Soft lips lip balm

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Battle of the Lip Balms- EOS vs. Soft Lips Cube - ChimereNicole

23 101 views | 30 Jun. 2014

Let's get ready to

Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeee! This video is my lip smack down between the new Soft Lips Cube and the popular Eos lip balm. Who will come out on top? You have to watch and see! Like and Subcribe for more beauty and reviews.

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Melanie Mejia

And you got your eos cheap
lucky they are usually like 4.99 cause they are pure ORGANIC

Cleopatra da3rd

Its surprises me ...eos is more expensive than soft lips

Jacey Wilde

I used the eos lip balms for years but the soft lips works so much better. I've been loving it I can't stop putting it on. Haha

Patrice Nurse

you are so pretty, like wow! and i think id prefer the soft lips because i find the eos to be a little too thick for my liking. i hate feeling things on my lips

The Pornographer

the pomegranate one smells amazing but it TASTES AWFUL ?
I had to throw all the balm away and refill it with homemade balm so at least and didnt lose the packaging which is the only thing that worths


I love your braids! I have a few questions though, are they a pain to put in and does it take forever to take out

Ahryona Powell

I dislike the soft lips products I feel like as soon as I put it on my lips my lips eat it up and I have to re apply it in like 5 minutes. I think I'm going to stick with Babylips lol

Melanie Mejia

JUST saying but I love eos
it's medicated not the softlip
don't hate me but I saw how they make eos and they use a bunch of organic things And the soft lip has chemicles


You are so gorgeous! I love your braids and eye makeup, sooo pretty. Loved the review too (:

Lluvias De ideas

I have a soflips ????

Guccii xox

I love eos but it gets off easily. One wipe and it's gone. I love softlips

Jasmine Canada

eos are usually $2.00

Rose Baldwin

I payed £6:00 for soft lips and £8:00 for Eos


love Soft Lips Cube!


I love eos but they just don't last ! I out it in my lips 20 minutes later I have to apply more. !


I have a blue eos and the same soft lips cube and I was reviewing them myself


You're friggin beautiful!

Natalie M

I personally like the soft lips better because the eos didn't help my lips at all when I used it and it came off in a second. The lips lasts and actually helps my lips.

Jacey Wilde

Where I live the eos lip balms are 2.99 and the soft lips was 3.50 so it's not that big of a price difference here

Loki Odinson

Where I live eos are almost $5 and they make my lips drier (probably an allergic reaction) so I can't use them anymore, which makes me sad because there so cute. I use soft lips now and my lips aren't dry anymore and there cheaper for me xD I do prefer the consistency of eos over soft lips though!

Tyler Ellis

In Canada EOS is more expensive so I prefer soft lips, but I am in love with revos but they aren't sold in Canada.

Leni Redondo

I loooove you videoooos!?

katie gourdeau

I have The soft lips cube before it was even popular

Grace Chen

Love 5 below!!❄️?

Josh Mckinnley

Like if you are a guy and own both of these LOL

Shanny Says

sorry i don't like eos that much :( i used it three times and within three hours my lips got all chappy. today i got 4 soft lips at bjs wholesale for 9.99 and just tried one...totally rocks....my lips r not chapped yay =D


For me:
Smell:Eos (idk I think I smell it more)
Price: soft lips
Packaging: soft lips
Overall: soft lips?

Ева Поцявичюте

eos lip balm has a really strong smell I've got the sweet mint one and I don't even need to open it to smell it.???

Javiera Neira

I've tried both of them, and actually softlips last more than eos, and they feel soo much better on my lips bc they're always very dry even though I'm always using lip balm, but now they're really soft ? thanks for the review!

Nicole Geo

Awesome channel I subscribe mine subscribing back thanks ❤️

Stevi Auld

TEAM SOFT LIPS I got a rash on my lips and so did my friend Mckenzie and soft lips stays on your lips and make them really soft I haven't needed and lip balm in almost over a week and my lips have been so soft

Deanna Juan

You know what sucks... Where I live the EOS lipbalm is $3 and a few cents but the Softlips is only $2 and a few cents. And I wanted the get the EOS but my mom said It was tos expensive for lipbalm and got me the Softlips instead. But I really like the Softlips! And I think there should have been a tie because look at the results:
You said:
Smell: The Softlips won!
Thickness: The EOS win!
Price: The EOS won!
Packaging: The Softlips won!

Alexis Burnette

Where I love the EOS is $4 and the SOFT LIPS CUBE is $3.50 both in WALMART and FOODLION the SOFT LIPS CUBE is better product and cheaper in my opinion

Jessica Lorefice

i have to agree with you I got the coco eos lip balm it stays on longer but package is noy as cute as the soft lip cube I just got the same one as u today and I agree the smell is awesome makes me want to eat it  however it did not stay on long and left this tingling like you said but I will continue to use both I think I will stick with both just wish eos had a cute idea like the cube did


Only Thing Is EOS Is All Natural 

Ajane Batson

There's a medicated eos lip balm, and all of the eos lip balms have a sent to it.

