Laser hair removal frequency

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Upper and Lower Leg Hair Removal ( laser hair removal series)

113 184 views | 19 Mar. 2017

The audio is embedded and

The audio is embedded and energetically programmed with laser hair removal frequencies, specifically targeted to all of your upper and lower legs hair follicle's mitochondria to cause cell death... which will result in the follicles bing damaged and eventually dying so that no more hair will be growing in those areas.

Everyone's response is different so the time it will takes varies from person to person

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Cold mess

Plz make one for removing arms hair. ???

Spock and Prosper

Sapien can you make a unibrow removal frequency please I have been searching all over the frequencies of each youtuber and they dont have the one i have so can you make one please. I am begging you to make one I cannot deal with me growing a unibrow cause I am afraid of one being grown on me and i dont want it to happen so please do it for me and some other people as well!

hassen jaloul

Hi if you could tell me i have a lot of hair specialy the uper leg where the glutes any help would be apreciated

koan darzi

How often to listen?

miss curlysamoyed

Start this at april 19, one to three times a day... haven't see any result now..

Music Station

do u use affirmations in your subliminals?

Lady Carroll

Do we have yo use Headphones?

Ann Marie

Does this work better if your legs are already shaved?

T Quintero

Hi, how many times a day do i listen to it?

Kaushallya Klair

Ya definitely do one for arms hair removal. Lots of love. Thanks ?

Evolved Me

Can you please do one to talk to subconscious mind, to make a deal with it and no resistance from consious mind when deal is made with subconscious mind

joselynn noel

I listen to weight loss videos which i find have really helped, my over all mood just feels lighter on top,of positive body changes. I just noticed today that my hair growth on my legs is becoming patchy . I have dark thick leg hair. I've been listening for a week. Once at night time while I sleep.
So crazy . And sooo grateful for sapien ♡

I love our little sapien community and I hope not many people find out about our little secret haha
Thanks for all you do sapien!!!!

subliminal lady

started to use this today. ..will update when I see changes


Does it really work?


Its been like 4 days and i already see results like patches of hair are gone


Wow, I can feel tingling in my legs. I really plan on including these regularly after I'm done with more crucial healing frequencies, but I'm a bit worried if anyone's had a bad experience, as in hair on the head being affected? I know it targets legs only, but different people have different results...

Cherry Chua

may i fasten the music?will it work


Plz make video for vitiligo (white patches)

Ekebor Chidimma

Please what did you do to remove hairs from the leg

k t

could you kill parasite? or kill yeast? or disrupt the life cycle somehow? something to consider

Craig morrison

Sapien.. What is the song... I need your guidance. It was relaxing.

La danza del amor

Thank tou very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really works!!!!!!!! Please create a subliminal for total bikini laser hair removal.


It's been about two weeks since I started listening to your hair removal series. I can see some hairless patches on my legs and they grow back slower after shaving. No difference anywhere else yet, but I will give it more time. Thank you for amazing work Sapien!

luka vedernjak

does this also work on ass hair?

Metaphysical Mother

I love that i am feeling tingling on my legs right now! I hate shaving i used to wax but what a bloody pain and the mula down the drain!


Can you please do one for.private areas (vagina,butt etc) please

Vortex Flow

DAY ONE will update in a week (remind me if i dont)

Amkei Takahashi

Buut hairs pls

Alana Musika Barcelona

Will this also include feet and toes hair? BTW, thanks for this!


Can I speed it up a bit?
By the way I had amazing results.
My hair in general are more on the dark blond type and the ones on my legs were really thin but a lot. When I started using this I wasn't really sure about it working since after 2 months I didn't saw many results but then I decided do to wax on my legs to se if it could help this audio a bit too since wax makes your hair weak and after ONE wax my hair are half less than before, like you can't even see them

Gogoasa Infuriata

Pubic and anal hair removal please!

ᴅᴏᴍ's sᴜʙʟɪᴍɪɴᴀʟs

Listening to this for about one and a half months and my progress so far is:
The length of the hair that usually grows in 3 days grows now in 5 days. So it grows back slower than before

A Charbonnet

It seems to be working I’ve been listening all week!..I hope it gets ingrown hairs also???

A Charbonnet

I don’t understand how did the hair come off I wish someone would explain this to me.


