Short perm haircut

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Hairopia 28 - long hair permed then cut short haircut makeover

24 241 views | 26 Apr. 2014

Our model's long hair is

Our model's long hair is permed then cut short.

Please visit our website (http://www.hairopia.com) for hair buying and selling, styles, and general hair talk. Or Also, visit another http://www.haircuttingstories.com for hair stories and forums.


horrible style job. I would never let a client leave looking like that


Her shorter poodle perm at the end is gorgeous :) Even though if he would've kept it long and curly, it would've looked really cute as well :)

Short perm haircut

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Haircut #481 Long to short perm パーマ

97 649 views | 8 Aug. 2015

Short perm haircut

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how to get rid of perm, extremely short women's haircut

45 367 views | 7 Jun. 2018

from this video you will

from this video you will learn how to get rid of perm and get extremely short women's haircut. Go to https://nikitochkin.com for more hairdressers education and shop.

If you want a better understanding of the schemes and haircut techniques which are present on my channel you need to watch this video: https://nikitochkin.com/learn/abc-of-the-hairdresser

NIKITOCHKIN SHOP: https://nikitochkin.com/en/shop

BASIC TRAINING COURSE FOR HAIRDRESSERS: https://nikitochkin.com/en/learn/kurs-basic

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about this haircut and be sure to subscribe for more hairdresser tips and techniques: http://bit.ly/Nikitochkin

New step by step haircut tutorial twice a week!

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Good technique but I don't like the result. ?I'm sorry but that's what I think .


This is beautiful, love the way it frames her face.


i am glad to have this haircut. i like it. and i got it, you have claws like Wolverine...sorry i like jokes, see you ...slip out

Lorraine Joseph

her hair is healthy again. She can start fresh

mei yuk so

Beautiful cut。

Martin 666666

Suuuuper 1

Inna Zhurav

Повезло девушке, что получилось сделать короткую стрижку, моя знакомая под насадку 3 мм. стриглась после химзавивки))

Flowers Mery

Siempre se aprende de usted, en gran manera!


손에 상처가 생각보다 심해요 ㅠㅠ 조심해요 ㅠㅠ

Śhůbhåm Das

Your cuts alwayys satisfies. I think that is what we called practice, experience and knowledge.


Первая мысль - " И на баррикады... то ли Гаврош, то ли Жанна д'Арк "... Ну вот так мне видится.

Eduard Korolev

Спасибо за красоту ))

Osnat Gerzon

Nice!!! Amazing work, Maksim! God, I bet you are the best hairdresser in the whole Odessa, at least ???

Norma Luna

Ok Maksim,tank you!!

Ричард Ретривер

Просто класс !!!

Norma Luna

Excellent work!!

Алексия Светлая



Thank you for the video. I liked to see the whole cutting process, how the cut is shaped until the finish because it’s tricky to cut this thick hair. Well done ?


xcellent scissor over comb work, lov the contour line in front

Mr. Golden Scissors

Is that a Mizutani metal comb?

Aleksey Kosyanenko

What with your hand?


Non ?

José Maximiliano Grando Simões

fantastic work


Что с правой рукой?

Elizabeth Zaitsev

How about a buzz cut for women? Pleeeaze!

Ирина Тата

На голове казаночек-черпачечек

Emiliano Morado

such a badass haircut!

Мари Иценко

Очень красиво

coiffeur gratuit

amazing !

Lucknow live

Sir .. why do i feel that the cut on back just above the neck is not balanced left side is flat while right has an arch . No offence ???

fata morgana


Becky Barron

Very nice!!!!! Congratulations !!!!! Your hand looks better! Take care

Elizabeth Zaitsev

Yeeeeah! Thank you!!!

22 8B Nuwair Hossain

What is her name



jazzy gardenia

This cut became stupid looking when you cut the bangs and sides so bluntly and made her nose look very big.

ramon vila

I think it's a great change!!!! I think it's very good luck!!

Geez Louise

Beautiful cut. She looks so pretty.

AleksandrA SirovatkA

Браво!!!Круглые слои на короткую длину в исполнении Вас просто шикарно???Геометрия рулит??

Jorge Luis Marques Salustiano

Nice boy.

Oksana Khanchouch

Хотела сделать такую стрижку..??... показала ваше видео ?... изуродовали ?((( почему в мире много безруких мастеров ????
Я очень рада что вы открыли канал!!! Хотя бы порадуюсь за ваших моделей, если самой не суждено сейчас иметь стильную стрижку (((
P.S. живу в стране длинных волос ??



Tasya S

Как всегда потрясающе Максим!Девушка интересная и красивая,ей идёт такой необычный образ????


Very feminine short cut

Silver Foxy

very fun haircut to watch - she wears it great!


Такие кудри остригли?

CR tumm

You are very talented ???and very kind heart ❤️ thank you so much ????

Lee Allen

Niki are you left handed? Just wondering if the videos are flipped?

Milla Schinska


Светлана Трубачёва

Мне к сожалению пока что сложно так стричь без выделения зон. Я начинаю теряться в балансе

Юрий Алексеенко


22 8B Nuwair Hossain

Wow excellent haircut

Zora Pashova

Уаауу :))) Очарователно .Благодаря. Днес имах успех,прилагайки показания от Вас -къс боб с класическа градация.Доволен резултат.Благодаря:))

Facundo Fernandez

Muchas gracias! saludos! Argentina ??

ilona hruskova


Arun Jain

Absolutely marvellous , haircut, suit to model very much.

Michael Remillard

Awesome...you ARE my mentor,

Ostatochno Proschavay

Освободил девушку ?

chenyun hsu

so bold .so good