Is bare minerals organic

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NEW Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue STICK!!! Review & Demo

36 204 views | 8 Feb. 2019


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I can't tell you how fast I ordered this new foundation when I saw it was available for pre order. I have been patiently awaiting it for weeks, and I am so happy to review it for y'all. Stay tuned for more thoughts in my favorites video. I just couldn't wait to get this up! Love y’all and hope you enjoy the video! Please like and subscribe before you leave..it really helps me out!

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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Stick Foundation: https://go.magik.ly/ml/keop/

Ulta: https://go.magik.ly/ml/ktpw/

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Hi..I tried using your mandy15 code to order the primer but it w not let me??

Adriana Palacios

New subbie here! I'm loving your videos!

Judi Goldfarb

Love BM just hit my Sephora, going now?looks beautiful on you. Would you use a finishing powder?

Bonnie Pierce

I love the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel Cream on my mature skin. I usually use a primer (Smashbox Photo Finish or Hourglass Oil Primer). I can't wait to try the stick.
The other perfect sheer to medium foundation is Lancome Skin Feels Good. I alternate between the two depending on my mood. The finished look on either of these foundations is outstanding.

Myra Moore

Thanks for the Demo. It looks great on you. Think I will have to give it a try.

Melanie Senecal

Your skin is amazing!
You don,t need any coverage at all ;-)

Marilene Boschofsky


Carol Chadwick

Looks beautiful on you .. I’ll wait for ULTA to sell it then I’ll give it a test.


This looks great on you. I gotta say a complexion product that looks that good after a workout is kinda amazing! XOXO Julie

Annie Bancroft

Bare Minerals foundations are Amazing. The brushes are my favorite. They are my exclusive foundation.


Thank you... this is something I plan to try definitely. The original Complexion Rescue Gel is the only make-up item I repurchase over and over. Would you recommend the stick for extremely dry, aging skin?


I know I've said this before but of all the women on YouTube hardly any of them look just as lovely without makeup as they do with. You don't need the slightest bit of makeup, you are a natural beauty!

Everyday Edit

✨Wow, my friend! You have that “glass skin” look with no makeup ? Lovely ? I’ve used neither of those products so I’ll have to check them out. How does this compare to the Tom Ford Foundation Stick?✨

Future SLP

I’ve barely started the video, and I just have to say, I cannot get over how great your skin looks WITHOUT makeup. It’s just gorgeous. Okay, now I’m going to watch the review. ?


Great review Mandy!! Glowy and beautiful!! Bare minerals is so good!!! If I love the bare pro is this too glowy for me? Happy Friday gorgeous!!???

Anna Do

This foundation is AMAZING

Stephanie RN


Anastasia Beaverhausen

Your hair looks so thick and healthy now, have you changed up your supplements or changed your diet or anything? The BM looks beautiful ❤️

Kellye Radford

Hi Mandy, Thank you for your review. I’m excited to try a new stick foundation. Maybe I will find one that works for me. QVC didn’t have my color, and it looks like there are a lot of shades missing. Maybe they take them off the screen when they run out. I am wondering if the neutral color runs yellow or if it has maybe more pink in it? Would you happen to know? I’m a cool neutral. So I should be ok if I choose a medium cool color, as long as it’s not extremely pink, or a medium neutral color that doesn’t pull yellow.

Heather Hernandez

It looks very luminous

madelyn is gladelyn

you look ridiculously radiant! i have the gel cream and i know it’s incredible but maybe it’s just your personality? ha! but this stuff looked maybe even more incredible!! can not WAIT to try it! thank you for such an exuberant videO!

Susan Mather Barone

I too liked the IT Cosmetics brush. What is the name or number of the brush? I'm excited to try this foundation!

Hatch Man Do

You have such a flawless complexion. What are your skin care secrets?! It would be hard for any foundation to fail since your skin is already perfect.

Jennifer Sherrod

So wanna try this! Thank you! ❤️?

