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What is Sex Like for Pornstars? | Sex Ed

324 146 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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0:00 Manscaped Ad

0:39 Intro

1:13 How many people have you had sex with?

1:47 How different is your personal sex life from your on-camera sex life?

3:15 How has your job affected your sex life? Has it ruined it?

5:10 How often is the sex on screen actually pleasurable? Are the orgasms real?

6:14 Do you watch porn now for pleasure? Or does it feel like work?

7:36 How do you protect yourself from STIs and pregnancy?

8:21 Have you ever developed feelings for a co-star?

9:11 What’s the worst part of the job?

10:15 How is the topic of consent handled on set?

12:37 Do you ever worry about the way the porn industry portrays sex?

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Mr. Sehway

Damn, here I thought I watched a lot of porn, I don't recognize any of these ppl. At first I thought I knew the girl at the start but then I realized, that's not Sarah banks.

andrew bryton

I now know why that dude tries so hard to laugh Hmm interesting


God damn is the blue hair girl annoying ??


The girl who talked about white supremacists asking for custom scenes ? what do those even entail...

Tama Amajiki

13:11 lmao


ok but this is THE girl in red

kitty fairy

its sad how most of these people (specifically the women) seem quite depressed and sad deep down. like a lot of sex workers do it in order to survive it's not that they actually want to do it. i feel bad for them


4:06 name?

Buck Angel

Thank you for including me! This is great and I love seeing all the positive comments. It really shows the mindset changing around pornography! Thats the best part of this. Love Tranpa

Justin Tibet

Can we get a “ do all therapist think the same?”

Mathias S

A sexual is a cop out. Don't @ me

Jamaal Johnson

I kept thinking that the dude that was wearing black sounded familiar and when he said he had a pussy, I remembered him from those snap chat stories


The woman in the red top is such a ray of light! ? and she reminds me of Tika Sumpter sooooo much

Tba Zizou

Let’s see what Peach and Aba have to say about this segment lol ?

The Gr8 1

There’s consequences to everything.

Kiersten Wollison

LOve this video

Angelo Sicat

I imagine these people watching their scenes like a quarterback or a point guard watching game film. Drinking protein smoothies in a massage chair and wearing a hoodie. I'm sorry I'm weird

Timothy Alexzander Carthan II

Wheres the names at

McKell Swain

Hear me out: odd man out, who isn’t a sex worker? Would be interesting to see the stereotypes that people believe and how someone not in that line of work would perceive it

Alexia Danielle Anast

This was actually really great. I don't have the same opinions as everyone in the video as a Christian but I support all of their viewpoints, feelings, and choices. This was awesome.

John Lucian

Probably boring because they do it so much


hes a man that has a what now ????

Alpha Centauri

"I'm a man with a vagina" no, you're a woman with a beard. "I'm asexual" no, you jusy don't like sex; at no point have you reproduced by cloning yourself.


All i know is that this job doesn't serve humanity in any way no matter how hard you try to understand ppl in that industry :/

Takir Spain

A men what a what??

Sad Sader • 100 years ago

8:14 my spot currently

Anonym Daim

The girl in red is so damn cute

〉x Tasha x〈

The girl in the red sweater has the most gorgeous, symmetrical face I've ever seen

andrew bryton

Why is their no names? Shame on you Jubilee! We clearly need them for research!

Snatched Wig

Wait lol I've seen her somewhere.

Jay dineroo_

Whas her name wit the white top?

Heaven Delcid

I love how a lot of people hate pornography but it’s millions and millions of views at the same time...

Laura Lamantia

I practice enthusiastic consent ? I ❤ her

Mr Conrad

“Watching your costars is like watching your cousins have sex”. So you’d have sex with your cousin???

Keziah Rose

The lady talking at 5:00 made me sad tbh

E. K .O

Ana is so gorgeous wtf she should be a model

Attila Földesi

What is tha name of blue hair girl?

jem Last

Who was the ruff one ?

