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Products I Love from Brands I HATE

480 785 views | 17 Oct. 2020

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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion*: https://shop-links.co/1730163326033985919

Pixi Clarity Tonic*: https://shop-links.co/1730163512317538909

Pixi Clarity Lotion*: https://shop-links.co/1730163541928306257

Glossier Mango BalmDotCom*: https://shop-links.co/1730163585585891403

Glossier Birthday BalmDotCom*: https://shop-links.co/1730163603881583858

Dermablend Flawless Pigment Drops*: https://shop-links.co/1730163629024861065

Kiehls Herbal Micellar Water*: https://shop-links.co/1730163688637589188

La Mer The Hand Treatment*: https://shop-links.co/1730163700687941696

SkinFix Eczema Hand Cream*: https://shop-links.co/1730163737337917007

Necessaire The Hand Cream*: https://shop-links.co/1730163764482892039


Products I HATE From Brands I Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1hu7DQN4Fs

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? Simple Micellar Gel Wash* ($7): https://shop-links.co/1730163835464109162

? Versed Dew Point Gel Cream*: ($15): https://shop-links.co/1730163865199515629

? Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief ($28): https://shop-links.co/1730163878634074450

? Beauty of Joseon Calm Serum* ($14): https://shop-links.co/1730163895981781059



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*These are affiliate links that help me earn a small commission from your purchase. Each purchase supports me to keep working as hard as I can to make videos for you guys! Thank you for the support :)

Intan Maisarah

Hi. I would like to ask if Mario Badescu works on noduls or papules or not? Bcs a month ago i bought drying lotion (From other brand) and wore it everynight but i see no difference :( So if anyone know can please let me know in the reply comments section. I need your helpp

Ioana rascanu

Cheers from Romania, home-country of Mario Badescu!:))) You're doing a great job, lots of focused and accurate info! Thank you!

Olivia Woodcock

What are your thoughts on jade rollers?


random question: I'm new to this and I don't understand why people hate MLM brands? I'd appreciate it a lot if someone would explain ^_^

Lauren Smith

Omg I love this video, please do more!!! ❤️❤️

Emma Dell



La Mer hand lotion just makes me side eye. It’s so expensive and nothing in the ingredient list warrants the hefty price tag.


For a second I thought he meant Muslim Lives Matter when he said MLM. Got me scared lmao. Glad I was wrong

Evie C.

Hyram I have a question but I don't have social media, are there different kinds of products for the color of your skin? Also if there are can you do a video on skincare products for people of color?

J z

Hi Hyram! I really like your channel and your being? I would love for you to tell us the truth about medical grade skin care like osmosis, skin medica or truth treatments. Please please please ?



lucila maria

i LOVE how open minded you are, you have such a kind heart?

Bella Maneen

See when I say I hate brands I'm talking about brands who do horbale stuff to thier family,spouse's,costumers and animals so I do feel as if that's okay because that stuff is disgusting

Julia Green

Did i just get a Hyram curology ad in front of my Hyram video?? Lol

Carolina Castellanos

I freacking LOOOOVE your videos. And LOVE YOU. You are truly amazinggg


I used PIXIE's Rose cream cleanser and it worked great on my acne prone skin.For some odd reason, I would ALWAYS break out when I used Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel. ALL THE TIME. So Pixie really helped my skin get to where it is. Now I used Cerave to clean my face. It's cheaper and there is way more product.

Elli Jay

Hyram: you guys get what I’m saying
Me: -_-

Bella Belle

Hi Hyram I like your shirt ❤️

Mia Tauchi

Anybody knows about Hyrams stand on Shiseido? Especially the ibuki and WASO lines? I can't really find a specific video on this:)

Swastika Paul

I mean come on La Mer means sea in french.....so basically you require a sea of money to buy their products like duhh!?

Manuel Gomez

I love Hyram’s shady ass ?


we should hate all brands that are not or don't thrive to be inclusive and cruelty-free.

