Laser hair removal places near me

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The Truth About At Home Laser Hair Removal.

13 971 views | 14 Jan. 2021


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Jessica Perez


Paul Ayotte

Help this get 10k

Fateh Singh


Chloe Human

You know when hailey says in the intro I hope you guys are having a awsome day or night but when she says that I think to my self no matter what country anyone live none of them would want to watch your videos at night and you know why . Because you believe in the unbelieve.

Alika Gaming YT

"'"Any """Schools ""'&'"""colleges""'' Student ""'

""""here ??'""?"""

Olivia Ruth


Viona Rudkoley

I’ll definitely check out kenzzi ?

Anxious Alien

This is so cringe.

Gracie Rose Inc.



I bought yhis for my daughter for Christmas on your last recommendation. She just started using it.

Michelle Gibson

early ?



blue blue

Psa this isn't great for dark, coarse hair. If you have that it's better to just go get actual laser hair removal and don't waste your $ on this

Maria Rios

Your beautiful soul don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


I'm glad you made this video, I always wanted to try it, but I also just feel like I wouldn't be able to do it right even though its pretty simple, but yeah, I'm glad you made this video!

Daniel Frost

You don't need laser hair removal to remove your hair actually, if it's blonde just get electrolysis!

Spencer Ryan

Didn't know hair grew on plastic... huh, learn something new everyday.

Alexis Nicole

My sister has one and she says it's effective.

Olivia Ruth

I had a laser hair removal done yesterday
And girl!
I got goggles put of me and I was thinking they were gonna cover my eyes so they could laser meh in half!

theresa schuebel

Josie on fashion mumble uses it too


This is the fastest ive ever been to a new video....16 seconds ago LOL love you HAiley!


Girl I hear you about the peach fuzz on my face I actually have darker hair on my head but I am very blessed to have blond peach fuzz on my face and it's just like no matter what I do no matter how I put on my face primer it always ends up sticking up and I don't like when a cut it or wax it or you know do that micro blading or whatever it's called because I'm afraid it's going to grow back darker than it was originally

Taylor Morgan

Do you have blonde leg hair? I got mine from a different brand for Christmas, being a natural ginger with very pale skin and blonde leg hair, I was worried it wouldn’t work on me, have only used it twice so I’m not sure yet, please let me know!

Zara Rankin

Hello first peeps

Kristen Shade’



And if u stop after the maintens they will grow back?


I'm so interested in this device! I've been seeing it everywhere, and now that you made a video on it, I might purchase it. It's just, you said it was usually around $229 and it's listed at $296 now. sad face

Kyla Crush

I’m so excited to use mine! But I ordered it over the Black Friday holiday weekend & it’s still Not here yet! Apparently they reshipped it but it’s still been about a week. Has anyone else had this problem with Kenzzi?

Liam Roumel

i’m not even lying i just got finished using my kenzzi device


Ily your channel???


Ipl lasers don't work

Mackenzie S

You are so beautiful. Leave some for us girl!!!

violet roberts

I love you hailey. Your so sweet and cute????

Sssad Wolf

First to like

Taliya Johnson

I know this is really weird to bring up but I remember watching one of your videos when you were talking about like how electronics can see here like everything that we do and you said you and your friend were talking about banana shorts and then you started getting ads for banana shorts and like two days ago me and my best friend were talking about Burger shoes and today I was scrolling through YouTube and I just kept getting a whole bunch of ads about Burger shoes and a whole bunch of different things that involves burgers and I just thought that was really weird and that I should share it with you. ps l love your videos so much

Hey Sas

Take a shot everytime hailey says laser hair removal lmao

Lexi Anderson

Damn this was the fastes I had ever clicked

Tears of a waterfall

I’m sorry I havent been here in a while and I dont mean to be rude but have you had dental work done? Your jawline looks swollen, hope you’re okay


I use this and it works. I had to shave legs every day. Now I barely have anything. It is awesome ! I use it all over!

Leilani Nau

Idek what the video talks about I just wanna say hi?

sara whitten

i enjoy how we all just sit here and try to get attention from her lol

oxmichaxo ?

I use an epilator, it's like an electric waxer using tweezing really fast. I use it on my legs but not underarms - ouch. It was around $100 and have had it for years, still works non-stop

#Ankan Mandal

When u run out of content......

Teneisha Dean

so I legit thought this was gonna be a haunted hair removal story...

Miranda Beuttel

oh my gosh, I just followed your new crystal page and I love it! ❤️? can’t wait to see you grow girl, love you ?

Avery brewer

I love ghosts videos you make me so happy that you make videos ❤️?????????