Anonym Daim

I am a virgin and the first person in red. She just seems so comfortable with everything. She just radiates that vibe of security that I would love to have my first time with such a person

Satori Tendouuu

I like how we all agreed that the girl in the red is STUNNING


I'm on the same wavelength as Tranpa-hat (his name is Buck Angel, that's the only star who's name I know in this video - and DONT THINK I didn't NOTICE, Jubilee! You left out their names on purpose! But then you put em in the description? Ehh, I don't get that... So I'mma blame the YT algorhthim LOL)

Precious Pomerleau

Yasssss @ the asexual representation. Really awesome to see!


The woman who said she was asexual was interesting. It makes me wonder how good of an actress she is. Would viewers know that about her if she didn't tell us?


I love love love the girl in red!!!!!!!

Dr. Zions Son

Anna Foxxx loved her all my young years??

Nicole Olver

Loved hearing the perspective of an asexual sex worker! Never really got to see this representation growing up

Andrea Gonzalez

I LOVED watching their responses. Thank you so much for giving them a platform to answer these questions. Following all of them on Social Media ?

Fresco 24

i don’t know anyone here.....

Peter Treacy

I love Tranpa, he's a legend


It's profitable. Sex workers are obsessed with money. They don't essentially care about how people feel.
Jubilee made this video to make a positive impression on the industry as it's profitable for both of them. That's all.

Wilma Decosto

Hi your new friend is here, nice and interesting video you shared, God bless,, can I ask your help please. from Philippines

Antonio Carlos Hernandez Rodriguez

My jaw literally dropped when this guy said he had a vagina (at 9:40)

we are so blinded by stereotypes and gender roles, I couldn't have predicted that in a million years


when you have sex before marriage you take a piece of the woman and the woman takes a piece of you. That’s why most become numb. It makes you feel empty.


This was a very wholesome video

Shannon Carson

Some really intelligent, insightful commentary. I feel horrible for people who make their money by using sex having to do things they didnt want to do or forced too. And to hear "pornstars" talk about being asexual or a man with a vagina made be realize how closeminded and unaware I am. I really enjoyed this video, probably a lot more than the rare porn videos I watch.....


Sex shouldn't be all about what pleases the man. Its really sad to hear what one of the ladies has gone through, with being an escort, being raped on set and all that. That's alot. I can totally understand why she's numb to sex. She should get out of porn and focus on healing herself. Don't share herself with anyone anymore until you are okay.


As a fellow dark skin baddie. I ❤️ me some Anna foxx (the lady in the red shirt).


Poor people they are totally lost

Alexis Vince

9:37 caught me off guard
Damn ?


Who is the girl with short hair asking for a friend

jayshaun riley

...i actually hate buck angel he gets on my nerves tbh.

Ian Meadows

Idea: Trans Women vs Biological Women

Umm kulsum

1:28 : “the number right now is 69”

You hear that!? 69!

Abischek -

Porn industry lacks any sense of intimacy and any sense of realness....
Ohhh really?

Mo Lester

Is the first girl Sarah banks


That's so sad...sexually and mentally ruined by age 23...so young.

Fresco 24

i don’t know any of these people

coochie destroyer

11:38 that story was horrific i feel sick :(

love, cleo

"I think I'm starting to become numb."

That's honestly my biggest worry for people who do this. Like, I don't care what people do with their bodies. But blowing through 69 or over 100 people sexually... Like that's gonna take a toll eventually. Whether it's emotionally, mentally, etc. It doesn't matter. Repeatedly letting someone else use your body for profit, after a while, has gotta be damaging to a certain extent. Idk I just really hope they take care of themselves in the future.