Blue Gym

I had great customer service from Drunk Elephant. I was potentially having a reaction to one of their products and they were very gracious. Their rep emailed me to try to pinpoint the problems I was having with a moisturizer and to find another solution. Apparently they listened to feedback, and are not taking the same defensive position when communicating with customers.

Bri Eeee

Gets a New shirt .
Happens to be blue. ...
Me ; ???

Watermelon Sugar

Omg my neighbors bought the kheils micellar water.... 28 dollars?!??!??!???!?? Omg she spent big bucks ?

Linda Frolcova

what about st. ives

luv dogs

hyram ur so entertaining that even my dog try’s 2 see my phone ?? ilysm

bonnie grant

and WHAT the notification bell?

Brandy Venedam

I honestly dislike drunk elephants for the same reason as you, but I love their makeup melter balm cleanser it does an amazing job at removing my makeup that I typically cake on ? (GUIILLTTYYY), I tried using oil and water formulated products but they didnt work only balm cleansers have and drunk elephants is the only one i could find that's great for the skin and is fragrance free (highly sensitive to fragrance) if you have any better recommendations for a makeup melting balm that would be great

Emily Conner

We stan anti-MLM Hyram

Avs Fan

U used the word “hate” as click bait in your header though ?

Lisa Leon

Hyram you should create your own line of skin care products!

anna barrett

Hiram: when i see a lot of hype I become way more critical
Me: wasn't it hiram who started the cerave hype lmao

Jessiica R

Hey Hyram. Can you make a skin care video for the body?
Love your content ?

tanner coffelt

when hyram said "also do you like my new shirt?" i literally cries. he is so fucking cute.

Kathryn Caskey

Hii. I think you probably wont see this but I keep getting these red like patches next to my lip. There small but I put chap stick on it but it keeps coming back. It like peels sometimes to so if you have any recommendations I would love them. Thanks! :)

Miko king

omg hyram is taurus ♉️ GAHAHAAHHA ?

Sophia Lam

The vines are missing

Camille Ng

Hey Hyram! I know you stated in the video you don’t like MLM brands, but I’ve heard really good things from Nuskin products (my mum used to sell it and says the ingredients are better than some other luxury brands), so I was wondering if you have any input in the brand Nuskin. Thanks luv u!

S. A

The shirts still blue Hyram... the shirts still blue


the way you bleeped the f word but not the b word lmaoooajsadak

Maureen Barnes

Indeed Labs has a great dupe for Drunk Elephant's Bronzing Drops! It's called Nanobronze https://indeedlabs.com/shop/nanobronze-bronzing-drops/. It's half the price and also has anti-pollution ingredients. <3

lol much

Why did I know u were a Taurus like me!!!! Yass Taurus’ are thee best!

Clare Burke

Thank you Hyram loving your uploads at the moment and keeping me sane in such tough times. You seem such a genuine lovely person and me and my niece are following your recommendations I’ve learnt so much ??

Alexis Rodriguez

Now im wondering if its safe / ok to apply pure calamine lotion as a spot treatment? Vs the drying treatment. @hyram

Cecily Tudor


Icy hot

If your new here

1: We Stan the ordinary, the inky list, youth to the people,cerea VE,krave beauty, and Paulas choice.

2: We dislike Mario badescu, clean and clear, most of neutrogena products, most of tatcha products and other brands who use fragrance

3: fragrance is a BIG no. It can can cause many problems like irritation, rashes, pimples, acne and many more

4: Mario badescu sprays are just fragrance in water m?

5: makeup wipes do more harm than good ( for your skin and the environment)

6: double cleanse if you wear makeup and or sunscreen

7: chemical exfoliating is way better than physical exfoliating

8: everyone’s skin is different

9: everyone needs to moisturize even if you have oily skin

10: use what works for you

11: fragrance is fine in a wash off treatment but not on a leave on treatment like moisturizer, surum, essence etc

12: be gentle with your skin

13: natural is not always better

14: sunscreen is the most important part of a skin care routine and should be used after everything else

15: eye creams are just expensive moisturizers and are not necessary , just use your regular moisturizer

16: our enemy is st. Ives apricot scrub?

