Paula's choice vitamin c spot treatment

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Paula's Choice CLINICAL 1% Retinol Treatment With Peptides and Vitamin C For Wrinkles Serum Review

18 061 views | 6 Nov. 2017

The Paula's Choice 1%

The Paula's Choice 1% Retinol Treatment Serum is one of few products that I have re-purchased several times. This retinol is strong enough to be very effective but contains enough skin soothing ingredients that it doesn't leave my skin feeling irritated. If you haven't used retinol before I recommend you start out very slowly- like every other day or even less if your skin starts to flake. The other option is to start out with a lower percentage retinol. The First Aid Beauty .25% Retinol FAB Skin Lab Concentrate is another great one to start out with to allow your skin to acclimate to retinol treatments. You can see my review of the First Aid Beauty .25% Retinol Serum at: https://youtu.be/8mkUaWGdt1I

I have read some reviews of the Paula's Choice Serum stating that it made their skin flake and dry but this has nothing to do with the brand- it is just that the percentage of retinol was just too much for them to start out with. I use this at night after cleansing and on top of a very light hydrating serum. I always apply a thick moisturizing cream over the retinol serum to keep my skin from becoming overly dry.

I love that Paula's Choice has done a great job protecting the serum from air and light. Retinol is extremely reactive to air and light exposure so you definitely want make sure the retinol you buy protects it from this exposure. This is also why you should use retinol at night and ALWAYS use sunscreen in the day time. The only "true" anti-aging product you can buy is sunscreen.

One more thing to love is that this serum is alcohol and fragrance free. It is also on the more affordable end of the spectrum and cruelty free to boot.


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I couldn’t use it on wet skin but I can use over Cerave night cream (purple label). As long as I use over moisturized skin it does not irritate my dry sensitive skin. I use the Cerave gel oil on top. No dryness. Is this the best OTC retinol?

Abir F

Hello! Actually I started using this product and after the first use I had irritations and redness especially on my forehead and cheeks, I didn’t use a moisturizer when I applied it so does it make a difference ? And is it possible to use salicylic acid moisturizer with retinol without problems ? Thank you

Monica Heartsgypsy

I just discovered PC a few months ago. I have been wanting to dive deeper in skincare but the "good stuff" seemed unattainable to me because it is all soo expensive like Drunk elephant and sunday riley. PC is pricey but in a way where I feel like I am getting what I pay for. I also love how many of her products come in a travel size.. I just bought this retinol 1% travel size and the super antioxidant serum with retinol(travel sz) I have never used retinol, so I figured I could use the serum first and then start introducing the 1%. I know that I should NOT use them together! How long do you think I should use the serum before trying the 1%? I plan on just using the 1% once a week, then twice a week. I am 27 and am just starting to be bothered by the fine lines above my eyebrows.. I must confess that I am a smoker... and I know that no cream will save my skin from smoke damage unless I quit.. I'm working on that. What types of products would you recommend for actually fading the appearance of fine lines?


I’ve been using this product for over a year on my neck and chest and do not see any difference. I will be changing my retinol product to Obagi for awhile and see how it goes in comparison. I have found Deciem’s NEC to be good as far as skin texture is concerned.

Rania Mohammed

Can I use it with Timeless vitamin C ?

Cm Neptune

Have you tried her ceramide eye cream by chance with retinol?

Carrie Mroczkowski

I had to see what you thought of the PC is having a 20% off one product today. I’ve used retinol a lot without any problems, but never 1%. I did read that it can be added to moisturizer if it’s too strong.

Katie H

I watched this before I purchased it lol I’m waiting for it to get here but I always appreciate your thoughts

Anjee Sorge

Have you tried the Luna Oil from Sunday Riley? I'd be curious to know how they might compare. I am using that one right now (and love it) but it is so expensive.

James Longmore

I love this retinol the best iv used

Camilla Rhodes

I’ve been trying to find a replacement for the ordinary because here in Spain I can’t find it ANYWHERE! it’s literally sold out in every single website... people say this Paulas choice is just as good. Opinions?

DubLife 90

Hi im currently using murad products would this be up there with same level and same good results if i am considering buying this.

Thanks =)

Eric Martin

Is it good for oily skin? I have a couple of samples. I tolerate Differin and Retin A pretty well.

