Natural fingernails

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How to File and Shape Your Own Natural Nails

102 246 views | 17 Feb. 2020

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How to File and Shape Your Own Natural Nails | The principles in this beauty you can use to file and shape your own natural nails any shape. This video goes over how to shape your own natural nails round. File & Shape your nails like a pro.

DISCLAIMER: This description may contain affiliate links, that provide minimal financial support to the channel. This allows us to continue to make FREE videos like this. Prices on these items are not inflated to supplement any commission. Thank you for your support!

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jennifer alexis frees

08/24/2020 AUGUST 24th 2020 FLORIDA USA www.reverbnation.com/jenniferalexisfrees

Michelle Rodriguez

Hi, Paola! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I absolutely love doing my nails at home, but have never known how to file and shape my nails properly. My nails look like I came from the salon. Wish I could shoot you a picture of the final look. Thanks again! xxM

Polly Beard

Finally we have a channel that doesn’t have ridiculously long nails and can show you how to do it on an everyday nail style

Snowball ARS

This was a great tutorial! I loved that you were so detailed with the information. It would be cool to have a before and after pic at the end though.


What?? Had no idea of these illusions with shorter and longer nails.. thank you.

Γιωτα Λιουλη


mariahannanicole espiel

it helps our students to know more correctly how to properly shape the nail

davidernest canedo

She used orange woodstick to pushing back the cuticles.
It's related in my lesson at T.L.E so that I can clean my nails on my own using the materials that I have.

van candiasan

This video showshow to use tools to beautify the nail and relate in lesson


Nice natural nails

van candiasan

it shows how to shape a nail

davidernest canedo

Beautiful and groomed the nails

aya Malak

I really want to know if the pink part of your finger nails grow? Cause mine are so small and oval and some are wide if that makes sense
Please I need to know ??cause I see all these girls having long nails ( the pink part ) but almost all of them are old I mean 20 or so (I'm 16) so thought maybe my nails will grow up

Victoria Carter

I enjoyed this video for natural nails and how to shape them. Your nails are so pretty and healthy! Thanks!


Do you have any recommendations for people with short nail beds?

Alexandria Mendez

She really needs to cut the cuticle because if you not cut them the bacteria,and germs will get inside.

Amrita Bharat

This is so helpful thank you. I have nail beds like you so this really helped ??

Christine Milka Pares

This video helps us in our lesson on how to clean our nails properly


Looks so good ?

Radical Fan

Finally a natural one. All I see are videos with long and painted ones and I'm not really into that cause I want natural.

Lynn McKinnon

You're a great teacher!! TY!!!!....


How narrow should you go if a nail is going in a diff direction?. Shall it match the same point straight ahead or the directing of the band if that makes sense.


My hyponichuim is so high. Although, I like tapered square, ballerina, etc. my best shape is almond which is also beautiful?. Shaping almond is difficult on super short nails for me so I start off square then shape them after some they grow out.

alexandria mendez

She show us how to shave your nailby using Board File And Nail File.

Simoun Van Diose

Thanks to this video that i learned how to shape my nail thankyou

jobert bendevel

A nail file is needed to shape the nail and a nail cuter is also needed to cut the unwanted nail

Short Giraffe Titan JC

I never cared about my nails while growing up and hated polish and all that stuff after seeing classmates with chipped colors and polish over the sides of their fingers and the cuticles. In college i had a piano gig requiring me to play three times a week in addition to practice. My nails got messed up. Only recently noticed how short some of my nail beds are. Thanks for the tips on how to keep it simple!


This video helped me so much thank you!!!! But i do have a question, do you know how to get rid of the bumps that go down at the top nail part(the white bit) also my nails have lots of white bits in them and its so hard to get out and it makes my nails look very unpleasing


I need this now since miss rona caused all the salons to be shut down

carljhervy deguia

In this video I learned how to shape the natural nails using nail file and orange woodstick

Erwin Obusan

thank you for this video ,it was so nice because she discuss the own natural nails on how to nail file the nail on her own.

Nails & Bows by Jvp609

Very informative! Never knew I needed these tips.. thank you

ryan cabusas

this is related to the lesson we use when he shapes the nail file

Rachel Tomey

I found I like a mix of like an Oblong and an almond shape nail but without the harsh point


Would you recommend using a glass nail file? I used to have really nice long strong nails, but I started using gel and it completely destroyed my nails :( I went back to regular polish and my nails are starting to recover.

Michael Anderwald

Thanks, I'm a guy, and the other videos on this topic confused me.

