Is cocoa butter good for tattoos

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Tattoo Ointment DON'Ts

10 291 views | 14 Oct. 2015


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amber hill

Thanks I Ben doing it wrong

Sleazy MOOK

I have tattoo salve I never tried hustle butter what one is better

I HaveNoGunGame

Idk why this video has dislikes. I agree with you I used vaseline on my first 2 tattoos years back. The first one I used crazy amounts of it and went out in the sun,it faded so I had to re do it (my 15 year old dumbass). Second one I did in the winter and used vaseline but like you said,small amounts and it healed ok. On my next 3 ones I used bepanthen and used to put a lot of it and they healed alright but still you are right. Now (at 21) I'm getting my half sleeve and will use that hustle butter that everybody is talking about,also I will use really thin amounts of it like you said.
To anybody reading this,follow her advice she is right and stay away from the sun.

Effy Osorio

Thank you ?still saying this now

Marlik Evans

Can hustle butter be used as a daily moisturizer after your tattoo has fully healed? Like a substitute for a lotion


I know peoples skin is different but i used hustle butter and it made me breakout with white pus looking pimples and it itch LIKE HELL omg i wanted to cut my arm off im not exaggerating i returned the item thru amazon and went back to A&D

jamzii cephas

I'm scared. I've been doing this with lotion from the 2nd day as advised by my tattoo artist (not as much as you put on the first heart but still quite a bit) because the tatto artist instructions didn't specify how much to use! I'm going to start putting less on but I'm worried I've ruined it already :(


I used to use Aquaphor, but it freaking burns my newest forearm tat for some reason. Switched to Lubriderm lotion.

Is cocoa butter good for tattoos

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Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare Review

24 398 views | 24 Sep. 2019


Hey Guys!!

In todays video I review a tattoo aftercare product called Hustle Butter!

All opinions are my own and I purchased all products mentioned in this video myself!


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Like Hell

Would you say it works better than a traditional moisturizer or coconut oiil?


Starting my sleeve next week and I usually use Tattoo goo after Dermalize, but I think I will try this one this time. I like that it´s a big jar, I´m gonna need it since I´m planning on finishing the whole sleeve in two months.


I love Hustle Butter. But a friend of mine got an allergic reaction because of it.

Joe Calabrese

When you say “aftercare” do you actually mean I can put this stuff on right after I get a tattoo? Or does aftercare mean moisturizing and preservation purposes?


I've used this for a year now, and every tattoo I've got since have healed beautifully with it!
I usually buy it at my tattoo stuido (which is where I found it in the first place) and it smells soooo good!

Cara-Mia Lundqvist

It is called Bulldog here in Sweden. I have used it with all of my latest tattoos. My artist Said that a little goes a long way, so you are supposed to use just a tiny bit and even if it doesn’t feel like it is there, it is.


Can you react to tattoos from Laura Annunaki? :) Love your tattoo vids <3


why wipe it on your bed and not your arm... :(


I got my first tatoo about a week ago. The tatoo studio I've been to gießen you a small bag of Hustle Butter for free with every tatoo and I really love how it feels on my skin and also how it smells.

Carlie Edwards

Both me and my partner have tried a few types of healing products and we found that hussle butter slowed down our healing so didn't like it. The best product I have used for healing is the original tattoo goo so I got my partner a pot of his own and his tattoos heald faster whilst using it as well. So for us personally original tattoo goo works best. ?

kimysuarez 24

Love your sweater and overall fall look today!!! ??


This is my favorite product I’ve tried so far! Used it while healing a big piece and it worked wonders, healed very fast as well. Plus the smell is amazing and I have to stop myself from using all of it at once lol

Jo Fitzgerald

Only product I use on my tattoos


Iv been stuck between getting this or the body shop Amazonian saviour ?

duck telepathy

I used Ora's Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve for my last tattoo to help with itchiness. I debated between that and Hustle Butter (both were expensive but well reviewed on Amazon). In the end, I found it decent, but as someone who isn't normally affected by fragrances, I found Ora's super-herbal scent to be headache-inducing. Wish I'd tried this instead - I love mango scents!!

WERPA Motovlog

Can we use hustle butter deluxe for maintaining a tattoo? Like does it help make your tattoo vibrant? My tattoo is already 2 months old and I'm looking for a tattoo maintaining cream/lotion etc. Thanks.

antonia S

I'm glad they sell it in a tub now, I remember few years ago only being able to get it in like little sachets and used to cost me a fair bit. Time to invest in a tub before the next few tattoos! Thanks girl!

Robin Merel

Hey, would you recommend Tattoo Goo or Hussle Butter? Also, I heard with the Hussle Butter it leaves stains, have you had experience with this?


Yessss I've been waiting for that video! I love love love hustle butter!

