Not using soap

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How to Prepare Canary Nest Pans | Mite Proof & Using Carbolic Soap

1 886 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Nathaniel Jehoshaphat

Wow beautiful trick

Abdellha MEkhBI


Chelsea G

Goff b. Great tip hope I can get the soap wife had no luck from the shop ?

Chelsea G

Goff b


Can you use carbolic soap to clean the cages? Or as a spray in corners of the breeding cages to stop mite? thanks

Nathaniel Jehoshaphat

Also avalbile here my beautiful 9 canery.

Farmer T

Great tutorial.

Nathaniel Jehoshaphat

1 pair American finch
4 new beautiful canery chick
My one canery pair ready to breeding




Thanks everyone,

Dimitrios Zagreas

i use fresh garlic for the nest pans mites hate it

Charlie Hurley

Savage vidio lurned alot

Justin Davis

I use the mite powder for the felt but I pva glue mine to the nest pan
I'll be trying this method cheers

Eric Fab

Great tip

Nathaniel Jehoshaphat

My vision canery and American goldfinch meeting..

Uk goldfinch سهره انگليس

Very useful ?

Not using soap

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24 470 views | 19 Sep. 2018

Since so many women never

Since so many women never wash with soap I decided to try it along with my vaginal apple cider routine. Check out my results


Learnt a lot today?❤Am newww

Brittany Grant

Different V’s need different things ! I only use water as well being that I’m veryyyyyy sensitive down there. It works just fine for me . The only time I need to break out my dove sensitive soap for babies ( super sensitive) is when I’m on my cycle because obvi water isn’t enough by that point.


I think you should try this again but don’t just splash the water on it, actually use a wash cloth I think that would help so it actually getting rid of dirt.

morgan kay

Can you put your finger there to clean it? How do you get all these dirt in there especially if you do have unprotective sex.

Ley Figures

Im not tryna be funny but perhaps the frequency of the apple cider vinegar and only water after is what caused the musty smell w/o soap. It has a strong sour/musty smell and by using it still but no soap instead of only HOT/WARM water and u gta wash thoroughly .. acv is very strong which will cause a musty smell of course in between flaps rubbing with out washing with soap after.... and u should NEVER stick ur fingers up there esp after sex to get any semen etc out but u can always clean ur butt with soap but I do believe different bodies respond differently to things honestly no womans pum is the same everyone’s sensitivity level is different but I have had 2 black and 1 white obgyn’s tell me this (no soap) n i felt the same at 1st. &. I don’t think people unless kids are confused about the inside and out or they shouldn’t be “active” anyway. Saying dont use soap in the vag doesnt mean the butt as well. & soap can be used moderately like times of the month or here n there but alot of smells are due to POOR EATING HABITS and vag not getting enough air but to each lady its own do what work best for u is all that matters


Not gonna see my boyfriend tomorrow, so I’m gonna take advantage of that and try this. Tiktok keeps telling me to try it and I’m just gonna give in and trust it. I don’t think it’s gonna be as good as they claim it to be though.

Narra Smith

Seee I always just used water...that’s it! No Apple cider vinegar nothingggg and then recently I tried to go back to vaginal soap and it threw me alll the way OFFFF so now back to just water for me!

Majj Spiritual Body Care & Aromatherapy

I tried this as well lol I went back to using my sensitive soap lol I just can’t I wouldn’t feel clean without washing my external parts


For those who swear by water I suggest you give Kushae by BK naturals a try. It’s all natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals and no glycerin which is known to feed yeast.

jazzy jade143

Lol I only use soap on the outside, not the inside (I need to learn the proper words but you should know what I mean?). Butttt I still make sure I clean down there every so often.. what I do is before I get into the shower I put some water down there and get some q-tips ..put just alittle soap on the q-tip and wipe it on like folds and areas that a wash cloth can’t really get all the dirt that’s there.and then I get into the shower and do my normal washing routine( like I said I use soap on the outside, but not the inside..which you’re not supposed to use soap in the inside but you can use unscented soap from what I heard.. if you don’t like the thought of using soap inside) . Lol my mom is wayyy against not using soap?


there is no way im only using water and on my period

Angela Hector

If you don't it will smell ich and burning pain . Otherwise.!???

