Layer cut at home

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3 easy step DIY layer cut at home/how to do layer cut easily at home/self layer haircut

41 904 views | 29 Aug. 2020


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Superb dear easy steps ??❤️

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Ur hair is so shiney and beautiful can u tell about your hair care in next video please

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Nice video

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Mam will you donate some hair for cancer patients??? please mam reply

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Watched fully
Very Nice Video
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పక్కా పల్లెటూరు రమాదేవీ

హై అండి నెను మీ చానెల్ ని సుబ్స్కృబె చెసుకున్నము ప్లీజ్ మా చానెల్ ని సుబ్స్కృబె చేసుకొండి

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Big ? Woww.... So beautiful hair ? . Thanks for your useful cutting tips.

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Beautiful shining hair dear...silky luv this

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Superb ...ur hair looks silky and shiny....

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Woooww...its very easy..I will definitely try this

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Very nice big like iam also support you

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Great easy to follow steps for layer cut. Joined you dear stay connected

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Easy layer cut at home super sister

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Super and easy tutorial

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Back length haircut home

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Ur hair looking awesome very silky nd shiny ???

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super hair dear for you.. easy steps for Layer cut i'm going to ask my daughter to try this. super ma

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superb , nice sharing
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Excellent ?

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Great tutorial for layer cut! really helpful

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Watch Full self hair diy cut and helpful video for girls style hair

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Nice hair cut & your hair is so beautiful shinny

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Friend, your hair is beautiful, the truth is that seeing how you cut yourself gives me a shame you have it so well taken care of if I cut my hair anyway now I learn this three-layer thing from you.

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Wonderful upload,full watched,new supporter ?

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Superb sis..but how u got such a smoothy hair??

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Easy method tnx for sharing ?

Layer cut at home

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How to do layer cut easily at home....

3 510 930 views | 23 Sep. 2018

Hellooooo girls,

Hellooooo girls,

I tried layer cut at home and that i wanted to share with you people...so i have chopped my hair little bit am so happy for the result.

layer cut for long hair - https://youtu.be/E-M9V8v8mXw


Love Ashwini❤

Mrunal Savkar

Hello Maam, a big big bigggg Thank You to you for this video! I tried it on my sister and it works wonders!!! Its actually turned out better than the one she gets at the salon... you have saved us a lot of money and time for life! Biggest thank you ever!

Kalyani Prithu

It's totally work outed
Thank u?

Rahima Parvin

Very nice ... .❤️❤️❤️

Gummy bear

You didn’t show how to layer it... just shortened it


You are very pretty


Amazing haircut

Talat Iqbal

What a thik hair

Nimmy Jose

I did this method, but 6 months later my hair has more spilt ends than ever, looks like a old broom,
No doubt I was happy initially, but now???

Home shizu food

Wow very nice

Rita Sanyal



Plz add subtitles

Shital Gohel

Great skills love it

Shiny George

My hair is not coming in equal length when i take it to the front ? what to do?

Peraboina Satyanarayana

Akka ne hair naku chala baga nachindi akka I want like ur hair only


Can we have tips for hair growth and for thick volume hair


Amazing this is what I've been doing during lockdown ??

My World


Tejaswini Thota

i tried and this worked really well. thank you


Can I try it on my long hair?

Sabavath Ramesh

1st hair straight ga cut cheyala?

Debbie Scollick


Priyanka Dasnam

I just love the results ❤️?keep doing thank you ❤️

Navya Navya

Your hair is soo good ?

Ramana Reddy

It really works I have tried tq for suggesting a easy way of hair cut

Kakali guha

Nice ???

Jennifer Jen

Really beautiful... i have try it it looks good. i love it
thank you for this Video! ❤️

Sangee Sangee

I like this method, I want to try this to my daughter

Sumona Datta

1 no.....????

Anisha Singh

Does this work?

rashid sawant



How to grow thick and long hair akka..I have wavy medium thin hairp??


Hi may i know which language are you speaking?

Sunil n


Cløck Wørk

This doesn't work on all types of hair. Maybe, specify what types of hair this "layer cut" works well with.

shreenidhi beedaki

It's not look perfect shape for long hairs.......