Helen A.J

A lot of these women bacame asexual because they’ve been exposed to prostitution at a very young age to the point where they don’t even want intimacy anymore. It’s so sad

Levyi-Alexander Love


Anonym Daim

Just came up to my mind. If they are watching their own porn to critique theirselves they are probably also watching this video and are reading our comments

Sharon Molina

They don’t actually feel pleasure, that’s why I don’t watch the ones that are scripted like that often

samuella kwofie

LOVE LOVE LOVE this video jubilee.. this is the type of content we LOVE. So raw abs authentic !!!??????


Never knew I needed to see this, but I liked it.

mushroom eaj

all of these people were very charming; it sucks that their job gives them a negative stigma.



Abdul Jabbar Zahardeen

What’s the asexual girl called

Selwyn Cox

Are these people just strangers

Tony Mccrorey

10:00 you can cut the existential dread with a knife

Pesky Bee

Hey Jubilee! I think it would be a great idea for this series to do an LGBTQ+ episode (since sex ed in schools are very heteronormative)
It would be very cool to watch!
(coming from a gay woman whose sex ed was learned mostly through the internet)

Jacob Morres

Thank you Jason, you inspire me everyday to be my best self and really put my heart into my life

Dana Bongard

I think those people were casted well and represent the healthy side of the industry?! The more normalised this occupation gets, the safer it is for the actors/actresses...

Tama Amajiki

I was 7 when I found out about porn, and I regret it

John Doe

Unbox therapy guy?

Mattie Moolins

Thank you all for your service

E. K .O

I wish I had Ana's voice and intonation

Jànice Lewis

Don't you worry about your soul and being brainwashed by materialism?

Jervon Dalsan

Aye how I just wanna know there names?‍♂️

Sally G

Most people who condemn porn are the ones who consume the most porn.

Jahanvi Sharma

The woman in red, DROP dead gorgeous, i would sell my father's side of relatives for a chance!!!!

The Jakes

Bless her heart?

M.C Zandogg

Algorithm engagement


A man with a what?

farhan khan

This has more con than pro but still jury is out and this channel brings diverse views and people ?????


Great cast members ! ❤️

Actual TeddyBear

A lot of porn stars and adult film industry workers are really down to earth people. I don't watch a lot of professional porn because a lot of the time it feels too staged for my tastes. Not to say that porn stars are not attractive it's just I need something that's more than physical.

I really hate the negative view of the industry that's typical.

xd kindasusmeal


Conner G

This is why i wish all women were more open on sex lmao damn

Captain no life

Welp I'm to see their videos...

For research purposes ofcourse.

Thats kind of hot

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That's My Kind Of Night

6 056 957 views | 12 Dec. 2018

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

That's My Kind Of Night · Luke Bryan

Crash My Party

℗ 2013 Capitol Records Nashville

Released on: 2014-08-12

Producer: Jeff Stevens

Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Derek Bason

Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Chris Small

Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Mills Logan

Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan

Associated Performer, Drums: Greg Morrow

Associated Performer, Drums: Shannon Forrest

Associated Performer, Bass (vocal): Mike Brignardello

Associated Performer, Bass (vocal): Jimmie Lee Sloas

Associated Performer, Synthesizer: Charlie Judge

Associated Performer, Piano, Hammond B3, Synthesizer, Fender Bass: Mike Rojas

Associated Performer, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo: Ilya Toshinskiy

Associated Performer, Fiddle, Bouzouki: Joe Spivey

Associated Performer, Pedal Steel: Russ Pahl

Associated Performer, Pedal Steel: Mike Johnson

Associated Performer, Percussion: Eric Darken

Associated Performer, Programming: Jody Stevens

Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Perry Coleman

Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Tania Hancheroff

Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Chris Stapleton

Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Jenifer Wrinkle

Composer Lyricist: Dallas Davidson

Composer Lyricist: Chris DeStefano

Composer Lyricist: Ashley Gorley

Auto-generated by YouTube.


I grew up in podunk, NY....where there were cornfields and on the lake. So I love this song and it brings back many delightful memories of my childhood. God Bless you Luke Bryan. Love every song...Chelle.

