Semi permanent dark brown hair dye

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20 335 views | 26 Sep. 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you

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Woo Lube

How long does the glaze last before you have to repeat a treatment (regarding the shine) Also how many uses did you get out of in the bottle? Thank you!

Sabrina Buerger

What blow-dry brush did you use to dry your hair?

Maya and James

I want to get this for my hair o don’t have dye in it but I was noticing today it looks so dim and dingy


Does the color fade out completely?

Jennifer Diaz

How long did you leave the color in your hair ?

Crystal Vue

Does this fade well? Or does it fade into a warm brassy color?


Looks great!

time tells

Trying this product tonight! Loved the video ❣️

Tee Giovanna

Did you think it made your hair shinier/healthier at all? Also thanks for the review it was super helpful!

desiree gomez

Wow looks good for how blonde your hair was! Was this shade left a cool or warm undertone??

Semi permanent dark brown hair dye

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15 507 views | 16 Sep. 2018

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Song is Sliabh - Cathal

Gertrud Kós

This reddish color fits you so well!

Wolfe Abroad

Besides the fabulous videos, I love the forest back drop. Where did you get that one? I've only found cheap looking ones. :(

Awa Baburu

Cute, I like your accent ?

Dead Account

I like it!!

Lauli Fawnfellow

I love your hairtransformations!!! They‘re some of my favourite videos on your chanel?❤️

eri_makeupeditor vasileiou

are u greek?


That’s ok use anti dandruff shampoo and leave on blonde for a bit ......it’ll strip the colour and bring back the blond...xx


I love the color, it's adorable. I have partly green-blueish hair and natural dark brown hair, I think I'm gonna try reddish hair.

Zigggyyy C

You are really pretty!

Magy Reyes

Love your videos! Could you do some tutorials? Or some chatty vids ?? :D

Eira Falafel


Gemma M

I loveeeee your accent ❤️ xx

Denisse Castro

Pictures doesnt make justice to you. You are so beautiful.

magda Ortega

Nice color?❣?❣

Futaba Sakura

I love you <3

Adexe Lopez

peach preaciouse


I was just searching how the tangerine color actually turns out on real hair, perfect timing! I usually only use pillarbox red but I think I will mix the two next time. On me Directions colours hold quite well, but I'm curious to see what would be the result with manic panic! Would you say the colour from vampire red is the same than pillarbox red?


Do you have natural dreads? (I mean, the ones that uses your own hair)

Persefone Rest In Peace

Are you going to do a sesion if photos? I like it ?

Onyx Rain



New to your channel here.
I absolutely LOVE the intro! :O

Jael Moray

You hair always looks so beautiful no matter what colors you do! Loving the peachy pink actually, I think it makes this look really unique. Just all around loving is. <3

Paula Hatch

Your absolutely gorgeous as always...x

Sabine Birdsong

I love that background! Where did you get it?

De Vey

It turned out very well. Love it!

Caed Myrkvid

I love it! I don't think you've ever mentioned it but what editing program do you use?


Ugh, I miss my blue hair so much!!


You are beautiful and I LOVE your hair transformation videos so much! I have kept my black hair for a few years now as it makes my crystal blue eyes really POP but I do miss my red and black combo or my burgundy and black combo hairdos. Reds don't stay long in my hair, I don't bleach as, like you,, I don't want the pink fade. I put them right on my brown hair as that base creates a lovely Autumn shade. Keep being beautiful and let your creative flag fly high!! <3

Suzanne Kobela

All these red hair make me miss my red hair too! ahaha.
Also I would have a question: how are your restyle jewellries stay nice silver? (at least it seems so) I see you wearing this particular necklace a lot and it looks like it still has such a nice condition, my restyle necklaces all stain and already turned bronze a lot of places (all of them are zirka 1 year old :\)

chalice selwood

Only wearing one glove? Ha
I love the peachy ends! They should fade eventually back to your blonde from before

aloha alia

are you Dutch? you accent sounds Dutch.

michael colunga

Beautiful as always

Raeann Mills

I think it looks more like an autumn firey type of color

meghan stein

Love the hair coloring

Timothy Kincaid

I love your videos.
They're so calm and witchy.
There needs to be more people like you in this world.
YouTube is one of the only places I can go to watch this kind of stuff since I'm the bohemian of the family.


