Mask burning

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Anti-lockdown protesters burn masks in New York

2 712 views | 23 Nov. 2020

Anti-lockdown protesters

Anti-lockdown protesters burned masks to protest against the Covid-19 restrictions in New York City.

#Lockdown #NYC #Protest

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Ligaya Matira

We Want the World Free from Tyrannty of WHO

abdul rahman

Amarican government don't want old men

classic white bread


GTA V Decoders

They are lying to us....the average age of corona deaths in uk is 82yrs old

Marianna Kovalev


supererik man

This right here is one of the reasons Trump lost. Radical right wingers like these people

Hmmm Hmmm

That’s very stupid they are going to get COVID


People are waking up! ????????????


These people are pathetic. They’re confusing rights with stupidity

Talal Tariq

COVID-19 is fake

Askar abbas

Why are people so dum

Sun Vulcan Sun Vulcan

Anti-Netanyahu protesters burn down Israeli Police Station in Jerusalem

Sofia Ruby

So they are burning only a few in their little pile and they are wearing them yet pro test ing against them ??? Lol..only in NYC ???
They cant even do that right geeeezz.

Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.






They will not die from wearing masks, but will die from COVID19.

Usama Sadiq

Do also in India against protests.

I support the ca



Natural selection at its finest...

Jeff James

The Government needs a new song... if you’re stupid and you know it we’ll stomp your head.

Le Anh Nguyet

People have freedom to live well and not to die with misunderstandings or ignoring the world facts .

Sean Lantis

Some people are just a special kind f dumb...?

Min-seok Ko

Isn't that the fountain in washington square park?

Make a fire on the public fountain?

Can they do that?

Even protest against what?


Where the hell are you guys twisted...


You burn the mask like that.
If you don't wear a mask, your covid19 will be confirmed and you'll die in two days.

Старгэйт Старгэйтов

I am proud of this people.


Even some people in new york are showing good sense when it comes to mandatory masks - burn it

shad hasan

God Bless America

James Atienza

We’re losing brain cells and lives

Ibrahim Sohail

Good Job ,
Corona is Total Darama ,


Most of New Yorkers cant think for themselves they are to far gone, brain washed and Government is their God!

ahsan ali


#Gaia Girl #Biogeology Sally Jane Delaney

Yay !!!

Black Rose

Really glad all airports ban tourist to enter in all countries. If not, those stupid prostester will become the largest spreader of covid-19 after Chinese citizen. Even chinese are followed their strict government and China has better controlled with this pandemic than US.

Ban US tourist till next year and years to come. They are the thread to the tourism.

Military news

Exciting reviews of riots and protests around the world, only on my channel, come and subscribe


masks don't work



Nigguresu Hanzen

Burn the virus away but surely that only makes it stronger the gooferment will come up with any lies to stay in power ?

Miodrag Aleksić



Snowflakes crying about having to wear a mask while shopping ??

Hanife Huseyin

Why do they feel the need to protest about not wear masks. If they want to help spread a deadly virus by not wearing a mask, why tell the world about it.

Sammuel Duron

Protest like this are still happening? How many more people need to die for idiots like these to get the point, good lord.

Norberts Sidorovs

Stupid People

Mask burning

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Face Mask Rules Lead To Violent Confrontations | TODAY

410 346 views | 9 May. 2020

As more businesses begin

As more businesses begin to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, customers are being asked to wear face masks before entering stores and follow social distancing rules to slow the spread of the virus. This is causing some tensions to boil over, leading to violent altercations across the country. NBC’s Kathy Park reports for Weekend TODAY.

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#Coronavirus #TodayShow

Face Mask Rules Lead To Violent Confrontations | TODAY

Kevin Suarez

"gonna go to sam's club" and sam's says no masks?

swimming bird

I want to see even MORE VIOLENCE over this mask compliance signalling. The more people shot or beaten over their virtue signalling the better.
The mask box even reads WILL NOT PROTECT you from this imaginary virus that only kills 1 in 350,000!


The enforcement of masks have gone to far. What’s next?

Retinazer :3

Not wearing face mask because of health problems then you got covid cause of not wearing face mask plus the health problem you got? people are just asking a death wish at this point

Mr. D

There are more news reports of people getting into fights over this mask thing.
Are businesses really required to police people? Doesn’t that require special training and a oath where one is deputized with civil authority? Is that not someone else’s job and not the business owners?

