Recurring blackhead

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The Luck O' The Irish Cyst

1 951 740 views | 16 Mar. 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day,

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Popaholics! Here's a refreshing new cyst with an Irish twist that will leave you Green with envy!

An epidermoid cyst is a non-cancerous growth commonly found on the skin of the face or neck, but can occur anywhere on the body. Just as its name suggests, these cysts occur as a result of epidermal cells, cells from the top layer of your skin a.k.a the epidermis, overgrow in a confined space. The buildup of these cells under the skin results in a “cheesy” consistency and often a pungent odor! Epidermoid cysts are typically harmless and have no symptoms, but people often seek removal due to the appearance of the bump or because the cyst has become inflamed or ruptured. If you have a ruptured cyst you may notice, sudden redness, pain, swelling, and heat around the area, all of which can lead to an abscess forming. Surgically removing the cyst can cure the area, but the entire cyst sac and all of its contents need to be removed to ensure the cyst won’t grow back!

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This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.



Its already 12:49am and idk why am i watching this. Huhu all i see is bloood! ?
But im really amazed how Dr. Lee removes that cyst.

Natalie Wallace

Dr Sandra Lee - you're the most beautiful woman, inside & out, ever

Julio Rodriguez


Kati Barriga

Doctora lee la veo desde chile

Emília Schwartz

Que lindinho... Dra. LEE euma fofa!!!

Jean Gamble

Flush it!?!

Schia Parelli

Энибади рашн из хир?

krrlie Carrs

Where's my quarantine popper's club...✌?✌?✌?

Avril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia Hernandez

Uff! Excellent nurse, she was very quick

Amanda Bianchi

Oh.... that’s a bad one ?

Jeff Davidson

I always wonder what the odor is like


:06...something is staring at me ?

ȷοaɳiɛ ฬaяtοοth

Why was the syringe wrapped in gauze? Is it so it doesn't slip?

Jean Gamble

Do you have someone else who could do closed captions for you? Someone who doesn’t call cysts “sisters” for instance?

Patty Nuzzello

Dr Lee needs to do less talking and more numbing

Nora Campos

I’m getting old I’m enjoying the stitching more now...

Archy Girl

So good! Stay safe dear Dr. Lee!

Zhouying Dahsljö

She is good at ? Kind of remind me doing you shoelaces xD

Alex Israelyan

Literally the only time I’ve seen a patients actually say it hurts.

Jonathan Sammons

Hi Sandra. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, THE DOOR ENTRY NOISE IS VERY ANNOYING ON SOME OF YOUR VIDEOS. Otherwise keep up the vids and chit chat. Love it xo

Mary E Dunkin

Squeeze it till it bleeds my Mom would always say.

jailson jotajota


Nadine Kennedy

Love the videos BUTput the captions across bottom of screen. You can't see the procedure proprly. I've made this same comment on several other sites.

Maxine McLeod

I wanted to see the pop! I don't care much about the closure.

Anne Pierre

??If you have the luck of the Irish, You'd be sorry..??

Jack Ginuhang

It turn into satan eye..???

Natalie Lexi

I'm so excited. I finally got rid of my HSV2 within just 14 days. Thank you Lord ?? At last I'm free from shit! disgusting herpes virus. ?????? visit this email [email protected]gmail.com

Zhouying Dahsljö

She is good at ? Kind of remind me doing you shoelaces xD

Brandnewfbt MeowFBT

Doc.Lee “Did I hurt you??”
The patient: No,I’m ok , u ok , etc,.....
2 hours later
The patient: pain like hell llllllllllll !!
Just joking ??


I make it a habit to watch your videos...

Sharon Doll

Would it help to wear a head lamp on some of the cysts?

Maxine McLeod

I love how meticulous she is. Very thorough.

Liz Macleod



Patients with dermatological issues consider glutamine supplementation . Eat antiiflammatiry diet.

Pri Suggoonoo

I see myself as a psychopath but its sooo satisfyingggg?