Jenea Monae



Yeah I can't do the just water thing. I need soap down there to keep it clean.

Jenea Monae


Rachel Rosen

the outside is called the vulva.

Henrietta Delgado

I don't have this problem because I use a bidet everytime I go to the bathroom. It keeps me clean til it's shower time. Even soaking in a bath and using a wash cloth helps.

moon child

so i went to the gynecologist and she said that using baking soda helps keep your pH balanced, but i also use a pH balanced soap with a very slight scent (obviously not in the same time period, mainly once a month and right after my period)

Camille Rose

What should it smell like if your pH is normal?

Cheryl Elayne

Temperature really makes a difference too! If you use only water, makes sure it hot and just use your hands to make sure water hits every part. Luke warm water doesn't really do it for me.


It’s possible. Can’t use a rather wash rag though. I do water and my exfoliating wash cloth with nothing but water on it and she’s smell free. Perfect . African or Japanese wash rag is an essential

KateLynn Lee



I think people still get confused vagina ‘inside’ is self cleaning, the vulva ‘outside’ flaps and folds, lips are not self cleaning!


with soup damn?

Cimone Gary

Girl I just be looking at these hygiene routines and be shook on how many women that just use water. I CAN NOT!!!!! I wash with Dove sensitive soap everyday. It works for me. I feel clean. I am going to try the acv trick tho.


OMG! I tried for a week because my best friend has been doing this for years. I didn't have a boyfriend so I was like wtf lets try. I smelled like onions by the end of the week, I was like no mam! never again!

amanda paullin

I clean both inside and out. I know they say its self cleaning but for me it has to be extra. Also I don't get how women wipe front to back. You don't get dry that way. I have to be completely dry so I wipe middle and up. No im not wiping poo up there I just start from where my vagina hole ends and wipe up. I can't do it the other way I don't feel dry. And I have to be dry down there otherwise it will Gross me out. I've been doing this since I was younger and I've never had any infection or bad odors. The only time I would have an Oder is from sweating or intercourse. Don't knock it until you try it.

Jane Doe

So when y’all nasty butt take a nanny y’all just use water I know y’all be funky as hell ??????

Paula Raduan

Omg thank u sooooooo much! It was super iformative and it really was what I was looking for! Xoxo


I used all different types of natural soaps and I would literally get discharge that stunk... I went to the doctor and soap would ALWAYS FIND ITS WAY IN MY VAGINA he told me to use water .... I did and GIRRLLLL I HAVE NEVER SMELT OFF SINCE ???❤️

Milenia Rose

how do you rinse the soap from between the clitoris and labias without the soap traveling down past/in the entrance of the vagina???


Did you dilute the ACV or did you use straight ACV? Also, do you think your results would have been better had you showered more than once for the day?

Tina Griffin

The female body has a pH of 7. To keep the pH correct a morning routine of cleaning is important. Most of the time it's the external part of the vaginal area that smells because of a chemical imbalance.. if there aren't any medical reasons. The body has natural chemicals, soaps are like perfumes, not all smell good on everybody. Listen to your body.

Shanee King

When girl who say they only wash with water they mean the inside ofc u use soap onna outside???

Rashonda Oliver

Soap on my vulva water on my vagina

Kaylee Salazar

Do u think using baby soap / baby wash or what ever is good ?

Brittany Grant

& keep in mind , when you are showering .. soap and water is running down onto the external parts of your lady bits ! So yes soap is getting in that area ! But for my sensitive girls . If water works for you then continue because for us even soap on the outside can set everything OFF !

Briana Martin

For anyone who’s confused ... don’t put soap in the v hole. Use soap everywhere else ???‍♀️

Lakesha Skinner

I wash mine with water, then pat with diluted vinegar afterwards


My Mom is from the island and she thought me to only use water to wash. I used to use soap. I have very sensitive skin and using soap irritates me. My external vagina was so irritated and getting these strange smell and since I stop using soap again. The smell is ??‍♀️??‍♀️*GONE* I have a pleasant smell now. I do feel fresh and clean ....
it is possible .???