Charles Haynes

Awesome video keep up the good work ???????????☺????

Wendy Webb

I love your hair styles and your clothes ❤❤❤
And you should look into getting a kitty you deserve one

Semi permanent dark brown hair dye

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DIY Hair Color From A Box - Hair Dye DIY - Clairol Natural Instincts

174 007 views | 27 Jul. 2014

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Hair color from a box! It's not that hard and can actually deliver very beautiful results. My hair actually feels stronger and looks shinier than it did before I processed it. Feel free to comment with any questions you have about dying your hair or any crazy stories -- I've had many experiences with trial and error. And please let me know which you prefer -- highlights or dark??? Thank you so much for watching! Xx, Giselle

Product Used: Clairol Natural Instincts (Not Sponsored)

Clairol Natural Instincts in Hazelnut Medium Brown 20 and Double Espresso, Dark Bronze Brown 27a

Color is ammonia-free hair dye and semi-permanent, which means it lasts about 8-10 weeks, depending on frequency of washing.








[email protected]

Mail (Business Only):

PO BOX 16393


*Please notify via email before sending packages. There is no guarantee products for review will be received or used in future videos.

XxHannah MariaxX

How long does this last before it began to fade?:) i'm very tempted to buy this dye made your hair look great!

Frannz Alcantara

why you didn't use gloves? lol


I like your hair my I miss my hair color but I can't find any dye that will stay long enough


Dark for life for me, I don't like blonde hair, looks plastic to me

Katie Leidhold

QUESTION!!! If just the ends of my hair are lighter than my roots (really dark brown) can i just dye the ends or do i have to do the whole head???? plz help!


I LOVE the dark color on you! I always go back to jet black.
My color is brown but I don't want to go to jet black just yet. I always do 2 boxes of the same color. Why do you mix colors? Do the different colors show up in your hair? I'm now thinking of dark brown and black to get a black/brown.

stephanie flores

The dark. Highlights/blonde is too common now.

Neelofur Rai

Both looks are stunning on you! But I personally LOVE the way the highlights framed your skin and face :)



C. Shevak

What shampoo and conditioner do u use? Your hair looks amazing and so healthy!


when this dye fades, does it fade to your natural hair color? or a different color?

Millennial Mom Life

This was my holy grail color but I need a lighter shade now!!

Lehi Naseem

Was that the semi permanent dye? If so how long did the color stay in before it began to fade? :)


LOVE the dark ! but i know you would look gorgeous with a blonde hair color... like exacly the way kim k had it when she went blonde! youre gorgeous!

Angelique Arintok

Love the dark :)

Samantha McNerney

Is this permanent at all? I wanna test brown on my blonde hair but if i dont like it i want it to go back to my natural hair color.....

Rachel A

Highlights looks best on you

Carol S. Martinez

No gloves?? Living dangerously I see?. Love the video, about to try it myself!

florecita del campo

but with the new one looks nice too

Kat Martinez

You have gorgeous hair, I love it ♡

PrettyLittleThings 1980

What's with all the stupid facial expressions?

Purple Haze

Love the dark!!!What's your natural hair color?

Millennial Mom Life

Hi there! I came across your channel cause I decided to make a hair color video. I use this same exact kind! My entire life! Hazelnut is my ride or die (haha)

Marisol Gonzales

I always wear my gloves

Tina Jane

As it starts to fade does it go back to your original color or does it leave a tint? I want to try this but I'm worried I will be stuck with a altered color afterwards.

