Neutrogena oil-free acne wash

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Ask Alli - My Skin Care Routine

115 280 views | 6 Dec. 2012


GIGANTIC THANK YOU to my bro for the music :) "Chime" by PrinceYeti


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Hi guys! Welcome to another Ask Alli! If you have any questions at all about crafts, makeup, hair, baking, cooking or fashion please feel free to ask about it and I will do my best to show you what I know :)


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (Redness Soothing)

Lancôme Eau Fraîche Doucer

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner

Clinique All About Eyes Serum (De-puffing)

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment (with Avocado)

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

DERMAdoctor Picture Porefect

La Roche-Posay Redermic Anti-Aging Corrective Concentrate

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Bio-Oil (the one I forgot to name! Sorry!)

La Roche-Posay SPF 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid


No it's mainly mineral oil. It is a very thick oil and could cause acne and it will definitely make acne-prone skin worse

Ivan Mamont

Wow! .I did -35 lbs in 7 days.More here hawght.so\#fLTvAil

Zoe Cowan

You should do a makeup collection

Clara Lycke

I use the le Roche posay sunscreen as well, and its really worth the money!

P Kim

very good point about mentioning to focus cash spending on areas that are personally a problem to you! Everyone is different and it's great to mention! 

Hansaya Paththaya

I never knew that it was possible to overcome acne until my friend tell me about Acne Miracle Pro. It did the miracle for me; it will also do the job if you try it. Search for it on Google to find out about it


I take cleanse on Vayne so I can hyper-carry without being disabled.

Kelly Axen


Woot Woot

I like the song!


How to get rid of dark skin on your Knees?

Cathi Prather

What is that beautiful eye shadow on your lids? It's gorgeous.

vanessa henley

My dermatologist told me I shouldn't start using anti wrinkle cremes until I'm around 27. That it isn't made for young skin. For the time being she says moisturizing and sunscreen is the best prevention.

Mariah Smith

@mvaid28 no, their sunscreen isn't the worst you could use. and yes, double cleanse is washing your face twice with face wash. after you should use a toner then moisturizer then sunscreen if its daytime.

Sarah De Oliveira

When I wash my face, I'm careful with the products I use.. but my problem is as soon as I finish washing my face, 10-15 mins later, my face is so oily to the point where it doesn't even look like I washed it. I hate it when this happens, its so bad to the point where when I wear my makeup, it makes my skin so shiny. What do I do to stop my skin from being this oily?!? My skin has never been this bad. please help xoxo.

Jerome Turner

Your hair always looks so pretty you should do a how I straighten my hair tutorial

Macarena Camejo

Awesome Alli, thanks a lot! Oh, i use a moisturizer that is awesome, specially for people with acne problems, the brand is Cetaphil, it works really well :)

Bethany Ann

That Neutrogena redness acne cleanser is my absolute favorite. Great if you have issues with blackheads & clogged pores :)

Erin Frame

you pronounced la roche-posay fine!

Mariah Smith

im an esthetician/skin therapist. all im going to say is don't use neutrogena, or products with mineral oil. and a double cleanse in the morning and at night is really what your skin needs. the first cleanse takes off makeup and outside debris, the second cleanser is what actually treats and cleanses your skin.

Ana R.

Try skinceuticals products! They're kind of expensive but have worked wonders for me! I used the sunscreen you showed and love it too, but the skinceuticals is just amazing! Thanks for the video :)


I tried the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash you recommend, and wow am I glad I watched your skin care routine video. Thank you so much Alli > u <

Lizzie P

My natural skin barrier isn't great, i now use an prescription lotion for acne that acts as a protective barrier as well as cleaning out my skin. it works with moisturisers and makeup unlike other. I use- Hot water, witch hazel foam , hot water sensitive skin aloe-Vera exfoliater cold water then my face lotion.washing your face with hot water (not boiling but enough to bare it) opens the pores making it easier clean then using cold water/ice cube closes them again helping to stop dirt


i agree go to the derm they can figure out whats up with your skin also you might find out its hormonal acne which is hard to get rid of

Kimberly Barber

I absolutely adore the Cinique Dramatically different moisture lotion. I am struggling with cystic acne and my nose peels like crazy. I have used Argan Oil from Whole Foods market. It is amazing


Hair tutorial please!!!! :)

Thea Tina

Hey, Alli! What do you think about animal testing? And do you think about it when you buy new products for skincare, makeup, ect?


I love using argan oil or coconut oil on my face. :)

Igor Druchuk

Good day! I'm Josh.I did -25 lbs past 2 month.Visit hawght.so\#v09yK DoJFbw79BUqfyHK


is using bio oil on ur face a good idea?

