Nivea creme acne

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Nivea Creme Review and How to use it on oily skin, Dry skin, acne prone skin.

9 048 views | 4 Oct. 2018

Hi lovies

Come and

Hi lovies

Come and join my channel,

This is the review of Nivea Creme review

And also some tips and tricks for all skin type people..

Buy the #NiveaCreme here


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Boga mamtha

Hi mam i saw ur video of cetaphil and retino ac gel im using cetaphil and retino ac gel creams so can i use nivea cream

rohan rhl

U r so beautiful


I have pimples on face ,can I use this cream?

Farjana Akter

can I use nivea cream as a night cream

mr ansari

Meri skin normal hai mujhe kese use krnaa hai isse

Mona Agarwal

Di i am your big fan, please aur ap apni skin care routine share kijea

Atish Nade

Nivea lagane ke bad muze aur jyada acne aye hai, iska kya reason ho sakta hai mam

ariya rock

Faltu creme he try ki hu me

Waheedkhan Pirani

Hi dear mri skin oily nd acne pron h so me Kya use day nd nght use kr skti hu plz rply fast...

Prince Singh

ye all skin type ko suit karega di

Sajida Ahmed

Hello madam, yeh cream day mein use kar sakti hu kya?

Beauty Beats

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debyani Sahoo

Acne prone skin ke liye video starting is
5.55 .......
Thanks me later??

Nivea creme acne

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How I Cleared My Skin in 2 Months Using Affordable Products ( Acne Prone ) | Philippines

43 353 views | 15 Dec. 2018


Products that i mentioned :

St.Ives Scrub


Kojic Soap

Celeteque Hydartion Toner

Nivea Creme



Hi Everyone ! Mark here ! hope u enjoy it ♡



ig & twitter : @markcrz_


★FAQ ★

Name : Mj Cruz

Age : 17

Country : Philippines

Nationality : Filipino

Camera : iPhone 6

Editing Software : iMovie



[email protected]


Y o o n I v e r s e

Nakakapag puti rin po ba to ng dark spots sa face? Thanks po

Ykcor Allyson Sta. Elena, RPm

good job!

Maxx TV

Hii crush!

Y o o n I v e r s e

Nakakapag puti rin po ba to ng dark spots sa face? Thanks po

Arvin San Pedro

Eng tegel meg epload ng vid HAHAHA :(

Mico Real

Anong brand nang kojic mo?


Hey lodi anong skin type mo?

Jersom Tumacder

Sarap mag hilamos pag ganyan cr hahahah :)

Richelle Vicmudo



Araw araw ka ba nag totoner?

Trishia Garcia

Ang gwapo namam mo?

Michael Bentulan

normal ba po toh? kasi ginagamit ko po lahat nung products nyo 2 days na po pero parang rumarami po sya lalo?kailangan ko ba po mag antay muna or palitan ko na?


i just found your channel today and i love it already!

(small youtuber here!)

JC Santos

Ano po skin type niyo? Dry o oily?? Pls reply asapp


With English subtitles please I don’t understand anything

Brixton Herlione

Huy pokpok ako but i luv u

Cj Manalo

Keep aploding vids

Professor Tv

And in the morning po?

James Ivan Ackerman

Bat parang di ata tumatalab sa pag mumuka mo



Migz Cruz

yiiieee dami nang views!!!!! sabi ko sayo eh HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA CONGRATS!!!


Nakakaputi rin po ba yan?

Prince Singh

Any side effect

Jessie Colot

Wow ? swerte mo sa papa mo


Akala ko po una yung facial wash sa exfoliating?

Front camera po ba ng phone nyo yung ginagamit mo?

Kenjo Aguirre

How long to see results?


Neutrogena Ano Po Yon?


Ang gulo mo mag salita ????

Madam Bekbek25

wow galing nmn at salamat sa pag share mo ng ginagawa mo at prudoct na ginagamit mo ako nmn problema ko pikas ko.

Viaje Joy TV

wooow galing naman! new friend here po!

Gordon’s lamb sauce

Paulit ulit. Hahaha

Daryl Alcantara

Oo nivea cream talaga bro!!!??????

Emma Jose

huuuy, napaka cute mo naman! thanks for sharing your skincare routine!!!

Professor Tv

And in the morning po?

