Laid out in the sun

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STEAM Speaker Series: Telling Stories in Architecture

66 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Speaker: Ed Rahme

Speaker: Ed Rahme Architect

Sacha Zverev


Laid out in the sun

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A Pup Laid Out InThe Sun... A leather bound waltz

171 views | 15 Sep. 2012

A Pup Laid Out In The

A Pup Laid Out In The Sun

the Luni Troupe

Blue Bus...............................................Carousel Burlesque


A Pup laid out in the Sun

Howls at the Moon ... he's sleeping

He'll dream this again, and again

When the Summer grows cold, he'll be with him, he


With his Master, in the Autumn

He'll be waiting, in the moonlight,

For their fun in the Cinder Sun.

They'll be wandering, and the Winter will come

They'll be warm, in the dream of Springtime

The hope of two

Like morning and dew

Pup opens like a flower

This sensual sexual hour

The Pup receives his Master's power

Pup's soul gives such pleasure

To his Master, who fills its measure

Taking firm hold of his Pup.

Pup laid out in the Sun

Dreams that his Master has come

A dream both shared and remembered.



The Moon dreams of Springtime and Pup in the Sun.

The Pup dreams of his Master and howls at the Moon.

The Sun dreams of the Master in Autumn and fun.

The Master dreams of his Puppy and coming home soon.

The Luni Troupe are: Joe Judd, Richard Lawrence, Bob Moss and Rick Soderberg Special thanks to George St John, guest guitarist, for performing that great instrumental solo guitar in this "number."

Laid out in the sun

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Laid Back In The Sun

154 views | 21 Apr. 2020

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Laid Back In The Sun · Kool Keith

Lost Masters Collection

℗ 2009 Oglio Entertainment

Released on: 2009-08-04

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I need this song in the iTunes Store now Keith lol awesome shit