Hang Nguyen

This is the 1st video of Dr. Lee that I can’t stomach to watch...the tweezer digging inside and needle inside I can’t take it ?☹️

Roy Rice

Without lidocaine this would have been a real "Hell Bender" !!! ????


Now u did a nice stitch job on that one.

Carrie See

Must you make it look like an eye? Ewwwww

Mrs.Coffee ???

Some of these people need to take classes from DR Lee because how in world ? they. Getting their license please so I can set up a practice ? Mrs coffee ☕️

J. J.

In the past you were prettier now you talk too much en money is zo important

Smiley Dan Production

Tbh i saw this cyst opening as a mouth and just thought of a mouth throwing up and for some reason it made it a bit more comfortable

Alexis Parker

Slmd that's a cool intruduction ?

Diana Martinez

Dr Lee , Iam 62 yr old female with large cyst on my back for 30 plus years i had it removed twice and it keeps coming back i have pain now it bothers me where in northern New jersey where can find a dermatologist to remove this once in for all!!! PLEASE HELP????

Emma Harris

Oh god it's so hard to watch lol I would NEVER be able to have this as a job

Ayanna A.

I have a little pimple oh my leg but I’m only a kid can you please help me if you don’t listen up kids that’s OKAY !




Love these!
What about some relaxing music to help the client to relax & minimize hearing the snipping noise?
Also, a surgical light would make it so much easier too see.

D Bowen

After watching some other videos of drs removing cysts/ lipomas or whatever...it is always so nice to come back and watch your clean, neat procedures and your stitching...OMG your stitching is amazing! I enjoyed watching it initially because I cross stitch and was always fascinated watching drs stitch incisions, but your stitching is so so neat, tiny and leaves such a small line, I can’t imagine there’s a scar! I’ve seen some horrible stitching on some of these medical videos! They have huge incisions and don’t do any internal stitching and the stitches look like my embroidery when I was 5! Thank you Dr. Lee, I hope I can afford to come to you if I ever need a procedure!??❤️❤️

Cody Miller


Shirley Oneill

Keep us poor auld IRISH out of it...we've had enough struggles, bateing & fighting ?

marsha baum

It hurt


I could see the goo was already coming out as she was cutting off the snippet of skin. All I could think was that it looks like my mom's pot pie and my dad's Shepard's pie...

Kim Gilbert

I love watching Dr.Lee

Jewel Joseph

I love how u communicate with ur patients...and the running of it all??I love u Dr Lee

Todd Moulder

I’d get a new silent doorbell that just flashes light at the front desk staff. That’d drive me nuts


Oatmeal anyone?

Julia Dixon

The Exor-cyst


I’m okay eating and watching, but thankfully I’m not eating oatmeal..

Nicolas Kowalski

Was expecting some green goo!



Marquita Amodio

I love all your pops I am your greatest fan pops they relax me if I cannot sleep I watch you all and it calms me

Heather Messa

i love that she is always telling the patient what's going on because needles are scary!!!

Daphane McConnell

Why Dr.’s do not use Novocain ? It it only used in Dental work? Lidocaine is useless and could not numb me enough. The dentist shot me up so mush she said that is all she can do. I felt the extractions.

Dyan Villastiqui

After all that numbing she injected there, I think I mentally felt the pain instead while watching all that.

Lela Green

I'm not a doctor but don't you need to num it before you start cutting into the skin, I wonder


How long do you wait after a numbing injection? In dentistry we waited a little longer.

Maria Margareth

Admiro pelo carinho com seus pacientes ?

kathy tolson

I worry about the strength in your fingers. Are you having problems with squeezing cysts?

Marc Aliventi Aliventi

Does anyone else wonder how far the cyst will fly if Dr Lee didn't make such a big incision?

Tracy Parry

I absolutely love your bedside manner Dr. Lee! I have personally told doctors b4 "Ouch, that hurt!" And have been told "Oh stop being a baby, that didn't hurt." Keep it up! We need more doctors like you! ?

