How to remove splat from skin

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How to remove splat off your skin

461 views | 12 Mar. 2019


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How to remove splat from skin

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How to remove Splat hair color from skin

93 700 views | 21 Jun. 2013

Splat removal.

Splat removal.


Ive found that scubbing my salp with conditioner and letting it sit then scrubbing again when I rinse helps remove it the scalp. Also for the skin let it sit. Then use regular hand soap and it comes right off.

I nURtuRe mA sKiN

Wow I need this because I need to get this blue splat off my neck and my face and hands.... not to mention my bathtub looks like the murder scene of a purple minion

Mizukage Ezay

nice shirt

Ivana Figueroa

I used Hydrogen peroxide and Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes (light Blue packaging) I used the Luscious Raspberries and it works like a charm ♥️♥️?


I dyed my hair bright purple and it’s all over my hands and arm so I’m glad I found this lol

Sarah Lough

thank you so much for this vid. I used Splat purple desire without gloves. I used the gloves on the bleach part too. I tried everything and nothing worked. LAVA SOAP WORKS!! slowly but surely. I wish I had tried this first!


I'm legally blind and I couldn't get splat off my hair it was a horrible situation I tried make up remover pads and they worked beautifully I got lucky as hell

Jammie Morse

hairspray and a old toothbrush works to

Marieanne Ciotuszynski

same exact thing happened to me lmao for same exact reason!!! thank you for tip!!! I still don't get why people say this dye fades in a short time when it quickly stains the skin more than any other dye I've used. I'm loving the colors though I also did red!


witch hazel. It takes 2 or 3 passes but it gets it off your skin.

Daniel Sheffield

I cant get it off my scalp. and the edges of my hairline

No Please stop

I feel you I got blue all over my hands when I was in the shower it bleeds a lot and makes a mess in the tub

jennifur zoe

LAVA is the best,it also works on defoliating and I keep a bar in the shower but keep it from soaking in water ??


Dr Bronner soap did it on the first try and i had the blue dye that doesnt come off, i tired everything in the past, this came off right away not hard scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

Mikayla Bills

i used my alcohol free stridex pads and they worked for me

fArtOo Doc

Oml this helps

Alyssa Proffitt

When my sister helped dye my hair green. She used nail polish remover, and it came right off nail polish remover works for everything let me tell you.

Danielle Williams

Rubbing alcohol helps too

katy Smith

Bruh here in texas that bar of lava soap is apparently 42.98!

Ashley Powell

sugar scrub works really well

theforce iscalling

i think im gonna try that tomorrow. i used scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner on my hands. i need something i could use to get it off my scalp and ear lol


what about the scalp??

Jenisa Aguilar

I just colored my hair blue with splat &’ i got it on my hands , thank god i saw your video, On my way to get some lava ?

Ashlyn Rolle

All of this is me! I used red splat hair dye and used my gloves for the bleach and didn’t have gloves for the dye and my hands are blood red

Emma Rae

Rubbing alcohol!!!

Alisha Wiles

thank-you I needed this lol


DIAL SOAP works just as easy.

You probably have it already so you won’t have to go out looking like you murdered someone or looking like you were beaten half to death because I used the purple dye

ariani zamora

your shirt<3


HELP! I did my hair yesterday and was in the shower for over 2 hours with the water running a dark purple color! It won't stop! What do I do?

JustMe Sherry

Another thing you can use is Permatex Blue Label Hand Cleaner. I use Splat's Luscious Raspberry and it was all over my hands arms etc. I use the Permatex Hand cleaner and scrubbed, it came right off after a few minutes scrubbing. :D My dad brought it to me after he saw it looked like I butchered someone in my bathroom lol. But it works very well.

Shevon George

gojo gets it off really well.

Ellen Buckles

Also using bug spray works really well. The alcohol in it maybe? Or the oils? In an emergency it cuts it fast without irritating your skin.

Lauri Renedo

Use Shaving Cream (: Lol Its Wierd But It Works! Well, It Worked For Me cx


We have the same shirt! :D except the triforce on mine's darker ^^

Mike Miheli

Still doesn't fix stained scalp.


I am very happy I found this video. I am in the process of coloring my hair the purple splat and I have the purple on my arm, chest, hands and neck. I have a bar of that soap. I will use that when I rinse my hair...=) I dont need to be purple at work tomorrow..=)


My mom always uses cigarette ash ( she's dyed her hair every color)


Im not sure if this is going to help anyone but im just posting it because i was going crazy trying to remove splat hair dye off of me hands,arms and whatever other things i got it on(u dyes my own hair..how smart haha)..anyways i didnt bleach my hair but i used regular hand soap,vaseline, and omg yes shocker but it worked and ur desperate u will use it haha...its called l.a. totally awesome cleaner..hope it helps anyone in need of help...tata!! ?

