Shea butter sunburn

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DIY WHIPPED SHEA BODY BUTTER:removes dark spots,hyperpigmentation,sunburn .

731 views | 21 Oct. 2018

Hey guys

Learn how

Hey guys

Learn how to make your own whipped body butter no mixer needed

Adaobi obinwanne

Wow will give this a try right away..mean while second to watch


Hello there i tried using Colgate over my spots they actually went darker????so i stopped i don't think anything will ever help me with my spots i had them since i was a toddler and as i grow i got more and more these videos gives me hope but that nothing?

Shea butter sunburn

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16 406 views | 2 Apr. 2018

Hello lovers, In this

Hello lovers, In this video I will be sharing with you the top 5 skin lightening ingredients to avoid in your skincare products plus other names for hydroquinone in some lightening products.


1, Hydroquinone (Benzenediol, Dihydroxybenze, Hydroxyphenol, etc ). Causes liver damage, skin and lung cancer, green veins, stretch marks, etc.

2, Tretinoin _ Causes thinner skin, green veins, itchy skin, sunburn, etc.

3, Alcohol _ Causes pH level change, worsen hyperpigmentation, dryness, etc.

4, Glycolic Acid _ Causes sunburn, skin cancer, green veins, sun spots, dryness, etc. When used excessively.

5, Corticosteroid _ Causes steroid rosacea, thinner skin, sunburn, green veins, etc.

For more informations, contacts and personal questions visit,


To buy my handmade skin lightening skincare systems visit MY ONLINE STORE,



HAPPY EASTER 2018??????.




Starring Ng Styles and other casts.

Directed by Ng Styles.





Susan Gymfi

Hello dear thanks for your advice nice video pls I have burn on my check what can I use to clear it pls can you help me

The voice Of the people

Did u say kolic acid or kojic acid pls ..

Lizzy Abiola

I love all your videos that i watch and pls can you direct me where to get most of this ingredients here in lagos

Susan Gymfi

God bless you dear you a child of God

Jennifer Yinkore

please ma how can I make body butter because I have green vain

9õl rrBola Leon Latifat

I have dry skin, which cream u want to advice me to use

Anand Mohan

That's all name you mentioned hydroxy hydroquinone= Mequinol which is safe product for use and available in all over the Europe.. where hydroquinone is banned. ... Mequinol 2% is as strong as hydroquinone 4% .. but it is safe ..
Paraben is only resemble as estrogen it is not as bad

CB James

Nice video ma’am, please what cream do you use I like your skin

salam uddin

How to remove facial hair

CharlotteDujour Morris

veins are green or blue. you can't avoid that. if you lighten your natural skin color you are going to see your veins under your skin.

Lovina Obianime

pls ma, what is the name of the body butter in this video.

Page Family

I think she should focus on weight loss instead of skin bleaching

maiyegun bunmi

What about acetyl alcohol is it also a bad chemical to avoid

Abiodun Adebanjo

Happy easter mama.love your smile

Jennifer Yinkore

thanks a lot ma

Susan Gymfi

God bless you dear you are a child of God

Briella Washington

Lol Google = "goo goo"

Cynthia Du pont

Thank you so much love !

Tina Anthony

Instead of talking about skin shit, you should be talking about how to loss weight....Lol

Samuel Ohenhen


Susan Gymfi

Yes I have used aloe vera gel but I did not see any improvement can you please tell me how to mix the apple cider and the honey please thank you God bless you always


First and foremost your complexion is very nice, so congrats on your results. To completely honest, I don't think you are using the products you mentioned in your videos to achieve those results. I think you as well all the others that come on YouTube promoting this natural DIY skincare for lightening have been getting glutha shots and pretending your home remedies is the reason for your results. That being said, your home remedies my give you glowing skin and lightening you a bit. Not from where you were to where you are now in 6 months to a year. So please tell us the real 411

Lilian Eze

thanks for the advice

sarim warsi

In summer where can we store papaya oil in fridge or in room temperature, bcoz i made papaya oil with extra virgin coconut oil ,plz plz maam reply, I am waiting for your reply ma'am???????