Christine Frederick

What's The Difference Between The Deluxe Tracks And The Normal?

Tanya Beaver

I love listening to all your music. I wish I could go to your concert.

Brian Foeller

you are awsome

bailey wright


Scarlett Marie

I love this song and all of luke's other songs. I have listened to luke for the past 5 years and that's why I love country music so much.

Tina Barnett

John Hal. Barnett

Mariah Cloud

Love ya luke but aint nobody getting in That nasty ass river. ??? All michigan water is booty bum bum water

Senoa That techie Wagner

I've loved Luke Bryan and have been listening to his music since I was little and then one day I looked up famous people I share a birthday with he was the first one to pop up

shaw miserix

my friends think i only listen to heavy metal

however i'm a country boy at heart

J.J. Redifer

My mom hates Luke Brayan! I love him, so just to get on her nerves I play his songs all the time!

Lyndi Heitman


xxxshyxxx Bear

Love this song ? love ya Luke ??

Lois Sherwood

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????love you luke

Jacob Smith

apparently my neighbors love this song so much they decided to invite the cops

shirley day

This is my jam

Scarlet Goldenriver

Luke is my fav country singer, Also Jon pardi! ??

Shaun mckee

He is a wanna be country boy

Katrina M


Alex Taylor

Just starting to get into country- I've listened to almost everything else, but I LOVE THIS



Andrew Hagan

Singing this song for two hours on the way to the beech from Gresham and every body in the car was annoyed

Grace Register

My Forever husband ???


I love this song

Susie Cunningham


Shelby Guerrette

what look going to school friend forever love you

Jordann Smith

Beautiful. ?

John W 1711 Stock

I'm going to write a song about Baltimore. The biggest problem is trying to rhyme murder, drug addiction, high taxes, corrupt politicians, bad roads, terrible schools, rats, garbage, and gangs!  TRUMP 2020!!!!

Cora Allen

who listened to this song about 35 times in a row and then realized that you really needed to stop

sandra huret

Coucou à tous. J'adore cette musique. I LOVE. Bonjour de France.

Jodi Hendrickson

G u n

boneless water

imma tell my kids this was the brawny paper towel man

Abbie McKendrick

Might sit down on my diamond plate tailgate


Dude who is listening to this in 2020 and asking yourself why? My kind of night is stuck at home during corona virus

Luke Diaz

The only thing your going to catch on the flint river is lead poisoning...

Rachel Hoffman

Get your own beer

Mary Wilson

Luke Bryan

Amanda Alban

I love you Luke Bryan and I love this song

Trisha M.

I'm not floating down the flint River. Let alone eating from it.

Rhonda Deremo

he's sooo perfect UwU

Leslie Dunkin

I love him


I love your music!

Angie Reffett

i love Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton

Sailor White

I love all his songs all his songs are awesome

Candy Hogan

This is a good song i am in love with lol

Ariel Nicholson

Could you guys imagine if Luke Bryan himself actually read these comments and replied to them? that would be so awesome!!!!

Krystal Melvin

I listened to you every day

Matt Bolick

Give it thought....not a bad way to roll!

Rebecca Yonis

Go luke

Chrissy Marunowski

I love this song

Kenma's KittyToes

Cmon, you can’t love him and his music .

Krystal Melvin


Karen Hackman

You should pick up dylan tonight and we we can just

Catilina Cardenas


Tara Hourie

this mt kind of night

John Duke EDP445!

Ahsoka Says She Loved My Sgt Hartman Hat From Full Metal Jacket!!! Ahsoka Remembers Me As Sgt Hartman!!!

Teresa Lamorie

How does this only have under 100 comments

Katie Replogle


jordan pollock


Mike Davenport

Luv Luke!

