Is shea moisture for all hair types

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Battle of the Brands | Shea Moisture vs Maui Moisture

97 254 views | 9 Jun. 2018

Hi, guys! ?? Welcome back

Hi, guys! ?? Welcome back to my channel ☺️ in this video, I show you guys a wash and go comparing some Shea Moisture & Maui Moisture Products. Thanks for watching & I hope y'all enjoy! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more videos! ☺️ Love y'all! ?❤️

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Products Used:

Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Milk - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cpiu/

Maui Moisture Curl Quench +Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cpiy/

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cpj0/

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cpj1/

Tools Used:

Salon Care 360 Mist Sprayer - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8xkl/

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Takira Thompson

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Tallahassee, Florida 32314

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About Me:

Name Pronunciation: tuh-KAH-ruh

Age: 25

Location: Florida

Home State: Mississippi

Last Relaxer: 1/1/2015

Big Chop: 9/22/2015

Hair Type: Low Porosity, Fine/Medium Strands, Medium/High Density

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Kay Jay

I hate that Maui moisture my hair. For me it is drying. I think the shea moisture has better ingredients, at least my hair responds well to it.
With that being said the Maui moisture side is fluffier I personally like fluffier hair, but the SheaMoisture side looks more moisturized to me.
Great video, like when you compare the products.

Javine Whitter

Question: what hair type do you have cause mine looks exactly the same and I need help lots of it


like the Maui moisture side better. never tried them yet...really want to but got to use up my Junkie stash first LOL

kyrah frank

Maui moisture was definitely poppin


Maui side's way better. And for the price is way more better.

China Cash

What kinda of spray bottle is that and where can i find it?


You should try the Sally Beauty Generic version of the leave-in Milk and Smoothie, they are both nice and thick and work really great because of their thickness

Dee Ridgeway

Maui is better

manpreet kaur

I got maui curl milk. It is really great to tame the frizzy hair. I love it


Both sides look pretty much the same to me. Both a good result. Good to know that Shea Moisture applies better. Although, Maui is cheaper. Which smells better?

Arriana Crook

I’ve tried both brands but Maui is always better because it makes my hair feel more moisturized. The Shea moisture is good but it gives my hair a weird feeling while applying it, although it dries very moisturized.

Daniella Fagan

I way prefer Maui...so much shinier, slippier (the shampoo and conditioner especially, not so much in the milk I prefer Cantu milk overall if I had to choose), moisturised beyond belief...I use the conditioner as the leave in too, works great.¡, have you tried the shampoo and conditioner? Dramatic difference in the result for me too my curls are finally poppin and holding! Not as greasy as Shea at all, I'm caucasian 3a so I guess its way different for everyone depending on your hair type and needs, just keep trying things and you find what your hair loves huh! x

Käy FrmCT

Maui moisture looks so good

Sedraneki M

I like the Maui moisture side . But it just depends on everyone hair textures . Their both cute .

Coco Pebz

I've never heard of Maui products.. But we have Shea Butter over here. I do like the Maui side better tho, I'm gonna have to look into Maui because Shea Moisture is Expensive ?

Childof YAH

Maui Moisture looks much better... but both sides do look similar... I love Maui Moisture...super hydrating ? Great vid

Ali B

Great video! I think the Shae moisture curl and style milk made your hair hair really shinny!

Valencia D.

While wet they looked the same to me! However dry it appears Mai has more volume. Shea moisture looks like it held longer. It looks good to me on both sides

D Jones

Great video! We have very similar curl pattern and hair texture. Can you please try a wash and go with LA Naturals shrink away curling cream and their curling jelly? I'm curious to see how they would work on our hair type.

Melinda Burnside


Kya Nichols

Wow it’s crazy bc I’m torn between the two of these products ?