Chrissy Moss

Can we just take a minute and adore the eye look??? Soooo gorgeous Mandy ????. A non drying foundation stick!?! Sounds wonderful. xxx ???xxx


Thanks, Mandy ? Super interested with this, and now I know I just NEED this in my life too!!

Jen Reed

Looks nice and moisturizing. I would love this. It looks great and natural but it def covers.

Rebecca White

Just got mine and tried for the first time this morning. I think it will be my new go to for my peeling days! (Although with the JS spray I peel SO much less!) this stick is a lot softer and creamier than I expected. I think during summer I'll have to keep it in the fridge ! I've done that with eyeliners that are super creamy and it works great! I do love that this stick is super hydrating but still gives great coverage. It's definitely different than anything else I own. So far so good ! ?

Liz Torres

Looks great


The 5th ingredient in this is paraffin, the cheap petroleum wax. I find it disturbing that BM markets this as no mineral oil, but it contains another petroleum product.

Dawn Denton

Would love to try this but I’m not sure it would last on me. I have a slightly oily t zone and can’t seem to find anything that lasts around my mouth and nose! Full coverage foundations aren’t looking the same on my 47 yr old skin but it’s the only thing that gets through the day. Any suggestions?

Carie Lynn

Thanks for the thorough review. I’m interested in this but think I’m gonna try a sample first as I lean more on the oily side. Have a great day!! ??

ZZ Crowe

Does it transfer?

Mande Robinson

This will be a foundation I purchase. I love the complexion rescue.

Kay Conway

Love Bare Minerals products!!


Looks great... what were the two brushes you used?

Kristina DeLuca

so beautiful! you really don't need makeup! such beautiful skin

Lou Emslie

Just bought this. Can it be mixed with the gel does anyone know? I was thinking of using both for extra coverage


You're one of the only people that I've seen that loves that liquid foundation as much as I do. I've never been a huge fan of heavy coverage. That foundation makes my skin glow and covers up everything without being overly thick and it never bothers my sensitive skin. I'm excited to try this stick version ❤


Your skin is so beautiful, Mandy-even without makeup. I will have to try this!

Ginny Burley

Is sea water supposed to be a little reminiscent of “Miracle Broth”? ?. This looks very nice on you, and I’m interested in trying this new form of the Complexion Rescue. I’m traveling away from home for work a couple of days a week for a few months and need convenient, travel friendly products. By the way, the gel cream complexion rescue is excellent for my very dry skin.

Amy Harrell

I got mine in the mail Tuesday! I love this foundation! It melts into my skin and the longer I have it on, the better it looks! Great review, Mandy!❤️

Karen Dykstra

Im a big fan of BM Complexion Rescue so I am definitely going to get this based on your recommendation. It looks so pretty on you.

sarah mitchell

Yea it’s on Ulta now and has 20 shades

Judi Goldfarb

Mandy I love BM?started when I moved to hot humid FL. Love this foundation stick. It looks beautiful on you, but your skin is perfect w/o foundation. Going to QVC now. Thanks you are my fav channel?

Kimberly Osterberg

Way to go! You're the first one to review the CR Stick. Used mine today for the first time and like it very well. It's a great addition to the line. Easy to stick in the purse for touch ups, if needed.

mechelle cranford

Your complexion is amazing. Great vid! I would love to know what you used and how you did the rest of your makeup, especially your eyes. Beautiful! Thank you!

F 0 X Y

Tutorial on this makeup look please

Jessica Bier

Your skin is so beautiful, with no dark spots, that you don’t need a foundation. Skin before and after=same.

