Itchy rash on lower stomach

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What causes rashes on the abdomen during winter? - Dr. Rajdeep Mysore

1 946 views | 14 Mar. 2019

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Rashes on the body could be due to many reasons and that occurring in winter is due to dryness. Rashes appear on the sides of the abdomen and on the lower part of the back. These are the areas which usually get dry in the winter season part for the hands and the legs. If the rashes are associated with itching, it could be due to winter eczema. If these rashes are more of a generalized reason it could be due to certain viral infections or bacterial infections which are also more common in the winter season. First an examination needs to be done, and see which areas of the body are involved and depending on that the diagnosis and the treatment are given.

shamshun shammy

I got to small rashes on top of the belly..may I know the reason for that ?