Regina Miller

I'm a pimple popper love you show and videos Sandra Lee.

Nora Mitchel

My gad ??????

juan guimarai bernabeu


Ani Tselha Drake

Assistant needs to keep her hand out of the way.

Denise Shephard

Why is she charging to see the rest of the video


It’s frustrating when she leaves stuff on the tweezers when she goes to dig for more stuff! She needs to wipe off everything from the tweezers first! Hopefully she got it all and this won’t come back! That cyst wall was disintegrated!


Why doesn't she wash the wound before stitching it back ?

Dianna W

I always think can you suction these out?


Mulher fantástica,

Kimberly Binder

Your just amazing! I always wonder how you can tell what's cyst wall and just scar tissue. Fascinating!

Brie Skinner

I’m getting chills down my spine

Lugenea Rowell

All Dr should care about their patients like she does!!!!!!

Sherri Brock

This person should be a leader for the
BWC Baby Whiner Club!

CE Blair

I am new to this - what is the cyst attached to?

Rosajyk Quintana Calvo

Que montón de lipomas me encantan los vídeos Enorabuena Doctora Sandra Lili

Jill Selman

Any nurses or wound care specialists who can tell me Dr. Lee doesn’t flush the wound with regular saline or sterile water?

Mell Dee

I love seeing dr.sandra Lee operate on cyst
I just love how she smoothly cuts open the flesh :3

helen Dipple

I really dont like this women


I love you Doctor Lee

Ashley R

this one was so good

Trevor Nadishan

Cant the doctor do a cut and use a sucker to suck all the goo out ?

amanda martinez

Does anybody ever feel like she needs to pull out a mini flash light to see inside the little hole lol?

Stephen Dines

Since when has St Patrick been the patron saint of the USA?

Marley Bright

You should do an asmr video of your pops.

Joy Lopez

I just figured out that I should turn off the sound. Now I can focus on on what she's doing instead of all the talking.

Shirley Oneill

It may as well have recorded from my sofa ... could they be anymore far away!!

eileen ward

Can you use a suction tube to get all the puss out so it doesn't grow back .

Leslie Anne

I used to get sick watching this but why do I love this now omg???

Julie Miller

No acne. I just admire your sensitive technique. Im disabled and love all aspects of medicine.

Recurring blackhead

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Two Women: Blackheads & Sebaceous Filaments

1 345 672 views | 20 Apr. 2018

A blackhead is also called

A blackhead is also called an open comedo (single for comedone), and it is a clogged pore in the skin that is open to the air. Keratin (skin protein) and sebum (oil) combine to block the pore. They are often found on the face and trunk. but they can be found anywhere on the body. Blackheads are not clogged with dirt, but it is the exposure to air that causes oxidation turning the internal contents black. They can be extracted using a comedone extractor. I usually use an 11 blade (a blade that comes to a sharp point) and a Shaumberg type comedone extractor.

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Periscope: Dr. Sandra Lee

You can watch my TV appearances here:


This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Marcia Foster

Camera was awful on this video... very disappointing,,,, usually quite good... but not this time ..

Maria Coratto

Le dejo la nariz como una ciruela ?????????

Kendrah Whyte

Great job on her nose!

Elizabeth Augusta

This is extremely satisfying! However, I wonder is black wax could remove them all at the same time ? maybe s good facial will do??‍♀️

J. Best

The lady had such a cute attitude.

Enrique Cerros

She reminds me of my Latina grandma ??

Maria Coratto


Candy Earp

Oh my gosh that lady is so cute, she made me laugh she's just super sweet and funny, love her!!

Shannon Burgus

I love this lady ...she the best

Connie Fields

Bad camera work!

Danièle Racca

More filaments please

Charlotte West

Yes! LOVE those nose ones!

Debbie Goble

Women do that too wow... Yes clean her up.

Michelle Rodriguez

Love her!!

Malien 1973

She has pretty good skin otherwise. I like her accent.

Mountain Girl

I fracking love sebaceous filaments!

