Too much exfoliation

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?Pedicure Cleaning with Excessive Exfoliation on Dry Rough Feet?

204 431 views | 6 Nov. 2020

This video is about

This video is about Pedicure Cleaning with Excessive Exfoliation on Dry Rough Feet. In today's video, in addition to some pretty great cuticle cleaning and excess skin removal, we have some excessive exfoliation on the bottom of dry rough feet mixed in with a little bit of white superficial onychomycosis, so stay tuned!

I’m Lori Halloway known as the meticulous manicurist on youtube and an expert in the field of nail technology specializing in pedicures.

I share my 25+ years knowledge and spread awareness about the importance of foot and nail care.

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Thanks for watching my video about Pedicure Cleaning with Excessive Exfoliation on Dry Rough Feet.


What’s on her second toe?

Linda Clarkq

Nice nails Lori. Plum on left and on right l see silver and l see nothing...Experimenting by any chance...lol

Candice Miller

I need her in my life

Bunny Soft

I ordered your pedicure kit and I received it but t I think the contents were mixed up. I did place two separate orders but on the same day... I never received the cuticle remover or the toe nail nippers. I did receive the athletes foot soak and the files but that's ALL!!!

Mindy Weltmer

I am wondering, ur clients with fungus, and u polish their nails... can the fungus live and grow in the polish? Also can u transfer fungus to one foot to the other? Or to different people?

Brigite Green

You need to always wear gloves whn your doing people's feet.

Kiaalee200 0

Honest question? Why dont you wear gloves?

adriane cluff

I love how much you literally bend at people's feet, it is a calling fasha! I have a severe phobia about toenails. I have been a medical Assistant for 20 years and I can handle alot of stuff, but toenail removals got me! It's like a mid evil torture, uhhh. Gradually watching you do your work has been pleasant so far, lol. The question and problem I have for you is, how do I trim my own toenails? I take good care of my feet I soak and soft scrub but trimming is a B! I either cut too much or not enough! Help!

Casey Bowman

What did you say was illegal? I couldn't hear what he said.

Tonie Bembeh

Sometimes it does seem like you leave things under the nail...maybe it’s because I’m a little more aggressive with the way I get my pedicures ?

Naomi Pask

Thank you again Lori for a fabulous video. Am I the only one who skips through the the massage and exfoliation to get to the trimming, the cuticle removal and the sidewall cleaning? I know I’m weird but I don’t care about the other bits, just give the gunk!?

Michelle Amlin

I would LOVE to go to a nail tech as meticulous as you are. Most in my area rush through the pedicure like it's a marathon and I've never been to any that use the electric file. When our boarder is open again I'm hoping to find you and get an appointment

Candice k

As a single mom working different shifts my feet so need this. Looks so relaxing

Erin Corey

Seriously wish I could find someone in the Houston area who was as detail oriented and as knowledgeable as you. In sure there's got to be, I just can't find them lol

Teri Sisulak

What does it mean when the cuticle remover stings when going in areas on the toes?

Mareehelen Wood

I don’t know how she sat still for that first part while she painted the bottom of her foot I would have squirming all over the place

Yenaira Velazquez

Where can I find the product for the nail fungus?? I'm looking in the website and all I see is skin care products. ?
Help, please!!

laura kelly

This is the first pair of feet that look ok and not looking neglected ❤️

Susan Bohdan


Jo H-B

I really don’t understand why the client doesn’t want to make sure her nails stay healthy. Polish hides the fungus. Good job btw.

TinaMarie Brewster

I had problems with ingrown toenails on my big toes my toenails were removed. I lost my left big toe 4bones after a blockage behind my knee. So I have a weird callous build up. And my right big toenail was deaden not suppose to come back removed due to a bone infection from the infection. But, it grows back and it is super thick. I have severe build up in between my toes & on top. I enjoy your videos I learn something new every time. Thank you, Tina from Oklahoma


Great video. How long do you soak their feet for? I have your products and want to do a complete treatment on Mum's feet.

susan jones

I'm pretty sure someone on Facebook is using your videos and claiming them as their own. https://www.facebook.com/104770604305405/videos/281443106495489/

patricia mcmorris

looove your videos ?❤️


Thank you

Rachael Rae

I can't get enough of your channel. Always so much information! Love it

jennifer moffat

How do you get a pedicure when you can’t sit in the chair


Thank you so much for your videos and the life-changing info you share!! I have suffered with impacted big toenails that have caused me so much pain my whole life, especially when I was a dancer and figure skater in the past. After doing just one pedicure on myself following your advice and techniques, I have had HUGE relief! I’m currently soaking my feet right now while I watch this :) thank you Lori!!! ❤️

Ariel Ali

My favorite part of your video’s is seeing you clean the big toe ?

