Neutralizing shampoo substitute

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3 Ways To Neutralize Relaxed Hair

14 381 views | 24 Aug. 2016

Neutralizing your hair

Neutralizing your hair after relaxer application is a key step in ensuring the relaxer stops processing and the pH of the hair is also restored.

Neutralizing your relaxed hair also prevents dryness and breakage as a result of overprocessed hair.


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Patricia Aikins-Gaisie

Thanks for sharing can it be use same day on relaxer day?

Alam A

Thanks for sharing... How sure are you to use only apple cider vinegar to wash out the relaxer on my hair? ..Because I am in a territory where it is had to get neutral shampoo. I have only relaxer but no neutral shampoo. Thanks

Ayush Malekar

4 years of this video

Neutralizing shampoo substitute

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Neutralizing shampoo is harmful

7 574 views | 7 Feb. 2014


Thank god I found this I'm a boy and I have nappy hair

Mia Davis

Probably the worst video I’ve ever seen. So much ignorance and misinformation


this is what happens when you're uneducated! PLEASE review high school chemistry! Baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate also has some chelating properties and SURPRISE! you can EAT it! What you are displaying is no different than caveman logic of fire bad if I put my finger in it. Well yes, but fire also contains usable energy than can cook food and light rooms. Please use your brain as it was intended for.

imhereforit huntie

LOUD))))))))) & WRONG!!!

M ern

You dont understand anything about chemistry.....do you understanding what chelating means??

The neutralising shampoo prevent you from going bald.Relaxers are terrible thigns and using a neutraliser stops hair from processing....YOU NEED IT if you choose to relax your natural hair.

If you used lemon in your sink the same thing will happen.

BTW the term natural Products..lol its still made in a lab.Just less concentrated products.

Taijah Irvin

Way too much irrelevant information about your life and misinformation ?


Please do yourself a favor and delete this video . Do it for you please
Because it makes you look like a complete idiot ... I don't mean to be rude

Notorious B

I have a relaxer and they put that neutralizing shampoo in my hair and now my hair is really and long

Taylor Johnson

What is you talking about

Ashley Wilson

omg, so misinformed and uneducated... the neutralizer wasn't burning it was the person who was doing your hair, the chemicals from the relaxer were more than likely too strong and overprocessed. smh please delete this video!

Mutsa wilko

You need a neutralizing shampoo to remove all the debris

Keishanna Michele

So instead of bashing you for your video. I’m just gonna say... This isn’t the correct information and I truly hope that since the upload of this video, you’ve learned the truth.

Neutralizing shampoo substitute

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Importance Of Using A Neutralizing Shampoo || Hair Care || The Hair Goddess

3 174 views | 15 Jan. 2019


Hello Ladies!!!

Are you planning the new year with a good hair care regimen? We sure hope that was added to your new year resolution list!

Do right by your hair this year by using a neutralizing shampoo after every relaxing process. You ask why? Watch the Hair Goddess on this one and thank us later.

P.S: MegaGrowth Neutralizing Shampoo is FREE in every MegaGrowth Kit.

#Megagrowth #StrongNBeautiful #NeutralisingShampoo

Mz.Capslock Lee

How long should I keep neutralizing shampoo on after last wash out

Rene Buygrove

I bought a 6 pack mega growth touch up and there wasn't any neutralizing shampoo inside

ibrahim hadi

Trust me... You deserve more subscribers than me???...

Mel Francois

Can u use it on natural hair