TX Livin'

OMG - That is hilarious. She is high as a kite on pain meds for her back.

Brenda Gwathney

Like watching paint dry!!!

Hephzibah Black

What a sweet lady

Mtngirl 52

She was so cute! Columbian coffee is the best!!

Carrie Divine

Omg! I want that tool she used on her nose!!!!

Kay Courtney

I love this lady’s personality and accent.

I Only

She’s so sweet

Nabby R

Filaments are so interesting. Too bad the camera work was so awful.

Rosie Cook

shes lovely! what is that accent is it Russian?

Ree McLaughlin

The lady with the filament was adorable!

Karen Deaderick

Great shots of the patient's sweater

Kenna Andresen

DPP I have those blackheads or filaments on my nose and I use the same tool. The problem is I don’t think I’m using it correctly because I continue to have them and many times they don’t come out. I use Retin -A but I can’t do anything about them. Additionally, my mother use to “pick” at my face and left broken capillaries so I don’t want to do the same. HELP!

Jennifer S.

ive wondered what these are, i have something similar only they dont look like this. i have fine tiny hairs that i pluck and when i do this very fine "filament" comes out, its not just a hair, its strange. guess now i know!


That pt is so cute!


She needs a biore nose strip

Joyce Wheeler

don't like the tweezers

wendy messenger

So many

Mike Falls

Don't these patients use soap?

Cheryl Holmes

I absolutely LOVE her accent! It is beautiful!!! Blackheads and Filaments!
And Dr. Lee is so right, We are so addicted to and love these videos.
I think I will have to go through a thirty day treatment to even start to break my addiction! Lol!

Ms. Fiona Mae

And this is why I asked my girls to please make sure I'm not growing whiskers when I get old. I don't wanna look like a nanny goat

Julie Anderson

Just squeeze them


Is there a way to prevent the filaments from returning once extracted? Or are they a type of blackhead?

Angel Heart

Dear Dr Sandra Lee,
I really enjoy your videos and have learned so much from you about taking better care of my own skin. I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin since I began using your SLMD skincare products as well. Thank you for that!
I would love to purchase a pair of these Dr Pimple Popper Blackhead Tweezers from your Dr Pimple Popper website, but you've been Sold Out for a while. I hope you'll restock this item soon!

Jeanne Fiddler

I have a questiin for Dr.Sandra lee is thicking of the nose more men or do women get is as often

Amber Garcia

She sounds sweet and lovely

The Educated Equestrian

Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE VIDEO QUALITY!! We all love this so much that it scares us to see the great quality once consistently displayed to be fading away and the competition taking action, PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE so your numbers continue to grow and more great things come your way, pretty please with little unicorns on top?

Andrea Marques

I love watching these but who on earth goes to a dermatologist for this ... would be very interested to know what other conditions they were discussing

Barbara Cervantes

Don’t like that tool

Natalie Bradley

This lady is the sweetest thing?

Jackie McCoy

Her accent is adorable!!! She sounds like my fun loving sweet stepmom who is Korean! Ok totally different accents but the sweetness in their voices are spot on!!! Lol!

Maria Coratto

Tiene que ir al college para corregir el ACENTO !!!!

Bethany Smith

I’ve never had this happen on here until today. Saw my own skin on someone else.

terry bigler

i assume that these are residue from incompletely removed make up that has found larger pores to accumulate in,where in men they are mostly hair follicles that have been aggrivated by hormone shift in male change of life sort of like ear hair

Patti C

Question: Once these pores on her nose are cleared out, do they come back? If so, what can be done...anything..that can help to prevent reoccurrence? Thank you.

Jessica Santillo

Omg awwww! This lady was soo darn adorable!

Jeannette Krueger

She is SO cute trying to see each one pulled from the top of her nose without her glasses!

Amy Grove

My nose is exactly like this. I don't know how to get rid if them on my own.