Anthony Sandig

gawa kana po morning routine :D

Jairus Perez

nice vidd im subbed (small youtuber heree)

JC Santos

Neutragena nkakatanggal ba tlga ng blackheads. also ano po mauuna exfol. O soap?*

Loudre forever

Magkano ba yang Nivea Creme ? Thank you ?

Prem Jantawong

How old are you ?

Duh Xxx


Austine Kim Buenviaje


Anthony Alcuizar

Hmm feel ko friends tayo sa facebook?

Tepepany Timoteo

sub to sub please. thanks

Baba Yaga

Morning routine plss.

Jeric Gajo

Pwede po ba kahit Kojic at nivea lang walang toner?

Rema Dapa

Dry skin ka po ba or Oily skin?

Bitché Aesthetic

I really recommend the exfoliator but Cure. It's very gentle on your skin and never caused break outs (atleast for me) . I've been using it for years and it's my favorite skin care product!

John Cawigan

Ano po Yung skin type niyo?

Nivea creme acne

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Is Nivea Really a Dupe for La Mer? | Skincare with @Susan Yara

566 862 views | 11 Mar. 2020

Is the US version of

Is the US version of Nivea really a dupe for Crème de La Mer? This skincare question gets brought up a lot in our private Facebook group, so I decided to create this video to tell you whether I think it's true or not.

Join our beauty Facebook group!



2020 Skincare Goals: https://youtu.be/B4aE-EonA_U

Skincare Q&A: https://youtu.be/Q7tgGTesYSg


Crème de La Mer: http://bit.ly/2PNgpIJ

Nivea Cream: https://amzn.to/3cwXZpt


Nécessaire - Use code "SUSAN10" for 10% off: http://bit.ly/38xFZJ6

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Mixed Makeup: http://bit.ly/2iDLI8t

Susan Yara: https://www.youtube.com/SusanYara


Mixed Makeup: https://instagram.com/mixedmakeup/

Susan Yara: https://instagram.com/susanyara/

BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: The description may contain affiliate links for a small commission on purchased products. Affiliate links support our channel, so we can continue to make fun videos for you. Also, some items may have been received through PR. Thanks for watching and shopping!


Lindsay DeClute

No No NO Nivea is garbage and shouldn’t even be in the same sentence when comparing to LaMer! Seriously!

Tesie Marie

I use the La Mer moisture gel.. I use it daily.. I love it.. I used to use their cream but, tried the gel and it’s amazing!!

Wil Ardoin


grandemochalatte 3

Nivea is huge here in japan. I think the ingredients are “better” here haha. Many Japanese women wear it as their face moisturizer.

Sanja Bojovic

NIVEA has been producing this cream since 1925. How can it be a dupe?!

Fallon F

I am ABSOLUTELY shocked at La Mer's prices LOL I GASPED. SK II is worth it, but I'm still not convinced with La Mer.

J Jay

Nivea good enough for Marilyn Monroe it's good enough for me?

Yana Chris Whelan

I love this video and review! I am a Nivea fan sin my early 20s!! Than you.

Mikee Villanueva

Thank You for the info♥️♥️

Hasna Oumellal

I love nivea cream i always use it i noticed that helped me to prevent getting any wrinkles i just loove it

Schnauzer Lady

No mineral oil no ma’am

Rabia Anjum

Man I like these types of videos. Yes! We wanna know the truth!

Lorita Rydén

Thanks for a very informative video!!! Thought, in the prescription on La Meres is “petroleum” or mineral oil... isn’t that the same???? In Sweden that is a big Nono!!!! At least 50/50 of skincare people!


This should be called Merda. It italian it means sh*t.

Ashley X

tbh I tried both for 1 month each, Nivea is absolutely a great, effective and affordable moisturizer if you have the sort of healthy and normal skin, but a month's use of lamer actually fixed my acne problem, and I even had a worse schedule during that time! Every time I stay up late I will have pimples on my forehead, but during the lamer month my entire face was so clean and my friend and my mom said that my skin was literally glowing. So I think for someone who has very sensitive skin like me, you can keep a little jar of lamer as a backup and use Nivea when your skin condition is fine lol, btw lamer's treatment lotion has that same ingredient, something they called "Miracle Broth," and it's way much cheaper than creme de lamer?