Paula's choice vitamin c spot treatment

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How to Reduce Acne, Hyperpigmentation & Fine Lines /Wrinkles ft. Paula's Choice

133 368 views | 9 Sep. 2020

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What are some tips and tricks to keep acne, hyperpigmentation at bay, and prevent signs of aging??? In this special episode, we have the WONDERFUL Desiree of Paula’s Choice to answer all your burning questions about AHA, BHA, azelaic acid, retinols & how to layer them all in an effective skincare routine! ?She'll be sharing which ones are best for tackling each specific skin concern and of course product recommendations! Desiree will share all the mindblowing deets for perfecting your skincare routine! ?❤

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Paula’s Choice Triple Algae Pollution Shield ($26.35 USD)


Paula’s Choice Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant ($25.07 USD)


Paula’s Choice Advanced Pore-Refining Treatment 4% BHA ($31.45 USD)


Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster ($41.65 USD)


Paula’s Choice C25 Super Booster ($46.75 USD)


Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster ($44 USD)


Paula’s Choice Omega + Complex Moisturizer ($29.75 USD)


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Ela yavuz

Did anyone use Heliocare Sunscreen? any reviews

Himadri Tyagi

Can Paulas choice Salycylic acid, niacinamide serum and azelaic acid be used together during the night?


OMMGG!?? my fav brand with my fav ppl all talking about skincare?

Oppa Marlou

Watching this Quarantine.
Coz I want to get a glow up when I come out again in this world.
Lol. Anyway, Cheer up everyone. ?

Aneisa Hicks

I'm so glad that I watched this video! I've got two products I need to replace because they aren't effective! THANK YOU

lovelyA Asma

Hi Felicia and Rowena! Can you Pleaseeeeee ? tell me products that I should use. I just wanted to ask you first because I feel hopeless. You're the only hope I got. ?? I have combo/oily skin. I'm 16 years old. I had a really bad sunburn a very long time a go probably 1 1/2 year ago. I never use sunscreen and I know its important. 


- Uneven skin tone
-Skin Texture
-little bumps 
-White heads
-Open pores 
- firmness 

Please help me out, Love You! ❤️

Jessica Jones

Yay! My favorite days are Wednesday and Saturday bc of your videos!!! Highlight of my week!!


Loved this collab!

Jen M

Almost none of the Paula’s choice brand is fungal acne safe!! I have never had worse break outs in my life than when I use anything from this line! :(

Shraddha Vora

Hello Fel & Row! I love your videos a lot.. so informative!
I’m in my early 20s & I have dry skin (can totally relate to Row in all the videos). I live in Mumbai, India because it’s so hot, anything that you apply would just sweat out when outdoors.
I like to apply toner, emulsion, serum etc (the whole Korean routine) but at times it’s hot & humid.. yet my dry skin needs some moisture. (Toner has been a friend during such times)
What are the necessary products to apply in a tropical environment?? (Apart from SPF)

Dung Vong

Can I use Niacinamide and Retinol same time? If yes, which serum do I use first ? .Thank you

Angela Addo

Hearing this is a big relief because of your continuous dedication to providing the best possible help for us ladies or girls is so astonishing! Helping alot people. ?

Leah Deleon

Maybe you can help me. I really need to find a sunscreen that will not broke me out. Ive tried Biore, purito and klairs but these broke me out so bad. Can you recommend sunscreen that will work for sentive/oily acne prone type of skin?

mansi sharma

What skin care routine products should I use for rosacea for combination skin?

Ma. s.k.i.n

Thank you girls for your interviews, always so informative ? this particular one conviced me to keep on using azelaic acid !

Sravs P

I have hyperpigmentation. Can we use retinol and alpha Arbutin when undergoing laser hair removal ?

isha bhalla

I wish all of Paula's choice prodts were available on amazon india... there are hardly 10 available. Wanna try all the prodts! They r so impressive n effective!!!!

Vianca Santiago

I am currently using paulas choice (bha exfoliate, clear line face wash, niaciamide and bha 9% )combo with some the ordinary products and i tell you it really saved my skin ❤️❤️

Zayeema Islam

I am 16 I have dark spots how do I get rid of them helpp anyone please?


Fantastic content today!!!!!!!!

Niranjana Vijyaraghavan

When you get you first Paycheck go get a Retinol! What an accurate advice ! I love it when they give us advice Like a big sister ! I was so confused regarding this one ! Finally have a solution ! Tq so much beauty within and Paulas choice !

Ms. Stoic

Video summary:

For acne/breakouts:
Gentle cleanser, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide/azelaic acid.

Ingredients for hyperpigmentation:
Hydroquinone, vitamin C, niacinamide, licorice root extract, alpha arbutin. Sunscreen is a must.

For anti-aging:
Sunscreen, gentle cleansers/products, niacinamide, ceramides, peptides, retinol.

Rest is promotion, in my opinion. Please stick to the basics and remember you don't need to "treat" all of your skin away!

Namaste Namaste

be fair please. these sponsored thing is shit.

Rose Tyong

Rowena looks like Tiffany Young though?


This was a great episode. Definitely answered a lot of questions I’ve had for a long time. Especially the last one. Thanks BW & PC !

Sophia L.

