Huge blackheads

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Big Blackheads, Cyst and Forehead Pimples

93 528 views | 12 Apr. 2019

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Hunter Scott

Worst vids ever

Eshwari Eshwari

please use hand glove's



Carmen Carlton

Why do doctors pick the small one leaving the big one for laterally

Huge blackheads

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Big Old Blackhead | Dr. Derm

328 293 views | 14 Jun. 2019

Dr. Derm takes out a large

Dr. Derm takes out a large blackhead that has been there for DECADES!

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Islandlife Relaxation

Another great video!!! Thank you for sharing ♥️♥️♥️


Dr why did you not just remove the little remaining flap with tweezers

Steven Ramodike


Willah Mena

couldnt he have scraped the lining out with a Curette. He cauterized it n then said he was just going to let it scar up. I'm not a dr but have not ever heard of that for a winer.

Willette J

Q tips? Crazy!

Toni Colling

Must we squeeze with q-tips as if afraid of getting cooties on our gloves? ?

Valerie Richards

Doctor D.A. ??‍♀️

Pamela Rickers

What was that all about then?

Wormwood bush

So nice to see proper administration of local anaesthetic! Stick once and inject a decent amount of lignocaine!! Instead of 5 or 10 pokes and only inject a miniscule amount each poke, so tiny you can't even see the plunger move on the syringe!!


Dr derm thanks for your great work. Your a great role model for kids wanting to pick a career. Your bedside manner is 100 percent perfect. I really enjoy watching your videos. I can watch for a ridiculous amount of time.lol. You also seem to have great staff and thanks also to them for their hard work as well


All a bit dramatic for a blackhead but I guess he has to justify his fees somehow...

Debi B

Great job Doc. That pest won't be back to show its face(?)


should use a curette to remove the wall then address with temporary stitches once the walls have been opened up and can heal together appropriately

Islandlife Relaxation

I’m shocked at all of the unkind comments that have been written. What in the HELL has happened to people that they can’t say THANK YOU for sharing this video?? These are the same people that will be upset if the doctor decides to quit posting his videos because people are so rude and can’t just watch the video with gratitude.

Steph 8208

It’ll be back

M Prywatny

You really don’t know what the fuck you are doing... I would not recommend you to my worst enemy...

Patricia Wagner

Lil numbing? Tht was alot...shit!

Tom Smith

Good job, at first I thought you were going to stab her with that thing. Im shocked you weren't rough with her....

Wabbit N Red

Wow, your to lazy to deal with that [email protected]

Neil Mckinney


Tim McCord

WOW! A video without borders.

Racheal Elling

Nice butt.

Lance Austin

It’s obvious that sometimes it’s hard to squeeze with 2 cue tips so why don’t you just use your fingers. I have seen it on lots of your videos and others as well. It would be less frustrating for the viewers and also for yourself.

pure imagination


J Ireland


Susanne Bemis

good pop but need tweezer

Mr Watto

I have not watched some good old zit busting, puss draining, ingrown toe nail videos for some time.
What am I doing with my life?!?!

Kajun Pagan

A curette would've worked well here. Scrape away the cyst lining. Then cauterize the area.

Jay Robb

Get rid of those damn Q-tips!


You only too the top off it.


Still a fucking amateur


Dr Derm who I love your work and I'm not criticizing but are you able to take out the loose skin,/liner with tweezers or a scooper before you coderize as it's very enjoyable to watch. Just a question not any crtisism. Thank u

Margaret M. Jablonska

I don't understand how people don't take care of themselves when it comes to personal hygiene...
You take showers to keep your body clean... Why not do the same fucking thing with your face.... Wash your face daily to prevent oil/dirt and impurities being trapped in your pores... Simple solution... Keep your face clean and prevent disgusting acne/blackheads/cysts/boils etc from forming on your face..... It's not that hard to keep your face or other body parts clean.... This is just pure disgusting LAZINESS.......

Dee Dee

That was NOT a proper removal. Only Dr. Lee and Gilmore I would trust

Mora Studios

He did all that just to not remove the black head in its entirety. itll be back

Stephen Woods

Holy crap! This guy needs to watch Enilsa Brown and learn how to use those things properly!!