Maui didn’t work for my hair at alll it made it very frizzy abs have white residue all over the plwce

Char O

A lot of people say that Maui moisture is drying to there hair and my hair is already very dry. I switch shampoo and conditioner once a week. I use shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil leave in conditioner and it does wonders to my hair

Maryam's Way

Hey new subscriber !! I love the way both sides turned out.


I've been using the Jamaican Black Castor leave-conditioner (4 months or so) in the steam room. It smells amazing and literally penetrates my hair leaving it moisturised, shiny and quite defined. Paired with the curl enhancing smoothie. My hair growth was insane (for me). It grew by 4/5 inches in that time - double the average rate. The only thing I was annoyed about was how thick it is when applying to dry hair. I'm now going to try out the Shea Moisture Curl & Style milk, after extensive research. I hope I can apply it easier, especially when my hair is majority dry. I'll be using it as the daily moisture top up .Thanks girl. <3

Jacy Dyer

I have some advice for those people who have to separate their curls by shingling.

If you have long hair (meaning long enough to swing when wet) the easiest thing to do is swing/shake your hair into curls.

You have to do this in the shower.

Drench your hair with water while your conditioner is still in, after shampooing. Drench it, but do not wash the conditioner out at all. Drench it fast the start swinging your hair, using your whole head, from side to side in an arc, then side to side like you’re saying “no” and then back in forth like you’re saying yes. You have to swing the full motion, like you’re throwing your hair with your head and you have to swing it fast. Full motion though.

As you swing your hair you will be able to tell which part of your hair is being swung from each particular swing movement. If you feel that a part that is not curled (feels like an afro), put more conditioner in that area, drench it again, and use the particular swing motion that moves the hair on that part of your scalp.

I’ve had natural hair for over 20 years and I’ve shown many people how to shake their hair into curls. It doesn’t matter what texture your hair is, it just matters that you use a good conditioner for your hair type and that you drench it enough to make it swing.

I always wash my conditioner out with cool water because hot water dries my hair, so you can try that if you’d like. The only other thing is do not comb through those curls that you just swung your neck off for. You have to detangle before you swing. Do not put a comb in your hair again until those curls have lasted for the days that the curls are wearable.

As long as you don’t comb through your curls, they will stay. It will be your own curls, not sections that you helped to separate into curls.

If you use product move it down your hair like the girl in this video, but swing it after you have the product in. If you do it right, you won’t have any frizz. If your hair is already drying from the product, it may swing but it will not eliminate frizz. Done correctly, the curls will be so separated and tight that you’ll have to pull through your hair upwards to get your hair big, if you like the big hair look.

Wish I could show y’all but I don’t do videos. Hope I was clear if anyone tries it. Good luck.

mz Kaye

I hate shea moisture products it does ZERO for my 4a/3c hair

itsjust meakkire

I like the Maui Moisture side. I loved the more volume. I love this video; SM products don't penetrate my hair, so I will be trying the MM. Thank you.

GabrielC FansTX

I have Shea moisture I just started using it my hair is so dry and damaged I have to give it time to get my curls completely back

Lolita St.Clair

Hello Takira great job. Please have a blessed day.

Victoria Mensah

Should I be worried my Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie is brown. I just bought it a few hours ago

Auti I

I have a couple products from Maui Moisture and didn’t even notice it was a different company lol I thought it was Shea Moisture and they came out with another collection


Me listening to the Maui moisture slip

Takira: “Not much slip.”

Jake Matheis

Maui moisture has propylene glycol in it so I stopped using it


Hi I'm a new subscribers I bought Shea milk and style and I have live in conditioner and curl keeper but I tried thousand times my hair is not getting curly I don't know why can you advice me please ?


Wow, it did a 360 from dry to wet. Shea moisture side is better. I prefer less frizz and more definition

Kesa King

I like the MM!!

Jazmine E

The Maui moisture side is a bit more frizzy but I like the volume!

Kyandria Knighton

honestly the maui moisture looks more defined while having more volume, but you are probably a better judge in person

Sandora Barrett

Both side looks great

Crystal Ramirez

Maui Moisture looks better

Bryanna Jordan

Maui look better

Azlyn Abraham

Maui moisture

mia alexander

Shea Moisture side?!!!