Hi, I have a question! I am using the BHA 2% liquid exfoliator as a everyday and night toner now. I would love to know whether it is too much or not. I have teen acne and combination to normal skin.
I LOVE watching your videos! It is always making so much fun! Thank you!?❤️

Eman Saadeldin

Lots of love all the way from Qatar! Have been a fan of your channel and content for a long while. First time commenting tho. Can I ask what platform you guys use for these beautiful interviews??


haha loved that drunk elephant shade. It’s been my only experience with vitamin c and completely turned me off. Turns out that dark orange colour meant it was ineffective ... going to give Paulas choice vitamin c a go.

love this channel the most x

Halema Uchiha

Guys I’m go broke within the month if they keep recommending me so many good products

Natasha Kerr

I LOVE Paula’s Choice. But I have such a hard time agreeing to exfoliation everyday, twice a day. Especially before benzoyl peroxide, vitamin c, and retinol. I know they claim to all be formulated to work together, and that even the lower ph ones can still be used out of order of ph (e.g the c15 booster is a lower ph than the bha 2%, but is still supposed to go after), but am I actually ok to go ahead and use the bha before my morning Vitamin c and nightly retinol or benzoyl peroxide? That seems intense, but in my routine on their site, they claim it’s recommended. Just gets confusing when we’ve been told for so long to be careful with mixing actives and over exfoliation.

Makeupswatch Fan

Nice one...I love learning from you guys ????


Is it bha and niacinamide will make a irritation?

Aga Neo

I love you felicia

Charlene Margaret

The paula's choice bha salicylic acid has been the only thing that worked immediately on my maskne

Emily Roberts

I got so much information out of this I need to watch it back and take notes!!!


I loveee this video!! So informative ahh ???

Cyril Santos

I can't believe that I finished watching this video because of Paula's Choice products. I never tried any of their products before and it sounds very promising. It's a bit pricey for me as compared to the TO's products. Maybe I will try one of their products one day. Very informative video though.??

Tam Ngo

Thanks so much for very amazinv sharing.
Could you advise on the layering of BHA and Retinol? Should they not go together?

Estrella Gutierrez

So can I use the 2% BHA liquid exfoliant before a vitamin C serum ?
My routine is
Morning: cleanser, 2% BHA liquid exfoliant, vitamin C, moisturizer, and sunscreen.
Night: cleanser, 2% BHA liquid exfoliant, niacinamide, and moisturizer.
Is this a good routine ??


I can't hear enough good things about Vitamin C but the minute I put it on my skin & it oxidizes, the formulation changes. Into copper. & I'm super allergic to copper. Can you suggest any Vitamin C alternatives??

Shoon Shoon

I just ordered Paula’s Choice set (bha+niacinimide+retinol moisturizer) so this is very helpful guide . Hope it works for me ???

jaynie stanley

I luv luv luv Paula's Choice skin care. It's incredible. I still use a couple other products, but out of loyaly , they r not bad, they just do what PC does. I can't believe the changes in my skin. It's amazing, I notice it. That says it all right there. Lol. Enjoy dear ladies, have a great week.

Cecilia Morales

This was such an awesome video. I like all the analogies Desiree used and how detailed she was.thank you all for the great advice. I always learn something new!

Shahed Majali

Thank you for translate

Bridgett Vina

I would love a product review on the clarins line


I wish Paula's choice launch in India . Online shipping charges make the products really costly.?

Jing W

Can you layer retinol on top of salicylic?

MisCat Loo

i'm confused with applying exfoliate after toner as i thought that we don't use toner if we apply the exfoliate toner?


the best video so far! learned so much!


the best comment from her was the one she talked about her daughter <3 very sweet and positive

Zayeema Islam

Review for jumiso pleaseee

Carolina Duarte

Keep giving us quality content.... no one does it like yall, love yall

A. Pseudonym

PC retinol is so good! I've been using it for three years and I have baby skin ?

Maka Vargas

I'm loving this!!!!


Next Naturium interview pleaseee.......

Lauina Cha

You ladies are beautiful people!!!

Hannah Fabregas

Thank u desiree, and beauty within!!! Such an honest and helpfil video. All my questions were answered!!! Amaaazingg

Rhonda Thornton

Thank you sooooo much @beautywithin I appreciate Paula’s Choice products❤️❤️❤️

Rafael Lima

Paula's Choice is not available in Brazil, it is so frustrating ...


Loved this video and the information we got! Would love to see a collaboration video with COSRX!


Hi, beautywithin girls! Can I use Good molecules niacinamide toner before Paula's choice 2%?


I'm 31 and have oily skin, acne scars and I'm starting to get wrinkles on my smile lines and under my eyes, what products should I use? Their are so many products from this site and I don't know what to choose. I need help choosing cleaners, toners, serums, exfoliate and moisturizer products please ?


GO PAULAS!!! ?☺️


@beautywithin so we use the PC BHA first and then the Azelaic acid?