Ren Chat Endormi

I am taking your advice on the whole Salicylic acid. I think that might be what irritates my very sensitive skin and is causing my breakouts more than helping them!! I can't wait to see if it makes a difference. I definitely learned to READ LABELS after watching this video. Thanks Alli!


Best product I use for break outs (my skin is extremely sensitive) is Sudocrem it is fantastic I swear by it :)


I was going to buy some tomorrow, and now I'm not. Thanks for the heads up!


I have to use SPF 75 on my face since my face burns soooo easy!!!! Loved the video it was really helpful!

Nelson Poon

stop looking for an acne cure. you just found it, get this link into your browser skINCAREkit.info


Morning routine. Nuff said.

katrina kat

I have la roche posay sunscreen toleriane 50 SPF and it sucks. it makes ur face very white and it sits on the face it doesnt soaks into the skin and the cream layer remains on face.


do an updated skin care routine please ^^ i don't wanna sound creepy...but i saw SK 11 products in the background of one of your vlogs. Your skin looks amazing <3

miranda morrison

what do you have for a wardrobe?

ruby lie

>8 mins !!! cool

Megan May

This video was great, i reckon you would like Bioderma, a gentle water cleanser. Also your style of makeup is similar to Lisa Eldridge who has a youtube channel in the way that you both like a natural look, thought i'd mention her to you incase if you haven't seen her yet.

Hadeel al-Massari

My dermatologist specifically recommended that I use Neutrogena. Everyone's skin is different and Neutrogena has worked wonders for my skin just fine.

Brittany Harris

Thank you for your recs! Loved this video - very helpful!


Does bio oil help to get rid of scars ??????????????please awnser


The first ingredient is paraffinum liquidum, genius. If you actually understood the ingredients you read you would know that.

frick poo

seaman is a great facial. did you dump chaz yet? are you dating,but still getting the money from chaz's internet shows?


What exactly does toner do?


How do you organize your jewelry?

Method One

Gorgeous hair and makeup in this video!  Do you still use a Clarisonic Mia 2 to wash your face?


Thank you for the sunscreen recommendation. Well, all of the recommendation really. It's hard for me to find a good sunscreen for my face that isn't oily. I don't really like lotion or sunscreen because I hate that sticky lotion feeling, but I know they're necessary. Do you by any chance have a recommendation for a less thick/oily feeling sunscreen for the rest of your body?


really good video, but the background music is annoying

Ana SmithBieber

How do you get your hair to grow?!?!?!?! PLEASE ANSWER

Samantha James



omg i love neutrogena it works wonders for me, that and clinique! i suppose it's different for each person though! :)

Sacha McAndrew

Hey, i've struggled with acne for years and years, and honestly the ONLY thing that has helped me (i'm JUST starting to get over it now) is going to see a dermatologist who will recommend the perfect thing for you to do or give you the perfect medication. It is honestly so helpful and scary at first, but very worth it.


How did you get sample sizes of the products that you use? I want to try them before I invest in them


there is already a video on that on her channel :)

Lauren Wade

I can't remember if I commented here or not but I bought that green Neutrogena acne wash and have noticed such a difference in my face already! My forehead broke out a little after the first few uses but I noticed my problem spots (chin/jaw line) drastically changed for the better. I'm so pleased with this product! Thanks for sharing, Alli!

Samantha James

a double cleanse using what?


If it's full coverage foundation then you need a good skincare routine. Always take off your makeup it's a must. So to answer your question it does but if you combine it with a good skincare routine every night and take off your makeup. I swear it won't do much damage at all.

Paulina's Serenity

I just saw that you replied to my comment!! When i saw it im like whaaat noooo. I hope one day i can run into you and charles cause i live in florida too :) but more south :D <3


What's wrong with Neutrogena? Even though it's cheap, it's definitely not a bad brand.


hey alli! If you want a good non-greasy sunscreen, try the Avene eau thermale. I'm not sure which of those is the brand name, but it's french so i would think it works well. Jokes, my dermatologist recommended it.


Just a tip - not all alcohols are drying. Some are moisturizing and some break down almost instantly and are only in there to deliver the nutrients into the skin.

Claudia Levick

absolutely LOVE the ask alli videos!



Melanie Fernandes

hey Alli! can you please do a new skin care routine!? You have fabulous skin! 


