How to grow out short hair fast

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How I Grew My Short 4c Hair In 5 MONTHS ?! | Post Big Chop

122 771 views | 26 Sep. 2020

Keria Johnson

me wanting my hair to grow and saw this video and I have both of these????

Ketricia Finch

We can see your drive and passion lady and that is the key to hair growth. You are working so hard! You will get your victory overtime and yes Jamaican Castor Oil is magic.

M O O N Y Michelle

A big chop will not make your hair grow faster, it just won’t break off everytime it grows

Jenn JennTV

That mary j sample is fire

Ashley Onyeabor

Do you wash out the smoothie or you just keep it there overnight?

Yasmin Abdella

How often do you wash your hair? I use a lot of oils on my scalp so is it bad if I wash it every 2-4 days?

Janae meeres

try a slick back

Channel Yt



The shampoo that is good for my hair type which is 4a 4b is Aussie moist shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner. I swear this shampoo and conditioner will make your curls pop really well and it makes your hair soft and it grows my hair.

aspen a

try rice water as well


Lmaooo you gotta be from Brooklyn

Iona G

I use the wild growth oil in my hair everyday ?


Definitely try Avacodo,Banana, Honey,Olive Oil +Jamaican Black Castor oil ,Aloe Vera fresh plant, and 1 egg yolk blend it until smooth best natural protein treatment your hair will be soft as fuck and it will reduce breakage do 1 time a month to much protein will mess your hair up let set for 30 min plastic rap it a whole egg i didn't like it personally the yolk was all i needed rinse cool water tho warm you will get scrambled eggs trust me lol ???

Bee Dott

The person that’s reading this big chop cut is gonna grow back faster and longer

Kierra Houston



why is it so satisfying to watch someone twist their hair lol

Lauryn Troupe

happy to find another natural who's hands look like this when they do their hair. I watch others and think I'm doing it wrong because everything looks so clean and I'm like HOW.

Back To natural

yeeessss!! i subbed

Surina Philips

Tip-leave in conditioner goes a long way y’all should try??

CurlsandBeauty82 xxx

Love your hair ?. Also where did you get your headband in the back need those

Lavern Toppin

Kailah can I get one of your hair band and bag if it's only me see it in your back ground


where’s the updateee sis.?

Queen Shaniya

Yes the wild growth is amazing!


i just cut my hair short two weeks ago for it to finally be healthy now i just want growth

Kiera Williams

do that eggs and mayo treatment. and use castor oil if your hair can’t grow or if it’s short. my hair wasn’t short but it grew my hair a long. my hair like 16 inches long

K Aleese

Intro instrumental pls..?

Annelique Scharneck

Kailah i love ur hair and this video.... I would love my hair to grow as fast as urs.... But i just did my big chop about a month ago and u inspire me so much.... ❤️ Big fan all the way from South Africa ???


girl i use the same thing my hair was short like urs now my is long but i still have to put more to make it grow longer

Mikayla Hibbert

Jesus is coming soon


I watched this video three months ago when I tell you she was telling the truth wild hair growth works ?

Makayla Turner


Abby Lii

Let’s just take a second to admire her collection in the back ?


Thanks for sharing your hair growth journey girl! You definitely weren't lying about looking after natural hair requires PATIENCE on another level but it's worth it??

Jay. d2m

How often should I do this ?

Madii Taylor

It’s the fast growth for me?!!!

tajenae williams

Will be getting these products and yes that oil really does do justice!

StylezBy ROBIN


Brianna Hudgen

Period girl just grow it all out till you can't no more cause your beautiful woman period and my hair is long to the beginning to the middle of my back

Lovely Thomas

No shade but that's not that much growth in 5 months

Aquarius Fane

New to your channel and I cut my own hair 2 days because I had damaged and breakages and I want my hair to be healthy and long hair again

Synthia Sadio

That's 4a 4b but live the vid and advice

Myaaa B

Where did you get that cute bonnet from I love it please reply

its sarah

I cut my hair two years ago but urs still longer than mine i don't know what to do i really can't afford all this cause am in Malaysia and all this products are expensive can anyone give natural things to use like something so basic please ????