Silva Cindy

I hate those comparisions between maui and shea, shea is a lot better in ingredients

La La J

I’ve always wanted so badly for Shea moisture products to work but everything I’ve ever tried from any of their lines left my hair dry and undefined. I always hear people raving about it and so I keep buying it only to be pissed I wasted so much money.

KJ Always

Which Shea Moisture Smoothie were you using? They have three versions: Shea Butter, Vegetable Oil or Coconut OIl as their primary ingredient after water. I need a new Shea Butter product since Shea Moisture did switch and bait on us with Coconut Oil!


I loveeeee the Maui Moisture side! It’s been on my list to try. Tfs ?

T Brown

I am giving you a thumbs up for the jam playing in 4he background!


60% off Mane Choice sale today code TMC60

BlackGoth Goddess

For some reason when I tried Maui Moisture, my hair was tangled and dry yet felt oily. However I'm not sure if I want to try them again as I'm trying to support black owned businesses more.

Woodtunes Music, Inc.

How could we Naturals EVER use a relaxer on our BEAUTIFUL NATURAL HAIR?!?!?!??? Your outcome: Sooo pretty! ???


I prefer moisture and definition so shea moisture is the winner for me


I can't believe I found a YouTuber with hair like mine

Diane Bailey

Both look good on you. I have tried the Shea Moisture and I like it a lot but I’m looking forward to using the Maui tomorrow and see how it comes out.

K Family

I love how maui products smell but they not 100% natural so I don't use


But which feels better and lasts longer? Does the Shea Moisture side feel more oily to the touch than the Maui side? Thanks for sharing!!

Kaiya Johnson

The Maui moisture doesn’t have as much “slip” because it doesn’t have silicone like most natural hair products

Samantha Ivy

My Shea Moisture curl and style milk look basically the same as yours. Don't feel bad. LOL. I love both of them. They both are moisturizing though. I think both sides are going to come out nice. I was right. Both sides look really good. Thanks for your video.

Samantha O'Brien

Your curls are beeeautiful

Shannon L

The Maui side looked better lol, it looks less frizzy , and more defined

Chim Chimmy lover

Omg your so gorgeous!?

Chloe C

maui moisture gave you hella definition girl but either way you’re gorgeous omg

nicoole's beaauty

to me shea moisture looks better to me :)


Both sides look beautiful! Have you ever used the Maui Vanilla Bean Butter? It's really good!! Great video ?

Paula Major

Maui: better definition, tighter curls, pump volume, and it doesnt look dry. I prefer the Maui Moisture.

Shea: less definition and frizzy at the roots, flat to me, and the middle top looks dry. I do not prefer the Shea Moisture but I definitely say go with your gut and overall beginning to end results.

Thank you for your review. One day I will try the Maui. Meanwhile, I do use SM on my kids.


@03:33 girl I agree. I don't even play with those bottles once they get half way empty. I cut them open with scissors and transfer the rest of the product to a container where I can scoop it. For both the shea moisture milk and the Maui moisture milk, lol. They are in the wrong type of containers in both cases in my opinion.

Lauryn Taylor

I like the Maui moisture side. But I do think they’re pretty comparable since your curls are superrrrr defined either way. I never bought anything for Maui moisture, I should now!


Don’t know if someone’s already mentioned this in comments but Maui often has buy 1 get one half off at Walgreens


Maui moisture looks better

Product Junkie Chronicles

The Shea Moisture side looks better. I prefer Maui Moisture in my hair though


The Maui moisture side came out better. But the overall hair looks great.

Raquel Parrish

The Maui side looks better looking like Kiki Palmer sure this isn’t the first time you’ve herd that

Candice Mack

I love Maui moisture.