What just happened and why?!?! ?

Christine Aronson

So sweet you just don't want them to hurt.

Mr. Satler

Why didn't you remove the whole thing your an special Dr. If you got your license for doctoring then I know I can get mine. !!! LMAO

Karla Church

Boooo on not using your fingers

Marie Laveau

O hell yeah. Music intro. ???

Debbie Richardson


pure imagination

Your not enilsa

Dalibor Milenkovic

Bad "job"...

Jenny L

Dr Meyers rocking the cotton swabs I see. Well that was an easy procedure, I’m sure you wish they could all be like that one! Thank you

Mario Miler

You don't have it...

Kelly Eaton

That was the most awkward video!! Learn how to use the cotton tips first!!


Unbelievable who gave you your license.

Lee Tanasa


Buttons Little

Why do so many people use those swabs??? They cause too much skin irritations ??????????

Hannele Virkkunen

Not the professional worker. Surely not a doctor. Bad bad work!

Miriam Espitia

Hey doctor nice to meet you. From California!!

the realjeff-0

shish kacyst....lmfao

Edwin Hawman

Lot fuss over nowt!


Wtf! Wow this dont even satisfy my blackhead needs!!! This sucks sorry, but it really does!

Kris lawson

NEVER EVER gonna go to this doctor and I advise anyone else not to go either. This man doesn't seem to know what he's doing. What school did you get your degree from? Your TERRIBLE .

Dec Magnet

Why didn’t you use the punch? ?

ellen lankford

How many of u armchair quarterbacks r licensed to practice medicine in Utah? Anyone? No Medical Doctors licensed for Utah? Then button it. Thank you.

louise lynch

This man a fool what was he doing ffs ???

Rachel Jayne

Whhhhhhaaattttttt?!?! Boooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops sorry I probably over reacted a bit but..... Boooooooooooo!!!

amy hall

this guy's no doctor; how can a doctor not know how to deal with a blackhead? doesn't make sense

Mountain Girl

BLOODY FCKN HELL! All you complainers are worse than all the bad blackhead videos on YouTube, PUT TOGETHER!!! Just bc you’ve watched a few of Dr. Lee’s videos, doesn’t make you an expert. I bet most of you have never even popped a blackhead. ???‍♀️

Leonardo Cialona


Kim Prixe

Hey Doc that was not very nice saying that smell was schicksa cyst


Are you a real Doc?

Marion John


Diana Gray

We'll that was pretty anticlimactic and a good waste of a blackhead.. Dr. Derm... You have to get in closer with the camera and forget about your little tazer there. Tweezers and elbow grease. Lol you will get better. Keep posting!!! We can't get enough

kate baxter

Why would anyone go to a specialist to have a dilated pore removed? More money than sense.

Marie Laveau

I wish someone would cautery that evil little self loading blackhead on my left scapula right where my 64 year old arms can't reach it anymore. I pulled it out about 10 years ago. It had a head and a tail. I measured it. It was 5/8" long and looked like Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poop from South Park. It has since come out on the form of a sphere the size of a BB, a cigar shape with the hardness of oak (most recent). It itches. I hate it. I've asked hospital nurses to pop it. No. Actually one did on the night shift. Sshhhh. I've asked my Nurse Pract. of 18 to pop it. No. Referral to an effn DERMATOLOGIST to pop a zit. USA medical establishment grinds my gears. It's just a pimple for petes sake. Ok I'm done. Have a nice day. ☺️

Paul Brown

What the hell is he doing ?

Nathalie Langevin

Whaaaaat? Come on, sterile field and anaesthetic for a blackhead? Really?

Huge blackheads

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Huge blackheads extraction from face | Blackheads removal #2

14 855 views | 8 Jan. 2021

Huge blackheads extraction

Huge blackheads extraction from face | Blackheads removal #2

I upload videos of blackhead, whitehead, acne, pimple and cyst removal from face, nose, back, ear, chin etc to keep you relaxed and satisfied. Be my guest by subscribing to my channel for more satisfying popping videos.

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