17: diy skincare is a no, most of them use essential oils (which are just as irritating as regular fragrance) and any of the good benefits that you could be getting from the ingredients are most like lost when you cut the fruit or vegetable open

18: enjoy yourself while doing your skincare and think of it as your you time

19: try to recycle ♻️ your empty skincare containers

20: a good and simple routine should have 4 steps,cleanser(this includes cleansing balms, oils etc), exfoliate, moisturizer, and the most important of them all, sunscreen.

Hope this was informative. Tell me in the comments some more things I forgot

serena bacon

hyram pls try the function of beauty's new customizable skin care set plssss

lily beauchemin

hyram, the reason your filming set up looks different is because you didn’t have your artificial vines on the wall next to the picture on your table!

wavy.baby. alyssa

So as for the Mario badescu drying lotion its 17 dollars. You can get the exact same results from using calamine lotion. Its the exact same as Mario badescu with the price tag. I used the Mario badescu drying lotion and calmine lotion and its the exact same results I use the equate beauty calamine lotion and the ingredients are " calamine 8% , zinc oxide 8%, Bentonite magma, calcium hydroxide , glycerin, purified water" it littrally dries it up at the same pace if not quicker except the Mario badescu is 17$ and the calamine lotion is 1$ its always helps get off the extra oil or those really nasty juicy pimples

Magda Malyszko

I always say to my kiddies that the only time they can use the word HATE is in the sentence:
'I hate the word hate.' They do their best to follow this rule. You are such an amazing personality to not only educate the others about solid skincare habits but also about how to become a great person! Thank you so much Hyram! We need more people like yourself to make this world a better place! ❤

rhett Hyman

He needs a shirt that says “ BuT wEreS tHe MoUisTriZeR” and in the print

Kaitlyn Jones

I use drunk elephant for most things. I do think they’ve worked on their customer service too! I think it’s really cool how they have Tiffany answer questions on insta on Sunday’s, and if anyone on social media has questions or concerns, they’ve been really polite.

crazy girl 101

What about hate against homophobs

Lauren Palmer

I'm a Taurus too ?


I feel like some shops should have a sticker on products that are hyram approved that says hyram approved with a tick

Sarah Shoemaker

If you want a replacement for the BalmDotCalm try the CBD lip balms from Smith & Cult they are SO soothinf


Could you speak more to MLM skincare brands? I know their business model is problematic, but the products themselves seem pretty good. Are they?

AVideoStarWorld Willemijn

I present to you every single ingredient that is described by the by Hyram suggested Paula’s choice ingredient dictionary as ‘poor’. Because you know ‘ingredients don’t lie b*tch’.
Please share and enjoy this list!

Bad skin care ingredients :
- acacia farnesiana extract (fragrance)
- Acetic Acid (sensitizing)
- Acetone (sensitizing)
- Achillea millefolium
- Acne soap
- Advanced glucation endproduct
- Aerocarpus santalinus (fragrance)
- Albumin
- Alcloxa
- Alkaline
- Alpha isomethyl ionone (fragrance)
- Aluminum sulfate
- Ammonium chloride
- Amyl cinnamate (fragrance)
- Amyl salicylate (fragrance)
- Amyris oil (fragrance)
- Abacyclus pyrethrum
- Angelica archangelica root oil
- Angelica polymorpha Sinensis toot extract
- Anisaldehyde (fragrance)
- Anise
- Arnica extract
- Awapuhi

- balm mint extract (fragrance)
- Balsam Peru (fragrance)
- Bay leaf oil
- Bee pollen
- Bellis perennis
- Benzoin extract (fragrance)
- Benzyl salicylate (fragrance)
- Bergamot oil (fragrance)
- Bitter orange flower (fragrance)
- Back locust extract
- Black pepper extract and oil
- Bloodwort
- Bois de rose oil
- Bois oil
- Borate
- Borax
- Boswell is carterii (fragrance)
- Bronopol
- Butylphenyl methylptopional (fragrance)