Marjorie Cearley

Your hair is so beautiful! I look forward to trying this! Thank you!


I am so happy with this hari cut tq somuch

Vijaya 4

Thank you soooo much for the very simple & easy process for the layer cut.. it was awesome.. na hair shoulder ki kasta kindaki untundi.. shoulder varaku cut chesukundam anukutuna.. aa length hair ki ila cheskovacha..?? front hair Mari short avutunda..???

Buguru Teju

?? wow mi eyes chala bagaunayi

sreevani chukka

Followed the exact procedure.Front line hair turned out to be a lot shorter than rest of the hair. Looks more like steps of same length than a layer.so had to redo in my way. Just my experience

swapna mankala

Boys hair cut girls ki chesi pettandi

Amrapali Shirture

Pehle hi aapki layer cut he aisa lgta aapke hair se

Remya Remya

Super point of view

advocate archana jha

Wow yar....great work ?

Shoba Ravi

Very good

ayesha nayaz

Wow it's amazing and 2nd time going try this it's come out very well love it??

Introduction to Puranas And Useful Tips

Turned out very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this video

Vellanki Roshini


Ramesh Bangalore

Lovely haircut beautiful

RamaRao K

Thank you for this haircut very easy haircut

Moni A T

Tried this... outcome was soo good.. thanks much for sharing ??


It does not work that properly????????? not that good results i have tried it and my hair for damaged

Suresh Dhana

Baagundi Akka I will try

Simma Chandini

Mee hair Intha thick ga undadaniki em use chestaru

Priyanka Debnath

Wow...i was so amazed...great job

Maryum Muneer

Hi, I used your method, so I got good response from people My hair is very good so i am so happy . thanks my hair was very thin but after i cut its look very nice

Sahitya Prasad

Superb and wonder full hair cut

Usha Usha

Super ?

Sangeetha Sangeetha


8C 18Pratha 29Shreya Juwarkar

I tried it today......It gave amazing result.....It looked superb????thanks for sharing this video.....thank u so much....

Sruthi Dudyala

I tried cut... i got it every well tq

Subhanizabeen Pathan

I tried this method today .?? my hair looks quiet good then before .....thank you ??

Kumudha Kumudha


Sunitha Paladugu

Tqq so much really good

Prajakta Tulaskar

Very good

Akanksha Palawat

Wow ...amazing ....what a great trick

Dharani Dharun

Mam is it work when we had already done straight haircut

Náyäñå j 10

Nice hair structure

Jane Ashline

Can this method be tried with wet hair right after shower ????

Sannidhi Kaveri


Bhuvana Travels


Sindhu Raju

I have already do ucut but this video was help full to my sister she got good result her hair is beautiful then my now

Ramesh Bangalore

Nice haircut looking awesome beautiful

Zohaib Kiran

Amazing yar perfect layer cut.... I got it today

Maya Saji


Krishna TRS

Thank you for sharing good tips


Thanksss a lott for this tip helped me at times

Anisha George

It really worked??

Lalitha Ganesan


Remya Sugunan

Now only I watched your video.l like so much. How simple this layer cut .and so nice

ask musikk

Came good?

nimra khan

Superbbbbbb technique ??????????

Dimple Ranz

Hi sis.. Can we apply this trick for long hair..?? What would be the result? Pls pls reply

Milhan Shah


Marie Selvadorai


Manini Nayak


Rashid Makrani

Tnx diii


I needed a trim badly. You have saved my hair. Many blessings to you and your loved ones ?

Chithira Chithuz

Ur hair is really awesome ❤️

Shyama Thevar

Simple cut n l like it.. Thank you.

Arpitha varshini

Me and my sister tried this method of cut today the result was awesome,I'll suggest your channel for my friends too.thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea.

vaidahi desai

Omg it was amazing but di kya ye step stret hair ko ho jayegi ...

Dinu Kumarasinghe


Jyotirmoy Barman


Shabnam Khatoon

this trick works for those who've long hairs ...what about those who have little longer than shoulder length hair ????

shruti m

Ur hair is very thick

Vandna Tripathi

I tried this and the result was awesome

divya teja

Best Vedio ever without parlour very easy haircut ? love uuuuuuu

Anshu maurya

Wow it's so easy

Thanshee Jawahar

My mom tried it and it came to great perfect hair ...... ???