Kelly Smith

I just received mine from QVC too! Your skin looks great, I can’t wait to try mine today or tomorrow. Thanks so much for your review!! Xoxoxo

Lilly Torres

Forget the makeup. I’d like to know how you have such natural flawless skin. Your skin is beautiful.✨

linda dee

Very nice on the skin Mandy. oxox

Yvonne Merrill

Hey girl awesome video!!. I always learn so much from you :). Can i ask you questions? For those of us girls that are a little more combination skin would using the BeautyCounter loose powder that helps with mattifying help make it less dewy but still look natural? I love the Tint Skin and use the beautyCounter mattifying powder to help set it.
Also can you try a brand that i see going around a lot? Maskcara Beauty @ Https://fitmissionmakeup.maskcarabeauty.com/en? I have seen her tell people she can color match you and get the correct skin tones. You do such amazing video's. Plus you are a makeup artist.
Also can you help me with understanding how retinal would help me at 51 turning 52 Feb 16th. Could use the help. Thanks so much in advance for all your help. You rock girl :)

Lora Oliver

Oh YES! Thanks for sharing.I can’t wait to try it, CR is in my top 3. Looks great on you. ?

Kara Ley

I have a few of these in diff shades and the gel cream too since so many shades match smhI like different looks, you know... But I only wear my Murad moisturizer under it. What primer do you recommend the most for both stick and gel cream? (For a longer lasting foundation?)
Thank you.

Susie Lewis

Looks so pretty on your skin?

Susan Hine

Looks great ??

Karen M

I'm excited for this. Noticed that it's on Sephora saying coming soon, online 2/21 and in store 3/1.

Candice Witt

Wow! I’m excited! I think I need to try this. I love the gel Complexion Rescue and pretty much all Bare Minerals products anyway.


Beautiful! I just ordered some and should be getting it any-day now I’m really excited!

Husa Muses On

First time I found you, but once I saw Scripture on the screen I know i will be back!

Nelson Quinney

Outstanding Great Mandy Are Great Stick On A Video

Katherine Cash

Yessssssss!! I cannot wait to try this!!!

Jireh Javellana

Wow you look stunning!

Barbara Cole

That foundation looks so pretty on you! I want to give it a try.

Tina Mcgonigle

Question Colorscience brightening primer is that for combo skin?

Vivian Elizabeth

I love this product! I use it to just spot conceal certain acne or acne scars I have and use it on my under eyes and it looks like I don’t have any make up on because it matches so well.

The Merz

OOoo Saw this & had to watch. <3

Adrianne Snider

I got this the other day. LOVE LOVE LOVE. honestly did not care for the gel cream at all, so I was a bit apprehensive. However, after wearing it the other day for 14 hrs, it's my new holy grail.


Your camera quality is amazing! I love your channel!!!

Nelson Quinney

Great Video Mandy

Lisa G

First of all, you are gorgeous, and your skin without makeup is beautiful! Secondly, this is such a wonderfully in depth review and right to the point. You cover all the things I'm curious about in a foundation. The gel one was a little too dewy for me and not buildable like you say, so going to try this one. I'm Ginger as well, so this was super helpful:) It looks awesome on you! Have you ever used and/or do you like their Original powder foundation?

Lynda Kahn

Definitely interested....

The Deansfry

Yay saw this on the Q and was hoping you would review this!! Was really curious about the color too! Can't wait to try it!

rhonda gal

+77 it's -39 here

Laura Seymour

Just found your channel and love it! Thank you!! BM CR gel is one of my HG products. I’m excited to try in stick form!


You are having perfect weather, I’m in California it’s been raining, cold and snow on the mountains ? that are very close to us which is very rare for we’re I live.
I don’t do well with stick foundations but this one looks amazing on your skin especially at the end of the day, I’ll have to wait when I can purchase it at a store

Francesca Reese

First off, 77 DEGREES in Nashville!!! I can't even...... it's 20 degrees right now not to mention the wind chill it's much colder!
I want to add this stick to my, "Girl made me buy it" list. Yet, sorry Mandy I need to ask I don't powder EVER even in humid Summer months as still need and like a little dew.

