Tanning bodies

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How to fake tan at home | beeisforbeeauty

850 229 views | 12 May. 2017


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This video is about my current and updated self tanning routine at home using Tanceuticals!






Clarisonic face and body


Shower gel


Face oil


Coconut body melt


Bum bum cream


Shave gel


Application mitt


Tanning lotion


Swimsuit bottom


Swimsuit top


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Hair extensions:


Coupon code: FOXYTAYLOR

FTC: This video is in sponsorship by Tanceuticals. These are my honest opinions. DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel, as well as many other influencers channels and allows us all to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!!

MaThai bunny

You gave such a nice body girl

Bella Enchantress

I'm a filipino and Tanned skin.In philippines you barely or you can't find tanning here.They all sell whitening products.??In us mostly ppl think tan is kinda old and dirty so they tryna bleach theirselves.

Stan Gilstrap

I volunteer to help you next time ;)

Chris A

Does this smell as good as the cream?

Meli Ocasio

Wow, you look like lady Gaga & I’m here for it ????









Stephanie King

Do you use the dark or light one?

Trixie’s Random

Bum bum cream


Ik im latee but girll body goalss

cute videos

Why do westerners want to tan ?
Me , an awkward asian is confused!?
How about all pale western people come to East and dark asian people go to the west?
Or just love your skin folks !
have a nice day

Carin Pouch

What tan is that

Kath Stu

hi :) I tried to use self tanning products and I also exfoliate my skin and hydrate it the next day. but I don't´t know how to use it on my hands and on my feeds. you can always see that it is self tanning on them and it doesn´t look nice. have you got a tipp for it?

Marie Antoinette

So envious of your rocking bod!

whos that

I'm way too lazy to get all those products or do this routine? Guess I have to accept the fact I'm white like a wall

Seer King

Is this natural ingredients? Is this toxic? Or any allergic reactions possible? Does this damage the skin at all?

Nisa Jannatun

I have naturally tan ??


I miss your makeup videos! Don’t see very many of them anymore ?


Body goals!

Anissa B

does it come off white clothes? and is it hard to scrub it off? how long does the tan last?

pres c

how did it not splotch AT ALL?!?!??

LHML 123

That is great ! Kurdistan is always raining so that’s a good way to tan at home ! I should try this !


When my skin naturally tans it's how your skin was before... Oh well

domonnatthoe 03

do you have plastic surgery? and in not trying to be rude i’m just wondering

Abby Gillman

I heard somewhere that if you shave beforehand it opens your pores which means the tanner will get in the pores and make spots. Is this true?

تمرد tamarrud

Your body is so beautiful mashallah??

tiffany sheridan

Your blessed with beauty and a body!! Lucky girl

Elaina B

She's pretty

Marry Harry


ilUNRULYIi Island

that was not the full ingredients list gurl
Water, Acacia Decurrens/Jojoba/Sunflower Seed Wax/Polyglyceryl-3 Esters, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Polysorbate 80, Dimethicone, Fragrance, Dihydroxyacetone, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) Fruit Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloydimethyltaurate Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 60, Glycerin, Oleyl Erucate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCI, Methylisothiazolinone, Squalane, Tapioca Starch, Caramel

Angie's World

I'm caramel brown already. So, if I get a tan will I get darker.
I want to be darker. This just ain't right.
I want to be dark-skinned.


How long does it last and how much is it?


So easy for us girls, we can fake everything - skin colour, makeup, boobs and our version of keeping fit, is dieting.

top self tanners

Wow look awesome!

Helga Þórðardóttir

I always use beautyblender for applying tan on the face. Helped me getting a even color??❤️


I am so happy I found this. I am pale af. I look like a vampire and I want to be as tan as a kardashian XD ( why did I say that? XD) but yea. I am trying to glow up and being tan will probably cover up all of my freckles, make my pimples look they are not there and just look hawt af XD.. I hate my life oml what am I saying? XD cringiest comment right here give meh the award.

Jay Hind

Here in India lots of girls using so many crems to make their face and body white.
And white ladies like you are using tanning to make your skin dark.

Madison White

This is the worst because my dog things I smell delicious and wants to lick me ?

Maria Leblanc Sam

Where did you got your tanner? Your too beautiful to:)<3 thanks!.

Tia Chia

I think I went Super Sayer pulling padge to this video.

