Splat bleach review

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25 163 views | 11 Feb. 2020


#hairbleaching #toningwithpurplehairdye #unicornhair



Avalynn Pelletier

Did it burn it scalp

Ejacku8fire Rx8

How long did you wait before Rinsing it

Tacos_are_ Life_and_im_trash_33333


Purple Panda

I’m using the same dye rn and it was very powdery and I put it over brown and purple splat dye that’s been on my hair for awhile and I hope it works

Hey Lol

How long do you recommend leaving the bleach in??

Antonia Sanchez

Que pasa si mezclo el color con el liquido del bleach

c c

how long did u leave the bleach in like all ur hair or was it the same amount as the 15/how much u left it in for the roots?

Numform Singh’s

I’m going to bleach my hair using splat and I’m afraid my hair coming off. Do you have any tips on what to do and what not to do?

Carly Brooks

Thank you to everyone who has watched this video!!! I'm getting ready to dye my hair red next so be on the look out for a new video l ❤❤❤❤


Is the blue in your hair from another splat? I’m asking because I used pink splat and it won’t come out with other bleach products. So I’m wondering if I use splat bleach if it’ll come out

- dreamy

i’m uneducated, so do you just wash your hair to get the bleach out or rinse ?? btw it looks nice on you .


This just popped up in my feed... 17k+ views!!! Proud of you Carly. Miss you girlie! ??

mik p

i was shaking mine for 2 minutes & it came out powdery. is that good?

Splat bleach review

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10 669 views | 22 Mar. 2017

First Video and first

First Video and first review of Splat Lighting Bleach!

Jay London

Heyy! I enjoyed your video, you're really entertaining! Subscribe back :)

Isabella Coon

How long did u leave it on for?


put toner!! your hair got so much lighter it looks great!

2Chop HellaBarsEnt

Did you get the bleach off your fingers and how?

Silent Hill

Is she still alive

Madison Rose

If you ever use that kit again and want a more intense result put a bag or a cap over your head and apply head with your hair dryer. It’ll help the bleach activate and it will make your hair a lot lighter. To help with the burning you can put coconut oil on your scalp and hair and let it dry before applying the bleach. It’ll create a barrier that will make it a ton less painful. Your hair turned out such a cute color ! I love it.


I subbed and put notifications on lmao I know already you're gonna be one of my new favs

Mrs. Lisa Williams

Oh honey Brad Mondo can help..... ?

Mollynim G


Mannaz Skogsraet

you remind me of kim possible with the blonde in the front s :P cuuute!

TMarie iffany

Ahhhhhh use gloves what the heck your saying it burns put ur hair in a bun with a tie or clip and pause the video and wash ur hands your crazy I just cant it's making me mad lol


#Lovely xD

Splat bleach review

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DIY HAIR BLEACHING with SPLAT Lightening Kit Platinum Blond Review Results | Kayla Please

102 026 views | 31 Dec. 2016

Reviewing SPLAT DIY hair

Reviewing SPLAT DIY hair lightening bleaching kit. How I lightened my hair. Complete review and results for Splat's Lightening Kit.

Product Used:

Splat Lightening Bleach Kit

How to buy: http://amzn.to/2iPtjHs

Don't forget to watch my toning video: https://youtu.be/0oEmNSQ8VEo

This video shows exactly how I used Splat Lightening Bleach and how it turned out. No one would ever use bleach if companies actually showed the yellow or orange results that actually happen when you jump too many levels. It did turn out exactly how I thought it would.

This product is not gentle on the skin. I have no idea how to bleach your hair and not get it on your scalp, sounds challenging, plus it would take a lot longer and some of the hair wouldn't have enough time to process.

I would use this product again. I give it a 7 out of 10.

I hope you found this video helpful.

Music Credits


Jasper Sawyer - World Series Game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KGun-TM9C4

Jasper Sawyer - Pretty Pretty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRJ1iTMhtos

Do_Do_Do : YouTube Music Library

Take You: YouTube Music Library

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james wade

how the hell do you tolerate the smell from it tho?

Mackenzie Leighton

I'm doing it the other way around I'm leaveing the top black and dyeing the bottom

Evilkitten 213

Mixing dye is a very bad idea. Also I used splat hair dye just a few days ago it didn't damage my hair at all.

Alex Wongalong

Watch the splat YouTube video,search splat hair color how to dye your hair,The thumbnail is a girl with a pink hair,you did it wrong,you cannot leave it more than 30 mins

Brad Rebekah

10:04 As if I wasn't white enough.???

Charity Galensky

5 mins later... It FINALLY STARTS


When you put it in, was it foamy?

Rian Shannon

okay to prevent from your hair from damaging with splat just use some coconut oils before :)

Lizzy Roulette

Did anyone else notice the brown strands in the back still?

Charity Galensky

Omg! Can we get to the bleaching already! U talk to much!! Get on with it! Dam!

Ralph Acuna

U take forever

Tan G

I really love your sense of humor and personality I had to subscribe??

Dom-B Domo

U shit sucks u played around da whole time like a fuckin child ?