- cajeputi oil
- Calamine (sensitizing)
- Camphor
- Cananga extract (fragrance)
- Cananga odorata (fragrance)
- Capsaicin
- Capsicum
- Capsicum oleoresin
- Cardamom (fragrance)
- Carvone (fragrance)
- Cedarwood (fragrance)
- Cedrus atlantica bark extract (fragrance)
- Cinnamomum
- Cinnamomum camphora
- Cinnamon
- Cinnamyl alcohol (fragrance)
- Citronellol (fragrance)
- Citrullus colocynthis
- Citrus amara (fragrance)
- Citrus aurantifolia (fragrance)
- Citrus aurantium (fragrance)
- Citrus aurantium extract (fragrance)
- Citrus medica limonium (fragrance)
- Clary oil (fragrance)
- Clove leaf
- Clove oil
- Clover blossom
- Clover leaf oil
- Coleus barbatus
- Colloidal silver
- Comfrey extract (sensitizing)
- Commiphora myrtha extract (fragrance)
- Copaifera officinalis
- Cornmint
- Cyclamen aldehyde (fragrance)
- Cymbopogon martini
- Cymbopogon citratés

- daisy flower extract
- Daucus carota
- Denatured alcohol (sensitizing)
- Dimethyl ether

- elexampane (sensitizing)
- English ivy extract (sensitizing)
- Environmental damage
- Equisetum arvense (sensitizing)
- Esculin (sensitizing)
- Essential oil (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Ethanol (sensitizing)
- Ethyl alcohol (sensitizing)
- Eucalyptus extract (fragrance)
- Eucalyptus oil (fragrance)
- Eugenia aromatics (sensitizing)
- Eugenol (fragrance +sensitizing)

- fennel oil (sensitizing)
- Fennel seed extract (sensitizing)
- Cerulean galbaniflua (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Fir needle oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Floralozone (fragrance)
- Foeniculum vulgare extract (sensitizing)
- Fragrance
- Frankincense extract (fragrance + sensitizing)

- Galbanum (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Gardenia Florida extract (sensitizing)
- Geranium oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Geranium pretense (sensitizing)
- Ginger oil (sensitizing)
- Gold (sensitizing)
- Grapefruit oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Grapefruit peel extract (sensitizing)
- Grapefruit seed extract
- Guarana (sensitizing)

- hamamelis virginiana (sensitizing)
- Hamamelitannin (sensitizing)
- Hayflower extract (sensitizing)
- Hedera helix (sensitizing)
- Hedione (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Hexyl cinnamal (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Horse elder (sensitizing)
- Horseradish (sensitizing)
- Hydnocarpus anthelmintica (sensitizing)
- Hydrastis canadenis (sensitizing)
- Hydrogen peroxide (sensitizing)

- illicium Vernum (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Inula helenium (sensitizing)
- Iris Florentina extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Isopropyl alcohol (sensitizing)
- Ivy extract (sensitizing)

- Jasmine oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Jasminium grandiflorum (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Jonquil extract (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Juniperus communis (sensitizing)

- Kathon CG (sensitizing)
- Kava-kava extract (sensitizing)
- Kawa extract (sensitizing)

- lady’s mantle extract
- Laurus nobilis
- Lavandin oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lavendula angustifolia (sensitizing + fragrance)
- Lavandula officinalis (sensitizing + fragrance
- Lavender extract and oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lemon (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lemon balm (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lemongrass extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lemongrass oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lemon juice (sensitizing)
- Lemon oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Levisticum officianale root extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lime oil and extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Limonene (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Linalool (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Litsea cubeba (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Lovage toot extract (sensitizing)
- Lye (sensitizing)