Business owners have allowed themselves to be hijacked by tyrannical despots. If the health department wants the rules followed they need to be responsible for enforcement. This is because business owners are not health experts, they cannot discern who is required to wear a mask and who is not. People are getting hurt and attacked case in point, the Yokes incident in Spokane where the manager was fired for assaulting a customer.

The health department cannot be fining businesses for citizen behavior especially since the business owner has no authority over a individuals medical issues nor is it their responsibility. Just like it is not McDonald’s job to prevent obese, diabetic people from patronizing their business. If you think this is different, 600,000 people die every year from heart disease, do their lives not matter? Please, where is the database for alcoholics? Or the database for needles? Why aren’t we tracking and monitoring these problems? Do their lives not matter?

Business owners need to gather together/stand up and make a public statement in their community communicating their right to run their business. It should be “enter at your own risk”.

If the local sheriff department can make a public statement of non-conformity so can the business owners.


My gun? gives me more protection than facemask. Think about it.

Kevin Suarez

All right wing idiots, all trumpsters, no lefties or educated will find mask wearing objectionable, none.

tammy guthrie

it should be up to a person if they want to wear one or not not the government especially when they do not stop the spread of the virus


Thank Trump.

Piece Of Garbish

Good for those who stand against masks.
I will not wear your fear.

King Canute

If masks work WTF are you worried about sheep?


Anyone who supports violence shouldn't be in journalism. People are killing each other over this. Disgusting reporting

John doh

in public you can do what you want in someones store no

The Vagabond Witch in the Woods

I could NOT watch that woman being slammed to the ground like that! Horrific!!!????

Cyrus Ferrel

Mask free zone would be nice tho

Pedro Joubert

Big charges for just simply wearing a mask that's very smart humans

James Rideout

God Bless the people who refuse to wear masks. They're real Patriots


For those who don't want to wear a mask or social distance like Trump, well, you have the right to die. DIE!


What is it with exemption and face masks? The UK government has a whole page on exemptions of face covering, and urging people to be respectful of it and people who fall under that catergory. What is the US goverment DOING over there? People are allowed, to scrutinize, insult and so on and so on to these people. I'M BAFFELED! People act like they know what wearing a mask does for them, and can therefore suffocate it on other people..... People refusing those people service is just... It's a type of discrimination, for not doing what people WANT regardless of what...... it's just wrong. Please stop. Funny, when it's a guy, people totally support him. When it's a girl people KAREN her! Utterlly sad. I'm not allowed to be treated like a human because I'm not like everybody else. What else I'm I supposed to feel? Distressed. A "sure sign of crazy", (a mental health dissorder in the making. And yes, not in a rude way. Yes, it's just a phrase.) Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make your own - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Jamie Longo

I'm over cliche news anchor voices.

Barbie Blue 2

✋ ? stop mask bullying!!!!!! Refuse vaccinations ? and chipping by Gates foundation many countries sue for mass sterilization and death ☠️ Under Nuremberg code created for Natzi abuse of Jews tattooed (chipped) Sterilization (vaccination)concentration camps next by nwo

Jimmy Lim

Just wear your mask on with total care and don't end up exactly like her: https://youtu.be/nX4d2mxwCS8. If anyone has a certified medical condition relating to a serious breathing problem, then wear a proper face shield instead.

ethan mcdonald

America is like a big ole testing
Ground for stupidity..... “wear your mask!!!” It pwotects me while I eat McDonald’s!! XD XD pig slop eating people worried about there health cause there tv told them so!!!lololololololol

James Rideout


Joshua Gore

Sams club will deny you entry too

Rin Ch.りん みつもの

Kids don't even act thus stupid anymore Smh

Gene O'Brien

A recent conversation: "First they tell us not to wear a mask, now they tell us to wear a mask, it's confusing" Really? That's all it takes to confuse you? You must have had a really tough time when hand placement on a steering wheel was changed from 10&2 o'clock to 3&9 o'clock!