Do you feel in your opinion that it's going to be dewey to some degree (and transfer is ok with me as I don't touch my face much). Fairly dry in general not parched like with this weather girl I'm parched, semi mature skin... yet not really deep lines, just laxity where some foundations I've tried tend to sit and hang out looking webbed or similar in a couple areas??? I get it that right now nothing will probably look good except tinted vaseline??‍♀️... I mean in general a dry, semi mature skin type. I need a little glow and a little dew. Sorry my message is so long.

Thanks for a great video!

Carrie Webster

You should do a side by side comparison of the two products! I am a makeup lover and have a nice variety in my collection. Bare minerals holds one of my top spots for favorite brands. I just don’t understand why more you tubers don’t EVER talk about the brand??? I’m 40 with very dry skin and I adore and appreciate your channel so much.❤️❤️❤️

90 *

But u have such beautiful skin to begin with. How about concealing dark spots over it? I have your skin type.

Susan Lynn

I will def try this one! Waiting for the Q to restock my shade, I’m prob gonna go with Vanilla....


You may have mentioned it & I missed it, but I’m assuming you set the stick foundation (just based off of your makeup list you included in your description box)? Did you set areas just where you were adding cheek products (i.e. blush, bronzer, etc) or the whole face? I have this on its way to me & I’m SOOO excited to try it out & especially after hearing your review! Thank you for sharing the video — from a fellow dry-skinned makeup enthusiast??

Caroline Wesson FlGirlBeauty

I am so excited to try this, I have been looking for a stick foundation that had just a tad more luminosity to it. I am normal to dry skin type. It says I am in the shade buttercream in this stick using the sephora shade finder on it and unfortunately on qvc they do not have that shade. They have cashew which is a shade darker then the buttercream. Buttercream is shade 3 and cashew is shade 3.5 so i am guessing it is a half of a shade but I don't know, I usually go with the sephora shade finder because I always get matched to a foundation that matches me perfectly. It releases on the 21st at sephora but I really want to purchase this before valentines day lol. I might just have to wait for it to be released on sephora or if they restock some shades on qvc, even though I don't even see that shade listed at all. Really looks beautiful on you and as always I love and adore your channel and your beautiful soul, much love from the sunshine state !

Terri Foster

I just found your channel. I'm tempted to try this as I adore BM. I do wish I could find a good product that won't come off on my white headbands and white shirts though. If you have any recommendations for that please let me know.

Betty Dantzler

Wow! I just found your channel. Your skin is absolutely beautiful!

Natalie Summey

Can't wait to try this. I wasn't sure what color to try, so I have to wait till it is available in the store. In the BM complexion Rescue Cream I'm Bamboo 5.5

Julie Monroe

This looks beautiful on you. I am to oily for this unfortunately. I love Bare Minerals.

Jessica Golden

Which IT Cosmetics brush did you use?

Dianna D

I love complexion rescue ... the original creme gel. I did not like the new stick. Like you, I was so happy and excited to see it in the stick foundation! I also got my shade #5 Natural. It was much lighter than the gel. I put on 2 applications, to try and build it up. But it didn't cover a couple brown spots I have that the gel does with one application. So I wasn't happy with it at all.

Nelson Quinney

Fantastic Are Good Stuff Angie

Jocelyn Sloan

This looks cool!!

Brenda F

This looks so pretty on you! I was very excited when I saw this on QVC a few weeks ago but I was waiting for you to give it a shot. What can I say, I trust your judgement. I love a stick foundation but there are very few that I can use because some are so dry. Naturally my shade is not in stock but I will give it a shot when it comes back. Thank you!

Michael S.

Interesting. Wouldn’t use this though as the ingredient deck is way too large for my liking. It also has a lot of coconut derived ingredients which can irritate a lot of people.

Francesca Reese

PS: I did want you to know that I did go on to the QVC site and looked at the reviews and was just wanting your thoughts for more typically dry skin as the reviews were all over the place especially in the vein. I realize you have not tried in on a 58 1/2 year old person with naturally dryer skin. Just wanted your thoughts. Thanks Mandy! ??‍♀️

Lois Lyons

I just got this. I LOVE IT!!! I usually use YSL touch Eclat all in one glow. The bare mineral stick foundation in bamboo is the exact color of my skin right now. It blends so beautifully. I think it is my new holy grail!