Ashley Heltsley

i currently have violet desire splat ALL over my hands and i cant go out to get the soap HELP!!!! please :)

Jesika N

how did i not think of this ? my husband uses this soap everyday after work and it works like magic my hands look like i killed barney?

Mike Miheli

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_kUKoJizPs This is better!

Bella's Beautiful Soul

I just died my hair and its everywhere thanjs for the tips


Ive found that scubbing my salp with conditioner and letting it sit then scrubbing again when I rinse helps remove it the scalp. Also for the skin let it sit. Then use regular hand soap and it comes right off.

How to remove splat from skin

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Removing Hair Dye From Your Hands Easy!!

116 159 views | 27 Aug. 2018

Cynthia Hite

Thanks for sharing it work.


All of us are really out here with black/blue fingers rn, huh? :P

Ashley C

Omg ?? my hands were PITCH black and this shit was the only thing that worked thank you

Cassidy Aleman

What about the smell ? My hand smell like bleach ?!

One percent

Thanks i dyed my hair blue and my forehead was an alien

Marie Gordon

Omg ! Thank you so much for this video I really thought I would have to go get a refill on my nails I used the baking soda and bleach came right off ??

Darlene Grayson

I used to remove the dye from my nails because nothing else worked. Thank you!!

angel hudson

this was so helpful?

Español hecho fácil

Worked perfectly, thank you for sharing this.

Celeste Fetuao

This works thank you so much!!! I recommend this remedy

vijayawargi venugopal

What are ingredients please explain.

Intissar Bahi

Thank you soooooooo much, you saved my hand, I did it and it’s work

Yolanda Preciado

OMG you save me

s Tes

Hair bleach or laundry bleach?

Kerna C

U bout to save my life lol

Evelyn Garcia

Omg dude yes this works! My daughters hand were damn near black and this took it all off!

Only One MITCH!

Forget the hands, MY FACE!


Thank you. Worked perfectly. I usually don’t comet but this was too good not to thank

Anisa Naamin

OMG this is really work on me! But you need to do it several times if the dye is too thick

God Muva

Holy crap this worked !! I had dark purple splaat all over me

Xavier Deleveaux

I appreciate you for this video. You are straight to the point! More importantly, it works!!! It took less than 60 seconds for me to see complete results. I would recommend eye protection, and possibly a respirator for the fumes. My ratio was 2:1 baking soda to bleach.

Stunna G

We missed you!

Jazzma Palmer

Best way ever.i got it out my face too just dont put too close to eyes and hair use a cotton ball. https://youtu.be/ie0W3Ee1SwY


i really hope this works and doesn’t burn my hand cause i decided to tie dye a mask without gloves and tomorrow is my first day of my new school ?



Used black dye and this was perfect!!! Thank you!

MoonHoney Mami

Omg this worked ❤️

Lea Brown

What are the measurements, like 50/50 or...?

Goofy Kiy

I just dyed my hair black and OMG MY NAILS ARE UGLY ?

Princess Tate

Thank you! Worked in 15 seconds. Saved me

autumn ray

Thank you!!! I was so shocked!

shafi amati

BLEACH on skin? Pass

Lily Whiskers

Bleach ?

Riana Dimassi

Omg this saved me right now ? thank you!❤️

Renee Purple Harris

Last night my hands looked like yours or probably worse. Googled and tried alcohol, toothpaste, fingernail polish remover, tree hut sugar scrub even tried soaking in oil. Nothing!!!
Got up at 3 this morning before work and found this video. As soon as I put my had in the paste used a nail brush dye came off immediately. Now I’m not going to work looking like i was preparing for Halloween early ??

Sherlyn Lopez

Thanks soo much my hand were so pink! It works!!

animal_lover khan

What did you use, please tel me

ChunkyBone Bone

Thank you ?

Juliannie Cabanas

What All I need???

Marsha Graham

Thank you so much!!! It was so helpful!! It works!!!??

Christina M.

You are a lifesaver

Shirley Caceres

What type of bleach is it like hair bleach or like clorox bleach

Denisa Vorotic

Me watching this w my hands stained black even tho i dyed my hair purple: ???????

Tabitha Preston

You just saved my life! Thank you!!!!

Michele Hasbun

ong thank you sm this got purple dye off my hands ??

Trinity steele

Oh my god just easy as 123 you save me just now girl

Remika Williams

Best remedy thus far!!!!? i definitely recommend this!!!!! It works sooo fast!!!!

Ammie Screws-Caple


Min Yoongi's Neck Pillow

How much bleach and baking soda? just until a paste forms or?

Jayla Casados

Just died my hair bright red this shit ain’t comin offff ?

four seasons

What is the ratio?

ew no

you just saved me from getting killed by my mom ?