Ammers Lo

Watched this to see what polish used... Shiny. I must have missed that part...

lorenz alva

I better understand the importance of nail cleaning and nail shape because of your video.

nazarainegaile vasquez

She used orangewoodsticks to pushing back the cuticles

carlcedrick clavo

She used the orange woodstick and she form the nails in the hand nail

Katt Luvr

Ah. This is the secret I was looking for. I need to file the sides of the tips of my nails because they're so much wider visually than the part by the cuticle.

Enza Falzone

For me this video is to fast and I miss some steps. But maybe is me as I am not really good on shaping my nails. And yes I agree that finally someone who shows video for natural and short nails


I never can get my cuticles like yours, it’s so frustrating! And I always have uneven skin like peeling a bit around my thumbs

Meenal Choudhari

I have box nail doest get shape ?

Linnea Burns

Can you please do a similar video on how to shape and file a stiletto, almost and or coffin nail enhancement?! I also love the tip about using the shape of your cuticles as a reference! So helpful

Three little birds Make up

❤️ Super helpful

ChristianGyrl 3

Thank you

Cynthia Richmond

Great video! I just discovered your channel today and I am soooo happy! This is the video I have been searching for!!!! Thank you!

Zoe Bocachica

This was by far the best nail filing tutorial I have ever seen! I once watched a video on YouTube and it was this detailed, talking about what to look for in the corners of your eyebrows (to shape) and I nailed it. Looking forward to nailing my nails next ?? thank you Paola!!

lorenz alva

That was so nice,because that's the shape of my nails, so I'll imitate that

Γιωτα Λιουλη

Ν α καταλάβω

plonis almony

Is it okay to use a metal nail file?

Venancia Sandin

How do you work on your cuticles properly?

Billing KPJI

So much chatting

davidernest canedo

Fingernails are totally smooth and clean.

shereeann cabrera

This video is about the lesson on how to perfect shaped the nail use the wooden nail.

Caden B.

6:06 LOL I came to see how to take care of my pimp nail

David Okoro

Do my nails have to be long to shape it up like that. Right now my nails are short and look square.

Natural fingernails

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How To ♥ Grow Long, Beautiful, Natural Fingernails

3 456 views | 5 Apr. 2017

I struggled for a long

I struggled for a long time to grow my nails, and was convinced for years that they wouldn't grow unless I repainted them almost daily to keep them from peeling. Using these tips and tricks, it's easier than ever now! I also share my trick to fix a cracked, broken fingernail. Try them out, and let me know what you think. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BUY DIATOMACEOUS EARTH, READ BELOW:

Only ever eat food grade diatomaceous earth. A lower quality product is used in pool filters, and is not good to eat. Only buy food quality, and preferably organic if possible, and follow directions closely. I only recommend this for about a week or two at a time. I am not a physician, please consult one if you have any concerns. There are plenty of types of diatomaceous earth available on Amazon, and I highly recommend the brand in the video.

Music by Silent Partner "Accidents Will Happen" Fair use CC License. Youtube Audio Library.


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Hi, I'm Kat, and I make lots of DIY videos, about everything from DIY jewelry, home decor, gifts, and crafts, to Gluten Free recipes, No-poo hair care, DIY hair extensions, how to make sugaring wax and arabic wax for natural hair removal, and how to make a bracelet out of a toothbrush. Here you can watch videos about friendship bracelets, whitening your teeth with activated charcoal, or even skip on over to my second channel for Story Time videos and vlogs!

Shiny, Pretty Things!

ash g

It would be really helpful if you replied but I have a really hard time growing out my nails because I tend to bite my cuticles how can I break this habit?

Valarie Reimer

I have a habit of chewing my nails and I don't know how to break that habit do you have any tips for me I really wanna have long beautiful nails but I keep chewing them btw ILY SO MUCH!!!

Savannah Santos

I use diatomaceous earth to kill ants....


I really love you channel its so much more unique and original compared to other beauty channels keep up the good work!

fat yeet

Excellent video, left a like =D

jasmine ozimkoski

Hi, it would be great if you could put the link for the nail growing powder

Some chick


Deborah Lockette

Wow!! This was excellent advice. I already take diatomaceous earth every day and it has done wonders for making my nails super strong and hard and long. But the advice you gave about filing the edges is good because even though my nails will grow long the edges will get ragged as you've stated. I'm going to incorporate these tips into my nail care routine. Thank you so much!!

M Sunshine


Hollijoy Johnson

Thanks ?