Tabitha Howard

i need the manicure kit but i have no way of getting it. im on a tight buget.

Anastasia Paggett

We are The Lori Meticulous group. Lori I had foot surgery and like you just said rub the extra skin off your feet’s and I would use file to clean off in tube but he said I had removed too much of the proctor skin from my feet so I couldn’t touch my feet’s for 2 month

Michael Scoggins

Where are you located i would like to get my feet professionally done when xovid is over

Eleni Bertanou

Greetings from greece....you are a professional ...such a great work...

Anastasia Paggett

Yes but try to tell someone that Lori they want believe me everyone love those rubber shoe my doctor told me to get some after my foot surgery and I told him no because they are not good for your feet’s I’m so glad that you just said that thank you I love to watch you and learn things from you my daughter have found me someone to go see like yourself but I want to buy your stuff before I go see her so this will be my Christmas gift to myself thank

Jenna Marie

Hoping to win your pedicure set.. my husband is an over the road truck driver.. I always do his nails since going to nail salons is way out of our budget

Candice k

This would be a dream bday gift...sigh...


Wow after you have finished her feet they look brand new ?? Hello from Scotland ???????

Maria Anaya

Hi Lori, great video.


Those are some sexy toes post pedi!

Rameen Nadeem

I hope one day I can get a pedicure done from you
You're the best at what you do

Melissa Martinez

Again, you did an amazing job on her. I love how good and caring you are to each and every one of your clients you are. We need more people like you in this industry. Thank you for all you do for each and everyone of your clients you do, you go over and beyond and the sweetest person I have come across on on YouTube. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you do for everyone and it doesn't go unnoticed . May God continue to bless you always, I would love to meet you one day and just get a simple pedicure from you. Take care my sweet friend and many blessings to you and your family always ??

Agnes Malloy

Lori I pretend your clients are me!

Silohs Dream

Lori, what do you think of foot peels? like are they good for your feet & would you recommend them?


thank you so much for these videos, they really help my anxiety


What exactly is the nail micosis solution? You've recommended it for a few different types of fungus so far and I'm curious

Jeanette Stoley

Sometimes you will say you are booked back to back... I am wondering how much time it takes you to do a pedicure?

Ruth F.

What did she say was illegal?

Sath Sah

You are the pedicure angel.I am always worried about you not getting any nail fungus infection from treating people with fungus. So it is not infectious as long as you clean desinfect and dry ur own nails? My foot nails break in the corners . I assume it comes from not drying them. I got feet fungus in 2003 when wear boots all day long in the winter, thinking my socks were still clean as at the end of the day they still looked clean

Pat W

Coco butter lotion and lots of it will help the calluses go away. It did for me.

Petra Simon-Weiser

Great work done.. again! And to me the red polish is themperfect red ♥️

jeewaka arun

wow nice❤️??


Jeito de passar o esmalte diferente que agonia ?

Lilly Milam

Is it okay to use the same polish/polish brushes on different clients, especially if the nails have fungus? I’m honestly curious.

Rebecca Cronin

I wear birkenstocks all the time I also take quite good care of my feet. I never have issues from the sandals.

Lorraine Baldridge

I miss the sound of the water. I think you should have a video just with the water and sound.

Cora Nicole

Oooo the random comment game is BACK! Idk maybe I missed announcements since I'd skip 10sec over the competition details ? anyway great video as always!

Connie Ethridge

What do you charge for a pedicure?

Teriska Rahardjo

Glad to watch you again. Love from Indonesia

Donna Holmberg

Thanks to you I am in love with mood nail polish. You wore it once a long while ago and I liked it so much I went and found it. You do such a great job!

michelle lopez

Love your videos so satisfying to watch and your voice is so soothing. Would love to win a kit of yours I wanna try the little sidewall rasp tool.


Crocs and Birkenstock’s are all I wear ? welp an excuse for some new shoesss

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Samantha West

You do such an amazing ? job!! You take on some hard cases, but they always turn out beautiful ?

Donna White

I love that color, very 'fall-ish'.

TorQueSS J

Why crocs though?

cheri sapp

Beautiful job Lori! ?

Every likkle Ting

I am a nail technician and I love doing pedicures also?.you always do a great job ??

marissa soto

What does it mean if you can’t put the tool in the sidewall? It hurts and is tight

Mary Fausey

Lori, how do you know what bit to use when your filing the nail plate?