Brooklyn 212

Maui moisture is garbage. It doesn't work for my hair

Iyaari King

the only product i love from maui moisture is their conditioners because i feel like w all their other products i ain’t getting the promised moisture??‍♀️. after using their products my hair always feel dried out and that’s never the case w shea moisture


Yes both sides looks good, but I agree with you, the Shea Moisture side looks better.


I love maui better


the shea moisture curling smoothie always makes my hair really dry and frizzy I was really disappointed in that product :( but I was also told that the formula changed or something so maybe that’s why it hasn’t worked for me. just got the maui curl smoothie I hope it does me good ?


I think ktighy have been helpful to compare some of the ingredients. Maybe the first 5. Your hair looks great on both sides.

KJ Always

Can I trust Maui not to do switch and bait with their ingredients and then lie about it like Shea Moisture does? I am looking for a more trust worthy company that makes good products for my hair.

Brittany West

Maui moisture side looks better.... I have the same texture as yours and Shea moisture does not do it for me lol.

Lolita St.Clair

Hello Takria great job on the two hair products. I enjoyed your video and please have a blessed day.

Kapn Karpe

#1 thing, Shea Moisture all the way, Ur hair looks sic both sides, volume fukn golden from maui and at the same time it looks like the color of ur hair is also less rich on the maui side.
That is also my experience from maui, beach style volume but a dry, beach look somehow and it fkd w/ my scalp just a tiny tiny bit. I loved the volume so much and detangling I wished it worked but the dryer side and ingredient list was where it was a No for me.
They use coconut based surfactants that are not yet regulated or proven as some other coco based surfactants in other “natural” “clean” products.
The coco based products in the maui shampoos are still test tube unverified coco surfactants that are maybe close to being as bad as sulfates, kinda figured why I was getting the cool detangling and volume but also the natural color sucked out of my hair with this kinda unnaturally awesome feeling of beach style dryness. The unnatural part made me question the product and glad I did so I could research the “plant based “ sulfate acting ingredient list

thanks for the review I’m reading today for the first time, I was thinking about actually using maui again from a bottle I saved but ur self lookin all awesome with ur hair reminded me how much i loved that maui awesomeness but not to go for it considering their products are not truly that clean and a far cry from the cleaner ingredient list of shea moisture, which has been my go to for that reason

Mallory Gurin

i know this is hard to answer w/out a pic, but I have thick, poofy, naturally wavy hair - which one should I try first -- maui or shea?

Jamaal Handsome

Maui moisture looks better to me! It's more volume on the maui moisture side due to the fact your part is not even and there is more hair on the maui moisture side than there is on the shea moisture. Your definition is more on the maui moisture side and the volume fits your face more with maui moisture than the shea moisture side. Target and Amazon sell both products for a very reasonable price than what Ulta is selling them for.

Brittanie Innocent

How does she have no shrinkage?

MoonHoney Mami



I'm a bit late finding your video. I still enjoyed it. Finally, a person with my curl pattern. Just subscribed ???

DanceFit With Safyah

I can’t do shea moisture, my hair hates coconut . Do they have a curly smoothie without coconut?

edith machado

I have never tried SM but i promise that maui moisture has worked WONDERS for my hair, my hair just loves this stuff .. btw the maui side looks better

Pasht Love

We almost have the same name! Mine is takia! I just subscribed off the strength of that alone!
Check out my channel too ta!


I used to love the coconut and hibiscus line from Shea Moisture but they changed the formula. I don't get as much definition as I used to.

Berly Noriega

Your hair is so beautiful

nene D

I left shea for maui and my hair that didn't have a curl pattern did a whole 360

Mary Allen

Maui Moisture looks good to me and i luv the volume. ??


I started my natural hair journey in November and it’s been a challenge with trying products and learning how to use them. My latest purchase were the Maui Moisture products you used. I’ll apply the same way you showed tomorrow when I wash. I tried both like you did but I wasn’t feeling the MM smoothie so I just applied the MM milk. I prefer how Maui results look on you over the SM which makes your hair look much less voluminous. Have you tried TreLux? So far it’s my absolute favorite!