Alexis DiCarlo

I love watching the little blackheads on the nose,get extracted, like little hairs being plaucked off the nose

Kim Bradford

Holy moly, this lady needs some Biorè strips in her life

The Irishman 33

“I don’t want to torture you!” AKA “im
Not getting the content I want out of this, so I’ll done. On to the next one!”

Colorado Dreaming

Was your camera person drinking? Do not let them anywhere near a camera anymore. You make a LOT of money from YouTube. You cannot out shit videos like this.

Kimberly Martyn

I love her voice, she seems really nice

Terri Wells

She is adorable.

Sandra Hurley

Please don't bother to publish, with the video is of such poor quality.

Kathy Lynch


Barbara Bueno-Welton

I literally got nauseous watching because of the shitty camera work!

Chuck Coy

Why is pulling a blackhead not as satisfying as popping one?

caroline tomtom

I love this video! This truly is a " window" into a busy Dermatologist's week! I'm none to keen on the ultra slick videos that are all style and no substance! Thank-you very much again!

Kat X

Why couldn't she just stand infront of mirror n squeeze pores on her nose herself? ?‍♀️

Grammar Grandma

I love watching filaments being taken out by tweezers, i love all the videos though lol.


would have been an epic biore strip...

Susan Richmond

Makes me dizzy!!

Maria Coratto

Increíble como crecen bellos AHÍ

Alexandra Garcia

who's watching. and picking ur own pimples???? maybe just me!!! Lol. OMG. need help!! hook on her videos..
¡¡¡Hi!! my name is Alexandra n m popcoholic!!

Shannon Leigh

Love this video and the ladies were so sweet but that blurry camera is terrible.

Kathryn Araguz

Why the blurry videos still? ugh so dizzy

Donna J

She is pretty.?

AJ 84

How cute is this lady? ??

Lu Guy

I think Dr. Lee is more amazed by what comes out, surprised, I think that the tweezers work as well as they do. Funny. She has what most people have that are successful. Motivation to attempt new and unfamiliar things, and keep at it, refine and practice until it’s second nature. Gain skills by trial and error. A lot of people need to be prefect right off and that’s unrealistic. So they fail before they begin.

Nicole Statler

What is that extractor called that she uses?!

Linda Ireland

Nice lady

Linda Poore

Shouldn't compare to other video s I've watched. Very mild case?

Rosie Cook

is client on meth? she cant stay still poor camera person

stardust & galaxies

What a lovely lady


This was unusually satisfying. I thought it would be boring but it got really good. ?


FOCUS!!! Camera focus!


Who else gets frustrated when Dr. Lee leaves those little ones behind? I have to get them all!


Where can I get tweezers like that? I have so many of those sebaceous filaments

Gloria Pennington

Why go to all that trouble showing those filaments when a good mask would take them out. BORING and camera work is awful.

Stephanie Keith

Omg she’s so adorable!!!


Whose holding the camera damn

Julie Anne

If I knew that any of my friends and family had these they would never make it to the dermatologist lolol! I'd just have to get them! ??


I want more of it, please!

Angela Sneed


Lori Holcombe

I love big cysts and I cannot lie...

Gloria Roberts

Why do I like those little filaments?

Bethany Runyon

My first subaceaus filament video, and I really enjoyed it! Please do more!

Sandy Ortiz

My best friend calls this "pulling carrots". Well that's kinda what they look like. I need one of those puller things.

Bonnita Claus

It is very satisfying to see the face cleaned up. That maybe why I enjoy pimple popping so much.

Christie Turley

She was too cute!

Joye Cole

Very cool,but am I the only one who would take care of those myself?

Samantha Sowell

I....um.... she made eye contact with me. ?

Natasha narkar

Y do we even get such dangerous blackheads....???

April Linville

What sweet women! You are fantastic Dr. Lee. <3

Recurring blackhead

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She's a squirter! BEST blackhead explosion. 15 year old recurring blackhead not been done for years!

3 479 views | 9 Aug. 2020

Squirting blackhead!

Squirting blackhead! pimple popping!

Julie Carss