Does this block testosterone, DHT or other androgens ?
I hope, that i get fast answer and thx for the effort

Syeda Nudrat Fatima

Hi. I am new please any one guide me sincerely. I am the girl with very very thick hairs on my all body even more then some of the males. I cannot relate to girls shown everywhere for hair removal on many of hair removal tutorials because they don't have much hair. Even if i was like them, i will even not remove those tiny hairs. I am super lazy to try some hair removal methods which will not even one. I can't afford lazer but i feel very embrace . I am very worried. kindly someone guide me if these subliminal kind of things can work for me. Plus guide me properly about subliminal listening method. Will i need hand-free for it and can i download it? what will average time to notice results. And one more question: this channel has a different subliminal related to specific body parts and this will take long time for me but other channels have one subliminal covering affirmations for all body parts. So what will work best? please reply me i will appreciate it.

Satine Luso

Hey u know what we create the video request and we vote select top 10 we want to update for the year. And we donate to the videos before they make and make it happen coz we can't ask sapien to work on the project for free

Princess Anu

Hi , can i download it and can i use it offline ? Please anyone reply me

Giuliana C.

Thank you so much for your work! Is it possible to have this audio with the sound of the sea? Thank you ❤️️?.

yes box

I manifest that this be 100% efficiently on all who listen pernamently from now on♥️ Thank you Mr Sapien

Dana Lastname

Please make one to whiten the inner thighs, butt hole and the pubic area


I have been listening for 2 weeks and have not received any results.


My legs feel cold

Sunakhi Jatti

Hello Sapien Medicine can you please make arms hair removal. Thank you very much. Lots of love.


can you make something that builds muscle in your face for a more masculine look ?

To infinity And beyond

Private areas pleasee

Your subliminals are just amazing!

シ Jay's Nirvana ヅ

That was the most terrifying intro of my life oh my god...


Does it also work to the butt? Because I noticed there is no video specifically targeted to butt cheek hair removal ?

alleyes onus

What do y mean by upper leg ? The thighs and pikini area ?
And lower legs does it include the toes!?

Souad Kh

My English isn't so good so can I listen to this ??? Plz answer me

des ray

Can you make one for all unwanted body hair like sideburns, cheeks, chin?

anje yoo

Im confused. Do the hairs fall off by themselves? What if i shave them and it stops growing. Small hairs trapped forever?

Arisa Knight

Do you have one for breast uplift? I’m 18 and have been slightly overweight since I was in preschool (kindergarten) and the females in my family naturally have large breasts, but due to the excess weight that I still kind of am, my breasts have sagged from strain.

Ariana Butera

Sapines med. Please do a "lose thight fat"

Jackie Andrea

I am actually digging the song. Wanna dance!!

health MM

I started today

Mike St

How long to see results on average?

Princess Hana

Private area please

Celestial Lass

Can anyone tell me if this also works on their feet too?

nupur n

One for vaginal health please

Molly Picklesimer

My legs are so icy rn ?

Princess Hana

Please make one for arm hair

Cool m

Started 04/08/2018

Litty Creetionz

Omg I love this so much!! Everyday I can visibly see areas of hair thinning out on my legs. Haven’t waxed in 3 weeks so it is very noticeable! Thank you so much for this!


Hi. Can you please make a update of this video, and this time without any music? That way I can play my own music, if I want music.


Hello Sapien med! I have a request to do a "mysterious sexy girl subliminal" In that I would really like affirmations like:
big light brown, golden tone sexy exotic eyes and eyelashes,
slim face with hollow cheeks and high cheekbones,
very thin body skinny, slender body with even skin tone and smooth skin,
skinny thighs cute small butt,
long thick hair that grows very fast,
small straight white teeth,
dark sexy mysterious presence,
deep thinker, quite,
very clever, sharp and intelligent (quick learner etc),
and lastly, a very very deep sexy sensual voice (most important one!!)
This are just the look I really want and you may include extra things like intimidating presence or alluring beauty etc (If you want, completely up to you!) Please do this one for me! It would mean a lot, again thanks for all your hard work!

Robin Householder

Thank you so much.

Arman Gill

Please make one video for arm hair as those are the ones which gets noticed the most ??


Wow! Can we be guaranteed that our head hair will not be removed??! :)


Won't this cause KP?
I'm in two minds whether should i use this I'm aware this is not a subliminal but i once listen to a sub that is something like this and guess what i got kp (keratosis pillaris) ??? and I'm still struggling to remove it now. Someone answer honestly, thank you.

Sophia S

Wait this literally works so well! I have VERY thick leg hair and have only been listening to this for about a week and I have patches of hair GONE on my legs!

Eleutheromania Woody

If I am listening to 5 or 6 different videos from this channel, should I put them on a playlist back to back or listen to each one three times then move on? Thanks for the guidance!!