- mandarin orange Oil or extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Marjoram (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Melaleuca cajeputi oil (sensitizing)
- Melia ezadirachta oil (sensitizing)
- Melissa officinalis (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Mentha arvensis (sensitizing)
- Mentha piperita (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Mentha spicata (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Mentha viridis (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Menthol (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Menthone (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Menthoxypropanediol (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Menthyl lactate (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Methanol (sensitizing)
- Methylchloroisothiazolinone (sensitizing)
- Methyldibromo glutaronitrile
- Methyldihyrrojasmonate (fragrance)
- Methylisothiazolinone (sensitizing)
- Mimosa oil or extract (fragrance)
- Mint (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Myrrh (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Myrtle extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Myrtus communis extract (fragrance + sensitizing)

- narcissus poeticus wax (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Neem oil (sensitizing)
- Neroli (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Neroli oil (fragrance + sensitizing)

- oak root extract (sensitizing)
- Olivanum extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Orange blossom (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Orchid (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Oregano (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Origanum majorana (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Origanum vulgare flower extract (sensitizing)
- Orris root (fragrance + sensitizing)

- palmarosa oil
- Papain
- Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)
- Patchouli (fragrance)
- Pelargonium graveolens oil
- Pellitory
- Pentadecalactone (fragrance)
- Peppermint (fragrance)
- Petitgrain mandarin (fragrance)
- Photosensitizer
- Pine oil (fragrance)
- Pinus lambertiana wood extract
- Piper nigrum
- Pgistemon Cablin (fragrance)
- Pyrus cydonia

- quercus
- Quercus infectoria extract
- quince seed

- robinia pseudacacia extract
- Rosa damascena oil (fragrance)
- Rosa gallica flower extract (fragrance)
- Rose flower (fragrance)
- Rose flower oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Rosemary oil
- Rose oil (fragrance)
- Rosewood oil (fragrance)

- salvia officinalis
- Sandalwood oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Sausurrea oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Sclareolide (fragrance)
- SD alcohol (sensitizing)
- SD alcohol 40-2 (sensitizing)
- Silver (sensitizing)
- Soap (sensitizing)
- Sodium borate (sensitizing
- Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate (sensitizing)
- Sodium carbonate (sensitizing)
- Sodium cocoate (sensitizing)
- Sodium lauryl sulfate (sensitizing)
- Sodium palmate
- Sodium palmitoyl sarcosinate
- Sodium palm kernelate
- Sodium silicate (sensitizing)
- Sodium tallowate
- Sodium thioglycolate (sensitizing)
- Spearmint oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Star anise (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Styrax benzoin
- Sulfur (sensitizing)
- Symphytum officinale extract (sensitizing)
- Szechuan peppercorn (sensitizing)

- tallow
- Tangerine oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- TEA- lauryl sulfate (sensitizing)
- Thyme oil (sensitizing)
- Thymus serpillum extract (sensitizing)
- Thymus vulgaris oil (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Tormentil extract (sensitizing)


- verbena extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Vetiver oil or extract (fragrance + sensitizing)
- Volatile oil (fragrance + sensitizing)

- White oak bark extract (sensitizing)
- Wild ginger (sensitizing)
- Wintergreen oil (sensitizing)
- Witch hazel (sensitizing)

- Xi xin (sensitizing)

- yarrow extract (sensitizing)
- Ylang ylang (fragrance + sensitizing)

- zanthoxylum piperitum (sensitizing)
- Zinc carbonate (sensitizing)
- Zinc sulfate (sensitizing)
- Zingiberaceae (sensitizing)
- Zingiber zerumbet (sensitizing)

Nandi Rachelle

Where do you keep all the products you purchase? Like do you have cabinets for dayssss

Watermelon Sugar

I know what's missing from the background, It's the vines they're missing ?✨

Sabrina M

Hyram i think it looks different because you dont have the wall vines up. Not totally sure, but thats what i noticed.

Lillie Thornley

can you plssss make a video about stridex pads?? on all the versions of stridex pads please!!!!???