Ali / R&B & Reggae

I hate my life


This should stand as a firm warning that some people don’t play when it comes to their rights .
A security guard shot dead , Think I’d lose my life for demanding someone to wear a mask . You’re three quarters of short of a Dollar if you think I would.
“Oh I see you’re not wearing mask ? Very well , Carry on .”

Roy Schultz

The CDC says the overwhelming number of people who have contracted covid were wearing masks. This proves masks are worse than useless, they're actually dangerous

Gordon Hitt

We have turned into a freaking Nation of NUT'S... SELF ABSORBED IDIOTS.

Melinda Thomas

I work at a corporate office and get constant calls from snitched calling about other employees at our stores not wearing masks. They get upset when they realize through the phone that I don’t care. I also work at another corporate office part time and they don’t care - haven’t worn a mask in there yet - everyone is still alive and nobody is even coughing.

Miguel Deyne

A lawsuit that gonna get thrown out...

enoch peralta

The reason we wear masks is because of dumb fks with no manners that can't cover their mouths

Eh Htoo

Just don't go to grocery store applying for free foods delivered every week. I got free food ? ?


make mask-wearing voluntary. Problem solved.

Christine Sandry

It's the greatest show happening now. Keep up the good work you followers. I will not put one on my face either. Good for him, he stood up.

mark lloyd


tomas Petersonn

Rules are rules people



Mary can

Z this crazy or what ?

Wintergreen 1

Boycott Walmart-they fund BLM

Joyce Pacheco

I was physically and emotional hurt by a female. She was a karen. She said i looked at her , she had no mask and got up against t me , then punching me. I was not expecting that bad to happen to me at laundry matt. She kicked my phone under washer. I was shaking , could not understand why people are becoming so dangerous. Now i prepare myself. I wont leave the house if im not ready or strong enough to fight. The situation has left me fearing for my life. I wish the haters wouldn't leave their homes knowing the days they are unstable. I have a brain injury. As i relearn and watch these videos. I have gotten more aware of my surroundings and the people in my life. Im either getting taken advantage of because they dont think i know better. Stop the hate Wear your mask ,mind your family out in the world. Not others. If your having a inpatient day or aggravated easily STAY home .

Michael Singleton

Actually I don’t use seat belts

Jimmy Snuka

What? People don't like being told what to do? Hmmmm. Cuz these masks have worked so far right? Lol


lol let the covid purge the stupid ones or else america has no future.


No one has a right to force people to wear a mask, or to mandate it - it's against our civil rights. We adults can decide for ourselves if we want to wear a useless mask or not. I'm glad people are protesting against these nazi businesses and mayors who try to force the mask issue.


If you think about it from a purely mechanical viewpoint, lungs are rather uniform fleshy air pumps. Doesn't matter if an animal has the specific receptors to exhibit symptoms of the virus or suffer consequences thereof. Fleshy air pump. What it breathes in that doesn't stick to the lining or get absorbed, must be breathed out. Every single lung is a 'superspreader'; it's helping to pump the virus everywhere. To not mask all animals is only half-arsing it (wayvless than half, actually), virtue signaling, making a mockery of 'the science'. Shouldn't the mask mandaters be culpable for gross negligence by excluding all other breathers? I mean, it's an airborne virus right? Cause if the animal lungs aren't doing that and are filtering the air instead, then it should stand to reason that humans should also be cleansing the virus from the air when they breathe, and no mask should be needed because our lungs would all be virus traps to prevent others from catching it. Virus would receed quickly. So... which is it?

If we're making masks for and getting consent of all lunged animals, spiders would be a good one. I assume they breathe.  Who's gonna sew spider masks, or volunteer to put 'em on 'em? We got an awful lot of pets, livestock, and wild animals to make masks for and get consent from. Has anyone else noticed that none of these animals are voluntarily masking? Ya'll are gonna gave to pitch in and help, sorry.

Jasmine Ortiz

Go to Sam’s Club you also have to wear a mask ????

Greg Obreiter


Fred Zag

Ware a mask today, give me your guns tomorrow, and than next I'm gonna have you sign over your property rights. It's a stretch, but it will be done.