Will this remove hair on your feet and toes as well or only legs?

grunge kookie

I can literally feel pulses on my legs like in laser treatments (tho not as strong and painful)


If my cat hears it is it going to have hairless leggies?

Edson Henrique

Could you even do one to stop being asexual? I always had low libido problem and I thought it was something hormonal or psychological, but since it is neurological, I would very much like to have a complete sex life, to be sexually happy

Studyhard Dudes

Will it help get lighten skin?

Erica Quintero

Can I listen to music after my subliminals?

Tan Yıldızı

Can you make pubic hair removal please

Qua Nita

Thank you for these videos! I always knick myself shaving. Hopefully these videos help with that issue. Please make one for arm hair and another for Brazilian and anus/butt hair. Thank you! Many blessings!

Arman Gill

Plz make one for removing arms hair

Sophie 123

Could you please make one for an hourglass figure or a slim waist, that would be awesome Thank you very much for all your works!! :)

kim khamis

Do we have to use headphone?


Ok, so I went to get a Brazilian wax this morning and told them if they could do my legs too. She said I didn’t have enough hair on my legs to do it. Wow! Lol I haven’t shaved my legs in like 1 1/2 on purpose bc I knew I was getting waxed! This works yall! ?????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Sapien! All of your videos are the truth!

Denise Ferreira

Hi Sapien! I just wanted to say thank you for all your amazing work. I’m new to this... I just listened to this video for a month straight, 2-3 times a day and I can tell you that the result is amazing! Much less hair (hardly none actually) thank you so much! Which is the best way to sponsor you?


Hey sapien fans, if you want to remove leg hair permanently use IPL devices at home! I got a generic one off of ebay for $50 and it really works!! please like so other people see. dermatologists approve and its safe, but professional salons wouldn't want you to know that.

siri vempally

Does hair grow back again ??? pls reply me I'm confused

kaye phillips

I think you need to redo this and get rid of the intro bit, it is deafening, bad for ur ears.

Golden Taurus

Upper legs means Thighs?

kamalpreet kaur kaur

Can 5 year kid listen it . It will work and it’s safe for kids plz reply me

Nawaz Shaik

Does this work for boys ? does this effect beard and moustache?


You sure I don't lose facial hair? Imagine getting bald at early age

Naomi Chambers

Atleast the softest pubic hair and not the scratchiest when shaved.?

Mystic TM

I am sorry but this is fake Sapien.
I am using this one almost 2 years with other one but nothing ?
I really have rare condition and I am shamed of myself?

Doctor Gaming M.D.

I am 27 years old male. I have overgrowth in arms and legs hair.
I will update my results in this comment every week to see if its worth.
Day 1: no change whatsoever.

Itai Zrihan

what about pubic hair removal? its the most important


Can you please do the Hair Removal series without any music at all?

Cinnamon Cupcake Caramel

Sapien Med you helped me so much every time I listen to your videos it works instantly so could you please make a video for making wishes come true. ?


using! my legs are so hairy :/

brian Naccarato

my question is will it come back. I don't want my hair to be gone forever.

Laser hair removal frequency

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Laser hair removal during pregnancy

7 589 views | 14 Jun. 2017

Caroline is back again to

Caroline is back again to anser some more frequently asked questions in the clinic when it comes to Laser Hair Removal. If you are pregnant or know some one who is pregnant and want laser hair removal then check this video out.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal : https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&vide...

Laser Hair Removal for MEN : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsFAk...

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent : https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&vide...

Laser hair removal for women: http://havanaskinclinic.com/treatment...

Laser hair removal for men: http://havanaskinclinic.com/treatment...

Laser Hair Removal Q and A https://youtu.be/Cwnk35TJQIU

f you would like to get more information on Laser hair removal or become more educated on any of the treatments we do here at Havana Skin Clinic click below:


Lets get social.




Shraddha Baviskar

In starting months of pregnancy can we do laser hair removal therapy

Ashley & Luna Jimenez

What about breastfeeding mom ?

Ravneet Kaur

I have five months of pregnancy
So please tell me can I take off laser hair removal therpy
Please tell me answer

Laser hair removal frequency

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E-light Ipl+ Radio Frequency Rf Laser Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Spa Machine

24 views | 11 Mar. 2018

E-light Ipl+ Radio

E-light Ipl+ Radio Frequency Rf Laser Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Spa Machine

Also check about: Ipl Slimming E Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Rf Slim Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQxorxfLjr0

check more information at: http://coolskinproducts.com/en/lightening/174-e-light-ipl-radio-frequency-rf-laser-hair-removal-skin-rejuvenation-spa-machine.html

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