Alexandra Lopes Martins

i once got a sample size of the la mer cream and when i oppened it i looked at my mom and said "did they put nivea cream in the jar ? it smells EXACLTY the same and feels the same" i'll never understand the hype around this cream it really is just an overpriced nivea cream and i don't even use nivea cream because i don't think the texture is very elegant so i couldn't even imagine spending so much money on a cream that doesn't even feel elegant...i just don't ! i think they're just trolling people to be honest

cecilia conde

What is a good toner ? Im 47 ☺️
Or a mist?? For my age????

Just Me

I love Nivea cream, European edition. Been using it for years, nothing makes my skin looks as youthful as a thin layer of this creme


if you have oily skin, the nivea is still good as makeup remover or a cream wash followed by a regular cleanser!

It’s MiMi

I wonder why Nivea doesn’t have a face cream.


Nice Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you researched - Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my coo-worker finally got excellent results with it.

Raj EL

Are parraffin, panthenol, frangrance bad for the skin? I'm confused!!

ns singh

Hi can u do a video with dupes or similar products like ZO skincare from Dr obagi reason is it's high priced...thank you can't wait...

Denise Sky

I use to work at a luxury retail department store at the beauty counter, essentially made to push La Mer products on every single person who came there. I never asked many questions about the products I was selling to unsuspecting customers especially the La Mer skin care line ( I know naive of me) but I was told by my boss that this was the world’s best cream no questions asked and for some time I truly believed in the products and that they reflected the price tag. I literally spent an entire year bullshitting myself and clients over and over again until one day my manager blurted out something interesting and that was La Mer brand is owned by Esteé Lauder group. I also heard her say that La Mer cream is legitimately lower tier although still expensive, Estée Lauder cream repackaged. You’re literally paying a 5000% markup of Esteé Lauder cream... ladies...it’s all a lie. If you want that splurge and “ luxury” La Mer stuff just buy Esteé Lauder or better yet go for the cheaper option and that is Nivea. Nivea is missing a couple of Esteé... oops my bad “La Mer’s” ingredients and that’s it. Save your money ladies it’s literally not worth spending $400 plus dollars on

Saskia Uiterwaal

I highly recommend a daycream with SPF. But nivea is fantastic as a nightcream (esspecially in winter, I summer I love nivea sensitive. I’m a European btw.)


what do you think of other la mer products? their serum or eye cream?

Elizabeth Grant

Thank you for convincing me not to buy this

Tricia Allen

I used Creme de la Mer years ago ( precisely after hearing about J.Lo’s passion for the stuff) and it felt like I was putting Vaseline petrolatum on my face. Never bought it again!

Just me uk

The la mer is obviously going to do a better job, the unique ingredient is sea kelp that they collect at the bottom of the ocean twice a year,then they use sound waves and lots of other ingredients to ultimately make there unique Miracle Broth.... I only use la mer skincare .... not having cheap stuff on my face..... nivea isn’t even in the same ball park.

Firenze Lee

I didn’t see y any good serum in your all videos lol


the worst part is that ingredient-wise, they both suck. fragrance, citric acid, denatured alcohol?????? just buy a tub of cerave and save yourself pls

Vivian C

I have something that works very well for me. I bought some vitamin a capsules and I break them open and put them on my skin... It worked so well that I stopped using all of these creams and serums. But I will never give up my Nivea. It's a wonder cream. Thanks for your review. You're saving people money.

chantal parkin

Thanks for this bought a small tin of nivea and used as eye cream and work

c. chen

i have an officemate that uses nivea! and she has a porcelain like skin!!!

China Butterfly

Nivea not a dupe. La mer becomes hot when you rub it between your fingers. You can clearly see and feel the difference. Sorry, I’m not gonna be sold on this video. While the lady in the video is very pretty with great skin, la mer is worth its price. Been a loyal customer for years and it’s worth it.

Supreme Star Light

How old are you ? It apparently shows that your face is sagging already ?

Mary Hansen

Is there a Nivea creme for face only?


Um, they don't smell the same at all. La Mer original is a floral fragrance, Nivea is a fresh fragrance. I use the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream, and it is great for dry/combination skin that has aging concerns. It's not real thick like the original formula.

Helena Preston

It’s pronounced NEE-WAY-A

Shrieking mf

It does work on oily skin, but you must use it VERY sparingly. A small amount goes a long way, even if you have to drag it across the skin.