Minimalism Simple Life

How long does the foundation last?


It looks like it just glides on the skin, I recently got the tinted moisturizer so I'll give the foundation stick a try too. I did notice that shade that you selected was a bit too dark for your skin tone, but I'm not sure if that's the camera's perspective because I know makeup can look a tad different on camera than in person.


I haven’t bought any makeup since the Fall Rouge event, and I’m trying to use up some of my stash of makeup. I think I’m going to get this when it launches in Canada though. I like how it looks on your skin, and I’m a big fan of the convenience of a stick.


Love this product!!!

Mary Casper

Psalms 100 v 3 Know ye that the Lord he is God; it is he that hath made us not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Is bare minerals organic

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My 5 Minute Makeup Routine : Using Bare Minerals : Minimalist Style

1 100 views | 23 May. 2020


#makeuproutine #bareminerals #cleanmakeup #cosmetics #beautycare #fashion #style #styling #glowup

My 5 Minute Makeup Routine : Bare Minerals : Minimalist Style

Makeup Featured:

Concealer - https://www.bareminerals.com/makeup/face/concealer/barepro-16-hour-full-coverage-concealer

Bronzer - https://www.bareminerals.com/endless-summer-bronzer

Blush - https://www.bareminerals.com/makeup/face/blush/gen-nude-powder-blush

Highlighter - https://www.bareminerals.com/endless-glow-highlighter

Eyeliner - https://www.bareminerals.com/makeup/eyes/eyeliner/lash-domination-liquid-eyeliner

Lip Gloss - https://www.bareminerals.com/makeup/lips/lip-gloss/moxie-plumping-lip-gloss

Music By:


Ellen Roers

Love the look and the quicker the better ??

monica cappetta

You look terrific with red lipstick.



Molly Jeffree

This editing blew me away. Always wanted to test bare minerals. Thanks for the inspo! You put my channel to shame lol xx

Kathye Sargent


lightly lumay

I love Bare Minerals! I know that there are "cleaner" brands for mineral makeup, but the fact that they have free-standing stores and that you can find them in Sephora and Ulta -- they're an accessible brand!
I always waiver with makeup. Like you, I love it... but... (pre-COVID-19), I walked three miles to work, and I became very lazy about applying makeup upon arrival. However, a few dabs of concealer and a few swipes of mascara take almost no time. It's the eyeliner... Emily, I love eyeliner, but it's always raccoon city on me. I have oily lids, and I slather myself in SPF, so even the strongest liquid eyeliner is no match for all of that oiliness!
Have a great day!

Wendy F

New sub. I can’t even put on eye cream in 5 minutes! I turned 50 and I swear concealer and foundation that worked 2 years ago are too dry and thick. It sucks. Changes over night.

Kathye Sargent

Thats me 5 minutes and go ❤️you could be my daughter


I usually don't wear makeup but this is easy and quick... Btw u r really beautiful...

Layna Jeanee’

Just discovered your channel and I’m obsessed with you!!! In a non threatening type of way lol I need you to style me?

Is bare minerals organic

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95 160 views | 19 Sep. 2018

Thanks for watching ♥

Thanks for watching ♥ Thumbs up if you enjoyed and would like to see more skin care related videos! Check below for links to all items mentioned.