Monica Salgado

So you have to shave before you use it?

Toys, Reading, and More

Keep up the awesome videos ?

Stephanie Gofman


Avery brewer

I love your videos I am watching this video in 2021 January 18 you are so amazing I love you videos ❤️


This is not haley! She was replaced with a clone!

Joshua Adam Stith AKA YouTube Librarian

Sounds dangerous

Scarlett Laframboise

Your makeup was so good in this video!!!


Why only 336 likes

Hena Kulin

I’ve been so interested in whether at home laser hair removal would work... so glad you posted this video! Finally hearing it from a YouTuber I trust and watch all the time.

Darcy Hope

Why did say zed for z o.o

nat rose

Love u hailey ❤️?

Madhu T

My gosh being a women is expensive

Amber Cheema

Can you use this on your face and neck?

Melissa Hernandez

I'm early??

Shasta Kanwar

on the site its says $294.00 with your code it only comes down to $229.00.. Doesn't make sense how is it $179.00 with your code...

Aimee Schroeder

I’ve been loving see your face so frequently! ❤️

Alicia Stein

Omg I have never been so early

Lil Cookie


Taylor Ballard

Hay Hailey my name is Taylor love your ghost story s ???‍♀️?‍♀️

Marianny Pena


Indee Martinez


halloween socks

omg i actually bought one of these (different brand) like 2 yrs ago and never used it for some reason. i guess just pure laziness & also fear that it will hurt. but im going to start using it soon and im so excited. so tired of shaving and having itchy, prickly legs the next day.

Marie-Ange •

For al my blck/melanin people becareful with this device it can burn your skin,
buy this thing on aliexpress or wish, works the same just a diffrent price ywc

Anime Plays1918


The Loner Stoner

I’m so happy for you every time you get a new sponsor. That’s so exciting Hailey to see these companies supporting you. I actually really want to try this so ??✨ Fxck yeah


I've had my Kenzzi device for several weeks sitting on my desk but being too afraid to use it so thank you for posting this, now I can't wait to get started!! :)

sidney Hague

OMG I love you and it would mane a lot for you to like this me and my twin sister are 16 and we have been a fan for over 4 years..... I love the one you did on the black eyed children when you went to go find them did you ever make a 2nd one to it If so can you tell me the name of the video please and thank you

Kalsoom Khan


Ari Fadakar

Is there a version for men for their facial hair? Haha like shaving my face regularly isn’t fun.

XxStarlight StarbrightxX


Emily smith Beauty blog



Help this girl get 2 million! We all watched her reached 1 million! She’s the bestttt you won’t regret it! ??

Benedicta Valentina

I sometimes wonder if this type of electrolysis damages tiny blood vessels along with your skin, hence speeding up/premature skin ageing/epidermal problems ?


Has anyone notice that Hailey blinks alot

Anna Fairclough


shanaka madushan bandara

Are you pregnant

Bobby :D

I haven’t watched your videos in like a year

Frida Fengári

Me, having researched conspiracy theories all morning: But IS IT REALLY SAFE TO USE? ? IS ANYTHING SAFE ANYMORE?

Alice Bach

Early ??

The Spirit Keepers

Ive always wanted to hear more about this! So glad your making this vid.


I've been using the exact same device as Hailey for the past 13 weeks, my hair is much thicker and darker than hers but I can safely say that my hair doesn't grow back nearly as fast as it did before, although it DOES still grow back in, I still have to shave every few days to be clean shaven. It's less thick now and the actual amount of hair is kinda more patchy now and not as dense. For someone like me who has really dark and coarse pubic hair it's taken a lot longer to see a big difference but I'm gonna keep using it for as long as it takes for the hair to completely go away.

Alina Thao

I love your videos omg

Jackie & Jordan Steele

I’m excited to hear about this but I wish you went more in depth with it, how were the results? Does the hair stay away for months? I feel like I always see videos like this but they always miss the whole picture. Like I’m still left with so many questions lol

Lexie v

This video needs more likes

Allison Pierce



Am i first?

Karen Torres

will your coupon code stop working after some time because i’d like to buy it for my sister but her birthday isn’t until summer, would it still work then?

Madison Jean

love that “15 seconds ago” i love your videos hailey you’re so wonderful ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Londyn Bree

Your my absolute fav youtuber!! love you hailey been here since the beginning???

gashgoblin 99

Can we get her to 2 million

Theoutcast 20

I think in my past life I was shot and then stabbed a have a knife shaped berth mark and a bullet looking hole one

Janice Antunes

I have one from happy skin co and it's absolutely amazing they have three different ones they just came out with a new one that I want so bad and it has a cooling effect