Grace Nyone

pls ma, what is the name of the body butter in this video.

kyesha walker

I have rash and burns on my face from using Carotone. What could help treat and reverse this, please?

maiyegun bunmi

Can I use jergens cream instead of body butter ?pls reply .

dorothy oforiwaa

please how to get reed of green vein

olagunju christiana

Pls review makati

Genovera G

Nice one mam pls can you make a video on cream or soap the can take care of face and body white patches thanks

Kids Naydie

Great video... thanks

kaka o

I got that lotion havent use it yet what about green veins tho can vitamin E oil help or sumthng diffnt

Selassie Vlogs

I use carotone n that wen i had this green vein thing. I never knew abt hydro wht...in creams....pls i need help..n pls mum. avoid...this tone creams..

pidgin english news

My a new subscribers in ur channel i use caro light but i mix it Olive oil am not fair is it good to use or i should stop it. Pls reply me tanks

sarim warsi

Thanks ma'am for ur help ???

hassana mansur

pls ma can i apply lightening butter everyday?

Maryam Crazychild Mohammed

How do I get rid of my green veins plsssss

Julianna Godwin


Tulla Gborfu

I needed this video because I have sunburn, thank you

Posche Ng

Hello dear, please in one of your videos, you said something about some lightening ingredients that should not be used together or mixed together. Please can you teach us?

sarim warsi

OK ma'am, so ma'am can we make with sweet almond oil, ma'am plz tell me, I'm waiting for your reply, or also tell me where I can store this oil

sarim warsi

Ma'am still waiting for your reply ma'am, ma'am plz reply

life is beautiful

why are they asking you are you a dermatologist?

All2laugh Comedy

Mama i feel redness on my skin after using a product it work at frist but in the long run it makes my skin red

Money rain Elite

Hello sweet heart Please i need help on my face

Oruma Adabuzo



thanks a lot sister. stay bless

The force cometh

No lady you are not happy.

Vanessa Osagie

Thanks my love ❤️❤️❤️

Blessing Omnvboje

pls ma, can I get body butter here in Lagos state.

Hopenikky Hope

Wow... thank u so much for educating me on this i never know all these other names of hydroqinone thanks more grace..

Angelica raphael

Ma ng how can I make body butter

Twisted Roots

Hi! What natural skin lightening lotion do you use? I am finally the skin tone like but want to maintain with a natural lotion. What natural lotion do you use?

pidgin english news

Nice review, is it nice to use supreme white pls reply tanks

Busayo Oluboyo

Pls can you do a video on how to make lightening lotion

kyesha walker

Thank you!!!!!

Tina Anthony

If hydroquinone is so dangerous, why will a doctor recommend it at 4%. Woman, go and sit your fat ass down because you don't know what you are talking about. What doctor school did you go to with your bad English.

Lovina Obianime

pls ma, what is the name of the body butter in this video.

Francesca Ogbode

Honey l just love your knowledge and you are funny. Love you dear

Susan Gymfi

I am sorry to bother you again can you please tell me the best cream for face thank you

Anand Mohan

but Nothing work as good as hydroquinone it'll give you most whitening effect in very less time apart from any other ingredients such as azelaic acid,arbutin,niacinaminde ,kojic acid.... It's all about safety use any product with consultant of dermatologist.. Do you know still apart from their side effects it maintains their golden position in skin lightening, get rid of melasma..

Ruby AJ

Wow didn't know glycolic acid is bad...
Thanks for this info

dorothy oforiwaa

hello ma.. what is body butter. ..

Haifa Ali

??thank you so much.. very helpful video ?

Onyinye Chukwudi

Good day, plz can I use hydroxyethl . hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Norma Godoy

Excelente video. Felicitaciones

Beclairglow Natural Skincare

Hi can I use whitening body butter as sunscreen too

The voice Of the people

Is body butter same as shea butter

Adanna Okore

hi ma'am, I use extract soap. before now, for about 5months now I had been using a soap that I didn't know was lightening me. I noticed the green veins and stopped it. I don't want any lightening effects so I sort out my dermatologist and she said I should use extract. I've used only one pack so far and I feel there's no difference. I don't like these green veins, do you think I should continue with the extract? my cream isn't a bleaching one. Queen Helene egg yolk.

Susan Gymfi

Yes I have used aloe vera gel but I didn't see any improvement thanks for your advice can you please tell me how to mix the apple cider and the honey thanks again God bless you always

salam uddin


Shea butter sunburn

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Nice one sis, Weldon

Blessing dopest tv

That's nice cream.. Thanks sis

sire serah

Hi sis, please can I use stay young on my face and use JRA as body cream? Thanks

Nwite Ezekiel Sunday

I want to see how it works on your face and body
Why are you hiding yourself?

Ini Gabriel

Ini Gabriel is present ?????

olivia tekyie

Thanks sis. Stay safe♥️

Ini Gabriel

Skin care loverrr


Thanks sis

Abena kitchen

Thanks so much ur reviews are the best my dear ?❤❤❤