Alicia Grant

Tell it like it is girl,, cause it needs soap!!!

no one

my down there feel squished, sour and irritated! no one has the same problem and mine feels so uncomfortable, i don’t know what to do or what to clean it, i don’t wanan change my ph but when i’m walking around i feel uncomfortable and irritated


Your style, and hair I love. Beautiful. I want that scarf lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing your real review on "steps to v-washing". I was questioning the no soap beyond the outside (pit parts as you say). I will check out your v-routine.

It’s Lalia

Drink the ACV THEN TRY IT THE ACV ITS LIKE A RESET FOR THE ? so try that then don’t use soap

nicky jackson

I have not used soap for 4wks now on my body & that includes vaginal outer area and i smell amazing down there, no funky smell. I use just water and for bath time, i put some tea tree and lavender oil in my bath and i'm good to go. I use mud mask on my armpit and wash off, that is it. I have not had anyone hold their nose next to me and my mother hasn't told me i smell, she's blunt like that lol, not that she's ever said it to me but she would if i did.

Ra’Nya’s Life

She is straight forward !!!!!

Jenea Monae

Hey, I hope we can became YouTube friends!!!


I tried this and this was NOT IT. I use witch hazel on a qtip in the folds and soap and water on the outside


People use soap to wash your boby you have soap that made for sensitive skin

Keke da rawwest

???why was my Volume volume all that way up at 0:08 and my grandad came in the room??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

latrina smith

So after reading many comments I will say this. Every woman vagina is different. So for those who say I use soap down there and never had issues and those who only use water and no soap i say to each it on. You know your body well. And anything like soap, food we eat, underwear even medications can effect our vagina in different ways. So do what best for you. I was told by my doctor never to over was the vag. Because you can and will kill good bacteria that keeps the bad ones at bay.

So best tip make sure you wearing correct underwear cotton, good well balanced diet and also summer eve etc doesn't work well for every woman. Just my opinion.

Sophia Divine

No need for soap... EVER . Check your diet

Angela Hector

Who ever said don't use soap . They don't know what there taking about they are lying.??

Ories World

New Subbie I learned something new

Angela Hector

Your supposed to use soap and water it's important.




You most likely needed to detox first or go thru a natural detox which would be smelly for a few days....I detoxed with bentonite clay on my arm pits and my kitty cat...and stopped using soap completely...I don’t smell bad at all as a matter of fact I smell better than I did when I used all those chemicals (soaps)....and my boyfriend agrees...it’s a detox process U must go thru!

Khuyen Canh


Shanee King

Cuz y'all not cleaning y'all self right?you do wash the outside with soap duhh? not the insideeeeeee

Turquoise Highlight

I use African black soap and it works magic for me ??‍♀️

Kiki Hayes

Actually it is possible lol. I’ve done it for days now and I just smelled it as I’m watching this video. Literally no smell. Check this out though even with washing with soap down there sweating and all of that throughout the day will happen regardless. There’s no difference not to mention there is going to be some kind of smell down there it’s just suppose to be a healthy normal smell and not a fishy one. Everything doesn’t work for everyone though.

KeKe Says

It has a lot to do with what you eat. Soap doesn’t remove odor. I’m a bigger girl right now I have no odor. Even when I was smaller I never had odor. Now when I used use feminine washes in my high school days, my ph was off. You should not have any fecal matter near your vagina if you are whipping properly. Also I suggest you all wash your hands BEFORE using the bathroom to prevent spread of germs to your vagina and after of course. Now most of the components found in soaps are actually extremely toxic and do not actually cleanse your body. You all need to dry brush before showering and use an all natural exfoliant. It removes layers of dead skin, then you can wash your body with a natural soap.


??‍♀️After reading the comments ONE thing that people are missing is if you're going to use only water you have to pour water down there EACH TIME you use the bathroom SOOOO EVERYTIME you urinate you MUST CLEAN WITH JUST WATER if you do that you WILL NOT have an odor... You can't just only clean with water in the morning when you wash up or at night BUT EVERY TIME YOU URINATE you have to clean with water..