Dog Vlogs

Luke you are amazing and my all time favorite country singer. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

With Gabby Rehm

I love to listen to Luke Bryan music

hardy boyz

One of the worst songs I have ever heard

Abbie Courtney

i loved that song my hart say yes ligt up durik with you luke

Chelsea Trudel

Who else likes country

Destiny Ramiskey

This song is a broken tooth I don't know why it was

Americus Fiorina

somehow i fell in love

Danika Beaird

HII omg my fav song lol

Kane Browns A Bitch

hey man thats my kindof fuckin night dude getting lost in the middle of my backyard woooooooo ya bro


Wait I have the original of this CD. What is the difference between that one and the deluxe?

country club

U suck

Traci McAnarney

That’s my kind of Night love song good sing love them my name is Brooke Roberts

Austin Jones

That’s kind Knight is the best song ever

brickboss Bob

I love this song so much I lisen to this song every day

bella gordie

i went to farmtour 2015 and loveddd it


Big, black, jacked up truck ?

Marissa Lundberg

I love this song so much good job Luke

Krystal Melvin

I like your songs luke

Stephanie Bejarano


Hailey Slocum

ok sogs ilke

Wyatt Childs

Mom do you doing Chauscpzawyatt

Nolan Watt

Luke Bryan your my fav


I loveeeee youuuu ❤️❤️????

Amanda Alban

I love you Luke Bryan and this song

Rose Kazmerski

Luke Bryan is my best favorite handsome singer ever !!! He is a hunk with charm good looks and a very great awesomely talented talented singing voice

Nicole Lakes

This shake ur ass song.

Quentin Polley

Good song

Lindsay Lancaster


Love carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan

Lyndi Heitman


John Bingenheimer

i love you Luke Bryan

Nicholas Eady

Little kanway little tpain ???

David Ledwell

This is my kinda night

Yazmín Martinez

Me encanta esta canción!!!

Pamela Hannon

I listened to Luke Bryan's music my entire life and he is an amazing singer and he has amazing songs to

real rock lee

Why would dean Winchester would sing this???


Luke. Bryan. Boyfriend are doing my


Never noticed how great his voice sounded in this song until now. Earphones are the best to listen to this song with.

Tara Hourie

my consart is today at 12.00 to 3.34 come see thar singing


I like this song of Luke Bryan ???

Kaelyn McLean

I hate country but this song has a pass

Thats kind of hot

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Peter Lynch: How to Invest in an Overvalued Market

54 984 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Peter Lynch is a world

Peter Lynch is a world famous stock market investor who achieved 29.2% annual returns between 1977 and 1990 running the Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments. In this video we analyse his words from a 1997 interview on Charlie Rose, where he discussed exactly how to invest while the stock market is overvalued (like now in 2021).


Learn to Invest with Brandon van der Kolk (BUNDLE OFFER) ► http://bit.ly/learntoinvestbundle

Learn to Master Your Tax Return (SPECIAL OFFER) ► https://bit.ly/3127TdE

Join the FREE Profitful Investing Community ► http://bit.ly/3bfppQb

Business enquiries: [email protected]

#peterlynch #investing

Conor S

Hey man. I actually got the guts to buy my first ever shares today largely because of your channel. I always found this stuff really hard to understand but you and some others I have found have made it much more accessible to me. I was just wondering. I noticed for example on the current VAS ETF that the PE ratio is zero. I’m given to understand that a high ratio is usually a sign Of not great things and that lower is better. But is this the case when it comes to an index fund being zero? Would appreciate a video or a response from yourself or anybody else who might read this if you would be so kind as to indulge a Newby. Cheers and my thanks


please dont mis title this interview is in 2021. it's literally a fraud

Stuart Herrington

I recently finished reading both of Peter Lynch's books, One up, and Beating the street. Probably the most important person retail investors should listen too.

NT Laux

The interviewer needs to let lynch speak. He cuts him off at the most important parts


Charlie Rose acts as if he is one of the smart money crowd........

Shruti Malhotra

Great work mate. With all love from India.