What you said about using harsh toners is so true, I have oily\combination acne prone skin and since I stopped using tonners with alcohol and salicylic acid my skin is doing way better :)

eliza griffith

Can you show us how to do the bun your wearing in this vidieo It's so pretty


yeah it stays and when its all dry you can just wash it off with what ever you want water soap and water it doesn't matter and it shouldn't take long depending on the amount you use and i wouldn't troll when it comes to helping people out :)

Austin M

OMG I am in love with your beauty tips. Please teach me more sensei

Maggie Sowa

You can always ask at any makeup store if you can have a sample. There is no hurt in asking. And if you buy stuff at some stores they throw some samples in your bag. Also sometimes Clinque (and other brands) have certain days where if you spend a certain amount, you get a gift with purchase aka a ton of travel size/sample amount items. Hope that helps somewhat.

Katie Hall-Weare

Thank you so much :)


the best part is i got all these samples for christmas before even watching this video! ITS LIKE WE HAVE ESPN ;)

Erin Trombley

Have you ever tried any Cetaphil products? I know a lot of beauty gurus swear by the moisturizer, but ik they make a cleanser too and didn't know if you like them/tried it out?

Jessica Ca

How do you remove facial hair? Maybe do a tutorial about this ? :)


The netrogena sunscreen face lotion is lightweight its a broad spectrum spf 30 and is very affordable

zoot boot

I'm 16 and I smile so much that I already have thin smile lines LOL


Alli, how about a hair tutorial for this bun? I know it's probaby pretty basic but it looks fab!


This is kind of late, but personally for me, I only use Bio Oil on my face at night, in areas where I have hyperpigmentation. I'm incredibly oily and acne-prone, but Bio Oil hasn't broken me out and my skin is looking a lot more even, ever since I started using it. I think it's definitely worth a shot because things work differently for everyone's skin. Even if it might not work well for your face, it can be used on scarring anywhere else. :)

Patrícia Fernandes

Hello, I also suffered from really bad acne, and then since I started using the body shop tea tree oil line, my skin has improved immensely.I hope that in case you try out it results for you. One advantage of this pordutos is that they aren't too expensive (at least here in Portugal is :/) and that there are sets of travel sizes to experience without sepend much money. Kisses from Portugal :) Ps. the smell is quite strong. :(


i really like your hair!

dxmx b

OMG she grew into a beauty awe

Dawn Unrau

I worked for Clinique and would never put DDML on my skin. First off, it has mineral oil which can clog pores and second it isn't actually a moisturizer. At school for clinique they told us to think of it as a "Balancing lotion" as it "balances the water and oil levels in your skin". Moisturizers repair the moisture barrier of your skin, this does not. I do however love the gel/DDMG for oily skin. I use it still.... under my moisturizer.


you should make skincare/beauty videos!

Holly S

Can you do a tutorial on how you did your hair.

Dawadah Gabar

dayum she's hot!

Rachael Rockell

What was that pink liquid that you put on your scars and burns? And what exactly does it do for your scars?


This fucking video has been haunting me on my homepage. Finally decided to watch it

Day Dreamer

oh!! i use the Neutrogena face wash..i love it i use it for redness on a daily basis =]


Actually bio oil does not have ANY mineral oil in it. if you actually looked at the ingredients.

Kezia Xo

does foundation ruin your skin

Mariah Smith

@samantha james, a double cleanse using a basic cleanser to get makeup/debris off your face, and a treatment cleanser for your second cleanse to actually clean your skin.


I have forehead wrinkles that show lines without emotion and crows feet since I was 3 and I am 13, ahhh........

Anna-Natalie Martini

it was french, but I don't think you were saying it right

Sang Liu

u look like carrie bradshaw in this vd


i cant get rid of my acne. its so bad.. i will get a pimple the size of half of a penny because its not one pore clogged, its like 3-5. :( i used Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Scrub, Something similar to Pro Active and Acne-Free scrub( if im correct..) and i prayed they would work, nope. I used to use proactive and honestly it worked but thats when I was a teenager.. is there something different to help? anyone can answer this.


Very informative, thank you. Subscribed! :)

Rita Richa

She is happily married to a respectful guy who wouldn't refer to women as "this bitch". Your interest in her age is void.


Alli, do you put masks? If so, which would you recommend?

Anna Burt

I wish I could love this video... I love how you say balance your cost splurging on areas you personally need rather than dropping hundreds because it's wasteful..... Great advice!

Neutrogena oil free acne wash

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Unboxing and Review

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Unboxing

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Neutrogena oil free acne wash

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How Effective Is Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash?

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How Effective Is Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash?

If you're struggling with Acne (at any age) and want an actual fix Acne Answers has a free audiobook link for the Perricone Program: http://acneanswers.net/the-acne-perricone-program-smoother-skin-within-3-days/

Lately i have become a fan of this brand especially after using Neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating toner , better late than never! So i saw this face wash and thought to give it a try. It's been 10 days

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