My first thought on this video "woaaah what a huge tub!" Hahaha! I usually get the smaller one because going through it all takes a while, the expiration date usually shows up before you're done using it.
I keep smelling it, I looooove the smell! Sometimes I will open it and sniff if even if I don't have to use it for any tattoo x'D

L33DyA JKauR

Heard bout it... Thank u for sharing


i’m getting my first decent sized tattoo tomorrow and thanks to your video i just bought a 5oz tub myself! i’m really excited to try it out!

Anna Sophia

Holding my tub of Hustle butter and smelling it every time you mention the scent ahaha
I'm in the process of using it for the first time to heal my current new addition. So far, I love it a lot. It definitely helped with the itchiness. I also feel like it cut the scabby/peely phase shorter than usual.

Tony Agw

Hustle Butter Deluxe - Tattoo Butter - 5oz Tub by Hustle Butter Deluxe...Amazon have just increased the price to £22.99 isn't it just greed ☮


You mentioned Saniderm ????? AWESOME product for sealing it up for a solid heal ???


I used Hustle butter on my tattoos. I love the smell so much. Probably should get a new tub.

Summer Dare

What do you say in the beginning? Is it hope you are doing very well?

Kirsten Gonzalez

so this can replace aquaphor??

Madison Threadgill

I love using hustle butter during healing and then switch to Lush Charity Pot after.

Parice White

I didn't like how much rubbing it took to get into the skin rather than sit on top for the day after a my thigh was done (obviously not an issue if you saniderm your tattoos but I don't bc adhesive allergies), I think for the start healing phase shea butter or cocoa butter is best because it goes in so easy but this definitely stopped the itching being as bad!

Leo Casi

I been using this product since day 0. On day 5 (today) I decided to use Lubriderm and that lotion freaking burned lol. I’m not using anything but this butter from now on.

Tony Agw

Thanks for sharing, when you consider how much a tattoo costs it isn't really expensive is it plus you can do your legs as well ☮


I tried using hustle butter last year but my skin is soo sensitive that a rash broke out on the tattoo. had to go back on my old faithful, aveeno

Johanna Hertzman

I used to use regular coconut oil on my new tattoos but then my tattoos began to form an infection when I was using the coconut oil. Figured that it was because bacteria could get into the tub, I feel like the same thing could happen with this one so therefore I haven't tried it. What do you think?

Eddie Richardson

Hustle butter is literally just fire. Its every stage in healing... In one.

I Am Me You Are You

Does it make old tattoos more vibrate also like Mad Rabbit

Stef Teng

I loooooove Hustle Butter!!! So glad you finally jumped on the band wagon!!! :) I feel like the more you use it, the more you will like it, too!! :D


I have been enjoying it. After healing was done I kept using it occasionally on my tattoos and dry areas c:


I'm tempted to try this based on the mango fragrance ?

Secretary of Offense

I think im going to try this when i start my half sleeve this fall :D

Brandon Bennett

Can you use this as your ointment and your moisturizer as the healing stages progress? Or do I need to get another form of moisturizer for day 3 or day 4 on?

Theda Tolles

Personally I like hustle butter

Yvonne Cain

Does this say its good for sensitive skin?? i have always used the Simple cream to heal my tattoos. <3

Emo Trash

https://youtu.be/GVhdhRBvJUo can you please react to this?

Isalyne Lasnier

I healed my last tattoos with this ! I didn’t liked the fact that it’s so long to sink into the skin, and basically removed itself when I had clothes on so I felt like wasting the product ! But I liked it, gonna try pure Shea butter for my next one !

Lindsey Quinn

Your makeup! ? Girl you're getting better and better at it everytime I see you! I love the eye look! Also, I just realized that you're almost at 100k and that's amazing and so well deserved!! Cant wait for you to hit that number and get your play button!

Carissa Booyse

again, LOVE the tattoo. your eyeshadow is really pretty


I really like Tattoo Goo salve. Smells kind of minty, is sold also in mini tin pots, which was perfect for my small tattoos and it´s cheap!
Hustle Butter seemed good too, used it only for a few days, though, so can´t say much about it, but I like the ingrediences used in it.

nika kaspia

used it on my calf tattoo, got it from the tattoo artist as a gift. liked it a lot but getting it to finland is such a pain. the scent was okayish in my opinion since i'm hypersensitive.

the last two tattoos i got i've used bepanthen plus, stacked on it last weekend bc we don't have it in finland either but that's what my estonian tattoo artist suggested. for healed tattoos i tend to use lush elbow grease!