Jannet Hernandez

What was the color of your highlights before? I have boring black hair and I'm looking for something different. Please reply as soon as possible❤️

Dakota Moon

Hey ! You look arabic with this black hair :)

Ben Aho

I like both!!

Shylynn Carpenter

I can't wait to dye my hair. I also want to go from this caramel brown color to dark black brown. And I am so excited. This makes me more inspired and more thrilled to dye my hair. Thanks for the video.


great work! love your videos. :D

Langley M Neely

You look awesome, hot and sexy either way! Nice job! #internetcrushing


uhh it comes with gloves ...crazy!!!

Sandra L

If you hate the gloves that come with the box, go to Amazon and get form fitting latex gloves.
You can use those gloves for cleaning around the house and also for cooking when you have to touch raw meat. I love these gloves.

leehore phon

Love your hair colors! Just wondering what color was your highlights? I have dark brown hair and I was thinking about dying my hair that exact color but I'm not sure what the name of the color is

Chelyy Rivera

I loved your highlights!!


my favorite part is when she takes off her shirt


1 5at9 u

Cwsing 7

Beau hair

Figgeo Jay

Is this good for covering white hairs? I’m in my 20s but I have pesky strands of white everywhere DX


you should stay with the dark ?

Tracey ocgirl

way to dark for you


how can you be certain you're picking out a colour that will still look natural? I'm a guy, and would like to colour my hair darker. I'd like it to be noticeably darker, but I don't want it to look fake and unnatural. I once used just for men on my mustache for halloween, and it fucking ruined it. It was fine for my costume I guess, but I had to shave it afterwards. I figured women know best about dying their hair, and hair is hair, so I think I'll get Clairol Natural Instincts since I've read good things about it. I just don't know what to get. I naturally have really light brown hair. The odd person even calls it dirty blonde, but it's definitely too dark to be dirty blonde. It's a very light brown though. I've entertained the idea of trying black hair one day, but I'll take it one step at a time. I've always liked the colour of my hair when I get out of the shower. It's quite a bit darker then. I figured dying it that colour, or just a tiny bit darker would be nice, but I still find it hard to pick the right box from Natural Instincts. I've thought about getting Natural Instincts 28G, but I'm not sure if that'd be too dark. I've heard from some people that you should buy lighter, cos it's always ends up darker than the image on the box, but then i've seen videos on youtube where girls get the exact results from the box. I guess it depends on your hair colour to begin with though... Anyone got a suggestion for me? taking into consideration that I want a fairly dark brown colour and my natural colour is a very light brown. My skin is more on the pale side. No pinkish hue or anything. I can get a good tan in the summer, but most of the time i'm a pale ass white boy.

Hanah McCoy

Great Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Millawdon Goodbye Gray Trick (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for learning how to reverse gray hair fast without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend after many years got astronomical results with it.

dille kiah


Highlights for dimension


Great video, thanks alot!!

Karen Kat

How long does this last covering your highlights?

Carly Smith

I liked the highlights,

Sandra L

Have you ever heard of latex gloves? o.O

Diana Susma

Super happy to have found your channel! Love ur videos and ur personality! :) xo

Decepticon tarn studios haugen

Should I use gloves


Why didn't you use the gloves???

Dora Merias

The colour with highlights looks nice, but I do love the natural dark colour all over. It looks so natural and healthy. You are so beautiful xx :)

florecita del campo


Madeline Woodhall

VERY pretty color! If my hair isn't as long/thick as yours but I wanted a similar color.. Could I just use half a dark brown box & half a medium box? (One box usually dyes my whole head). Thanks!

Stephany Arteaga

Hi this is my first time about to dye my hair and I bought this Dark brown color and I mixed numerous 1 to number 2 and shaked it when I was ready to put it on to my roots I noticed it was purple... I dont know if it's supposed to look like this because as I seen your video you had red color on your hand but you actually dye it Brown so I was wondering if it's actually supposed to be like this at the beginning