Natasha Waithera

I like maui..i'd use maui..i hv tried shea moisture...id say not all of them work for me..so i got maui shea butter shampoo..n conditioner..the shampoo is strippin..didnt like that but the conditioner..works great


I absolutely love these products but am I the only one that realise the curl milk 8oz and curl smoothie 12 oz have the exact same ingredients in them?


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Is shea moisture for all hair types

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? UPDATE to the COMPLETE GUIDE of Shea Moisture lines - MARCH 2020

22 923 views | 4 Mar. 2020

Coucou à mes followers

Coucou à mes followers français! Les sous-titres français sont disponibles sur ma dernière vidéo !!!

If you haven't seen the first video, find it here:


Opening Creds 00:00

All the lines we're saying goodbye to 03:13

The new lines we're welcoming 08:56

* F A Q *

Last Relaxer - April 2018

Last Straightening - September 2018

Big Chop - October 31st 2019

Hair Type - 4A/4B



Twitter : www.twitter.com/SarahConteP

Insta : www.instagram.com/sarahphiladelphia

FB : www.facebook.com/sarahcontephilly

Blog: www.sarahcontephilly.com



Buddha by Kontekst https://soundcloud.com/kontekstmusic

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0


Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/b6jK2t3lcRs


Muhra D

I saw videos women had hair loose issue because of the high porosity line I think there was something wrong with these lines as well


Omg you’re Cape Verdean??

Zoe Bell

What in Shea Moisture's right mind would make them take away the porosity lines ? how does that make sense. I'm kinda glad they didn't take away the Manuka Honey line cuz that's the only line for type 4 hair and if they took that one away, they would've got another scandal.

Amber Critchley-Hair

We still seem to have fruit frusion and jojoba line here in the UK!

Autobot Diva

im so mad about the low porosity line, i called, emailed all the above and so did a bunch of other people. like why make something for porosity and take it away.? angry face


I hate their website. If it’s not coming back then take it down from the site. If it’s sold out then say sold out. Maybe there are a few bottles at Ulta when the stores open up again from corona.

elle lena

Merci pour le sous titre ??, j'étais perdue moi... C'est la chaîne " la petite gaby" qui m'a fait venir chez toi, je me suis abonnée, et vraiment merciiiii pour le temps et les recherches que tu fais.
J'ai remarqué effectivement que la gamme shea moisture "peace rose n'est même pas présente sur les site français et c'est carrément celle qui correspond à mon type de cheveux 4c.je vient de comprendre tout ça avec tes vidéos.merciii, et continu ???

Marie Bune muff

So they basically discontinued most of the hair products for type 1 type 2 hair. Mhm, I see how it is. Honestly seems a lil shady




Est-il possible d'avoir cette même vidéo dans laquelle tu parlerais directement en français comme ta première vidéo sur le même thème? Je n'ai pas pu suivre le rythme des sous-titres.
Merci ?

maha alamri

your video is soo help full, I think they are discontinuting lines that are not so populer
however, I wonder how is the avocado line for type 1 and 2 while it is written on it for curly and coily hair??!!

Seaanna Jj

So basically everything I like...

Pegah M

Could you please send me the chart?! It's the most helpful categorized list of Shea moisture ever, especially since I'm just getting started on this brand


I love how extensive your research is!! Great work!


How is type 2 hair coily and curly

Karjiana Cadet

Damn. I really liked the Low-Porosity Leave-In. It's one of the only leave-ins that actually moisturized my hair and kept it feeling moisturized throughout the week. Guess I gotta go find a new spring/summer holy grail.

Cara Diver

Thank you so much for these 2 videos About Shea moisture! Is there a possibility to get the scheme? ????

Lasondra Perry

So glad I found this video because I use shea moisture products so is the JamicainJamaican black castor oil the best for 4c hair


The African black soap shampoo is amazing, it's the only shampoo I use!