Kaila T

Hustle butter and redemption cream all the way ❤️


The only thing that keeps me from getting this is that it’s in a tub. I prefer a tube, squeeze on my cleaned hand and then use my other cleaned hand to apply to my healing tattoo. I feel like there might be some cross germs in the tub form? But maybe I’m overly concerned lol

Lucia Markechová

Hi guys I’m a student and a handpoke tattoo artist who dreams of doing what they love professionally. As a student, I cannot raise the needed amount of money for the tattoo license. If any of you could help me I would appreciate it so much. https://www.startovac.cz/projekty/tetovacky-po-staru/ thank you so so much beforehand!


Can anyone tell me if this has any pineapple in it? Adore mango smell but often paired with pineapple ingredients which I am allergic too

Sabrina Faith

i love the way it smells. i use it for my tattoos.

Michelle Walton

Skincare items always get me and I definitely ordered this right after the video.

John Dorr

I love the smell of it but it’s mostly mango butter. Have you tried just regular mango butter for skin? Then you won’t be paying for the sticker.

Kayla Butler

You sold me on it!!! Mostly cause of the smell and taking the itch away ❤️❤️


I’ve used Protect The Hive to heal my last couple of tattoos but I’m going to give Hustle Butter a try after seeing the quantity you can purchase it in!!! Protect The Hive is deffo worth trying though as well!!!


Could you review ear tattoos please. They’re usually handpoked. I’d love to hear your opinion on them

Gabriel Garbage

I love hustle butter but do not spill that shit on your clothes! I accidentally spilled it on one of my Killstar dresses after leaving it on the windowsill in summer ? rip that dress, after several washes it still looks like it has a massive cum stain on it


Did you get freckle tattoos on your face? Did or not I fucking love your complection

Sharlene Pitlock

I ALWAYS get itchy legs after shaving. Its so annoying! Might just get this for that and then ill have it on hand already for my new tattoos in the future!

Lady Strigoi

I recently got tattooed and I prefer hustle butter to bepanthen so much more! It smells amazing aswell?

UK Unboxings 22

I love the stuff, my tattoo artist she recommended this after care and I wouldn't use anything else fantastic stuff. ?

NBH BadBoy

Can I use this instead of aguaphor

Katie Peck

It looks similar to elbow grease from lush

Flower Power

Just bought some of this from the Killer Ink Tattoo website, great review. Thank you ❤️

True North Muskoka

My tattoo artist has always told me not to use soap or lotion with a fragrance but hustle butter has a fragrance . Im thinking the fragrance may cause irritation to some people on fresh tattoos. I also find hustle butter to feel more like vaseline when applied unlike water based moisturizer that soaks into your skin.

Ashley Malone

I personally use Dermalize then use Palmers Cocoa Butter, just watched the video because I love your channel and I like knowing about other healing options!


The CBD hustle butter is the best ?

necrobeastialanalbuttpal :3

I've used hustle butter for all of my tattoos so far and I love it.


I've personally had a bad experience with Hustle Butter and also similar tattoo healing creams.
They seemed to clog my pores and give me lots of spots - this is likely because my skin is quite sensitive though :( Makes the healing process really frustrating

Nadia Lake

I found hustle butter two years ago and it has been my lord and savior with all my tattoos since. Heals faster, smells AMAZING and keeps those puppies nice and moisturized. I go through once a week and put it on all my tattoos. ?

Bronwyn Music

I use hustle butter on my new piece, it’s so good for brand new colour tats.

Cai Kween

I’ve honestly never used it for tattoos but for sunburns and I love it ?

wanderers wandering daughter

Oh my God, I hate this stuff! I used it on my first tattoo, the artist convinced me to buy it for all the reasons you stated. But it made my skin so itchy and painful. Since it was my first tattoo, I didn't know how a tattoo that properly heals should feel and I was so confused when my tattoo was itchy as hell and hurting even weeks after I got it. I also was too afraid to use anything the artist didn't recommend to use. When I finally stopped using it, the itching stopped almost immediately and the tattoo healed fine. I guess I was allergic to one of the ingredients and the whole bad experience was clearly my fault for not being educated. But just smelling this stuff reminds me of those painful weeks and makes me want to scratch my skin ???

Sylvan Secrets

My artist recommended the saniderm/hustle butter method. I'll be using that over the next few weeks.

Manny 3s

can this be used the entire time during aftercare substituting Ointment and lotion?

Mark Mickleburgh

Use this all the time with my tats. Small tub lasts for multiple tats. Love it

Cheyenne Judith

I love hustle butter lol

Liam O Donovan

Love you Lauren your tattoos are awesome and your beautiful as always great video

Dank Shades

i wonder if you could use this for dry patches on the face? it sounds amazing for tattoos & i will definitely be getting some but i wonder how it works on super sensitive skin elsewhere

Smiling Cupcake

I literally kept the empty container because it smelled so good, I used it to heal my first tattoo last year and it was amazing.