Layer cut at home

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358 061 views | 24 May. 2020

Hi Smittens!! Today I’m

Hi Smittens!! Today I’m showing you how you can DIY Soft Layers and cut your own hair at home using a simple 1-step technique. It is so simple and this will help you maintain your hair groomed at all times, making it look professional and healthy without having to visit the salon or parlor or the hair dresser!! I’ve been cutting/trimming my own hair for the past 20 years and I hope this will inspire a few of you to self-groom as well. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please don’t forget to like/share/subscribe. Lots of love, Smitha

#DIY #haircut #howto

❤️Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an upload: https://bit.ly/2TNw4YF

❤️Lets Chat:

✦INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/SmithaDepak/

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✦COLLABS (business emails only): [email protected]

✦Share your pictures on my facebook group: https://bit.ly/2lO2NkB

Shop my favorite Boxycharm boxes here: https://mbsy.co/D6q2S (5 full-size items + GIFT + FREE shipping)

My favorite brush set: https://amzn.to/2IkZ1ca

My favorite beauty sponges: https://amzn.to/2XaMqM7

✦ Check out this curated list of my favorite products: https://amzn.to/2I66URu


My camera: https://amzn.to/2PaK1P1

Lens: https://amzn.to/2DbZdq6 and https://amzn.to/2Ui82UX

Tripod: https://amzn.to/2KFcmhN

Ring light: https://amzn.to/2GdHNu8

Editing software: https://amzn.to/2XdS8gu

✦$$$ Discount Codes $$$✦

https://colourpop.com (use 5smitha at checkout)

TTD high quality contact lenses https://bit.ly/2XMM7Zn (use code Smithadepak at checkout for $$ off)

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Blaq label lashes https://bit.ly/2OhZde2(use smithaD at checkout here )


This video is not sponsored. I assure you that I will never do a paid promotion on a product which I do not love!

My videos are only intended for information and educational purposes only. Any information associated with this video should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by health care professionals. Readers are subjected to use these information on their own discretion. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this. Always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in my videos. Everyone's body and skin type are different, so result can vary from person to person. I post my experiences in the form of videos and can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and/or skincare products I recommend will suit you. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen.

I love you all, and thanks so much for tuning in!

Music provided by YouTube.

♡ ♡ Smitha Deepak ♡ ♡

Maheshwari Shetty

I have really long hair..And I hardly cut them...but I tried this technique and OMG it really works..My hair cut looks so beautiful and I can't Thank you enough... Thank you so much for coming up with wonderful videos.. Loads of love to you❤️❤️

Jasmine yin

You kinda look like the old kylie Jenner ?

ritu khadse

Tried it today, happy with the out come. Thanks

Punjab Mobile

This is very old cutting lesson. ....every one knows now a days....


How often we should cut our hair for healthy hair? After cutting hair always looks more healthier

Hidden Girl

I did this hair cut & it worked for me,I got beautiful layers?

Sophie_Lyne Marseille

Wow amazing! I wanna try this! Thank you soo much! I love all your videos and amazing tips! ??

mimi kiti



This is amazing! Thank you! I tried it and it works! Yay!!

Laura Goldfarb

I can’t wait to try this

Grace David


Nessie Mckeegan

WOW,I love your video, I order the same product from newigstyle..com last month, delivery by DHL,good quality !!!!

Praba Abeyesinhe

Thank you so much!

Jincy Koshy

That was easy and I loved the look of it! Just tried. IT'S A SUCCESS! Thanks Smitha!

Samantha Ramirez

I’m Latina but I find Indian women have gorgeous hair. Thick and long ! What shampoo and conditioner y’all be using?

Astridd Videos

worked super well :)

Nure zannat Nure zannat

আমার চুৃ্ল তো ছট

Anshika Pandey

I tried it and it turned out really well?❤️

Thank you so much, it really helped me?