Not using soap

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How To Make Handwash Using Soap | Without Glycerine | Cheapest Handwash | Aynu's World

128 177 views | 13 Apr. 2020

Homemade Handwash using

Homemade Handwash using soap.in this video I'm showing that how to make a Cheapest Handwash at home.

You will get 2Litre Handwash from a single soap.

Glycerine not Added.

You need only only 3 ingredients

Water, soap , Rosewater (optional)

You can make it without Rosewater.Rose water is good for our skin. That's why I'm using this.

Select any soap you wish to use.

Steps to make Handwash:-


1.grate the soap finely

2. Allow 1litre water to boil

3 .Add grated soap & mix well

4 .turn off the flame.

5.cover it & keep for 6 Hours

6. Mix well

7. Add 1litre water& 3tbsp Rosewater

8. Mix well & Transfer into bottles

Thanks for watching my channel ?

Please support me again. I want your support to grow in YouTube.

Please suggest your valuable opinions in the comment section below ?. If you have any doubts please put in comment section .I will reply.

Please watch my all videos and comment.

Stay safe and happy .

Handwash, homemade Handwash,Easy Handwash,Handwash from soap, Handwash using soap,No glycerine, without glycerine, Cheapest Handwash

pradnya jagtap

I made it two times

Usha Devi

We have to use dislillery water or normal water mam?

Sivagama Sundari

this video is not clear

Shamsuddin Khan

rose water dalna zaroori h aur ye bottle main dalne ke baad sakht nhi hoga

Shameema ashraf ashraf

1 soap kond etra ml hand wash kittum.... ?

Anna Sermina

Awesome, I tried to make this hand wash and it was successful. It has a pleasant odour. I make this hand wash with Lux soap. Very helpful video, please all guys must try this.

Vidhi Patel

Hi maam i tried this but even after adding lots of water it turns slimy...just like aloevera jell. Please tell what to do

pooja karn

Maine use kiya, ye hard ho gya kuch hours bad. Bakwas, ap log usi time bnakar video dalte ho, 1din bad ki dalo. Wo jam gya, kisi kam ka nhi

BISMi univers

Kootayitundu ingottum koottavane

chachi chacha

yeh jame ga ya nahi ?

Shaheen Shaik

Thanks a lot to you

Magic Flames

Nice content

Apex Exterior & Fabrication

Its work but not coming much foam? Plz. Answer

Uma Mahesh

Nice one. But can u pls tel me the quantity of soap. I mean how much gms of soap have u used for 1litre of water

Radhika M

150 gm soapanu use cheyyunnathenkil ethra litre vellamedukkanam

Zhane Cadiz

Its ok if you dont have rose water??

Melmo's World

Can I use an essential oil made for soaps in place of the rose water?

Status Corner

I tried it.wow it came out very well ?


Step 1 : bath soap. <--- most bath soap has glycerin >_<

Recipes by kochikkary

Lk 6
ഞാനും ചെയ്തു നോക്കിയിട്ടുണ്ട്.. super ആണ്... try ചെയ്യാത്തവർ.. ചെയ്തു നോക്കു.... വില തുച്ഛം ഗുണമോ മെച്ചം...


Thanks a lot...tried making with your style and it really came out well.



Krishna Shanbhag

very nice i and my family tried we all have thumbs up :):):):)

arifa manaf

Good work ?

Iqra Mehak

Aslam o alaikum menee apka video se hand wash banaya or wo hand wash jmmm gya bottle me

Deepak Patil


Anna Sermina

Awesome, I tried to make this hand wash and it was successful. It has a pleasant odour. I make this hand wash with Lux soap. Very helpful video, please all guys must try this.

Sharda's Cuisine

Very nice n useful share

Pony Stars

This is wrong I tried

Shami Riya vlogs


My simply Lifestyle

Stay connected

World Of Rumaiza


Waris Bhat

Mene 1hour me banaya

Vihan Zinta

I think it becomes hard after some time
Please reply my question

Anuja Desai

Will it remain in the same liquid state or turn hard?

Ashutosh yadav

Wow I like it

pradnya jagtap

But what abt the shelf life????