Kit Masterson

Nail glue! Never thought to use that.

Natural fingernails

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The Queen Gets A Natural Nail Manicure

592 688 views | 28 Nov. 2019

Suzie shares her secrets

Suzie shares her secrets for a professional No Chip Natural Nail Manicure with her special guest Queen Elizabeth II ?

'Thank You' to our Special Guest Queen Elizabeth II played by Carolyn Sadowska



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06:27 Marrow by Hale http://bit.ly/2SAtHfg

09:13 Wish You Were Here by Mikey Geiger http://bit.ly/2B1gq44

11:54 Open Atlas by Hale http://bit.ly/2UKg0XO

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Annette murphy

That is not the queen ?

Maya Modin

So that’s not the queen? ?

Jos Lose

To beeeee honest when she said she was going to say she had a secret she was going to tell all she did to natives?✊


Too cute

Cloudy Ashes

Uh, is this the real queen can someone just tell me,..

Kayfeanne Davis

She's good but the Queen doesn't smile
She's impersonating a younger version of her

Deja Voo Molds and More

I really started questioning my sanity for a moment. She is a stunning replica ♡♡

Kiera Westpfel

So sweet

Maria Habib

Is that really the real queen ?

jaybird Tomlin

I love them nails

Essential Barbie

Omg!!!!!! I’m having a heart attack!!!!! This video is a Total mind fuk!!!???? LOVE IT!!!!!!!

JENNINGS anderson

Squee!!! The Queen is totally adorable and fun! Great video Suzie!!!

Miranda Santamaria

Can someone tell me if this is the actual Queen are not I'm confused ?


The real one is more fat

Sandeep Chatterjee


Amy Hurley

You didn’t even paint her whole nail?!

Deborah Griffin

Now we all know that would never happen the royal family has neutral colors never nothing fancy where’s the UV lights for fast drying

Elise Hägglund

Im so confused, is this the real queen of england? I wanna belive it but the other comments are making me unsure? ?❤️

Lai Lou

This is so cute...she gets to relax and enjoy her self for just a bit?

xXStella 344Xx

" You always wanna apply two coats"
* my sister running off after the first coat *
Me: ?

Sandra Leroux

She's got the wrong accent to be the Queen LOL..

lily may

wow my dream is to be a nail artist like you

Jasmin Lopez

Queen Elizabeth is so beautiful

Jai D

So love this video ?

Teyasha Moodley

?Wow...... I was stunned then wen it came to the end I was like:dawm I'm so very gullible ?

Spicy Mum

Omg i love this vidéo ???

Tamara Lewis-Campbell

Best ever!

Ten Lamps

Hilarious !!???

Brenda Oswald


Shane Poole

I didn’t realize She was based in bc so close to me

vennesa torres

Wait that’s not really her!!! Lmao

Pawan KC

Me thinking she is fake
also me watching her interviews and looking her up on google GASP


I'm not convinced she's not the real queen. That's the Queen. We're just told she's someone else so we don't freak out! ?


Lol I was about to say. She looks nothing like the Queen

Sinead Osborne

Amazing she looks so like the Queen


The queen is fabulous!
she really channels the youthful queen, but with more spontaneous warmth! just love her. and Suzi, you really seem to be feeling at home!

J Glasscock

Id be so nervous

Helena Gutierrez

wait hold on is this fr tho?

Izzybelle's Wild Adventure's

This was done in 2019 the queen is alot older then this person

Juana Hernandez

I was almost had

koleka taisala

the queen is more fatter but okay

Nela Rogers


blue eyed siren

The queen only wears one light pink color polish

FiʀᴇDᴇᴍᴏɴ λᴋᴡaᴍɴᴡaᴍ2ʟ

I love your videos and stuff but to get a person to fake the queen made it not as interesting

Melissa Evans

She’s great but the Queen is a little bit more compact . I’d say she’s more Queen in the 70s era. Nice lady though.

Victor Perez

what a character! whoever she is!

Janayah Carandang

Is she the real queen

Paul Wandrie

What a fun video! Your videos are soooo relaxing Susie! Thanks for sharing!

vennesa torres

She looks so perfect!

K Barajas

Lol. This skit makes me so happy! After 2020 sure could use some sweet giggles ? :)

Salam Sami

She is not the queen .look like just


? wow her twin!

Maria Zamudio

ahhhhhh for years i have been watching you! Had to do a double take when on my phone when I seen you and THE QUEEN!! *SHOOK* you have gotten so famous Suzie one day if its in Gods plan I will get the chance to shake your hand and get my nails glorified by you!