No I’m not Beyoncé gorl

Beware the smell of the wild growth hair oil?it most definitely works but the smell is not quite friendly ?I feel like it’s a smell you can get used to though.


that accent lol

mira’s tv

this is definitely helpful i just cut my hair almost three weeks ago and i dyed it to track the growth i use a different brand of jamaican black castor oil but i’m definitely gonna get that one

Melanie Gilmore

She was like
Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore smoothie
*blinks 3 times* It’s called a smoothie?
That had me dying??

Isabeli Bitencourt

OIL DOESN'T MOISTURIZE!!! I'm tired of hearing this sis?

M. B.

Your hair is like mine???

Nadazia P

This video is 110% accurate that’s how I grew my hair when i did my first chop but how do you manage or style you hair when it’s short like maybe 2 inches

Skye Lacie

who else is trying to grow their YT channel during this pandemic? support & subscribe?

Cynthia Taylor

I wanna cut my hair so bad but I’m so scared it won’t grow back


My hair has been growing girl I just found out I can put my hair in bigger sections! 4c Gang

Shennelle Wright

I had mad breakage when I was 7 and 10 due to perms and not taking care of my hair and now my hair is down to my collarbone?


If I'm being honest the 4 things that actually grew my hair after I also did the big chop was Jamaican black castor oil, fresh aloe vera, coconut ? oil and olive oil.

Kerry binantisocial

girl!! you going through the same journey as me , same hair texture and everything ?

A Mitchell

Does the smoothie smell good?


Growing strong ?? keep doing what you are doing?

Life with Khalela

Yes have both of those bottles and works so good ?

Jordyn Pittman

HHB growth oil baybee


Where did you get the brush?

Nylla Raee

Girl i cut my hair in November its Feb and the back is still bald wtf

Brea Ann

I know I’m late but can we take a minute to look at those beautiful curls ??

shanoya bryan

I have been transitioning to Natural since March and officially did my big chop in August.... I use to do cornrows so my hair doesn’t get tangled but giiirrrrlll this whole twist situation keeps my hair soooooooo soft! OMG thank you ♥️

1yungnn ._

i uses wild growth hair oil but i also use regular black castor oil also and my hair is now half way down my back after i did the big chop its been almost a year and i use heat but i also use the oil the protects your hair from heat damage

Samantha 2335

I recommend the laurel essentials shampoo and conditioner

Naii Milanio

' ya hair grew alot??

Makeup and hair Queen

Who else was dancing to the beat

Jessica Regina

So pretty! I just did the big chop and this was super helpful and encouraging!

Hailey Marie grande

Where’d you get your headbands ? ?

Keniyah Weston

Can you do a wash day routine for 4b/4c hair

Taniyah Ham

I been waiting for this omgggg??


Youre so beautiful ?


It grew so fast I’m happy for her she’s so beautiful ???

Alexia Taylor

Its the background for me !!!!!!!


Can u wear those twists under a wig

Nadine McCall

You know what also helps rice water it grew my hair super fast and my hair is lot stronger. Also I don’t have a lot of breakage. If anyone wants to do rice water do it before you wash your hair.

Pii oh hhh Hhhj

Do another update on the last day of 2020

Bad Bleep

Five months just for that length.. damn.


period , i gotta try those products ?

K meme

Heyy fake twin your hair looks great im gonna try all these products and see what happens

Sherry Fleur

I went back to using grease I mixed other liquid oils in it my hair used to be way down my back
I grew my relax ends out in 2012 cut it at 8months new growth
Experiment with color and heat DAMAGED.

So I did a second big chop 2015 but shave my hair all the way off I played too much with my hair color damage heat damage.
Then it grew but of course I went and dyed it again lol I finnally cut my ends off in augs and leaving it ALONEEEE. I recently went back to my hairstylist and to finally hear my hair Grew and was healthy and she didn’t need to cut/ trim I was HAPPY.
Try out the creme of nature pure honey line
The shampoo doesn’t strip your hair dry!
Mix in a bowl pure honey and add oils and your favorite conditioner for extra moisture.
Good luck on your journey much love and patience !!

Naka _g

Wow if only my hair could grow this fast

Krissy Amusement

To the 1% that is reading this God loves you?