Mufi's sweet kitchen

Wow nice video njan join cheythu thirichum cheyane


For how many days we can store it ???

Status Corner

It's useful. I'm gonna to try

all like and tiktokers video


Kerala Style Veg Recipes

Very help full for this time thanku so much.I will surely try it??????????????

Swati Poriya

It is jammed up in bottle
What to do?

Enduben Gadhvi

If we can't use rose water it will be OK??

arifa tka


Sayed Nayeem Shouvon

Thanks for the useful Video.
For how many days / long time this Liquid Hand Wash remain Ok? I mean what is the expire date / time?



Founin Fofana

Super vidéo ❤❤❤

Narahari P

mam lam not used rosewater for making handwash but handwash become good

Burlagadda Chandarao

Soap ekkuvite bagaa thick aite em cheyali


Like 34 hand wash ithupole njanum undsakiyirunnu but rose water cherthillayidunnu ini nokanam

Creative kids

Awesome way to make hand wash

BISMi univers

Eebottle evidunnanu vangiyayh

Anwar hussain

Very very thanks Mam.

Shie Ryl

What can i substitute for rose water because i don't have any?

27 Shreya Diwan

Super idea ...... mam thanks a lot

Rusfida Firdous




Priyan S

Homemade Liquid Handwash https://youtu.be/ir9vsona0j4

Lakshmi S D

Nice. Check dharshik creation chennal

suseela peddinti

Nurugu ravatledu

Karibasappa H

Thanks for this video

suseela peddinti

Nurugu ravatledu


Hi. Wat. If no rose water

Krishna Shanbhag

subscribed you....hope for more nice videos....

Betu family Cuộc sống ở Mỹ

? amazing. Thanks so much . Connected your channel. Plz visit me ?????

Tooba Bernhard

It turns into solid within 1 or 2 days of transfering it into bottle.

maria romanianandbritish

Very good.Thanks.Stay safe!Stay healthy!


Usefull video...??

pradnya jagtap

How it become harden will mix it
..it was become like urs after mixing...good video

Aynu's World

Here I used 100gm soap for the making of 2 Litre Handwash

Aaz Kumar

Thank you so much

Fantasy Cooking

I am not having rose water without rose water we can make please reply me

Haseeb km

Very easy thank you


Estu Dina iruthe mam

Sunil Saxena

Rose water is like a glycerin only ok

payal Gandhi

Mam I made it but after 2 days it become jelly type what should I do now ??
Pls tell me

trick master. by shazaz


Vijaya Krishna Ghuma Ghumalu

Very nice & useful video ????? new frnd, stay connected

Zohus Cookbook

Like 25?? New friend joined please join back dear

Simrit Raikwar

Lovely work

Manpreetkaur Batra

If we don't have rose water

Voyage Stories by jowhar Mahamood

good video. angotum varane.. am here..

Shiyona sana

Super... helpful video....

Shahabaz Mb


Kannur Grandma's Cooking

ഹാൻഡ് വാഷ് ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു like ചെയ്തു ഇങ്ങോട്ടും വരണേ,,,

Sorú Thån Mükkiyåm

Ur video is nice?.Instead of rose water we can use detol???pls say mam

Sheela's Lifestyle Vlogs

Brilliant one super ?

Hasna Rahman


Arpan Sarmadhikari

https://youtu.be/FA0pOTUEmFA go and watch my video itwill be helpful in making hand wash within 10 rupees cheapest

srinivasulu k

I don't have rose water we can skip it

Shafeek Mohamed

Super idea ?

Arieefa Khan

Nice work❤

Siva Malini

Naa idha try panna,but idhu andha jelly consistent ku varave ila,what can I do now,plsss tell me now

malabar moments

Gudthing dear,,,am new frend

꧁khushi Dagur꧂

Mam hand wash freeze mein rakh na hai kya.

My simply Lifestyle

Very nice sharing

Prakash Mahto

I maked it and it comes out very beautiful.
Thank you mam?????

Cute Princess

Thnda hone k bad jm jayega n

Deeraj Bindu

Hii madam
It is not transferring into jelly

88 919 views | days ago