Viviscal reviews before and after

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Viviscal Review (After 3 Months Of Use)

90 540 views | 2 Dec. 2015

Thank you so much for

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The website I purchased this product from was Viviscal.com

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Super useful. Thank you! Brief and to the point. I'm buying this.

SwagGod 22

Thanks for the review beautiful


Yay!! I want my hair to be thicker!!

Stephanie Rucker

Ok ..where are the before & after pictures? You seem sweet, but this didn't help me at all

ليان ٣٠٥

Didn’t notice allergic reaction?

Constance Newton

Hey, I didn't ask my question correctly. Thanks for answering me by the way. I wanted to know if your hair will keep the same thickness when you discontinue taking the pills?

Highlights Tv

I want to get this product that I am in Morocco
I hope that you Ttwasali me on Facebook yassine rzik

Jenny Peres

thank you for this review and I will like to know where that you get your red lipstick it is a nice color

Yesmy Saucedo

thank you for your review help me alot and they have them at Walmart for $30

Jackie B

I tried it, but nothing works as well as the natural Iodine based hair growth from JSHealth https://amzn.to/2HG935j

Marcus Goodwin

In 3 months your hair grows like 1.5inches, how can you tell its extremely thick and shiny already? it won't change any of your current hair except the new growth. I feel like people can only review this product after 9-12month, when MORE of your hair is growth with viviscal than without it?


omg I'm gonna try this because my hair is thin af. Thank you!

Nono Fofo

Thank you so much for this amazing video ,it really helps ,but the question is do you have to continues using it ?

Merkhema McFarlane

Great stuff, I loved this video. You forgot the third type of review where the reviewer has to give their life story before they address the actual product.

Oscar Coreo Contreras

Before and after picture would have doné wonders for the review

Aliza Viel

the thing that worries me upon taking supplements is you might also grow a moustache or on parts you don't want hair.. that's what happened when I took biotin.. please reply if this would be something to be worried about with Viviscal..

Cindy Gomez

I just started it this week for the 1st time. I have thin hair that falls out constantly especially after I washed my hair. It just sheds! I bought it at Walmart for $35.00. Instead of having to order at Amazon or directly thru Viviscal I got it shopping at Walmart.

Manuella A

I thought you had a wig on

Addicted to diving

I feel it all comes down to genetics. You either have thick hair or you don't. If you are older and it starts shedding, I think this product could help with that, but If you are young and just want thicker hair, I don't think it's going to do anything.


thanks for the video hun!:) You think it's better than biotin? By the way, they sell it at Rite Aid for $49.99

Erik Maldonado

I think i fell in love with your personality :P great review good job

slothsrcoolasu pinaplesloth

wow you are so pretty omg ♡♡

Peggy Yell

Maybe it works for many or several people. I used it 3 years, twice per day, and my hair is still "mouse hair". I would never recommend it. Better remedy is to use Castor oil and leave it in over night. Type it in, you will read success stories. We in Germany used Castor oil, it truly works. Viviscal is a JOKE....

Diane Bornstein

Thanks, you helped me decide to buy it, I loved your review.


You have a wig on though

Synthia Bouda

I love your personality!!

Monica Redden

you are so beautiful! thank you for your review! LOVE LOVE LOVE your look! keep going strong girl!

Alex Perez

I love this, I needed a video to help make my decision on whether I should take it or not and you were the most helpful. thank you! I hope you make more videos (:

Jackie B

I tried it, but nothing works as well as the natural Iodine based hair growth from JSHealth https://amzn.to/2HG935j

Cm Veit Kreul

you're adorable!! thank you for the review... you're probably too young to be using the product LoL...but by your review alone I am on my way to go buy it now! :)

ahoy ahoy

Do you use after three to six months?


Love your personality!!! :) Did you keep using it?

Kenneth and Joyce

I want my hair thick but also long, so don't know what to do ?

Sandy E.

I wish something would make my hair extra thick ! LOL
Did you continue taking it afer 3 months ? If not, did something happen ? :)


it's so expensive in Canada $56 for month supply.

Heba Gouda

You re beautiful inside and out ..million thx..excellent review..love from Egypt?

Emily Rachel Gilley

Target carries this and has it on Cartwheel sometimes. I was going to get it on Amazon until I saw people were getting fakes.


I know I am late to this party, but thank you so very much for a fantastic review and covering the pertinent information. Two thumbs up!

Kirsty H

Thank you for your honesty! New follower

Anthony Marcelino

I got that hair product (Viviscal - Shampoo & Conditioner) Can it work on Men?? please let me know.


A lot of unnecessary talking

Elle Griffin

before and after pics?


Perfect review! Feel like I now know exactly what I wanted to know before buying. Thanks!!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I can only hope that my hair becomes thick. Mainly that is the only reason I started taking them. I have only been taking them for about a week and half, and I can't wait for the three month mark. Thank you for giving a decent review. I totally agree that some reviews are a waste of time. Also, not only is your hair gorgeous, but you are too. Thank you so much.

Filip Whitie Ondrek

i am that kind of guy who hates anyone, i let the hate radiate, i am really toxic person, but i like you , you are so nice and just friendly i can't help it, and i also am interested in viviscal so i am thankful for the vid!

Michelle Abrams

I'm curious did you continue using? Also, you can get this at target for 29.99 as well as Amazon. If you subscribe you can get it even cheaper. I think you are supposed to see the most growth from months 3 - 6.


You would die if you were bald...thx, half the women watching this video are bald?

Anna Skalova

do you know what happens if you stop taking the pills? does all the "extra" hair stay or fall out?


Thanks for your honesty

Julie Brylinski

awesome awesome awesome personality! please upload new videos soon!


Can be purchased on Amazon.com

Tae Alexander


Constance Newton

Hi Beauty Deets,
Thanks for the review. Out of curiosity, if you stop taking the Viviscal will your hair go back to what it was before taking the Viviscal?

Shirley Rogers

What happens after you stop using it? Is hair going to start falling out again?


BE WARNED- i am a black female 44 yrs old, v healthy and fit. I began taking the tablets 2 weeks ago religiously twice a day from 29 April 2020 due to thinning hair and breakage without missing a single dose even setting an alarm in order not to miss ( these are expensive wanted to do it right). Yesterday 7 May in the bath my hair was just falling out lots of long healthy strands of hair entire long curls not even single strands just falling out unnaturally. I began to pray straight away as I was afraid and didn’t know why this was, so scary. Finally this morning May 7 2020 I went to take the tablet and felt a strong NO. I still feel it resonating. I’m a Christian so I’ ll b listening to what I believe is the guidance of the Lord for my situation. Goodbye viviscal with your ‘marine complex’ ingredients.


Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Viviscal on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/viviscal-review/ Thanks, Weston.


I wonder if it will work on people in the mid forties. You know pre-menopause.


I've tried it no side effects,........My hair grew, but I didn't take it daily but often.

Giselle Ramos

Really like your personality, I felt like i was watching a friend review a product. Definitely subscribing!


Good review. I'm just starting to take Viviscal (took the first pill yesterday). Personally, I don't need my hair to grow faster, but I very much want it to be thicker. So if it does nothing more than that, I'll be happy.

Atal Khan

Can men use this and will it work for men ?


Took 3 1/2 min to get to the bones of the product review


I’ve seen online that Walmart and Walgreens sell it for 30 bucks


Did it cause weight gain?


Ultra beauty.com sells it for I think under $40

Self Care Journeys


Desiree Colon

Thank you so much! I was so curious about this product. I'm looking for something to thicken my hair more that grow it.