Artist Light

My natural color is literally her after tan color except i want to get darker lol?I'm east African and i adore black skin.

Triveni Patra

I have natural tan skin but still I am not happy with it because in my country India fair complexion is considered as beautiful ?

Faranak Peart

Fantastic! At last, someone who does get to the point, explains properly and demonstrates well without going on and on and on :) Thank you and great body.

Fiona Rama

This is my first time using tan, I'm scared if I get too addicted to it!

Ola Janas

Do you have to do this everyday? How often do you do that? ❤️

Rob Warner

Can you buy this product at Walmart?

zT HK x Prodigy

She's so beautiful! Her smile is so radiant ?

Santy Gzz

You are hot AF ???


Hell of a set of chebs

Clorox Bleach

Can u still get sunburn?
Or can u put sun screen on?

Darina Boban

Jel jedeš kruv, baš si zgodna, biće nejedeš


Can I be you tan apply man. I would love that job and be the best employee. I would rub the tan on you better than anyone and no I don't need no stank tan mit.

Laden Jacobsen

Damn that’s a perfect body

Maria C Rivera

it's been years since I use the Neutrogena spray so I got it again and I got the cream so if there's any streaks I'm thinking of you know putting the cream on but my question is the bottom of my feet sometimes I don't know how to put it on and also the back of my my backpack so if y'all can give me tips on nap that would be great


Fake tan users are so sad and most use lip injections as well, what are you trying to be ? Just save up for a plastic surgery ??

Silvia Graciano

Can i use the body mouse on the face ?

Kimberly Maddox

But isn’t it sticky??

Unicorn Slime

Aku orang Indonesia malah pengen badan ku jadi warna putih...

Salam dari Indonesia??


You like skipped the whole back applying part? probably because that back thing doesn’t work at all.

meghna verma

Why am i watching this, im brown.. Whateves love you tho ❤️❤️


Can people just be happy with their bodies cause is beautiful and unique, instead of idolize one type of body that's impossible to achieve if not with extreme workout diet and plastic surgery?
This type is not more appealing is just trend. I don't like it, still beautiful and unique, but to my eyes it has flaws.. disproportion, too much fat in the breasts, if not silicon, and an anorexic waist... I would prefer a fullest hips and waist and less breast volume. That's my taste and no trend can change. And for girls worried that guys doesn't go crazy for them if not with "perfect" bodies, believe me there's intelligent people out there...

Jay Hind

Here in India lots of girls using so many crems to make their face and body white.
And white ladies like you are using tanning to make your skin dark.


Im looking for one day tann that will go off after one shower can anybody recommend me anything?

Wea Sw

I'm naturally tan why am I here?

m p

I’m impressed by that back applicator. I was wondering how that worked.

Shreya dutta

Being Indian I don't even need it?I rather wanna remove all my tan


Do u think it’s similar to fake bake flawless ?

Natalie Rozean

Damn gurl! You put VS and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MODELS to shame! Came here to find a tan to cover my scars and bruises... left here thinking I need a couple ribs removed ...that waist line!!

Olivia L

Your skin OMG flawless

doja dab

you sound like selena gomez

Marie Antoinette

I don’t understand the cult following with the Bum Bum cream. My husband told me to go wash it off when I sampled it at Sephora. Smells like super nauseatingly strong tobacco scent. ?

Talita Jada

I live in egypt so 10 minuets with sun tan oil on outside will do the job ?

Chasing a Murderer

Somebody needs to hire you to be a model

Jasie & Morgan

Now I’m jealous and all my confidence just left ? gorgeous girl tho ! ❤️

Muzeeb Sayyed

Greek goddess

Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

Elmas Nasıl Bulunur Kanalımızda Reklam verebilirsiniz özel reklamlarınız için kanalımızın son videosunun altından bize yazabilirsiniz telefon bırakınız bizde firmanıza gelelim reklamınızı çekelim kanalımızda yayınlayalım bereketli satışlar


Sieht nicht schlecht aus aber würde mich so niemals ins Bett legen hätte angst das es abfärbt

Pitt Bull

lol tips for ur hand to wash a way the tan from fingers best napy sand pink washing powder sock ur fingers in a water mix with nappy sand pink and well wash a way the tan u might get on the fibers lok

Barbara Yetzer

Her shoulder width is way wider than the width of her hips ..... underwears r cute tho

Jacob Berkovich

Where did you buy this tanning lotion? The pink bottles of fan ceuticals (CC Color + Correct) to make the skin tanner where can I get them in Oregon? I can't seem to find them...