Gustavo Mendez

Dislikes from people buying amc gme and dogecoin


you short them

Roly The Holy Paladin

"cough" "Tesla" "cough" "cough"

Eunice Vasco

It's a shame my Portuguese bank doesn't allow me to buy US penny stocks, and since I'm currently living in China, I'm unable to use trading apps. I think the future is in growing companies with undervalued stocks that most Wall Street investors overlook :(

True Vegas

The interviewer is a plebeian dissident. And a legitimate idiot.

James Carson - LHA50

There was no BTC during this interview...

Jens Ditrich

Das ist halt der Unterschied, der strunzdumme Jens R., der nur am klugshicen ist und der smarte Peter Lynch ?❤


Dammit that interviewer kept interrupting Lynch...

Dave Fredericks

I placed a buy order for Tesla at $85.

Charles Woods

Great video!!!!!


i do not think the army of retail investor cranking up the TSLA price really care about the PE ratio or understand it

Bull Investor

Love Lynch’s advice. In a market like today we just have to be on the lookout for ‘flash sales’! Thanks for sharing man

imeldo marcos

Tesla ia expected to grow for a decade at least. Pq


PETER LYNCH is my fav investor..

Najib Najjar

Brandon, I really did enjoy this video. Thank you and keep going with your great insights :)

Veezio Schweiz GmbH

If this channel were to be a stock, Iˋd buy it right away... did my dd over the last couple of weeks and it holds very high intrinsic value. Subbed ?

Ethan Semelsberger

Such an underrated channel

Bryan Hillary

I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 1months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.


That P/E ratio of the S&P500 is interesting


Great channel. I only just discovered it. Always very clear and concise. New subscriber.

Ujjwal Tripathi

When did this interview happen?!


So the PE of the market was over 30 only twice before and both times was right before two of the biggest market crashes ever?

Ahmad Boudhak

Awesome Explanation ?

Nadezhda Loshnina


Investments World

Strongly recommend One Up on Wall Street...great book from Peter Lynch for beginners investors like me...

Smart Hub

How to be successful as a day trader? Next video please!

Financial M

Charlie Rose sucks

Fred Howland

God Charlie Rose is insufferable in this interview


I love Peter Lynch's philosophy and his book one up on wall street is one of my favourite investing books, so easy to read and apply. Great video


This is a great focus in on Lynch and his no nonsense investment approach / - New Money / please keep up this great work.

Leo Carter

For real it's very profitable

The Adventurous Investor

I agree the interviewer cuts him off something wicked, great video though it's pretty crazy how over valued everything is at the moment.




Why you just don't wait till it gets corrected


This has great general investing info, and literally zero “investing in an overpriced market” as the title says.

V the B

Lol the interviewer is so wasted ????

Michael Nicola

These videos are soooo good ???

Wall Street Wolf

Tesla is Shit Overvalued ... Michael Burry may get his Payday


I feel you are going to get super big.

Stephen Laswell

really relevant advice for this day and age, great video


So after all the speculation about a potential stock market crash/correction I caved and sold my index fund. Probably should have just left it in but if it does happen at some point within the next couple of months then I guess it will be worth it and will buy back in at a lower price and ride it up. That's the plan at least!

Marta Marzo

Lynch is the best ever and more he's funny. Complete guy. Great video

alberto f. Neumann

Excellent! Lynch is a genius and he is talking specificly of one stock right now: Boeing, period. Disagree with me?

Mike G

Exactly, been buying leaps every month on ELY because I like golf and my family loves top golf (who don't actually like golf).

Richard Johan de Boer

Great to see you again! Thanks for the valuable info.

Aaron Katemis

Love your work, keep it up!

Andres G

Great content. Thanks

Alexander Mills

Very good vlog, thank you.

Salty Pretzel

Great content, thank you!!

mike mansour

Have you heard of TAAT LIFESTYLE and WELLNESS SYMBOL CAD "TAAT" or USD "TOBAF"? This high growth stock will explode. Do your due diligence but this one is a no-brainer!