Cynthia Rodriguez

You talk to MUCH ?????

Sammi Pettus

Always start at length before roots

Miss Ebonie

It looks amazing imma buy 2 boxes of the bleach then because my hair is the same length as yours just thicker

our World Go Crazy

You are ugly as f***


Did you say you had it on in the front for 15 or 50? In the sentence, 50 makes sense but both times you say it (I even rewound it) but sounds like you're saying 15? I'm wondering bc I'm about to use this in my hair tonight...

Edgar Landy

What do you mean the crazy idea to bleach your hair it looks like you've bleached it before

lps paris

Today I did that thing so I wanted to watch a video

Lola Brigette

Lol u look like cybil shepard..

Nora Sanchez

Lol I'm this bored LoL...my hair snapped four inches to the root using this crap so why do I wanna do it again !!! ???

Clarissa Sanchez

Purple shampoo

Angela Sylvester

I used this product and was not very thrilled with the results... but I suppose if I had more of it maybe i would have. I don't know.. it just turned my hair a lighter orange. What I also wanted to add is that you are suppose to do the roots last, since the roots are closest to the scalp.. it causes heat to counter act with the bleach and you get really blonde roots but, orange or darker blonde-yellow hair. In other words 2 different colors.. so do the roots last cause they don't take as long to process.

Mariana Pope

how do you bleach your roots with splat? im scared to burn my hair off!


Has anyone ever told you you look like Marsha from the Brady Bunch? Like, the resemblance is crazy.

Kendall & Danielle

What if you don’t have toner !!!!

Michelle GD

Kayla, very nice video. My favorite line is probably.."Cause I live in the ghetto...the ghetto..." Thanks for your honesty.

Bernice Baker

This was nice and upbeat. Question after using the lightening bleach do you have to put color in? Can you just leave it like that?

The Official Princess Rainbow

You need a toner to whiten it

teo's Rolex

your hilarious

Beth Peterson

I just used the same bleach. It turned out white blonde. I did not use any toner for it. I left it in a little bit over a half hour. I think about 45 minutes.

Georgia Wall

This was posted 1 year ago from today

our World Go Crazy

Dang you are stupid

lily Barr

Helpful thank you.

Witney Jenei

I love it

Crystal V

Oh my gosh... so beautiful. Good song as well. Anyone know what song is at 5:35?


"can any1 say", "MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA...Hey, im not being "anyyy typa way", AT ALL.. because I LOVEEED the Brady Bunch movie, forr REAL..and 4 good measure, i HAVE 2 say tht i eeeeven loved the show, SERIOUSLY, Noo joke, i did...lmao...buut, YOU ARE SO CUTE, aand the resemblance iz UNCANNY 2me...peace beautiful and thnx 4 the vid, juust shaved alll my hair off and hav had ths box of SPLAT 4 about a yr...lol..HOPE its still good, welp, we'll see, at least i dnt have enuff hair 2 eeven partially wrry about loosing....lmao...Zaamn...long comment..lol...& again thx 4 the vid..????????

Parker Goat

omg your hair turned out so good I'm doing mine back to blonde now


hey did u ever here that u look like Marsha Brady? no shade its a complement

Summer Gonzales

Can you not dance and actually look serious? And less talk and more doing. I am over here being nervous about my my hair for the first time and you talking alot ain't helping. Just get to the job

Jenna Fleming

My bleach was chunky and I used the same kit.?

Ryan Black

Damn bihh start the video

Cheryl M

With most lightening kits or bleach you dont even have to really touch your roots. If you wrap up your hair with a shower cap or saran wrap it will heat up enough that it will reach your roots on its own. And it's never a good idea to rub bleach or any hair dye into your scalp. You can damage your roots and burn your scalp. It looks good though other than the darkness in the back, good job lady!

Mariyah kayy

Process starts at 3:47

lydiah smith

Was the bleach mixture creamy like the instructions said it was to be or was it runny when you used it because mine turned out runny

Jojo Elicha

She does look like Marsha Brady

Kris Gomez


Jojo Elicha



I thought you were high for a second lol


Greeting from Thailand ??

Cheyenne Granger

I'm doing my hair the same blonde
Rn my hair is brown will it work

Nona Rodriguez


Kayla Taylor

I used 2 bottles and I have thinner but thicker hair, my hair also wasn't blond before it was blue and purple and mine turned out all different kinds of colors but I kept it in the max 30 mins it said in directions

Whistle Blower Cindy

You kinda did it wrong sweetie. U do your roots LAST but u should have leftbit in for about 35 mins and u wouldnt need a toner. But as i tell everyone. Never use box dye to blonde your hair. Go to a salon. In the end whst u spend trying to fix it will be a salon price and in the salon its much prettier. But another tip. Use foil and a blow dryer it helps tone it to an even blonde.

Ary Romero

She looks like that crazy bitch from “you” candance or something like that ?

Mackenzie Leighton

I'm doing it the other way around I'm leaveing the top black and dyeing the bottom

Grecia Franco

I love your personality ??