Red Rhapsodos

This is a pretty fun video, lol. Very creative and fun! How cute.

Alysha Tam

maybe you could have it (the diamond), 5 seconds later puts it back in bag

Nail Bedz & Serene Dreamz

Oh my gosh QUEEN ELIZABETH II is soo cute!!♡♡♡♡ she said "I don't think Ive ever even been to the kitchen!!" Hahahaaaa I am crying of laughter ? ?????

Megan Thompson

i would wear fingerless gloves and look like a baddie

Quinn Rose

Yo, I know y'all sayen she isn't the real queen but like... She looks pretty damn real.... ??


bye i really thought suzie got the real queen on a video LMAO

Natasha Nails

I watch this video already but I have to watch it back again I love all of your video

Tam Baker

Does the queen actually get her nails done though??

Kaylah Maloney

definitely not the real queen


She looks just like a younger version of the queen!

Tanmayee Velamuri

I now that is not the real queen

Ashley Marie Stack

Hahaha I completely caught the “reigning” and Suzie says it rains a lot here... ? this was such a fantastic video!!

Ashley Marie Stack

“Well, I knighted him actually” ???

Victoria Monteiro

Lol ??this Queen makes me left a lot with big diamond ?she so adorable and funny ??? from France ??

Cassandra Harris

Ballet slippers by Essie is Queen Elizabeth's favorite color ♡


Okay but like look at how perfect the arches are on her natural nails! Like whatttttt?!!!

Yineixi Sanchez


Megan Boyd

That's my queen


She got to much soul in her eyes 2b the Queen

Zoremi Hmar


Portia Knowles

From all the way here in The Bahamas ???????? just wanted to say I really really enjoyed this video ?? Her Majesty is so kind and down to earth ? I love how the two of you are together ???love your personality Suzie????????


17:34 MY FAV PART WHENEVER SHE LAUGH I LOVE IT OML ITS FRICKIN HILARIOUS (no offense your an awesome nail artist i love your channel !<3)

Cendy J Cacho

i knew this was fishy i frist watched the first 5mins and said this wasnt her then i went online and looked her up and i said that the one in the video is skinnier than the actual queen then i went to the comments and someone said the description box and i find out "Suzie shares her secrets for a professional No Chip Natural Nail Manicure with her special guest Queen Elizabeth II " like what i thought this was legit/.

Corey Little

I wanna be the queens friend now

Mariam Quintero Jaraba

is that the real one


Omg I LEGIT thought it was the queen for a hot minute

Keara S.

19:44 “most are going to be 2 coats...” Not if you’re Cristine!

Rabi I

We’re taught to use water in college, right at the beginning with hand soak

Camila Rodriguez

yeah its not her she has the face too large


As a nail tech from Boston, I love Susie and watch her religiously, but this is not the way we’re taught to do manicures. Susie doesn’t even hold Polish like a professional ?

ирина головина

the cutest video


She’s cute ☺️?

Fathom Gathergood

This is very cute but if Elizabeth didn't become queen she would have been a mechanic. She was a mechanic in the military and loved working on vehicles and driving.

Queenelle quiku

not she Canadian money


She's an amazing impersonator!

The way she says "auurtist" sounds very regal.
Any accent experts or Londoners know if the queen's accent is intentionally different because of her status? I've been watching the crown and I know it's a TV show, but the accent seems intentionally different than the rest of the people in the UK.

Anyway, how cute.

аляяя а-ля, я



Hi Suzie... loved this video! Laughed sooo hard right along with you both!
My mom has lots of the mountain and valleys on her nails, but they like to split very easily. Is there anything she can do to prevent the splitting? She has tried strengtheners, glues, acrylic nails, dip nails, and other things... but they never grow out enough not to split. Thanks!

Ana Acosta

Lovely, I totally enjoyed the video, and most of all the handwave


That’s not her

Zelina Rodriguez

I don’t believe it - I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of their voices or seen them in action - so it might be the queen but I dunno

Corey Little

Omg I never knew the queen was so funny and actually has humour?

Victoria Williams Official

This woman Is so preeettyyyy, so cute ♥️?

That trailer Trash

I swear I thought Caroline was the queen

Little Beasty

this aint real bcz it don’t match the online pics but they did a good good

Arley Marie

She looks identical to the actual queen. Kinda debating if she is lol ?


aaawww your majesty such a fun lady

Ann Alivorie

I really can't tell if that's or not the queen