Bubba Blackmon

I would like to put a shock collar on the interviewer to make him shut up. Stop interrupting Peter Lynch !

john Gutierrez

Rising price to earnings ratio don’t mean a whole lot unless you consider lowering interest rates as part of the equation


This is a fantastic post, thank you so much.

Josh Wang

I love how you have the hairstyle of Gordon Gekko lol... jokes aside thanks for cleaning up that interview for us.. great stuff

Marc Wilson

Many great nuggets of gold here. Thank you for the summarised lessons. This investment of my time is well spent.

Danyele Borsellino

My best stock is BioTech with negative PE and EPS

Who ordered Nachos?

The fed is propping for years...

Jared England

Enjoying the videos mate

Finance Fit

I have always bought the company shares that i felt and thought were great companies, then i would know exactly where to unload my cash in a market downturn.
Love your work Brandon! great commentry of the great peter lynch! :)

Jones Chu

Another good one, mate. I love Peter Lynch as well, thx for this video?


'If I'm right, how much am I going to make. If I'm wrong, how much do I loose.' This is why he doesn't bet on options.

Mark Jacobson

Could listen to Lynchy talk about stocks for hours. Great legitimiser of the stock market.

Vladislav Busser

Underrated video.


Rose is notoriously bad for interrupting. Super annoying, but he's had some great guests on


You should call your channel “new bear”

Felipe Goncalves

Ótimo vídeo! Parabéns

Richard Niven

New Money have this knack of explaining things that are usually complicated in the most simple and easy to understand ways.

Joseph Rushing

I love this approach and this type of investing advice is hard to come by in the age of tendies and crazy options trading. Would love a video giving your own approach to research, especially trying to estimate potential loss

Antoine Jerell

Charlie Rose is a .......


Now PE is nearing 40


you can tell who's the smart guy in the interview by only looking at them.

Andre Budiman

Cash is really goes down in value comparing to other asset class..


Thanks, I love Peters strategy

Chess Dad

Thank you for cutting out the interviewer


Great video! I bought Peter's book: "One up on Wall Street" in June, 1990. Peter was a wealth of knowledge!

alberto f. Neumann

The froth will go and money will leave the hands of those overpaying for SPACS with no future and go to the hands of those buying value. We stay put on BA and AAPL. We don't need more than that!

Ross Matthews

The market is not overvalued

John Auner

Stock buybacks and Zero interest rates make valuations difficult. The sectors I knew well 25 years ago are not places to make real money - perhaps riding bubbles in the casino.

Олег Евсеев


KL Tah

Circle of competence
Wait for haircut.
How much willing to lose vs how much you can make.
Companies that will do well on decades horizon.

Pure Technical Analysis

Welcome all to my channel.

Talentless Golfer

He is such a terrible interviewer

pradeep darji

1st book that got me hooked about investing in capital markets is Learn to Earn from Peter Lynch.

Franki Franki

Great video, thoughtful ideas and insights. Thank you for sharing Lynch's thoughts.


@New Money - why are you not accepting me to the FB group ?

Sufian J

Men... “Payter” is a genius

Rambo Lutz

Would you buy vts right now?


I disagree. Why can people work in the restaurant buy FAANG stock?

Investor Center

Dude, you could at least give my channel credit for finding these videos. I have noticed when one of the videos I post does well, you do a video on it

Mark Pavkovic

Nice summary

Mark Jacobson

6 dislikes ? from people who didn’t do their due diligence on toasters.

Kunal Dasgupta

You are doing such a great job and giving community such a valuable breakdown of great investors. Not only would you channel be a 10 to 100x so would be your own portfolio. Just by the sheer hard work you are doing.

Leo Chengpeng Li

this interview clip is epic, can't watch enough of it


We’re not really at 20 or even 30. The stated ratio *does not include the companies in the indices that aren’t profitable*!! So the tru PE is even farther out of wack...