Ronald Ross Ubas

What kinda bleach?like zonrox?

Aabir Amal

Can I use it for mu neck and forhead ?

Amy Rojas Gudiel

My husband just dye my hair and he has a interview tomrrow an he mad ?


bleach + baking soda make a gas called Chlorine gas it’s safe to use but can cause breathing problems make sure you use it in a well Ventilated area or outside !! ❤️

n. xo

awww your little helper ?

Dillan Hibbert

Ommmgggg..it actually works,thanks aloooot!!!

yx tai

my sister is a fucking dumbass she told me not to use gloves


Wow thanks!!! I’ve been in here trying everything lmao

Starr Williams



Thank youuuu upvoted and subscribed

Betelhem getahun

You can remove dye easily by wash some cloth or wash dish easily in one day

pooja sairam pooo

Hi plz tell me what u used

Ninochka Rodriguez

I'm here because I forgot to put lotion before the hairdye & my neck is pink ????

LaToya Saunders

Life saver...

Shannon Long

Omg I’m goin to try this nowww I got green dye all over my hand


I just dye my hair half blue and half black and oh lord my nail look like I wiped my ass with my nails I don’t like it

LaCole Moore

Thank you sooo much. Yas!!!


wait this worked


I needed to dye my hair and didn't have gloves, so I went for it (don't even ask why, I know how stupid I am). But you saved me. Thank you!!!

Crisse Mae

what do u mean bleach like a detergent?

Katty Sujey

Thank you


Yaaaasss life saver!!! Thank you! It didn't burn or irritate my skin.


Did this make anyone else’s skin peel or just me ??

kai cey

i was just done crying for hours when i saw this video bec. my hands is all black and i have plans for tommorow ? this helps thankkss

Paul Estrada III

Thank you it work good.
it took the color off my hands I new I need to use bleach ...


Bleach will remove your fingerprints also. LOL I would not use this


This is a lifesaver, thanks. Both my hand and nails were black lol.

Wendy N

It worked great! Thanks!

Yesudas Baviseti

This is for those who see comments before seeing the video.?
Bleach+Baking soda Leave it for 3 min.
Scrub and clean it.
It works.?

Courtney Johnson

Does it unstain the nails too?

Stephanie Torres

can this work with baking powder ?

Nikki Torres

What did she put?

Sarabeth Sesma

This works along with dishwashing liquid +baking soda, rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid (a slow method but somewhat effective).

Mohammad Gholam

I removed very small and sharp and hard hair from my hand stuck in my skin

yeosangs chickenwing

loll i dyed my hair blue and my hands are VERY blue

Gem Brown

Is the paste just the bleach and baking soda or everything with charcoal toothpaste etc

Neko Rainbow

Does this really work? Cause i dyed my mom's hair today and one of my nails are stained from the side and it sucks. I want to try to use this but i'm not sure. Doesn't nai polish remover work?

Shaelen Cantrell

Omg that splat dye is all over me!!! I’m gonna try this!

Ramir Martin

Wish I woulda found this video 2 hours ago, but atleast I can go to bed now. LOL! my eyes burn, and I can't stop coughing, but you're the goat for sharing this! thank you!


I just dyed my hair blue and SHIT STAIIINNNSS lmao this helped so much you’re a lifesaver


i dyed my hair purple and it got all over my hair line

vaishnavi vaishnavi

Which bleach u used for hands mam?


My nails are black asf??

bubbly cat

I just tried it right now, and it worked ! thank you so much !




My hands are COMPLETELY black like I have frost bite I’m going to try this later

Julie_ Martinez

Thank you so much, this really works. Ill surely recommend this video to my friends

Perfect Angel

I do NOT recommend this remedy. Especially if you have sensitive/dry/eczema skin.

I used a similar plastic container and made sure to get a similar amount/consistency.

My hands looked like I played around in poop to give you a visual reference. They were coated in brown/black dye because I chose to be rebellious and not use gloves while dying my hair. My palms were brown, my fingers were brown, my nails and underneath my nails were stained brown/black.
So I did this 4 days ago on one hand to test it out and the palm of the hand I did it on is now dry as hell and the skin is peeling and that hand, my palm/fingers specifically is a weird abnormal bleached yellow color....not my normal skin color.
No amount of lotion will save me from eternal dryness on that palm.
My palm also looks tight and struggling.

What’s funny is I used a scrub on my hands (more so my right hand that wasn’t bleached) once a day since I tried the bleach and it’s coming off better than the bleach revealing my natural skin color underneath not a weird bleached version of my skin. It’s also helping get the remainder off on my left side on my nails and underneath.

For anyone reading this, I would suggest a scrub or exfoliator on your hands and just a lot of washing and you’ll be fine.

#riptomylefthand ☠️
Please send condolences.

Navi 305

That’s not safe