Buster Brown

I'm not wearing a mask for a fake virus

Gilbert Angelo

Bunch of idiots I bet half of them don't even know the Constitution

Leland McKeever

This is a prime example of leftiest Chinese Marxism

DW genius

0:00 Dude, I have studied American history for about a year and a half to 2 years. I also read the entire American constitution and all the other American Amendments and all of them say nothing (and I mean NOTHING!) about freedom of choosing to wear a mask or anything about freedom of medical conditions, so there is no point of the constitutional rights as an excuse man.

Austin Allen

Constitution thrown out for something that has not changed the death rate at all. Total death rate is the same as 2019 and 2018. How is that possible?

Arlene Whiteswan's Mysterious Domain

Its not about the virus!!!! Why are we being ruled by Twatter????

Mel Score

Mandates or no mandates, these stores are PRIVATE PROPERTY. They have EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to refuse service to you if you don't abide by their policies.

Luce Salome

You don’t have a constitutional right to not wear a mask. If someone disagrees find where it says

Jano Barrientos

We all goin to viset lucifer.

Joey Phenomenal

Sheeps ? follow the Yellow brick road?‍♂️?

Maow Maow

In -80 we where quite free. Free to choose how to live our lifes. Under the years till today. More and more rules and laws are coming. Why? Because people are terrified for death. Still we all will die one day. Get used to it. More fear and more laws and rules will come. We are going towards a full control society and the most people are welcoming it.

Rob slams

side note sheeple, viruses aint going nowhere so go hid under a rock.

Johnny Ringo

Never wear a mask.

ᜎᜑ̃ᜅ᜔ ᜃᜌ̰ᜋᜅ᜔ᜄ̃ LahingKayumanggi

This is why USA have a higher COVID CASES.



Kalmikah Joseph

America the land of the children.

Corrie Beach

How can you not laugh this whole video like wtf is going on ??


The resistance to masks with the claim that "we're free" is just pathetic. When I was a boy, polio was crippling children all over America. My Mom wouldn't let us bob for apples at Halloween parties or go to a swimming pool cause polio spread in water. We didn't see jerks demanding the reopening of public pools and the right to share bottles of cola mouth to mouth. These anti-maskers really are eejits.


You best believe they were all Trump terrorist


Ha! So y’all mean trumpsters?

Danny Lopez

Trump effect.


Today show sucks


"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters. " - Benjamin Franklin

"Just wear a mask." - an ungrateful and foolish generation of slaves

c m

If Pelosi, Feinstein, Newsom, Fauci and Biden don't need to wear masks or socially distance (video footage or photos online), why do we? Are politicians immune? Are they all on HCQ or just exaggerating the cases?

We all know people that wear masks are getting this virus. We all know the massive lock down did NOT stop covid. It just slowed it. We all know 99.5% will survive the virus. We all know who's at risk. Let THEM wear the masks. And let sick people stay HOME till they are well. But for everyone else, stats prove only 1 in 371 will get the virus from a person that has no symptoms.

Alex Mccutchan

This guy rules

Jason Lampione\

There is ZERO scientific evidence stating that masks prevent the spread of Covid-19! In fact, it actually increases your chances of contracting it, because of the potential infections from built up bacteria that comes from wearing one.

Rodrigo Dionisio

It is always for businesses to implement the ethical standards, that protects the lives of employees, employers, as well as businesses. The health depts.has been keen in improving perspectives about the manner health risks are as well as prevention that are implemented, and so as businesses being configured for viruses protection for safety standards and measures. Wearing masks:Freebies, not wearing mask:freebies, face mask reusable/environment friendly, that does not degrade ones right for protection, saliva accidentally released when one is explaining and the fumes as well when exhaling. Only orderly always.

Samantha Hardy

In the U.K. staff are being abused for trying to enforce mask wearing as well.

Rob Coats

It is really tragic that no-one commenting here understands logic:
Stores do not make laws and cannot make policies that violate the law. Governors also don't make laws and "mandates" are not law, but a suggestion. She is correct that the manager is violating Federal laws for which he could be arrested. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended "Jim Crow" rules like this. To harass a customer is a hate crime under California Penal Code sec 51. Managers that attempt to enforce these mask policies can be arrested for their crimes, but their corporations never tell them that...
Read to laws, people, and stop complying with illegal rules.
I think I woke up in Idiocracy!

T zone

That’s why each day the number of infected goes up in every state.
Wear a mask to save your own and other lives.