Jakes Babycakes

I use skin so soft oil by Avon or coconut oil to shave with. I don't get razor burn or dry skin anymore. Thank you for your review. The price is why I haven't tried this and I think I will try it now.

Amber Torquati

You should react to your subscriber's first tattoos!

Bronté Rennocks

Liked the video before I even watched it, love the freckles and your hair is looking beautiful ?

Dannie ray jr

Nice video


I love this stuff have been using it for a few years. My current artists used it during the tattoo process too, it keeps my skin supple and moisturized while he goes ham haha

The only con I would mention is that it can melt in the heat. I brought it on holiday and it melted and then got hard again which makes it grainy. It works fine still but wouldn't use it on a fresh tattoo when it's grainy cause it gets a bit scratchy.

Yawns !

I got hustle butter after my first tattoo, i have eczema prone skin and it really worked nicely :')

Hannah Clara

I LOVE hustle butter. I got a free sachet when I got a couple of tattoos from a guest artist and now I'm in love! The small sachet lasted the whole healing time. Smells great. Soothing. And great for brightening tattoos!

Christian Brown

After you said it’s a perfect moisturizer after shaving, you convinced me. ? I also have to deal with itchy dry skin too. I have so many scars from excessive itching on my legs

Ronnie Wildheart

I just got a tattoo last Friday and I’ve been using hustle butter ?

Kay D

i’ve only got one tattoo, but i got a smaller tub of hustle butter for aftercare since my tattoo artist recommended it. i really liked it, my tattoo healed nicely with it. i was worried about healing and aftercare since i have crohn’s disease, which causes healing of anything to take forever and an infection would be a death sentence basically. hustle butter is definitely pretty nice, my tattoo healed quickly, quicker than i thought it would considering i have crohn’s. i would recommend it for sure. ✨

Jam Straight

I have the same issue with dry itchy legs after shaving. Highly recommend trying a shave oil; my favorite is from an Indy shop called Twinkle Apothecary but not sure if they ship internationally.

Sarah Esterhuizen

I love how honest your reviews are?

Really want to try this as I’m getting my first tattoo soon, but I can’t afford it?

Siriusly Sam228

My artists have started a new healing process with clear bandage things. Unfortunately I am apparently allergic to them and did not know so my newest tattoo is extra spicy. I shall have to look into hustle butter it sounds lovely.


Seems like most ppl who tried it has had good results, and thats awesome!
But for me personally it didn't work very well at all.

I have very dry skin and hustle butter just never seemed to absorb into my skin but rather just stayed on top of it, so it behaved kind of like if you just put an oil on skin that needs severe hydration. I tried varying the amount i used from barely anything to more generous, but it didn't work either way. And i'm not talking about that it felt tacky for a long time, i mean as in that when i washed the tattoo it still felt like there hadn't ever been any hydration on the tattoo what so ever. It just washed off. Never have that experience with the cream i use.

But for reference i have the exact same experience with coconut oil and other very oily products. :P

Big Boi

Your super cool ... thanks

Ash Nalani

I love this stuff! It healed my tattoos quicker and 'brighter' than other moisturizing alternatives. I also use it during winter to moisturize my skin after showering ?

Stella Waldvogel

I love Hustle Butter. The consistency reminds me of Vaseline, but it contains NO petrolatum, it's all plant-based. And it is awesome - not just for healing tattoos, but for dry skin, cuts, scrapes...virtually everything.


I will give it a try! thanks for the info

Is cocoa butter good for tattoos

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Dry Healing VS. Wet Healing

27 views | 8 Feb. 2021

In this video we talk

In this video we talk about two different kinds of healing, dry healing and wet healing. These would be special used in special circumstances to help your tattoo heal properly.



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Brush Size 4: https://amzn.to/39fDFcv​

Brush Size 2: https://amzn.to/3iTE9Zi​

Speedball Nibs: https://amzn.to/3raHFB8

Ink: https://amzn.to/3r6PvMq



Aquaphor: https://amzn.to/3cshd1P

Palmers Cocoa Butter: https://amzn.to/3tgiteH

Dial Gold Soap: https://amzn.to/3j6kQvD

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm: https://amzn.to/3q6gcki



Camera: https://amzn.to/3oynj3b

Mic: https://amzn.to/2Mp6Uku

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I am Cody Pratt a.k.a. RandomHero, a tattoo apprentice from Tampa, FL. I make videos of tattooing and drawing and share tattooing advice, tips & tricks. Make sure to check out my social medias and website to see my art and follow along on my journey.


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Isaiah Garcia

Thanks bro

Isaiah Garcia

Crazy that u posted this right in time lol

Isaiah Anderson

What happened to your singing videos!?