Love Valentine

Is it just me or does she look like lady gaga

Alex International-Boy

Get darker skin


Come to India you will be tanned in less than 2 days naturally...

Lily Thompson

I am 9 i get my fake tan done for dance compitions

Ily Bou


dahlia bouiche

the after result was before wash the product off or after ?

Kim Pitts

Damn girl your curves ?

Fortz Prod.

When you try to be black but don’t want the consequences.

Pitt Bull

babe when u washing a way the tan clect the water and sale it to us boys we by to drink like liquid fantecy lol

Amaliah Montefalco Del Moral

Meanwhile me, wanted to be Pale skinned. ? But you are so Gorgeous in all. ??

Wow Eve

In our country,
People want a white skin.????

Bianca Cordova

That's brown for once

Yas Bibou

Hello, thx a lot for the video. Please where did you have your black bra? Love it!! Kiss from France.


Those fake lips aren’t it

Moath Alvise



But, maybe this is a stupid question. Can you maintain a good tan with sunblock all over your body and face? This is my first summer where I actually consider my skin, instead of just getting so dark from the sun.
And how many times do you do this a week/month?
Edit: just heard you answered my last question just after I posted xD


Can you put fake tan on your chest?

oronika mahjabin

do you know how much we struggle to make our tanned skin fair...even many of girls parents can't marry their daughter to the desired man because of their daughter is not beautyfull they have dark skin colour...in our country beauty is white skin...and white skin is beauty


Am i watching porn right now?

adelaïde magdalena


Lanie Ellen

When I first used this tanning lotion I woke up and I was looking rough took a shower and bam perfect and evened out

Tanning bodies

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Binaraga Pro Tanning Spray || Bodybuilder Tanning Seasons

139 980 views | 18 Jun. 2020

In a bodybuilding

In a bodybuilding competition contest, one of the things that athletes must prepare besides being physically fit is the use of tanning spray. This is done so that the judges see the lines or curves of the muscles that decorate the body. Using the right tanning color is able to expose the strokes of the hard workout so far in each muscle bulge. using tanning (skin dye) is more recommended than tanning bed (x ray tanning) or with natural sunbathing. The negative effects that may occur can make the skin age much faster, and look dry and unhealthy. But if you really want to sunbathe it should not be too long, just two to four times a week for about 15 minutes. Remember, the response is to exfoliate the dead skin layers during tanning.

The tidier the brown color on the skin, the more visible the impact of the tanning will be. There are many tanning products on the market. Among the most popular in the world of fitness and bodybuilding include Jan Tana, Dream Tan and Pro Tan. The following is an explanation of each skin dye product that you can reference in an effort to show the quality of the muscles.

Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment my Youtube channel. I'll appreciate it :)

Workout More = Body Goals

#binaraga #bodybuilder #muscleinspiration #tanning


is that the same set-up tRump has? . . . but he chose the color of the floor instead of tan.

Musthafa Tharavattath

Under, waiyair, open, ???????

Marco Riv90

One of the last guys, had a penis pouch???? ?

Tom Aguilar

I wouldn't mind dressing these guys in their speedos!!

Talal Zaza

Mmmmm sexxxy gay.just fucking

Ángel Alfonso Gómez Fernández

Nice body!!! Great muscle work, many fitness, big deals with one self! Amazing body! Handsome man!!!!
Many work out exercise, If I was one of this kind of builder body, one of my own goal is be so tanning in each co yes between the finalist and become in your lover dearest reader like for u!!!! Thanks.

Ankit K


stealth 1802


Adrian Aden

Mmmm verx good men

Miguel Angel

I will love have a job tanning bodies like him....Woof....???????

Aaron Iglesias

The body amazing ????☀️?

Rashid Amin

This is not a women's jop

la lstt

Thank you for halu land & youtube best video

ONEthatKNOWS 1000

Come vorrei tocarlo e baciarlo da per tutto. E' bello e pure fascinate. Ti amo molto.

george klein

Que delicia

gwyneth grove

Too many bubble guts here...


His wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend is pretty damn lucky

Martin Molina

Que trabajo más excitante! Estar contemplando a esas bellezas

Oioi Rtrt

مثير جدا

Johor Bahru

Hot n sext. Lol

D4n 5tr4n6e

I wish that job ????