JL Asplund

you should try the fresh mint one

Stephany Lemus

The softlips cube is $1.99 for me lol

Sophia Montez

I prefer soft lips. I have tried both. I think that the soft lips is much softer and smoother. It helps chapped lips faster and better than the eos. I think the extra price is worth it. I have put soft lips on like every night and it stays on.


eos is cute but softlips is a better balm, i feel like eos is too thick and doesn't last..


I would say that the lip cube wins for me. I think eos are a good product but they don't moisturize my lips, and they only last for around 30 minutes. the lip cube however, smells great, tastes great (sometimes I have to keep from licking it off my lips, don't judge) lasts for a few hours, and moisterizes my lips


Actually eos do have scents...

Jena Faucher

I got the softlips for 1.99$ and the eos for 2.99$ ............ Why do they always change the prices

Brenda Sousa

People, chemicals are not that evil. The feeling on the Ice cube is just the menthol, tho

Melissa Real

I love your review! Very thorough, thanks (:

Melanie Mejia

because eos are organic
and softlip are not they have chemicals
I know because my dad works
and the softlip is not medicated it has chemicles
eos are organic and they have a scent


I use soft lips and it's the best for my lips. I've tried every lip balm there is and soft lips is so great for me! Yes for the lip liner, it helps lipstick and liner stay on! I am going to give EOS another try but to me it's so chalky

Caitlyn Contras

I definitely think the EOS lip balm one over soft lips because if you use soft lips over a long period of time like I did they kind of break your lips out like once you stop using the product they're very very chap but while you're using it makes them really soft

Gaming with Issy

Soo I had just been using my soft lips cube for a while now and it’s very soft then I got a vanilla mint EOS and it’s amazing my personal favourite is EOS but the package and smell to soft lip! The flavour of my soft lips cube is pomegranate blueberry!


For me, either one is great. I'm the kind of person who can't go without lip balm because lips have the tendency to get unbelievably dry. I normally carry multiple balms, at least own for my make up bag and one for my car. The soft lips also has a sweet taste, in case you didn't notice :)

Ashley Harris

Bjs sells them it comes 5 in one pack for $19.99

Jenny Shen

And also eos have a medicated lip balm, tangerine, the orange one so.



Chris Gooden

the eos dose have a smell if you smelled the summer fruit

Everyday Black queen

please try revo

Ashle Perez

Were I live the price is the opposite for the products than where u live.


I love soft lips

Zuza5555555 Q

In Poland is Perfecta Softlips ?


I prefer soft lips 100x better. Eos for me actually FRIES my lips rather then replenish them. Plus where I live Eos's are like $10 over here and the soft lips are like 3.49 lol. The soft lips on the other hand, is very lightweight it lasts for a couple hours for me at least and it's just overall awesome lol.

Sai C

Did she just say eos lip balm doesn't have a SMELL.


Oh baby lips are also good for me

Melanie Mejia

Anyway love ur videos

Sophia Jade

When I saw the ad for the soft lips I got very excited because of the shape. In the past I have had bad experiences with eos and have been scared to try it again. Soft lips is my favorite brand of lip products so I immediately looked for reviews. Your review of the soft lips cube was great and very helpful. :)

Donna Dryoel

I have the mint one

Soft lips lip balm

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hallie capitano

Hi My Sweet Kari? That was so sweet Of Sammie to sen?d u those Soft Lips!!! Can't for u to review the winner collection!!!Your Hair looks amazing? love you too pieces XOX ?????

Lorna Degnen

Loving your hair Kari looks really nice loving the Top too ? xx

Willa Morton

That was SUPER sweet of her to think of you and then to add extra goodies. ???

Also, who’s selling used lip products?! ?


Great job Carrie! Looks awesome!!


Also, I must ask (because I can't tell if there's another line of text below what we can see on camera or not), what does your shirt say? I know what my mind is filling in the blanks with here, because as a Beatle fan, I'm biased ;) But I'm not sure if it actually says it or not and it's making me nuts trying to see if it says Hello Goodbye, LOL


Proud of you

hallie capitano

Please check out Hangouts i!!!!! XOX ?? ?


Yay I'm glad you got them!! ?

Jolene Nichols

I need to order the soft lips off amazon or eBay cause I can’t find them in stores anywhere .. nice haul girly ?


Awwwwww Sammi is awesome! :D She hooked me up with them too! ^_^

Soft lips lip balm

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Review - SoftLips Pearl Tint Lip Balm

631 views | 3 Oct. 2017


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christina otter

I guess you get what you pay for

just me

Love your hat

christina otter

Just watched you pink sheer eos video and it got an 8/10

just me

And your shine shirt ???❤

Ramonita Valentin

I was thinking on get it and eos now not sure