Sulfate free shampoo for oily hair

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Best 3 Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Oily Scalp

2 822 views | 20 May. 2014

Oily scalp? 3 Top Rated

Oily scalp? 3 Top Rated Shampoo That Are Sulfate Free. Click here: http://bestandsmartchoice.com/good-sulfate-free-shampoos-oily-scalp/


In the past , I have invested a lot of money in buying different products but haven't got any better results than argan life organic shampoo.

Sulfate free shampoo for oily hair

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Shampoo bar recipe for oily hair - sulfate free - zero waste - How to shampoo bar sls - sles - free

1 877 views | 25 Jan. 2020

For the recipe please

For the recipe please checkout the blog post here


Shampoo bar recipe for oily hair - sulfate free - zero waste - How to shampoo bar sls - sles - free

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My Soap Base Recipe which i regularly use for making soap.

Coconut oil – 30%

Olive oil – 25%

Palm oil – 20%

Rice Bran oil – 15%

Raw unrefined Organic Shea Butter – 5%

Castor oil – 5%


Essential oils

Lye concentration – 38%

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Thanks for everything! When can you do a sikakai shampoo?

Jacqueline Russell

Hi Aarti,do make shampoos for people with Androgenic Alopecia and what kind. Very interested.Thank you

Coti G


Laxmi Naiidu

Superb awesome lovely video

Naina Shah

Not able to find receipe in your blog

Aroma Delight Beauty Care Products

I love your shampoo bar! Thanks for sharing!

Meena Shankerlal

Please make a video on how to make Bee Propolis glycerite & bee pollen glycerite.

Renee Cormalis- Soaps For Love

I'm glad you did this one because I am that person in your blog with the straight oily hair and I personally don't like it but it's all I've known my whole life. I always wanted wavy hair because mine for sure does NOT hold a curl. Thanks Aarti.

Shanthi Nandakumar

Lovely dear..but u haven't mentioned the quantity of each ingredients

Ваня Николова

Hi, I have oily hair , can you share the recipe? Looks Amazing ?



Pallavi Mohan

Thanks Arthi ?it suits me ?

Himabindu Jagdish

Superb Arti.. Nice shade... ?

Prachi Mastan

Did u used SLS powder??


thanks for your video, but I cant find the recipe in your blog, sorry could you post a link here please thank you

Kamila Gryszka

I love your recipes , I have went onto your blog and I cannot find this recipe. Could you please list the ingredients here ? Or pass a link ?

my creative studio suds& flickers

Thanks for the share nice presentation