Unibrow removal

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How To Thread Your Unibrow

11 009 views | 7 Nov. 2017

Olerius 123

Its oddly satisfying when u pluck some out and its gone

MiniForce Vam

Will it grow back

purple jellyfish395

How to shave ball hair without cutting yourself? ;)

Josh Carbungco

That’s got to hurt


What is that thing u used?

Abdul Samad

Wow owsm work done

Summer Rigby

Does it hurt? I really need to do this but idk if it will hurt

Unibrow removal

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Amazing Eyebrow (Unibrow) cracking head massage - ASMR

54 865 views | 29 Sep. 2017

Great head massage by

Great head massage by Jitan and his unique style for eyebrow crack you must watch this.

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Id be happy for the rest of my life if ASMR conclave likes my comment

Love Nordahl

doesent looks comfotable at all.. the head should never be tilted by other factors than using your neck muscles...


Why would someone want a unibrow? Not trolling, just a genuine question?

Pedro R

Really nice video and massage btw nice mustache

Bash Sama

Good video my friend. I subscribed and shared it with my friends!

Steven Frost

You need to wax that hairy caterpillar my man..you kinda remind me of the dirka dirka dude on Team America: World Police.

Kristin j.r.

Wow good video

Bazoo Extreme

can you please shave your unibrow this shit make me unconfortable yes sir thank sir

P. Lanz

i like that ''War of the Worlds'' looking massage tool on head

Big Diesel

He says 0.60, I will tip him $100.

Melissa Cimmarrusti

0.60 usd =€????

Ash Saber

Wow! Awesome video!


Eyebrow cracking 8:55


Just when I thought I've seen it all-

Toni Alarcón

Dobby the house elf at 8:10

Emir Yilmaz

Very Nice sir. I Go in 15min to bed. thank you so much

Jack Willis

Good stuff as always!

Guy On YouTube

Shave that ugly shit old man!

Deepak Raj

Does head massage leads to hair fall ?

may bee

I just can't believe it's 60 cents for such a good massage.
You have an incredibly nice skin.
You should have an eyebrow trimming, would be an interesting vid!

Joseph Milberg

So, how about...not having a unibrow?

Jordan Martin

Chabuddy G

Brad Hargis

Eyebrows for days.

DC Farmer-in-Waiting

Very professional.

champer slimmerthannone

He looks like Butt-Head.

Захар Беркутов

Super massage !!!

Husky Chipmunk

This look so relaxing I would have fell asleep as well

kusum kansra

Best head massage

Black Panther

Very relaxing


Why doesn't this dude have more subscribers??? His videos are amazing!!

Daniel Haqim

0.60 for a head massage? damn id get one everydat

Paul Artwork ✧ ASMR

thank you!!

Josh Marshall

That was a painful looking massage tho


quite staring straight into the camera!

Cowgirl Ortega

.60 for massage shoot Thats the only reason I'd save my change be there every fkn day. That is sooo relaxing. Im jealous. If only the states would cath up with the rest. We need that here.

Rando Strange

The man giving the massage makes some meme worthy eye contact with the camera. Lol

Jimmy Danger Gonzalez

It's funny, this is the main reason I want to visit India lol. This guy was awesome and hella triggered my asmr!