Sammie G _

How do I buy the nail mycosis? I’ve looked on your website and I can’t find it. Someone please help!

Creative Minds Homeschooling

I have very thick skin heals and big cracks. I go barefoot most of the time

Juanta Rodroguez

Nice and beautifull job Lori when you come to Connecticut let me know i want to be you client awesome job

Clarissa Jackson

Anyone else absolutely love the way that file sounds on the feet?!


Minor point, but the video title is "Excessive Exfoliation." Excessive means "too much"; I think you meant to use extensive (a great deal). :-)

Viki Pazdur

I didn't hear any squeaky motor. I need that motor sound! Lol great video though!


What sandals would you recommend for someone with big, wide, flat feet? I wear an 11 wide women's and have feet that over pronate. I usually wear Birk's. I have a very difficult time finding sandals that fit me so any recommendations are welcome.

Raven Walker

That squeaky motor and the sound of the water made for a perfect white noise to me Lori?

Kim Booker

I just went to a new place that used the cheese grater on my feet and I hated it! Never had anyone use that before. Had already decided I wasn't going back. Glad to know it's illegal, as it should be!

Melissa Sisson

Wonderful video! I was so motivated I took off my polish for the winter and gave myself a quick pedi!


I just ordered some stuff from you! I’m so excited. As a nail tech since I was 19 I’m thrilled to try new stuff (from another nail tech) ?

Sami Dyer

You have mentioned making referrals, is there someone you would recommend in the Colorado Springs/Denver area? I have enjoyed watching your videos, and have learned quite a bit for self care, but would love to find a professional nail tech to help me with a few problems.


What can be done to get rid of calluses on the feet like this woman has? My mom has similar ones.

Kat Lindberg

Why do you not wear gloves

Лимон 007


Elizabeth Johnson

How long does it usually take you to do a pedicure on someone with feet like this?

lisa bennett

I have problem with the toenail next to my big toe,

Sydney A

I love how I knew which burs she was going to whip out to use on her feet ?


What is that type of dremel called

Mara Snodgrass

When you remove the cuticles does can it cause a higher percent of infection? I heard if you take away the dead skin you are taking away the protection to the nail. Is this true?

Rebecca Louise

That's a really beautiful colour polish Lori ❤️

Claire U

Ooh a super long video, yay! ? I love seeing the whole process, you forget how bad the feet were until you see the before & after pictures ? Thanks Lori for all your work putting the videos together, they are so informative, enjoyable and...relaxing! ?

Melissa Martinez

I so love the color you are wearing, what's the name of it my friend?


Thank you so much for the information and techniques in taking care of my toe nails. I have struggled with a fungus problem for over 50 years and no foot doctor could ever offer me hope of treatment to get it even under control. I have received your products and have great hope that finally I can get a handle on the problem and get pretty toes. I wish doctors would at least suggest how to properly clean and care for one's toe nails. It would save a lot of pain people experience over decades of ignorance. Thank you so much.

Delphine, the worst Blade ever

When you click bait yourself into thinking it's "excessive pus."

Kaarin Rosso

Who does your toenails? I get so much satisfaction in doing my husbands (he does too) but it's just not the same when I do my own.

Person Lastname

I love the shape of your nails!! ??

Crystal D

My husband and I are looking forward to booking a pedicure with you, our feet need some post pandemic TLC.

Janet Abrams

Lori is awesome at what she does. I would never be able to do that. I couldn’t even cut my husbands toenails. Touching feet just grosses me out.

Paula Wathen

Did I hear you correctly, that you are booked years in advance? I’m from Topeka, Kansas. I was wanting to come to you for a pedicure. Wow.... you really know your stuff. I’m saddened that you’re are so busy! I guess I’m just going to have to settle with just watching you videos. They are so very informative! Such a joy to learn from you.


I’m loving your videos. My daughter has ingrown toenails and see a podiatrist but I’m going to purchase your kit so in the future I can help her with this problem!❤️

Too much exfoliation

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Too Much Exfoliation

1 views | 28 Jan. 2019

Exfoliation is important

Exfoliation is important for healthy and beautiful looking skin. However, sometimes people can take it to a whole new level--WAY TOO MUCH!


Too much exfoliation

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Here Is What Dehydrated Skin Looks Like From Too Much Acid Exfoliation

58 142 views | 25 Nov. 2017

Are you exfoliating your

Are you exfoliating your oily, combination, acne-prone skin too often and causing damage to your skin? You just might be and your skin might be dehydrated because of it. There's a distinct difference between dehydrated skin (lack of water) and dry skin (lack of oil). Celebrity esthetician, Renée Rouleau shows you what the skin looks like when it's in need of hydration (water). What is causing the skin to get severely dehydrated? She was using a strong acid-based liquid exfoliating toner both morning and night and it was causing her skin to get stripped.