Kevin Suarez

Sam's club has to have the same requirements, every one of these monsters will claim their bible believing trump support.

Aussie Joker

Girls wear masks down their panties once a month to stop the blood from running down their legs.

Diane Ostertag

The world is getting crazyier and crazier. Wear your masks and save lifes

M no

Face mask is an anagram of Fake Scam.

Sebas G



If they can force you to wear a mask, they can force you to take a shot, they can force you to give YOUR money to whom ever THEY decide. The madness must stop NOW. Give us back our country.

saus age

Wearing masks is completely worthless

John Blackbird

Is it because face Mask have already stated working?

Nicole Watterson

It blows my mind to see that people this stupid exists. They’re making our country look bad and they’re the reason why we’re still the first in the number of COVID-19 cases.

I suggest that they let them do their thing. If they do get the virus, hospitals should refuse to treat them just like how they refuse to wear a mask. The world will be safer once these idiots get taken out.

J. Sterling

You're in violation of my constipational rights, I have a right to be an ass***e and a loud mouth moron!

Greg Obreiter


Jhonny Valdivieso

Ja ja ja show the Video at USA.

newyork trends

McDonald how can you eat with a mask on


Only snowflakes complain about wearing a mask.

Joey Gladstone

If someone spits in my face ima drop them on their head

Rob slams

good i hope more people start drawing on the low iq sheep automatrons.

t russ75

If you are in fear for your life because of the virus, may I suggest stay home and stay away from people. If you see someone without a mask, stay at least 7000 feet from them at all times. Don't forget your tin foil hat before you go outside! Wear a body condom, and try not to breathe in a previously breathed in air space. In the end, you will die regardless of these efforts, but at least you tried to keep humanity safe.


Bill Gates in an interview on television recently said that in his private jet he doesnt need to wear face masks. He also predicted that the pandemic could even become much worse. He had a smirk in his face and he was smiling while he was sittiong on a sofa.

Mask burning

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Anti-lockdown protesters burn masks in New York City

8 527 views | 24 Nov. 2020


For more:


Over 100 anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Washington Square Park and set fire to masks. In the video, people chanted "burn the masks" and carried signs saying "My Body, My Choice." As of November 23, the U.S. has more than 12 million COVID-19 cases and over 200,000 deaths.

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shera shera

Great news please doing what u r doing


Wow!! So smart ass


There would probably be a protest about self-driving cars. I bet some of them will say “The death rate of driving is not that high! There is no need to use those stupid government robots!”

God's Child

say no to mask, flu shots, vaccines, and most important say no to mark of the beast.

Big Boomer

The same people turn around and complain the government doesn't do enough to protect them... ?



Jack v

All this misery because family is around the world believe that they should be running the world through Monopoly of the economy and money supply, yet these are the two ingredients that are required to formulate the misery index. People who try to hold monopolies must amputate their human Spirit of empathy love sound mind self worth and maturity as well as forgiveness oh, and then the rest of us have to become monsters as well, parasites gamma scientific paper says that an ancient virus is responsible for our thoughts and memory retention, please look into this to see if viruses are actually manipulating us, especially the elites oh, we're forcing their own children to amputate 3 their spirits. Doesn't make any sense, what just to live a life of luxury and enslave the world? That doesn't sound like happiness to me oh, it sounds like a sickness of the human spirit. This is a high-priority message for Central planners of the world, code Phoenix, Saturn, the equinox. We must return to the ancient free Marketplace as soon as possible based on the foundational sounds money

Nilesh Bhattacharya

CIA fake paid rioters ?.

Question Everything

For all those who think masks are both effective and healthy, I urge you to listen to the TRUE mask experts: Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) experts. Listen to Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan share their expert knowledge about wearing a mask to prevent COVID. See Del Bigtree the HighWire Episode 184, starting at 0:52:00

fox mulder

The virus doesn't exist. Nice try tho china..

Ronnie Chew

Freedom to choose how to die is your right America. Keep on burning


The “violence” is coming solely from GOVERNMENT INFRINGEMENT OF INALIENABLE RIGHTS. The reaction of the people is SELF-DEFENSE.

Marcus Fossa

That fire should have been a lot bigger.

