Icing a cold sore

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Managing Your Knee Pain - Icing for Pain Relief

31 020 views | 8 Jul. 2015

Icing a cold sore

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Heat or Ice for Foot Pain?

17 327 views | 7 Jul. 2016

Radu Blaga

Thank you for your knowledge and the video


Thank you for educating us on the differences of using heat & cold therapy to increase healing.
I am finding much positive change in using correct toes and all wide toe box shoes. Its been a year and my arches have strengthened greatly. Tho I'm still using a superfeet insole in my minimalist altra shoes i hope to one day not need any arch support. Thank you to this whole team who are helping us have stronger feet.

None of Your Business

I use heat

Yatish Balraj

I got swelling on my foot when I fell down from my bike what should I apply heat or cold please reply

arturo colombia09

What do you recommend for swollen feet?


Turmeric Black Pepper/Black seed oil Organic Ginger and Tigerbalm...Thank me Later!!?

rosie saunders

I had surgery for plantar fasciitis in July this year (2016) I have not found any relief even with having had the surgery. It has become so frustrating because no matter how much I stand or walk I have severe pain in the foot. I have been told by my podiatrist to ice it. I've been icing since the initial onset of this problem which began in January 2016. He has never mentioned heat, or orthotics and never once recommended the type of shoe I should wear to relieve the pain seeing how my job requires me to be on my feet for most of the time I am at work. Can you guys please please help me? I have a daughter who is having bunion issues with severe pains at times and I took her immediately to see the same podiatrist and the only thing he said to her was that the only way to correct it is surgery. I cannot believe that there is no other way. Please help.

Suß JP

big boobies :)


I agree with Correct Toes regarding what they say about modern shoes and how they mess up feet. However, based on what you say in this video, I think you are a hack.

Juliet Robin

Thanks so much for sharing this. I subscribed immediately.

Imthiyaz K

Doctor name please


Difficulty to sense heat/cold on foot/hands is most of the time linked to diabete (either A or B). My advice would be to follow Dr Greger (or Mc Dougall) science based recommandations : throw away all the meat/dairy/egg. And vegetal oils.

Instead of alterning cold and heat, I'd rather rather use the build-in blood pump that is our feet : just walk around or small/fast jumps, instead of applying cold. Massages are also a great option.


Foot surgery is so stupid they fix it by making it more narrow i had correct toes until my maid threw it away she thought it was garbage i might get new ones but i'm tight on money i love your work i hope this goes big one day

Griffin Landry

Is this true for rolled ankle

Your Wellness Nerd

From what I find clinically, the answer is technically neither based on ice's ability to interrupt the healing process and heat's ability to overcomplicate things as well. IHeat is great if used to de-stiffen, de-tighten, and down-regulate a heightened nervous system, however will increase blood flow and potentially swelling,. Ice is great for pain relief but its side effects are a potentially slowed recovery time. Here's a simple video I put together for my patients with a little more detail https://youtu.be/fjvOeq5fehs

Xenia Aidonopoulou

I have always felt that heat was better than cold for injuries and pains - for the reasons you mention... I am so pleased to hear that there are others who are experts who are confirming my feeling... and very interesting about the hot and cold alternating and also "the opposite foot" idea!

Icing a cold sore

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Ice Therapy for Shoulder, Knee, or Ankle Injuries/Pain

12 881 views | 6 Jan. 2019

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Road Tacos

That intro song is fucking crazy

Muneer Ahmed Pahi

Sir plz whatsapp number

Muneer Ahmed Pahi

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Stroke TV Foundation

Bob and Brad I'm hoping that if I try to contact you here you'll reply. I've tried to contact you several other places on your channel with no response. So here goes! Bob and Brad - Will you help me? https://youtu.be/JZE3IoD319g

Muneer Ahmed Pahi

sir plzz me send your whatsapp number

Smile Smile

Bob Hulk and Brad Bull physical therapists


One of the corniest intro songs hahaha, I smile each time I watch a video. I love your show. I am getting so much benefit from your advice! Thank you. THUMBS UP!

Catherine Barry

I enjoyed this video and have found others to be very informative and helpful. Question - Do you all receive monetary in-kind or any other kind of payment for recommending products? Or do you just recommend products you like without any kind of compensation? Thanks.

Muneer Ahmed Pahi

plz plzzz plzz please


I have a great ice pack just like yours! It's got a soft-frozen gel freezer pack with a fabric sleeve that has 2 Velcro straps. It holds the ice pack in the perfect location during treatment. :)

Sharon Martin

When I had rotator cuff surgery for a big tear and SLAP repair etc, I woke up with an ice pack that was fitted to my shoulder. It's not worth surgery to get that nice ice pack though. Just saying... Anyway, that shoulder ice pack is probably more than worth the price.

Clinton Boucheix

Is there a study that proves that untreated inflammation actually does healing without icing? How do they know that there's a decrease of oxygen carried to the damaged tissue.

Dennis Tesdell

Whenever in doubt, use ice. It cannot hurt, but heat can. It is a daily lifesaver for me for my low back. Great video. Gel packs are cheaper than the fancier contraptions, but not as good looking and you cannot walk around with them, of course. Will be watching for Bob as the Hulk next Halloween. :)

Spencer Yazzie

Is there any merit to icing under the arm (armpit)?


Hello guys...im loving your videos...i just subscribed today. I had knee replacemnt 3 wks ago..12/2018 so I'm like all over youtube checking out all the videos out there. Thank you so much...yessss I'm having alot of swelling in that knee..feels like a brick @ times even though i ice it. ? gracias

Hei Nu Chung

I put a gel pack in a pillowcase then I wrap it around my shoulder and tie it off with a belt

Marta Hevia

Luv you guys!! You Explain well and have a great sense of Humor?


What do you guys think about PEMF therapy for injuries?

Jody L Johnson

As Ethan Wroblewski says... THANK YOU!!! As well as the other 9 people who have already made comment?

Allen Christian



Can i get in india

Muneer Ahmed Pahi

Sir am your follower

Ethan Wroblewski

Im a amatuer boxer, and all the moving and punching gets your ankles and shoulders hurt, dislocated shoulders is so common for us, and even boxers get ankle injuries, David Haye vs Tony Bellew is a great example, Thanks Bob and Brad for the help!!!

Yankai Jia

Note that you can see the photographer lady in the cupboard glass, thank you!

Roman Hernz

HI Guys your audio is very low in comparison to other videos.

Muneer Ahmed Pahi

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Wts cost sir?

Murph Dog

I love those ankle gel pack wraps. I had a really bad sprained ankle and it helped wonders. Hardly any pain when using it

Bob & Brad

For more information on Vive Ice Packs click on the link:

Smile Smile

Having different packs for different parts is very effective and convenient.


I just wanted to ask this on a more recent video since the likelihood of it being answered is higher, and i've tried to research "hyper flexion" of the elbow in regards to injuries but only come up with hyper extension results. i was at work and i was going to open a couple of exit doors for one of my co-workers after closing (supermarket) but when i walked up to the second door which was already on hold-open, my elbow was bent against my chest and walked right into the door basically sandwiching my bent elbow (like hammer curl style). now it hurts when i first try to extend. i didn't hear any pop crunch or crack and this happened in the past a couple times but went away but it was a little more rough this time. what is it called what i did (basically sandwiching your bent elbow between your chest and a wall) and what video can you refer me to (of yours preferably) to help? i pass most of the motion tests except for putting a rubberband around my fingers and extending them. that hurts as well in the elbow. outer elbow and i doubt its tennis elbow unless that can be the result of a freak thing like this. let me know, thanks.