*You may need to turn up the volume to hear Renée explain.

Want to learn more about the differences between dry and dehydrated skin and how best to treat it? Read this post for Renée's expert tips. http://blog.reneerouleau.com/dry-skin-vs-dehydrated-skin-whats-the-difference/

You can also read about how overusing liquid acid toners might be harming your skin here http://blog.reneerouleau.com/is-using-a-liquid-acid-toner-the-best-way-to-exfoliate-my-skin/


Diana Trujillo

Okay so how do you fix it?


this is what my skin look like rn!! ?

Lina N.

My skin right now:( I haven’t exfoliated for a month now, i use hydrating cleanser ,hydrating toner, moisturizer, serum, but i haven’t seen any improvement for weeks:((((What’s wrong with me..I also drink plenty of water, live in high humidy weather...

Alexandra Li Sargent

Great video, Renee! I learn so much from your education. I feel like whenever I move my skin around, those crepey lines will appear regardless of whether my face is hydrated or not . Could you please show us an example of what hydrated/fresh skin looks like? Thanks in advance.

jhon nex

For me its like there is uppermost layer of skin cells that are sort of floating on ocean of oil. Really can differentiate between it. I use moisturizer (water ones then oily ones) and it always comes back the same after few hours.

Nhi Lan

Hi. What device you use to record this?

Aaliya Mudassir


Rey Dayandayan

what should I do, I have that kind of skin


I wish my skin looked like that haha

I eat healthy drink water
My skins bone dry rashy and no oil at all from

A decade ago
I’m 29
I wish I had shine look

I don’t sleep good and don’t exercise I get sun really so maybe that’s why

Hayley Brown

My skin has the lines but not the shine which makes me think I have dry skin instead


Dehydration as in not just drinking water it means your cleaning your skin to often and moisture is being lost!! Look up the girl on YouTube that makes cold cream and washes her face two times a month (sounds gross) but if only you could see her before and after pics! Best of luck!

Queen Hannah

I have combination skin my T zone recently got oily and I have been exfoliating I don’t drink enough water mainly cause I drink a lot more milk which what does drinking a lot of milk do to your skin ? Can I use hydrating gel masks ( I have sensitive skin) thank you if you answer ! ? Im 12 and recently been having problems with my skin


My skin but I don't exfoliate that much

Rotem mati

shit.... this is how my skin looks like recently and for a good reason i do exfoliate a lot lately...
ok i will do more hydrating mask

Maria O'Neill

I drink a lot of water during the day, I have combination skin with super oily t zone but even though my skin is that oily it is just like the one shown on the video! How I can hydrate a skin like mine without making it more oily?!!

Samantha Sick

I need help! My skin looks like this in several places. My forehead has been like this since I was a teenager, but recently I’ve gotten into retinols and AHAs and this has now spread to my nose and cheeks. It feels rough and looks shiny and crepey. I’ve been breaking out in places I’ve never broken out before and it has now started taking months for pigmentation from break outs to go away when in previous years it’s disappeared in a week or so. I’ve finally admitted it’s a problem and have cut out all my actives. I’m only on day 2 so far and am already noticing a small improvement. I’m focusing on really hydrating my skin (several layers of hydration and no actives) and am wondering how long you think I should go without any actives? When I do go to reintroduce them how should I?
My skin used to be super oily as a teenager and then when I turned 22 it started getting dry and has just gotten more and more dry every year. I turned 30 this year and my skin is in the worst condition it’s ever been in and it’s heart breaking cause I invest a lot of money into my skincare.

rubi T

How do you treat dehydrated skin? What's a good routine? Skincare products?

Sofia Ferreira

Please, keep doing these videos, they help me so much!! I really want to learn more about skin!! Keep the great job ♥

Lebronski Junior

This is what my skin looks like but mine just have too much oil on it?


What my face looks like that and I eat healthy and drink all day water so what's wrong my pee is even water color even light yellow n i don't over exfoliate only once every month or every 2 weeks since as her skin looks it will tear from so thin skin maybe it's aging idk I do got dirmititus

Lorelie Mermaid

Shit -


Ok so how do I fix it then?!

AAplus Five

This is my skin! What do you recommend? I do not over exfoliate, use harsh cleansers, but still have dehydration.
I would say my skin is combination/ dehydrated


is dehydrated skin is permanent??? pls answer me