Walmart hazel green al

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Shady lane ghost Hazel green al

1 302 views | 8 Feb. 2016

More footage

More footage

Amy R


kelly russell


Richard Fontaine

Wheres the ghost???

Walmart hazel green al

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How to use Google tracking to your advantage

1 338 views | 18 Dec. 2020

How do you know when you

How do you know when you were at a certain store last? Do you travel and wonder when the last time you visited a place was? Use tracking to your advantage.

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Mr. Fatty



Brilliant. I get my monthly reports too!

Jonathan Shepard

Beard, are you shipping USPS these days?



R G Slot Wins

i turned all my privacy settings off

Girl Hustle

Love the intro! Good to know. So many times I try to remember where places I had been was...now I know haha ty!

Lori Gene

I JUST HAD THIS HAPPEN! I live down in the keys & go up to mainland to source; I found a killer goodwill SOMEWHERE in So. Miami a few months back; AND YOU JUST HELPED ME LOCATE THAT GOODWILL SON! ❤️Ya ❤️ Ya Show!
? Thx LG

Alabama Pickers


William McLean

I also use Google's timeline to code my mileage and then put the daily totals in a spreadsheet for my mileage log.

I wish they would add a categorized mileage summary by month and year but that would definitely put all the mileage tracking apps out of business.

Chris Dougherty

Great tip! Thanks Beard

James W.

You can get the same information with google timelines. It will send you a report every month where you have been.

Mr. Fatty

Look at the puppy. Too cute

Bargain Resell

Thanks for the advice. Merry Christmas to you and yours


Just here for the Phoebe footage awww she is a cutie!

oddo pops


Judy Hardaway


The Texas Bandit

I look at my receipts/invoices. There is info on there to help you with your business.


Stay out of Michigan nothing to see. ?

Walmart hazel green al

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Garrett Gustafson Hazel Green AL c/o 2019

46 views | 25 Sep. 2015