Brick Life

"what is science"



Let's read the "ORDER" NOT A MANDATE, shall we.
First its not a mandate, second it's NOT a Pandemic because it doesn't rise to the level of a Pandemic which REQUIRES "a significant portion of the population to be effected by it". We have a 99.95% survival rate.
Furthermore the only Right that can be suspended during any state of emergency and ONLY for those involved in Rebellion or insurrection is the Right to Habeas Corpus.
Then we need to ask the hard question...who the heck is "Central District Health"? Oooh this is where it gets really good.
Its a "business/corporation" like McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Great Clips, The Stereo Shopp, etc.
5 people sitting on the "Board" created and voted for this. Really? Who the heck are you people? These people are HE NOT Elected Officials from ANY Lawfully created Emolument from the Constitution itself.
Remember, "code" is NOT Law, nor is it Public law.
Then let's look at "what" it allegedly applies to. "Bars & Nightclubs". That's a what, not a who. This is an usurpation of power, subversion of Law and sedition which leads to treason. Just stating facts of law.

In their own words from page 2.
So we don't even need the ADA cards. We don't need to prove jack shift.
The claim and exercise of Right CANNOT be converted into a crime. See Miller v U.S.
ANY THING (this Order is a Thing) that comes in conflict with the Constitutions is void for ANY effect, from its inception, not the day we go to court and brand it unconstitutional. On its face it is wholly void. See Marbury v Madison 5 U.S. 137 (I know that one by heart, the rest here is all my memory)
And fraud vitiates EVERYTHING, FROM ITS INCEPTION and there are no statutes of limitations on fraud. See U.S. v Throckmorton.

I just updated with better pics. I am not sure why they were so blurry to begin with.
Here is the link to download the original pdf file from their website.

Ordinances, mandates, recommendations, and suggestions are NOT LAW. Presidents, governors and mayors do not make the law; LEGISLATORS DO. Try as you might to enforce mask-wearing, but it is NOT LAW, bottom line.

Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law


Ordinances, mandates, recommendations, and suggestions are NOT LAW. Presidents, governors and mayors do not make the law; LEGISLATORS DO. Try as you might to enforce mask-wearing, but it is NOT LAW, bottom line.

Servants are supposed to do as they are told and INSTRUCTED. They do not have the power to alter the Fundamental Law or the Constitutions PERIOD.

Article VI 
* Clause 3
* The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

* ArtVI.C3.1 Oaths of Office
* ArtVI.C3.1.1  Oath of Office Requirement
* ArtVI.C3.1.2  Bar on Religious Tests
* Oath of office on file if not your a tyrant
* Servants are supposed to do as they are told and INSTRUCTED. They do not have the power to alter the Fundamental Law or the Constitutions PERIOD.

* Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Nathan Hunter

Too damn bad they didn't throw their mayor and governor on the fire and burn them as they did in the Salem witch trials !!!

Kwodd Bangkok

Burning masks protest by participants who had masks on their faces.


USA is the dumbest country to ever exist in the modern century

William Wong Kim Ping

They are peacefully showing their stupidity......?????? MURICA



Sigmund Krähe

It's shocking actually. This also happens in Europe. This is basicly Individualism vs Group. These Extreme-Individualistic people are only concerned about their inconvinience of using Mask/other measures and have 0 concern for other people/group. I find this behavior so unintelligent, so irrational that it's difficult for me to believe that people in the world actually act this way, even more so considering they come from the country with the most active cases in the World, last time i checked the numbers were around 5 million active cases there. Simply insane. East Asia on the other hand has shown exemplary behavior and has dealt with the crisis much better. The West could learn a lot from the East.



Leo&Lya Deleon

Earthlings are so strange ... this group will be needing a hospital soon.

Mark Khaw

This is downright creepy

SF Chong

For how long?

Julia Ng

the ignorance and stupidity level in America is beyond imagination.


I got into a fight the other night with someone insisting that China manufactured COVID with Democrats to hurt their Dear Leader Trump...then a few minutes later, she was arguing that COVID is fake, and it’s just a minor flu going around, that masks and social distancing are also “made-up” mitigation efforts designed to..you guessed it, “hurt” the perpetual victim in the White House. My Country has completely lost its “hyper-individualist, collective mind”....??
But they claim my friends in China have been “brainwashed”? ?. Hypocrisy, the OTHER epidemic in the US...

buddy man

They don't believe Corona virus
They just believe karena virus

Francoise Hembert

Freedom to infect and get infected. Brilliant. Such a sense of civic duty. Shameful.