Dariusz B.

Is it a paid job?
If so, how much should I pay to do it?

Martin Valladolid

Me encantaria hacerlo todo el dia con todos los de un torneo ....lo hago feliz?????????????

lalo hunter

I don't need any porn due to it. ???

Evilásio Ventura


Andres Aragón

Que chico tan sexy hot ?? en tanga??????????me encanta muchísimo

bhola ram

Nice body nice gand


Guy at 6:15 wear a thong!

Elhamdi Makki

تعقيم من اجل فيروس كورونا

Tania Lima

Hombre muuuuua

Mickey Newsome

I'm sorry, but was the lady spraying something on him? I couldn't see anything being sprayed on his body, and I looked very hard to see if there was.

Androphile Stuff

Who is the first guy? He's got such amazing glutes (if you know what I mean).


Suddenly I’m thirsty for a tall drink of water ? but seriously god bless all the motivation of training and eating right, day in and out, year after year!

Rowell Arpilleda

Nice video more videos..

Brooklyn g

Que se sentirá que te rocien algo tan cerca del "?"

bhola ram

Lund BHI dhikho

Adrian Aden


Felix Uculmana


Jaziel Vazquez

necesito un trabajo asi!

Mario José

Who is the first guy in the vid?

Donald Muir

Don in Cambridge Ontario Canada I want you this is my email [email protected]gmail.com

Tommy Workslave

I have to get a string like that for myself. Do you think it would be okay if I went walking around in public wearing just that? Just thought I'd try to get some feedback from you all before I actually try it. Okay?

Brooklyn g

A la señora no le afecta que el galán se ande agarrando tan cerca de ella incada.
O a él que que le digan que se agarre en público y directamente enfrente de una señora.

Muscle-TV Show


Ivan Vitory

Good Job!!!!

Mark Walter

They need to pose onstage in those little string pouches!!!!! ???????

M. Leon

look at min 4:45 ?? 7:45 ?? and 9:24 ??

Sriram R

Hi handsome

Pierre Breny

Sexy String !


Wow que culo ?

Luis Paulo

Nice ass

Joe Vega

Does he come in 6 feet

Mr Green

Best job ever.
(Unless there's an opening for the removal ;)

Zul Asrin

their got well muscular body ?? with sexy G-String/Thong trunk


@6:00 - the only one who doesn't look like a cartoonish freak.

พันธุ์ศักดิ์ ศิริเลิศ


Wajid Ali


D4n 5tr4n6e

09:06 ???????? the best ????????????????????


Should not allow women at male area....Probably at futute ,most of positive thinker will argue for same toilet...

grzegorz kornobis


Raju Bhattacharjee

So noice body ❤

Tanning bodies

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How Bodybuilders Paint their Bodies?

65 707 views | 21 Mar. 2019

puneet meena


Gamer Subbu

Bhai super


U luk flat bro ...... u r not at ur best

Santoshkharah Auti

amit ki fauj karti mauj no.1 amit bhai

vikas madi

Amit bhai you are always best...

Musical Creations

1 view

Sahil Arora

bhai har gramiyo me musscel size kam ho jata hai usko mentine rkhne k liye koi video upload kro plss

ram ram

बहोत बडी बडी बाते करते है आप लेकिन आज मैने काल किया तो आप ने बात ही नही किया


Bhai ye paint kyu lagate hai? ese hi nahi khela jata .

Suryapratap Singh

Jakaassss gjbbbb bhaiii

Rahul .Aansh

Must reply bhai



Rajiv Kumar yadav

Bhaiya Patna aaie kabhi?

Nilesh Jaiswal

Bhai winner kaun hua bataya nahi kuch..

Rk music

Bhai plz paint kaha se milta hai btaoo plz Mera bodyshow hai

hemant badujar

Bhai legs me thodi jaan kam nazar aayi aisa kyu


Jiooo bhai ?

Santoshkharah Auti

ustad ji ko pranam pay lagu ustad ji

amit Singh

Ram ram bhai jai hind

Rahul .Aansh

Bhai luv u so much.....u r the man

Lalit Bhardwaj

Keep it up bhaiii...bohot aachaa kar rahe ho ....need to do work on calfes, thighies n vascularity.

Javed Khan

Love you ? Bro...