After an exhaustive unsuccessful search for the HIGH POROSITY formula, I spoke to someone at Shea Moisture and was told that the HIGH POROSITY line had been discontinued. I REALLY wish they hadn’t done that because it REALLY worked for me and I was thrilled to have found it. NOTHING HAD EVER WORKED FOR ME THE WAY THAT FORMULA DID. WHAT A SHAME!


coucou tu ne feras plus de vidéo en français ?

Omefuru Zabrina

The low porosity line is still sold here in Nigeria. Nice video ???


First like
I loved the first video

Malath Mohammad

k this must be late but thaaaaank ya this was so beneficial

D. V.

Just came from your previous video❤️, so for type 3 or 2 there's just one line, I hope it works. My only pro lem are the smells. I was really excited to try the coconut and hibiscus one but I smell it and it's really sweet, like to much for me. Sooooo... I hope I like the Manuka and yogurt one. Wish me luck?

Khing Frederick

Thank your for all the time! Your truly a God Send! Take care!

Anouschka Bernice

I'm really sad about the SM high porosity shampoo (blue bottle) being discontinued. It was one of the few shampoos that didn't completely strip the life out of my hair ??.

Thank you so much for the heads-up ❤?. I guess I'll stock up on the shampoo!


So pissed about the fruit fusion line being discontinued... my all time favourite shampoo and conditioner!
I have type 1 hair and it’s the only line that cleanses my hair thoroughly whiteout leaving a horrible residue on it!
After I finished my first bottles of this line, I went ahead and tried the black castor oil line, only to find that it was awful for my hair, leaving it feeling dirty no matter how many times I washed it- gone to buy the fruit fusion once again and it’s all gone ?

If anyone can recommend an alternative I’d appreciate it lots! ?

hoiboi boihoi

so they kept the weed line but not the super fruit mask????? why????

Belen Hernandez

What would you recommend for a person who has like straight hair but at the end is wavy and my baby hairs are very curly like frizzy and the top of my head is like that. Also my ends are breaking and I keep cutting my hair but the next day my hair will be the same... I’m trying to fix my hair and get it back to how it was because it used to be more wavy.

Vivi Lilly

Why is soo many of there products getting discontinued?
Some of the products hard to find I found on ASOS.... but for how long will they be there.


Thanks again girl we love you for all this effort ❤❤☄


The new power greens line is actually pretty good. I didn't like it at first and the shampoo is kinda drying but the conditioner and deep conditioner is BOMB. I reccomend it for people transitioning

The French Frizz

Welcome back!! What do you think Shea Moisture is doing???

Lauryn Alana

The Superfruit line, fruit fusion, low porosity, high porosity, Sacha inchi, raw Shea cupuacu, and the yucca and plantain lines have ALL been discontinued

Bolet Nightkingdom

Moi à ta première vidéo- Ouais je vais essayer la Peace rose oil complex, la baobab & tea tree oil
Toi - Ces gammes là ne sont plus disponibles
Moi- Whyyyy???

Briana Redner

I started using the Shea butter shampoo and I’m white with 1C/2a hair and I know it’s for 3/4 hair but it really works for me! Should I stay with it even though it’s not for my hair?

Therese Nneji

I reallyyyy want to try shea moisture but it seems to be falling apart now, I'm afraid to commit to anything. :(

sarah byron

Pour commencer merci pour tes vidéos...
Enfin des vidéos claires car quand j'ai fait ma transition il y a 3 ans j'ai galéré
Je n'ai pas vu la gamme virgin coconut dans ta vidéo...
Pourrais tu me donner ton avis


I’m afraid to try another line of theirs because I’ll start to like it and boom discontinued, I can’t go through that disappointment ?

Lys Djd

In France some of them (black charcoal, weightless super fruit) are still available on LookFantastic

Brian gich

Thankyou so so much for the video??❤️now i can choose wisely

freertrea freertrea

Thank you ?? for the helpful video but I’ll like to ask you where did you buy shea moisture products please ??