I support their protest. Freedome for covidiots.


This should explain why US has the most Covid 19 cases.


Might as well just burn the elderly. But freedom I guess durrr durr....


They have no right to make other people be in danger by not wearing masks?


lol, beautiful.

Lil Robot

They should make face mask bra a trend

Yip LekHong

New level of stupidity only in the USA


And they blame china for the virus spreading across their country

King Titan

These are real Americans seeing through this great deception.

Radioactive Banana


Dylan Z

Aight I’m movin to Canada


CGTN you guys cant talk shit, your the ones oppresing the Rights in Hong Kong and China ( which you are owned by) is breaking international law set for hong kong that you signed up for, and also covering up covid in the first place and the oppresion of Muslims in the North west parts of China.



FJP Films

As a New Yorker living abroad - I've lost my respect and feel embarrassed to be a citizen


I wonder if these same people was to contract the virus will they seek out medical attention. Since they believe "My Body My Choice" Ventilators should be for mask wearers who contracted the virus from selfish stupid people like them.

Ricky Davis

On New year eve

Elijah Hua


Hong Wei Yu

Wearing masks for bra, I like that.


Covid 19 is fake

Dimitri Ivanov

The US has become a nation of very strange people.

Rocky Shuuji

0:13 i bet this guy never had sex in his life

Samuel Tan

It was a very good news for the rest of the world. Go go USA! Burn all the mask.. Go fight your FREEDOM..

FreeLunch ForChildren

No wonder we r so screwed with the pandemic cause we r so Stupid

Cass Thompson

I want in!!! Let’s protest in SD!

Argentum Flower

?? Portugal lifts the quara ntine. Unrel iable PCR test ?
Sweden has good case numbers even without loc kdown and without m asks
All of our politicians are criminal gangsters
Inaccurate P CR-Test
Inve ntor and Nobel laureate of PCR-Test
Kary Mullis, Erfinder des P CR Test und Nobelp reisträger KLÄRT AUF!
Please tran slate and share this infor mations

Старгэйт Старгэйтов

I am proud of this people because they fight for their freedom.

Avril Code

This year sucks.


Good, the idiot population will decrease


it is ok, freedom to be stupid is also freedom

Dinin’ Like Tony

This video just made my day.



Qingfang Yu

Wtf less than 5k view?

Yoga Fitness Travel

Nuke china stop buying Chinese good


Masks spread bacterial pneumonia

God's Child

freedom, freedom,freedom, freedom,freedom, freedom,freedom, freedom,

Mirjana Ravic

Bravo! Burn it.

Melissa Rae

Dr. Roger @ City of Edmonton Community Meeting https://youtu.be/yUU45WD6RXY

This is being taken down everywhere. You can download it here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a308d48daf051f53c3f3f8cd4906863520201125223954/ef2cbf

Entire City of Edmonton Community and Public Services Committee Meeting: https://youtu.be/K1W0FHuR-Rc
The masks and covid discussion begins around 4:18.

Article: https://www.infowars.com/posts/top-pathologist-claims-coronavirus-is-the-greatest-hoax-ever-perpetrated-on-an-unsuspecting-public/

George Pascal

I love it!

UnderSiege 2020

I am an Essential Worker in NYC that takes the bus and train to Manhattan daily. Did this long before the 1st case hit the US.
Never caught C19. I keep my hands clean and do not touch my face. I take 2000 IU of Vitamin D3/Day for the last 2 years.
I wear a mask due to our leaders guidance, social pressure and as a reminder not to touch my face.
I have no faith in masks. Just do not touch your face. Go out spend time with friends and family. Live life.
Do not accept this as permanent. They want to break us down and control us completely. It is insidious.

dark age

Americans are funny.
Masks as bras
Condoms as balloons
Fentanyl as chocolates
Guns as toys
What else?


You burn the mask like that.
If you don't wear a mask, your covid19 will be confirmed and you'll die in two days.