APARTMENT TOUR | Our First Full Home Tour







♥ INSTAGRAM: @AnnieJaffrey






Bare Minerals

Blemish Rescue Loose Powder Foundation https://bit.ly/2QL2ZMa

Blemish Rescue Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer https://bit.ly/2MM1HgJ

Seamless Buffing Brush https://bit.ly/2Oz8LPH

Kate Somerville EradiKate Cleanser http://bit.ly/2xehmQv

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Masque http://bit.ly/2p5D1GM

Indie Lee Clearing Mask http://bit.ly/2p8swCE

Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream http://bit.ly/2xftD71

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Ginger) http://bit.ly/2p4CrsR

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder http://bit.ly/2pdXg5n

I also used the the Pixi Glow Mist at the end to balance the powder foundation http://bit.ly/2xbxXnU

Rubbing Alcohol 70% https://amzn.to/2CUKW3q

Solid Bar of Soap (this one looks really good!) https://amzn.to/2CWkE0O

Individual Face Towels https://amzn.to/2CVpxah

Meditation App: Headspace




Canon 70D



Canon G7X Mark II



Epidemic Sound




Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick




FTC: This video is in collaboration with Bare Minerals. All opinions / reviews my own.


Annie!! Please show how you did your full makeup on this video?! :)

Lb Tokyo

I love you Annie! This Video is so useful! Thank you very much ?


Do you have a list of foods that always aggravate your skin? Sugary foods, dairy, oily foods, high glycemic index foods, dates, bananas, gluten...Do you find sugary foods to be worse than oily foods? Your skin by the way is blinding me, it is that glowy. Just wow!


Your such a loving person may u always be happy for keeping us happy ♥️

Diana Bak

Love this, just went and bought that foundation ?

Nika Maq

How someone can be so perfect ????❤️

Dee dlovesmakeup


Sam's space

Calming acne and you calming my mind?


Omg, I use soap to wash my make up brushes too.... ???

Kalika Kapoor

Hey hi annie I hope u remember me and how much I love ur videos and u as a whole pls pls pls do a video on tips and tricks to minimize open pores....its a req pls! And mentally how to find the right partner or to attract the right person specifically when u love someone and he is always ready to leave u....thats so depressing...love from india


I have really got down about my skin. luckily I have not been stressed so it is not that. My skin has been worse from 22-26 than even my teens. when I was 21 my skin was at its best but I have never had clear skin. I kept my pill the same, I have tried trust me the best of the best products, no products, coconut oil you name it. I dunno if its hormonal but I dunno how to control it, one minute I think I have sussed it then this big breakout comes. I just literally have no idea. iv tried reducing diary and all sorts. I use caudile and Laura mercer rose oil and dauphin too all seem fine but my skin just seems to want to break out! any help?

Yana Shliamar

All that I need for now! Thank you Annie ❤️


Same here! I have been obsessed with my pillowcase For many years now. And i am using paper towels to pat dry my face. This made a big difference in my skin.


Great tips, your videos are always so calming and inspiring. Xo

Reena Zachariah

Acne is the worst!! I feel like I can never get it under control ?

Ruby Rabbit

Annie Where is your sofa from!!!!

i ch


Lolipop Gitu

When i was having job many girls would asking me about acne and i was just giving them homomade home but me ihave theme only on my period not all the days ...


I love your top!!! ❤️??

Fay Aziz

Great tips and I love bare minerals. Thank you for sharing??❤️❤️❤️

a j

you always look posh and put together and so pretty, forgot to mention it in my previous comment.

J Nour

Looove the make-up <3
You did a routine on it?

Col Cama

Where do you buy the Peter Thomas Roth brand in Germany?

Nana Ntast

Definitely want more skincare videos!!❤


While watching your video, I was wondering what foundation I’ll buy next cause your foundation in this video looks so nice then you started talking about makeup suddenly and bare minerals appears. That’s awesome. I have actually been eyeing their new foundation cause I use their matte mineral foundation. And I like full coverage due to getting breaks out here and there from dairy(too addictive to completely quit) gonna have to get my hands on this now!

Ashley Kowalski

So glad I found your channel, can't stop watching and love all your information and your vibe!


thx for the video, my skin is going crazy atm, keen to watch!


Funny when you talked about stress, I started taking deep breaths. Lol!

MyGreek Skyfall

That was incredibly helpful! Thank you Annie!♥️

Andrew Lepkowski

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