Natural products for thinning hair

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Natural remedies for thinning hair | Ayurvedic treatments for thinning hair

12 160 views | 7 Oct. 2014

Sophie Uliano from

Sophie Uliano from Gorgeously Green shows you the most important foods and supplements to consume if your hair is thinning.

The supplements she shows are:



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Pier Paolo

Superhairfood is a wonderful shampoo I was very skeptical at first. I'm glad I caved in and bought it. I had nothing left to lose (other than more hair!). It made my hair super clean feeling, full of life. I noticed less shedding after few uses.


Thank you for this video! Unfortunately i cant buy sibu products in the UK, will you be able to provide any alternatives please?

Berdine Bulled

Normal treatments will keep you trapped in the baldness also, over time make your baldness worse.


Great orientation about all these supplements! Thank you so much!

Mrv Trgt

Is it possible to introduce lactose-digesting enzymes to your body if you can't eat yogurt?


Thanks so much, going to get my thyroid checked. I go to a regular Dr. is there anything specific I should ask him to check when testing my thyroid? Also you said raw nut, but it is ok to roast them before eating? TIA

Green Life In Dublin

Really interesting video, thanking you for making it :) l do have the oil forgotten in my fridge, rushing to get some now, ha ha! and l really want to get that ayurvedic supplement, thanks for telling me about it!

Sandra M

you did'n answered my question about how  to treat and get rid of uneven skin problems. I will wait patiently thank you. 


Can we buy at whole food in USA, Please let me know I have very bad problem going on with my hair right now.

Mrs S

I have seen the Sibu products many times and always wondered about them. Might have to try the supplements.

Asia E. Andre

Before attempting any expensive and risky bunk cream, you should consider some all natural treatment solution for hair loss

Lucille M

Thanks so much!!! :) I have super fine thinning hair :(

Sandra M

Thank you for replied

Natural products for thinning hair

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Aveda | Thinning Hair Solutions & Hair Care Tips with Mo

70 643 views | 20 Feb. 2017

http://www.aveda.com/hair-care/invati-thinning-hair-solutions In partnership with Aveda, Mo of MoKnowsHair shares information about thinning hair as well as tips to help strengthen hair. Mo answers your questions and recommends Aveda’s Invati system.

Hair loss, thinning, and shedding can happen for a number of reasons. Postpartum shedding and thinning happens after pregnancy due to hormones. The affects of aging can make hair look visibly thinner. Lifestyle choices such as neglecting to properly condition on a regular basis, not drinking enough water, and stress can cause hair thinning. If you’re worried about hair thinning, incorporate the Invati hair care system in your hair regimen to help strengthen hair and restore fullness.

Click the link above to style for Aveda Invati Thinning Hair Solutions.

Irish Mae


Rara D.

You are gorgeous!!! I sincerely need this ! do to health issues ,I've lost a lot of hair, and my hair is so brittle! I've tried numerous routines... I hope to try this when affordable

Lidia Udrija

is it sulfate free? Can it be used on chemically treated hair (perms, relaxers, color, highlights etc)

Dr. Ann McSwain

This is a “daily” regimen that doesn’t necessarily work for women of color who refrain from daily shampooing. Thoughts?


whats breakage?
:) id like to know!



Great video Mo! Terrific info!

Sheryl Dixon


Magdalena Williams

Is this product for any type of hair?

NewStyle Modeling

I'm noticing Aveda is a bit predijuce when it come to Tutorials of Black women hair. Most of the Black women have curly hair and are lighter complexion which does not represent the majority of African American women.

Esther Torres

Great video! I have type 4 natural hair and I am thinning in the front. Partly because of it being in my family, I am anemic and the other part is because I have a fatty cyst right on the top front part of my hair. Would this regimen work for a natural curly hair girl? I was thinking about this system or the repair remedy because my hair is dry. Thanks again.

Aretha hatch

thx for sharing.

Khromatic Strandz

thank you..very informative! as a new stylist and I need this knowledge!

Brenda Brown

I have very very short 4B hair. I'm pretty sure you can wash your hair once a week. The Scalp Revitalizer is the only thing that you will use daily.

Asha Fuller

love u Mo! im glad im not thin . The prices are steep for my pockets,but to those who can afford this im looking forward to seeing a review.

Natural products for thinning hair

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36 261 views | 22 Jan. 2019

Hey loves welcome back to

Hey loves welcome back to my channel.

here's a 3 week's update on the NIOXIN SYSTEM 1 SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER FOR FINE HAIR.



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Nioxin Scalp & Hair Leave-In Treatement System 1 (Fine Hair/Normal to Light Thinning)




DISCLAIMER..... This video was not sponsored by NIOXIN all opinions are mine.

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Abi Abiola

But the before and after picture are not collating.

Queenella Smith

I just subscribe please show me love

Ashanta Pinckney

A lot of salon use this as well

Ashanta Pinckney

I have used this product before and it works wonders

MaKy M.D.

thank u. I will buy this shampoo


Lip combo


How often do you use this product??

john Justina

Where can I get this product

Tianaa Makeup

Damnnn i tried this before it really helped me ?❤️?nice Video

kimberly rodriguez

I use castor oil blue magic grease would it work?

Larissa Hazel

Girl, your hair is beautiful! I need to get my hands on these products ?

Amy Hampton

No before and after pics?


Natural hair on fleek ??????

Brenda Andrade

U use nioxin

Shan D

Love your hair, but would love to see the before and after. The before length and the now

iiam Bri VLOGS



Your hair is full girl ??is beautiful

Tahlia Joi

I hope you see this ????
I just got this product and they don’t give you really good directions. How often do you wash your hair with the shampoo and conditioner? Also how often do you put the third step in your hair? And do you still put like oils and stuff in your hair?

faith perkins

can you do an update on this

D. Durant

How often do you wash with this product?

mati pokuaa

Hey you got amazing results I am wondering if your hair will thin out again if you stop using the product?

Kelly Meyer

Omoni sounds like the korean word for mother ?❤

Annie Itugbu

Hairrrrr???infact I need to look into this product ooo,it really worked,tnx for d update hun

ataa amoah

I have just discovered this product and had my first wash today... I love the result! I think I have just discovered my product.

Miss desire Independance

I don’t think three weeks is long enough to tell.

Isaiah Tucker

Did you wash your hair every day. I bought it and did one was and can see the difference but I do not want to over wash my hair. Any advice?

Dumfries Spearhead

The shampoo has SLS, so I don't think it's for me.

Omop Tessy

natural hair on flick