Stanimira Karauleva

Hyram please make a video about Bioderma, the reason is i can’t find anywhere a nice review speaking about the ingredients in their products. And I loooove that you explain the ingredients, not only saying “ this is nice” or “this isn’t”

Lu Bog

been using my drunk elephant bronzer serum completely wrong (: LOL

humaira amani

shoutout to anyone who need this

3:52 mario badescu drying lotion $17
7:42 pixi clarity lotion $24
11:08 dermablend flawless pigment drops $40
13:08 lamer the hand treatment $95
13:36 skinfix eczema hand repair cream $18
13:42 necessaire the hand cream $20
9:59 drunk elephant the bronze sunshine serum $36

sara alice

i dont even watch hyram religiously but i always do the shimmy

Jeanette Lee

I wish I can comment I love you in your every single youtube video but i gotta work tmr so.. love you Hyram <3


Do you approve of the MB buffering lotion? It’s the only product w niacinamide that’s available in my country so I rlly wanna know.


Binge watching you to calm my anxiety with the election lol

yeezsleez manualgang

The disgusted facilities specifically beg because road wessely alert as a squeamish part. ajar, tranquil male

Dumb Snail

i'm just glad he says the drying lotion is ok bc i have it on my face rn

Richard Vanaman

Hyram you’re my fav

Alexandria eisenberg

I hate one single person and will for the rest of my life. I have a good reason tho

nishtha gupta

You need a video for MOST INNOVATIVE products!

Emma Eubanks

not tryna bash glossier (I luv some of their products)

but their is some app called healthy living where u can search for a product, and see what bad stuff is in it. sadly most of glossier products have ingredients that can cause birth defects, and cancer!

pragati lilani

hyramide is my favorite ingredient

Nilton Garcia Castillo

Can you do a review on the Gold mountain drying soluiton


The fact that St.Ives isn’t here just showers that they don’t have many decent products

The.0fficial .filbert

7:17 Holy FRIJOLES

Megan S

Lol there was a Kiehl’s ad on this video, swear to god.


Hyram please review the brand Mychelle!

Laura uwu

I’m still waiting for the day Hyram decides to wear a non blue shirt ???


Hi fellow Taurus!!!

Ania Ziółek

I've already learned the introduction of hyrams videos ,,Hello everyone and welcome to Skincare with Hyram If you don't know who I am, my name is hyram and I am passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine So make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the noficitation bell so that you can see my videos every single week" plus that cool move with my arms I literally start talking and doing what hyram in this moment lol

Molly Broughton

i'm so glad hyram approves of the balm dotcom lip balms bc for me they are an absolute God send :))

Ania Ziółek

Yes we like your shirt !

Cassidy Mcgarry

you should make a truth about honest beauty video. It just came to Canada (in stores)

Alexa Brown

Me : skipping ahead to see the next product

Ashley Arispe

Hi what do you think about aloe as a moisturizer? (Pure aloe, no fragrance , particularly the brand aloe infusions?) I was looking into honeyskin as well.

Kristina S

Does anyone know if I’m double cleansing right

I’m using the neutrogena makeup removing balm
And cerave foaming facial cleanser

Is that double cleansing?? Please help!!

Cinnamon_Roll Dani

Yes. I do like glossier makeup, but I don't like their skincare.

Nina Seifert

Hi, I actually love the tee tree water from lush :D what does everyone else think of it?

Rodaina Ayman

Hyram when are you releasing your own skin care line


Hyram: “I don’t click on your video thinking: you are the god of all knowledge, whatever you say is Bible truth.”
Me when I first started watching Hyram: “He is the Bible of skincare mum!”

Jasmin Guy

When he mentioned Glossier and I knew straightaway he was going to say Balm Dotcom.... Maybe I watch too many skincare videos

Dolan Glazer

everyone: “i’m so happy we finally have a corona virus vaccine”

hyram: bUt iT hAs FrAgReNcE


do you have a product called Garnier in America? if so please do a video on that.

Brianna Stone

I'm super picky about my hand cream and I finally found one I love. Mineral Hand Cream Sea Kissed I got a sample in my ipsy bag and now it's the only hand cream I'll buy

dontguess noname

Love the story of lamer hand cream???