I didn't know they'd discontinued so many lines. I'm sorry for everyone who's stuck looking for replacements. I still haven't found a suitable replacement (SM or otherwise) for the low porosity line. When you find products that work for difficult hair you want to use them forever. ?


Did they disco the skincare line for the african black soap line? I really like the facial cleanser and moisturizer.

Chas Scott

I’m deeming this the best comment... ?They need to bring back 10-in-1 Superfruit Complex Collection!!!!

Shari-Lee Davis

I live in the Caribbean and so we never had a large range of shea moisture but I really wanted to try the low po line and the argan and almond milk ?
I think they realized that they probably had too many lines and some of them did the same as others and people would get confused on what to use for what their hair needed. I wont be shocked if Carol's daughter and the mane choice do the same thing soon


On peut la retrouver ou en fr ?


Does anyone know if both Charcoal lines are the same? I have a super sensitive scalp and in search of a cleansing shampoo that is kind or good for dry scalp. Thank you :)

I did find the Fruit Fusion weightless conditioner at TjMaxx on clearance for $2! I grabbed it because I read great reviews online, did not disappoint but now if I fall in love with it I am out of luck lol.

Varshu Fernando

Thanks. Your earlier video was super helpful. Really thanks for the update.

Rose Ace

I miss the yucca and plantain collection

bakhita .1

salut !! enfaite c'est pour demande si il y'a un autre site que Amazon qui vend des produits Shea Moisture pour la France ??
eh continue tes videos j'adore grosse force a toi !!

Melannie Polidano

Kinda bummed that most of those impact type 2 hair, it's rough finding decent stuff that doesn't break my blank and leave my hair weighed down.

Bibiane R

C'est amusant et perturbant de comprendre et l'audio et le sous titrage. Cest une bonne vidéo, bien détaillée comme la première. Je vais voir sur Amazon mais je n'ai pas trop d'espoir pour le produits pour transition que je cherche et particulièrement sous covid-19 ?


Do you maybe have it on a file so i can download everything and take a look at it?

Sam _Hines

Thanks for keeping us informed. Much success!



Steph E.

My hair was falling out in chunks after using their shampoo

Sen A

I live in Canada and I saw the African Black Soap Bamboo like at Walmart

Magickal Mermaid

I was super allergic to that Superfruit line. Everytime I tried to use it it would burn/sting me scalp and forehead.

I love your accent! ❤️


They website is so confusing for me. I just went on it today to search about a product that I saw in the shop. Off cause the product doesn’t show on their website. And I could hardly find any videos on that product.
I live the high porosity DC. It’s a shame.

Freshie Smith

Damn.... dragon blood?! Cherry?!? Never heard of them. Shea moisture brings out a lot of lines, then discontinues some? That 10 in 1 mask is my favourite. I've asked Shea moisture if it's being discontinued, and they say no, but? it's getting harder and harder to find...... I'm not going to risk it, I'm definitely going to stock up.


why doesnt this video have a million views wth?

Assiya Touah

Is there any product that restores heat damage for type 3!hair.

Memi M

Wow! I wish you'd been around when I first went natural in 2016. I mean, what a Shea Moisture minefield! Navigating it was a mare (and still had been, to some extent). These two in-depth videos you've posted are fantastic. Thank you so much for all the hard work you've clearly put into making these for us. Big love to you from a new subbie. ?

Is shea moisture for all hair types

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Shea Moisture Products For Natural Hair | Best Products For Curly Hair

39 views | 16 Jul. 2019

Shea Moisture most popular

Shea Moisture most popular Hair Care Brand because of its efficacy backed by natural ingredients that suit all hair types and the contents of each product help improve your hair from the core. #sheamoisture #haircare

Here are some of the best seller Shea Moisture products for natural hair:


Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Retention Shampoo


Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo


Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo


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