Raven Burnett

Its the her putting products in the camera close up and me backing up for me.

Morgan Knox

if Ya'll use shea like and comment i know i do so that's a like



Black sims Tv

I used to get perms for 6th to 9 th grade I had really long beautiful natural 4c hair then my mom permed it and I lost all my thickness and over the years my hair was shoulder length in April of 2020 I stopped my perms I politely told my mom I did not want them any more because I wanted to live my natural self more and when I tell you I’ve never seen my hair so long and thick every since I stopped perms my hair as been booming with protective styling and deep conditioning and olive oil it’s getting back to its length I’m a sophomore in high school btw and I plan on big chopping in January I’ve kept my permed ends for so long to retain length for protective styling and it’s had been doing me very much good I’ll update you in 2021

K. Gordon-j

Jesus loves you... Seek him, serve him let him lead your life..Acts 2 vs 38

Kay Haitian Trucker

Hi lm new!


I did this also my hair was super damaged from perming a lot and bleaching my hair

Kavon Montè Johnson

That hair growth work like A FUCKING CHARM!!!

Gasa Gasa

Any new hair growth update?

Raw Real Resilient

Definitely loved the big chop video?‼️ I chopped mine on Christmas and and looking forward to seeing this type of growth. ☺️


Oi! Some of you guys wanna grow ya hair right? Take some pictures of when your hair comes out of braids then take pictures next time when they come out again and see a difference and also you should start using grease very very nice check out Erik zara I love her! If you wanna grow your hair you have to retain length by keeping the ends of ya hair safe go look it up love you guys and go and grow dat hair!

Some nice greases are:

Sulfur 8
Blue magic conditioner
Doo grow grease
And add some oil I wouldn’t really recommend that though before you use grease make sure you put water, leave in conditioner and a cream before sealing in everything in with the grease and twisting it. Nothing can come in or out after you use dat grease so be careful! And only use a little bit for each twist. To protect your hair, where a silk scarfs or a doo rag. Love you guys bye!!!????

Sniper Queen

Ur hair is actually getting even longer

Cal'Drequa King

Your hair and mine are almost exactly alike. I use to use those oils, but I started using the essential oils. Pretty amazing how our hair can be so versatile and grow using the right hair food. I love you and stay up beautiful ?????


What kind of Camera do you use too record your videos i just wanna know cause I am trying too start doing yt videos

DeniseNicole !

The mane choice collection has biotin infused in there products great for hair growth & ITS BLACK OWNED ???

Alaura René


How to grow out short hair fast

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Simple Tips to Grow out a Pixie Cut ❗️

8 173 views | 22 Mar. 2019

This video is about My

This video is about My Movie

Persi Forsythe

I love your voice!! You are so pretty! Don't listen to some mean people trying to push you down, girl! Stay strong??


Black woman use henna powder to grow your hair. Pure Lawsonia intermis powder nothing else do not buy henna with lots of ingredients won't work

Portia Watson

Protective styling fucked me over no matter how loose it was installed ...but I never tried sew ins or wigs ..but braids hell no

Shana Franklin

I’m trying to grow my pixie out !!! I hate it

Leann williams

How do you wrap it at night while it’s growing out

mary jane

Hey youre very Beautiful!!!

extrememelonspillage yesyesyesyes

New subby I font have a pixie cut but it was natural then I permed it it was in a bad state because I really couldn't maintain the natural look the dryness was too real so I perm clipped and now I am treating it doing the best I can with what I have

Vijay Kumar

Impressive vedeo
Hey I am from india

Mariella Diaz

You cannot sing .

How to grow out short hair fast

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10 124 views | 28 Apr. 2020

the right way to make rice

the right way to make rice water!

instagram: choltu

Amiya F

Yesss someone with short hair like me

Jacqueline S

Appreciate this so much❤ tryna get my hair grown

Trese Wardlaw

You get better results by allowing the rice water to ferment longer at least 2 wks to a month. That's how the Yao women do it.

Graldia Caine

Do you used the rice water everyday or just on wash days? Great video btw!?


Cant wait to see a 6 month update


My fav part is when you say fuck it and pop open the spray bottle lol

T Will

You look so cute with freckles ❣️