Ess Jaaayy

I would fall out wearing something that skimpy

Duffy Bugalia

Love u Amit bhai......lge rhoo

Ravi Meena



Chaa gaye guru

puneet meena

1 no.. Bhaiya


Bhai pichli baar ka paint jada acha tha ye badiya nhi tha isliye position nhi aai wrna apne bhai ki position na aaye✌✌???❤❤

narender koli

Hello bhaiya ji,
1 No. Body h apki ????

Rashmi Vajpayee

Hit like for cheej lajawab Tera koi na jawab

Rajkumar Kumar

Bhai aap ki body bahot achhi ho gyi hai

Dance world

position kon si rhi ye bata

Romaan Khan

Kitna chota nunu h appka

Krunal Harshe

Natural workout se pehle or bad me kya khaye natural diet batao

Teekam Singh

Dhasu video Dhasu bhai

Rajiv Kumar yadav

Jala hua movil jaisa lgta h?

Mohammad Tariq

Bhai water zyada h body m

Mohammad Tariq

Sir fatt loss ke liye stanozol tablets kaisi h

Aniket Dahiya

Bhy mera star

akhil sharma

improvement ki jarort bhai

Vishu Yadav

Ek no mery bhai ? ? ? ? Love u

Amaan Shaikh

Bhai love you you and your channel ✌?


Tu chez lajawab Tera Koi Na jawab -----Ekdam jakkas

Rashmi Vajpayee

Sir ke biceps killer h

ramsingh meena

Riyal desi

Firoz Qureshi ks


Gaurraavv Chauhan

Zherrrr vedio ???


Can I get the job of painting his body please? ?

badal bansal

70265 24198

Mohammed Ceesay

YO AN INDIAN BODY BUILDER?!, America Supports This!!!! ?? ❤️ ??

Baatarkhuu Chinbolor

Hi I’m from mongolia this is what’s paint machine name and color name ? Please ??

bullet raza

hmare yha to hath s lekr pot lete h??

Love Kaushik

Bhai apki place kya rahi ????


Bro meetup in delhi kab hoga ya haryana me ? btado

Patel film studio jalor

Ek number bro

Manshu Kumar

Please Sir ek supplements par vlog bnaiye

Ravi Soni Soni

Osm ladle ?

Chaan Gogoi

Lucky painter


Muche perfect

Aakib Rao

Bhai kya position aai is jgah pr

Jitender Shing

Bhai lath gaad diya re

Atharv Jadhav

Age resticte

Mayank Raj

Bhai phone kyun nhi pick karte

Jash khan

Kya hal h bhai keee

sahil bhardwaj sahil

Sir nic


I didn't know Freddie Mercury was so ripped.


Sir aapke bhi stretch marks hai kya

Anwar Qureshi

Katai zaher my bro

surjeet yadav life experience

Bhai stage ki video ????❤️❤️????

Sujith Nair

I love you Panghal


Bhai aap lajawab ho

jay pandit

Shandar ??

arijeet Bhowmick 9a

Koi mujha plzzz batyein ki issa. Kya hota hai

Bickram Ghosh

Vai. I love you

rohab arshad

ya kb ki video ha

sandeep parmar

Gajab bade bhai..bas apka asirwad bana rahe

Ashraf Siddiqui

So sexy

Biswa Ranjan

Bhai on stage ka vdo chahiye??????????

Rahul Gupta

1 no. Boss

Ramswaroop Kumawat

कातील body dikh rhi h amit bhai ki

Kushal Chowdhury

sor ji ladkiya toh pagal ho jayegi

Chanakya Tiwari

Panghal ki fauz zindabad ?


Mast body bai .... Love u

Firoz Qureshi ks


vishal kanojiya

Lots of respect

Genaro Mena

Excellent video

Team Đomination

Bhai apka muscle size kam ho gyaa he phele se

Teekam Singh

Jinda rhe bhai

i me aur main Me

Nice video...hum bhi body tanning karte hai ......aur I'm fitness massager...kisi body builder Ko zaroorat ho toh contact me

Anil Kumar

Full tayari nhi h bhai

Atharv Jadhav


Raj Shekhar

bhai ki body badi hai par saman kafi chota hai

veer singh wazir

Which cream r u using or spray

pawan sohal

V nyc sir jii

Rahul Gupta

Superb bro nd wow