Shame Paula's choice products are so expensive in the UK compared to US prices :(

Selina Musterfrau

I'm 15 and started retinol a few weeks ago ?

Digital Carboot

Be Safe, everyone! @yesstyle 
?Friend's code 5% off AMUD2G + ?10% - JEM10

Adrian Revilla

I am 15 years old and I am using Retinol (Vitamin A 2.5%) to treat some acne and to soften my wringles cause there really a lot once a week is it ok?


Loved this episode! My aging skin needed the advice! I didnt know they had a dictionary for ingredients, I will be adding to my favorites!

Shannon Friesen

I am 40 years old and I have hormonal acne. I'd like to try a Benzol Peroxide again, but I found it always bleached my pillows. Do you have any suggestions for which Benzol Perozide to try? Love your videos!!! thanks

Logan Williams

Ro wanting her freckles to fade while im sitting here making foe freckles on my face with henna XD


So i have a lot of like underlying bumps on my skin (especially on my forehead); i can’t pop it, since its not a pimple. I dont really know what it is? No matter how long i wait, they dont grow bigger or come up to the surface (like a starting zit would do) but they also dont go away?
Its just ... bumpy ...
Any idea what this could be and what i could do to get rid of it and get a smoother skin?



gertrude etta

I think most issues are caused by dehydrated skin.

My Kitty Cats make Flap Jacks

Btw, if u sign up for texts through Paula, u get awesome deals like, everyday. Paula's choice is the BEST! Coming from someone with every skin issue under the sun and nothing else worked and I've tried ALOT!✌❤

Frankie Avengeance

It's always so nice to watch your video's! Could you please do a review of the Onsaemeein Arnica anti redness ampoule and the Isntree cica relief cream! :)

Melissa Truong

Thank you so much for making this video with Paula's choice. You guys literally covered so many important questions and they were answered so well - simple, easy to understand and really informative. Im new to skin care and I'm still trying to understand how to know what to use and when to use it, let alone trying to identify my own skin.


Can you guys talk about washing your face and hard water? If there is no choice/option for changing your water source, what are some products or tips you recommend for circumventing around this?

Muneeba Raees

Pleaseee tell me which product to use and which face wash to use? I have oily skin and Literally after justtt 10 minutes of washing face I get oil again on my skin. They say oily skin is related to hair so recommend a shampoo also I've tried some but nothing works.
Please do check my message and respond me. I'm tired of getting acne due to too much oily skin

Peggy Babalis

Is she a dermatologist? I ask because someone who works for a skin care company would clearly want to promote their products and the idea that your skin care routine should consist many steps.


Why is Paula's choice not available in India?

Susmita Das

BW can u tell me why my lip get so dry and flaky that I have to clean them (kinda?) because I do use lip balm and it's hella oilly and moisturising what I am doing wrong and how to repair and keep them moisturise and healthy?

Sidra Feroze

Fel you're getting more and more beautiful day by day ♥️

Vanakorn Sirijongprasert

just here for Felicia~~~ <3

Hyoyeon Lee

I have a pretty in-depth skincare routine and I am wondering if acne medication (prescription acne products, mine is Dapsone)
needs to be applied to bareskin (after cleansing) or can it be applied
after toner/essences serums etc?

Ana Ting

My dermatologist used to tell me, "I can only take your skin so far. I not god" ?

Jasmine Castaneda

Do you think teens can use the azaleic acid?


Im more and more intrigued by Paula's Choice products...quick question though: can you use the azeleac acid booster treatment be used in conjunction with retinol creams? Still trying to figure out how to properly mix things for optimum results.

I love you guys BTW...

Vidhi Choudhary

1 single pallet for the whole newlyweds makeup


Benzoyl peroxide doesn’t do anything other than bleach all my clothes

Shama Raza

Hello mam can I use benzoyl peroxide after BHA 2%?

Deitra Haynes

Love you ladies and love Paula's Choice ??

Hawaiian Orchid

I’m so sick of my skin. I try not to pop my acne but when I do, it leaves dark marks. I just want clear skin??

Y. Ch

cleanse - tone - bha - azeliaic acid - niacinamide
cleanse - tone - bha - niacinamide - azeliaic acid

Jasmine Van Breda

Desiree is so gorgeous!

Allen Kubayashi

Is it okay to use Serum with Retinol along with Niacinamide or with Vitamin C?

Inés Miravet

I've read you can make your acid less effective if you mix Niacinamide with BHA, but in this video you guys don't mention that. Does anyone know if this is true??? ???

Kaytlan Hargis

Hello! I'm trying to order off your shop online but it seems like it's not taking my zip code. Do you ship to armed forces areas?

Yoelie Rodriguez

Never stop making videos, these are so helpful

Sarah Holcombe

Can I use BHA and vitamin C together?