTC.)

1. Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment by La Roche Posay

2. Retinol cram by The Inkey List

3. Clinique night and daily boosters

4. Instant Detox mask by Caudalie

5. Beta Hydroxy Acid by The Inkey List



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Dela pena MG

By the ways where I can buy this stuff??

Saira Saleem

Dear.dr.farzana im from AFGHANISTAN
How can find some trick for whiting and acne i need u r help.
Plz advise me

swathi thapa

Hi Mam thank you for the videos
Small problem my face to much oily pimples blackheads ?? I am now Qatar and you madam

Alyza Khan

Were I buy this serum how much

Sammy Camacho

Can u make a video on how to use good healthy non toxic products step by step for black heads, white heads and dry skin and regular pimples please I really need this lol

Lucas Ertha

Amazing ??

Claire Kimberlin

thanks! are they all used for just 5 mins?(the masks)

Jan Dheyrick Jao

How about the how to enlarge the pores??

Ayesha Umair

I have little oil skin plz which face wash which sun cream is better for me

lintu mariya jose

What about acne black rashes... Any treatment...?

Ang D

I found the la roche on Ulta


So I thought that I had blackheads but now I’m thinking I have sebaceous filaments but they are very pronounced and all over my nose what product out of all them is a good place to start? Also hi from tik tok!

Uncle Job

So sorry to bother you, but I have one more question, what order should I use these products in ? Cleanser , mask , moisturizer one day and then another day I do cleanser, retinol, moisturizer ??

Ahmed Ehsan

Make a video about acne dark spots please

Melanie Rey

Would I have to put the ordinary mask on first, then rinse, then follow with the retinoid gel after?

Uncle Job

Can I put the mask just on my nose ?

black lover Diva

Dark spot on face and black face and pimples.. Side effect-free drug and male use drug The beard on the male face is unaffected
I am waiting one video for solution please.?

Nop Chanmonyrath

I’m your 501st subscriber


Hi, just wondering if I could use the revolution salicylic acid 2% mask and there serum together? So using the serum 2x a week and then another day using the mask 2x a week? Hope you can help.

kiara mejia

can i substitute la rosh posay retinol for differin gel or is la rosh posay much better?

Naghma Bashir

Mare skin pr black heads both hi ar ma Italy ma

Asia Chanka

what about the retinol solution by the ordinary?

Kushwinder Kaur

hi can i firstly use skin renewing cream serum after cerave moisturizer in daily basis

Shadai Johnson

how do i get rid of white heads on my chin ?

Ashi Hayat

Hi my son 15 years old he’s has black head on his nose which cream best for him please thanks

Uncle Job

I’m gonna try and use the Krave Beauty Matcha Kemp Cleanser. Will this interfere with any of these and is this. A good cleanser?

Moideen Siraj

I need white head treatment


Hi doctor, I am a teenager. I would like to ask. Is the Retino cram by The Inkey List okay to apply on my skin? Hope to hear from you soon ?

Mia Silva

are these all in stores or do I have to order them also the other thing yu said that weren’t blackheads how do I get rid of that ?

Uncle Job

So you think the say lick acid mask by the ordinary and the inked list anti aging retinol cream is good products for blackheads on my nose ?

Daijah Ortiz

would I be able to use these products if I have them on my cheeks?