Must try✨

Make Me Ovaaa

Omg thank you so much for this video! I did it and it came out exactly like yours and I am sooooo happy! I love my hair now and I will never go back to a salon again to pay $60. My hair has always been down to my tailbone. No one ever cut my hair the way I wanted it and all I needed to do was find you! It’s now exactly the way I want it I can’t thank you enough!

ᅳ zen

Cut it a bit choppy because my hands were shaking (I wasn't nervous I just put too much focus my hands were shifting and my hair was in front of me) didnt come out too terrible though and I always cut beneath the band I just assumed it was the right way. Just washed it though and it really does look nice and healthy ?


U r just a pro .very nice

Abdul Rahman

your look is like zaira waseem

Bilkirn Mandar

Hey, does this hair cut give you a V or U shape from the back? Thanks

prachi joshi

I tried.. and its works thanks ❤️?

T. M

Tomorrow i'll do this. Thankyou so much and I must tell this to you, you're so beautiful ❤️

Sonia Valand

I've been cutting my hair like this since this year started and I love it

Rupam Prashar

I tried this out on me and my mom....and I can't Thank You enough!!!!!!!!!! ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The results came out amazingly satisfying!!!

Afroz Mahjabeen

I’ve cut my hair yesterday because I really needed a haircut but I didn’t even put mine like how you did. I think I’ll do it later once it grows again.

Roja Immanuel

Your hair ?

Harjeet Chauhan

awesome hair cut i really like ??????????

Brittany Bowen

I just did this tonight and turned out great im so happy with it and got rid of my nasty split ends. Thank you. I'm going to do this from now on. Thank you very much!!

Rizajen Gomez Channel

This hair style I want to have.. Thank You for this video Smitha

Sabrina Lopez

I just cut my hair following your tutorial and I love it!

Pavi Giri

Tq u

Maksudur Rahman

I really love the way u teach us self helps......Previously I saw the way of grooming my brows by myself and now this one.....Thanks a lot....

Mary Elen Kuhi

Fabulous. Trued others and they were to complicated. This works perfectly. So easy & my hair looks great

Angie Bega


Mehrnaz Moussavi

I wish you had shown how the bottom of the back of the hair looked after the cut :-(...

Shameem Safeer

my mum didn't believe me when I told her that I was going to cut my hair by myself...she thought I was kidding...I saw this video yesterday and tried it today...I was sooo happy with the result...my hair looked professional ..(even my mum too was satisfied)...now it's her turn to do the same...thanks a lott Smitha???...looking forward more such videos..


Oh my goodness, this is terrifying! How did you pull this off! Wow!


Just tried..?
Not bad ?

Deepti Sharma

I miss Chris from Collettes !! His mom always did my hair super short. But not Chris. He was awessome . I don't trust people in the US to cut my hair like he did :( I'm going to be cutting my own hair today. Wish me luck :D

Veronica Lalnunthiangi


prachi karmase

Self hair. highlighting plzz


Your tutorials are ❤

Riya Agarwal

My hairs were short. I followed these steps on it, end up getting layers as well as fringes. My mum & dad are loving it... Thank you so much!!!!!!

Divya Phalke

pls make more such hair cut vedio

sneha kulkarni

My worry is while doing point cutting hope I don't cut more hair in bunch and?.. would love to try though.

Gramma Julie

Ohmyword...IT WORKS!!! ? And I love the results!

I have the world's driest hair (and driest skin). No matter how I condition, whatever oil treatments I use, my hair still feels like straw. I took off a good 2 and 1/2 inches, and the difference is remarkable. And I love the layers! Still had an easy time of using a flattening iron to curl. To those of you who have yet to "gut up" and do this... if you follow her instructions, you cannot ruin your hair.

Close To Professional !!

I learned this from another youtuber she did a 4 step one for multi layer..been doing this for over an year now.. turns out absolutely gorg everytime?
Also I love your hair ❤️❤️ I watched the mayonnaise mask video of yours sometime back? will be trying that soon✊❤️

Sufiya Khan

I tried this today and it's soo easy?.. Thannkkssyaa

Minoo Verdi

Just to let you know, I have now used this technique twice and it works brilliantly. Really pleased with it. Thank you. X

Random Videos

I wish I had known this all my life! Better late than never ❤️

Nusrat Jahan Shezeen

It works I tried thank u mam❤️❤️❤️ I love u and your makeup video

Sudha Vishwakarma

Can i know how you maintain good hair?

