Tan with freckles

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giving myself freckles with a toothbrush

2 766 views | 3 Sep. 2019

this is what happens when

this is what happens when im high of off caffeine, you're welcome!

camera; canon g7x mark ii

if you're a company that wants to work with me email;

[email protected]


➥ INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/michellamorcus

➥ SNAPCHAT https://www.snapchat.com/add/miesjaahx

sub count; 1,335

I hope you have a great day :)

Until next Tuesday!

xo Mich.

Marina Marbà

you literally deserve a lot more subscribers wow


it looks realistic mich, you tried!


You could also just paint them on instead of splatter them on your face.

xAmy s World

Nice video

Dεspoina Arapatsani

watch me do this on the first day of school next week..


omg you're so beautiful

Natalia Mark

Super cute!!


hey cutest bih


that one dislike is facebook LMAO

Tan with freckles

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THE ULTIMATE TAN YOUR OWN FRECKLES STENCIL | Bronzie Stencil Review! | Tilly Jones

1 288 views | 12 Sep. 2018

OH MY GOD! This is

OH MY GOD! This is literally all my freckle dreams rolled into one. I'm obsessed! I naturally am #blessed when it comes to freckles, but mainly when I'm in the sun and always get sad when they fade away! I've never really loved the brow pencil look so this is like the best ever!! Natural shaped freckles and just so easy to do! Absolutly lovvvvvve it!

Hope you all enjoy and remember to SUUUUUBSCRIBE my lovelies & like!

See you in the next one xxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte Pegrum

what product did you use to apply the freckles please?x

Tan with freckles

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Fake Freckles With Tan Can

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