I’ve never tried La Mer and I know it’s got some additional good for your skin ingredients in it but it's also got denatured alcohol which Nivea doesn't and I’ve been using Nivea on my face almost every night for the past 2 years and it hasn’t done me wrong yet. ? So rich and moisturizing, makes my skin look so good in the morning!

Jennifer Yi-Ping Tseng

I’m a fan of Nivea cream (European version) ! La Mer is way too overpriced.

Luna Coltau

Nivea is just one of those brands that has been there for ages, and never ceases to exist, simply because the quality is so great especially compared to the price!

Sahar Razavi

I'm using different Nivea products as my skincare routine because I like this brand ?

Betty בטי


julie Wallis

My daughter stopped at the Creme de lar Mar stall in my local Selfridges. The lady told her “sorry but you probably can’t afford this” (rude much?) I thought about buy two pots, then reconsidered and walked away. I can afford it, but I prefer Nivea anyway.

Kitten Mochi

Nivea existed before you and La mer
La mer is the overpriced version of Nivea
Gurl bye

Pointer Mom

I’ve used La Mer for 3 1/2 years. I like how my skin feels and looks with it. I also use other products on my skin as recommended by Dr. Dray. So it is impossible to know whether La Mer is the source of the soft and healthful appearance of my skin. I also use tretinoin. Warning! Two ounces La Met cost around $300. You can get it at a discount on eBay, but it’s likely to be old or fake. On the bottom of the jar, is a code, you can look up the code and figure out the manufacturing date. You will find that many sellers are using very old jars and filling them with Nivea or some other product. Do not buy, you will be scammed. I have read that algae and seaweed are very efficacious humectants. You can get them in a variety of other products such as Sea El. I don’t think there’s any need to buy expensive product like La Mer. I’m not going to buy it anymore.

Akanksha Dash

La Mer only makes sense if you are an astronaut who gets burns on a space mission, and of course if you're rich AF. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense.
Nivea creme FTW!!!

Ian Epperson

I use it the nivea cream on my body. I’ve only Been doing it for 2 weeks and my skin feels and looks smoother ?

love cats

Looking at my Nivea - made in Germany. Yaaaah! I live in Canada. Just started using Nivea and I love it.

SadWoman 2020

I'd say if you just want a moisturizer, probably yes. But if you have sensitive skin that's prone to breakout, La Mer is a far better product

Ola Janowska

That's why learning anything about cosmetics ingredients is so important. They can't fool you. ?

Charlie D

Did anyone else full on GASP at the amount of La Mer she put on her hand???

Sabrina Lorello

I really love this video, Yes Nivea and La mer smells and do really the same (I do have the german versions...La Mer is just the name (marketing, you pay for) But if you want to spoil your self for a kind of luxurious feeling and dream then just go for it ;-) and like the other comments below, just fill up the empty La Mer jar with Nivea Xxx PS I really would love to see and Estee lauder advanced night repair video, maybe to compare with an other less expensive serum.....thanks!

Thommielyn Lg

Does Nivea is good for acne prone skin?


These are the ingredients here in Germany: Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Microcristallina, Glycerin, Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit®), Paraffin, Panthenol, Magnesium Sulfate, Decyl Oleate, Octyldodecanol, Aluminum Stearates, Citric Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Limonene, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Parfum
...which one is better now? the US version or the german one? I'm just curious, I don't really use Nivea.

Anastasia N

I’m just not convinced. I’m sorry. Several similar ingredients does not mean the same. I’m not scientist but something is telling me same ingredients there to provide the same reactions like absorption and so on. I mean if you take sulfates out of shampoo it’s not gonna foam. So lots of shampoo has same sulfates. It’s not making shampoos bad. Even expensive ones like Kerastase because it has lots of them.
I don’t really see the full list and explanation of all ingredients to actually make a fair judgement.
All I know I have a good skin and don’t have many problems but when I tried nivea I got oily skin right away and lots of breakages. So I really doubt it will make my skin feel better in a future. Also I tried la mer. And it absorb amazingly. And did not give me problems. It is pricey but it is for a reason all celebrities use it.
Let’s keep it real we just don’t have the same money. So why so much bla bla? Just to justify our poverty.
I will use la mer if I could do it. No way I’m using nivea for my face.

Nivea Khondaker

I thought someone was calling my name the whole video.

Therese Nydahl

Make sure you get the Nivea Creme made in Germany, not the one made in Mexico as mentioned in this clip. Try it, the difference is huge!