Anita Flynn

Beautiful dark, shiny hair

Frella Dawkins

Thsnks,so beauty

priya khan

Plz show some hairstyle for college girls with thin curly or wavy hair my daughter is getting low on self esteem about her looks plz

theatre is life

Collets! Jayanagar 4th block Smitha???? I visited the same parlor during my college days NMKRV?

Mensi Gandhi

I tried and it workeeddddddddddd, I am so happy ???

apexa db

Hi Smitha... I did cut my hair today using this technique, about 2 inches and I must say it's a super easy and super effective technique. Thanks a lot for this ❤️

Susana Cervantes

WOW! I’m impressed by this technique. I’m going to try this trick.


Btw, did you use hair cutting scissors or regular scissors? If you used regular scissors, wow! Your scissors must be sharp!

D Mya

Girl it worked! I love how it's just a few steps. I'll be cutting my own hair from now on. HAHAHAHA


where did you get the scissors?

Lila Salem

Smitha sorry ??

Elhoney Pitoral

Pray for me, I’m going to try this today.

Kish Pardesan

I tried and it works very good
Thank you

Aarya Iyer

I do this every time almost 2 tyms a month?it looks bomb!!! N I have natural curls so works really well?


That's beautiful hair. Thank you


How do you get your hair so shiny?


Thank you for sharing this idea Smita. I just cut my hair this way by watching your video and the result is quite good. Not as good and as straight as yours, but pretty good. Thanks again.?

Rabiul Islam

I will try this absulately

jayshree gada

Super ?


You look like shailene Woodley!!

Siddiqa Roy

Is it ok to cut it on thin hair?my hair is falling and I need a trim.thanks

Hansika Gupta

Hey do you live in Bangalore?

Carol Foster

i love this technique as it is quick and easy, and your hair looks fabulous. good luck.

Sanika Bandkar

During this lockdown i wanted to get a haircut but it was all closed and then i decided to follow your trick of cutting my own hair i was a bit scared bcz every time i cut my own hair it turns into disaster but not this time it actually works even my friend tried this aftet seeing my haircut.. thanku smitha♥️♥️

Pallavi Gangawane

I'm your new subscriber .. i like watching your video and also your make up tips . Btw aap rehte kaha ho .. pls answer jarur dena mam ..

rachana s

Wow, you actually mentioned Collets in Bangalore! That's one of the old original parlous in Bangalore. Resonates so much with a Bangalorean ?

Ismat Mehdiyan

Hi. I cut my hair the same way. But please tell us how ur hair is so soft n smooth. Pl share it with us

Parisa Peters Saavedra Cruz

I’m gonna be daring and actually try this out hahaha haven’t cut my own hair in years. ??

mirza clickbank cb

namaskar ji

Archana Mahalingaiah

show us on how to curl too pls

Afreen Khan

You're next level??????

Sk Shab

It really works.. Im alwys doing thiz... ??mah fvrt hairstyle???

Komal Singh

Mam my hair is wavy hiw can u get like urs ?

Sridevi B

That's wonderful dear. You have done a fantastic job for your hair.???

Grace Asher

I’ve used this method for 7 years. Love seeing you show me how to do it even better!!


Love your smile

Jacqueline Mayan

Just followed these instructions - awesome!! Super easy - can’t believe it! Thank you so much for this life changing gift. ??

Prema Uttam

Which app do u use for video editing

Cori Cassandra

I did this today and I'm very satisfied with the results! Thank you so much, my hair looks healthier and has nice soft layers ;)

Cynthia A

I will try! Thanks!

gopika b

I cut my hair using this technique today and i am very happy with the results. My self hair trimming is usually a flop but this time it came out really well. Thanks Smitha!

neethu James

Will you be able to show us more videos like this, on hair cuts please

Rupanjana Roy

Your hair quality is so nice..if I had such hair??but I'm blonde

sandy brown


Sneha's World Safari Live, Laugh, Love

I have dry hair and my hair is already short. Can I use this technique too?