Hector Andem

They spent their hard-earned money on masks... just to burn them? ?


Coffin tone Please ?

Magnús Örn

this is what capitalism does to your brain, holy fuck

Gena Libra

0:26 I thought the girl said “My body my choice, this is what I wanted, the biggest ...” and then cut away before she could say COCK


burning masks using masks...

Jeahav Valentin

I guess my fellow New Yorkers ain't such pussies after all


a year from now, news reports about people dying of prolonged breathing issues due to mask wearing... lol watch... u gonna call that fake news too? haha sheepleeee

Moorish Dignity

Deny them medical assistance

errol malleus

Let them be. They've made their choice. Good Ol America, hell's gates are opening up for you.

Niko Cv

bravo!!!!!!!!!!!There are still many who want to live normally and free!!!




It's ok to burn masks after been used. China can export more.

shan tigs

good, lets all follow that lead, freedom is earned and not negotiable.

jason morgan

Old peeps and high risk peeps are probably gonna be real pissed.

Im both.

Fernando Peña Rodríguez

US democracy is a joke.


You can see why the USA is sick and dying !

And I say good riddance to bad rubbish !

mari lemos

With the f4ce m4sk, soci4l dist4ncing and more lockdowns we can't collectively immunized. Several experts point out that this is the best v4ccin3 bc it is natural and is free of dang3rous ingredients, and also with these measures we are losing our freedoms and the economy is being destroyed and we are becoming impoverished.

James Atienza

0:17 you must have a shit life the


Burne that mask has long has you have the freedom to do it in my country we are opressed by our own police kids get beaten up big finens police everywere no freedom covid is away to take away freedom and democracy from the pepople look at what is going on in thailand israel ....

Jef Chen

FREE ?️ YOUR HEART ? from the grips of your anger ? bitterness. The ANSWER to anyone & everyone is ALWAYS LOVE ?
Don't fall victim to conspiracies ? that stirs up division. Hate & violence & war is never the answer. Because the #TRUTH ? is that we are all brothers & sisters ?Amen ✝️

BRUCE LEE ? was asked if he considered himself Chinese or American. Do you know what his wise answer was?? (1971 interview)

The world is ONLY trying to keep China ACCOUNTABLE. So am I ?
China broke ?‍♀️ their promise ? of two systems in Hong Kong (1997-2047). Everyone knows it ? The whole world sees it.
Please China, don't lose face! ? TRUST is easy to lose, hard to build...

If China was HONORING two systems in the first place, there WOULDN'T be any protests. There would be PEACE☮️! The Hong Kong people have ? cried out. And now the world ? cries with HK. Please China, don't lose face. I love China ? I want China to be a good character in the world community and show that they can keep their word [integrity]. I am Chinese ✞

Hong Kong was supposed to be a symbol of China's☀️bright future. Not a reflection of its past?(1989). Oppression ? is never ? stability...
No country is perfect! It's OK to criticize China where they are wrong. Please do... That is why we have ? freedom of speech ?. Chinese citizens are forced CCP propoganda ?. They have no other alternative than the CCP's narrative. They have no election or voice ? #FREECHINA ? and be GENUINE instead of fragile.

Darkness is scared of the light. (John 3:20)✝️
Those who do ?EVIL likes to hide ??? [censorship]
Those who do ?GOOD is not afraid for the world ? to see ?️?️ [transparency]
? Show us inside the camps??
? Hear from the students??

*95% of the responses I get, resort to insults ?
But insults only describes the person ? spewing it (Ecclesiastes 10:12)✝️
I would love to talk to anyone, but let's be REAL please ?-

Guy File


Nina Khan

Love how these Americans live.... Freely, Happily and Breathlessly.

Катя Лобода



I'm going to stop wearing pants and a shirt but keep wearing bras and underwear to avoid public nudity.. WOOOO OPPRESSION!!

Big Boomer

Anybody else notice how these protests keep getting smaller and smaller... ?

Niraj neupane



America = Gone case

A. Sontoloyo

Stupidity versus Covid-19 !!!

Naz Gul

These people see the truth and ppl are waking up! Love it! Let’s stand together r

Cheesy Wizwiz

Everyday the meaning of freedom, liberty, democracy and justice comes closer to meaning stupid.