Agnes Toth

What?? La Mer has mineral oil and petrolatum????


I love this video! At last a woman who doesn't just fall for expensive brands. I have been using Nivea all my life, and just like you I like to spend my money on serums and oils :-)


What do you think about Vaseline?

Dada who

This is the video I was looking for ♡

Preston Williams

Maybe the real question should be: "is creme de la mer a dupe for nevia creme?. answer: yes.

Smaragda Konstantinidou

Hello!! That's really useful to know!! Thank you!! I'm using nivea on my neck and lips but on my face no because I have oily skin but can we use it as an eye cream?


The rest of the world: Nivea vs La Mer
Bulgarians: Hold my Krem Zdrave

None4 Granted

How about the original Nivea from Germany?

Maryam Mirza

Can we use Nivea on oily face????

phil mang'eni

can you please review have A between the one in the USA Europe and the one here in Africa kenya because the some ingredients you read are not in mine from Kenya


Nivea, Spf no less than 50 and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are my daily main go to's. I am 50 this year and get told I look like I am in my mid 30's often. I exfoliate once or twice a week, use a microderm needle to roll over skin 3 times a week. I also use my Clarisonic machine to cleqn and massage my face nightly. In the morning I splash cold water.

Sampath Sampath

My face is black hellp me pleace


After using for months, what do u have to say?

Ahmed Khalifa

Nevis cream can be lightened with some rose water.

Xuân-An Bui

90 dollars for that little.... WTF!?!?? People actually pay that!!!?!!?!?!!??

Manuela De villiers

I have been using Nivea oil (the blue flat tin) for over 35 years. I do mix in some vitamin E serum and frankinscence into it nowadays, and am very happy with my "cheap" mixture


The women in my family only used Nivea all their life !!!! There skin always stayed hydrated an more youthful than there age . I used it for my natural curls and it added super shine and bounce to my hair.

Samantha Diaz

When my mom was pregnant with me she didn’t get one single stretch mark and she claims it was the Nivea.

Randem Kt

Looking for more affordable options for moisturizer during this pandemic, I guess imma try this Nivea cream.

Lhar Capili

Nivea. My favorite moisturizer ever ??? The best ✨


La Mer counts on ignorance of it's consumer...

Maria Tereza Ferreira

Imagine a product that costs 90$ and has paraffin as one of the main ingredients ?‍♀️

Mommy Emm

Hi small youtuber here???

Hanna Decker

I love and sweat by Nivea creme. I use it as all over facial moisturizer, eye creme, lip balm, eyebrow tamer, cuticle creme, make up remover, face mask, skin barrier when coloring my hair, heel balm, and whatever else I think of. It's literally my one beauty product I can't be without.


Hi Susan thank you for the video, What brand serum do you use?

Paige Stokes

Do you use the Nivea on your face???

Faizah Alkatheri

Nivea is awesome. I love Nivea.


could you theoretically just add the algea extract to the nivea cream?

lucky sun

La MEH ....keyooooo

Akmal Ahmed

I’ve been using the Nivea creme as an under eye cream for over 3 months and my under eyes are clearer, plumpier. I don’t use it anywhere else because I have very oily skin

Whatever_ 786

Nivea is not a dupe it was made wayyyy before la mer

Wil Ardoin

So this homophobic supporting video is still up? Shameful , does money mean that much to you to sell out the LGBTQ community ? You work in the beauty industry , are you that blind or just that money hungry ? You should be ashamed , unsub , you are complicit in their homophobia. Take it down .

Danette Mannion

I buy the purse tin for a $1, but sometimes it’s hard to find, just found some at the Family Dollar this week so I bought 5. I love this sooooo much! Very dry skin so it works the best for me.


yung nagclick ka kasi akala mo si ruffa

China Butterfly

I just blew 11k on la mer products on Sephora and don’t regret it. Hate me if u must.

Bisaya in Holland

bc people buy the product name , i rather have nivea aqua or just weleda or buurt bees cream .


I got a 500g one for $4.50 and it was great value

Susan Narducci

I get the Eropean formula from Sunflower. My skin has improved a lot. Love it.

Lalruatpuii Khiangte

Nivea is great for winter ? keeps my skin moisturised and soft.

It’s MiMi

She kind of reminds me of makeupgeek