Permanent hair relaxer

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Retouch Relaxer Semi-permanent Color

234 views | 1 Aug. 2019

FeeFee 86

Yes that's how you suppose to retouch a relaxer instead of overprocessing. I always use a relaxer brush as well. Love the Tamia officially missing you background intro❤❤❤

Permanent hair relaxer

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Hairdresser Reacts To Relaxer Treatment (Satisfying)

1 651 618 views | 9 Feb. 2020

Hi Beautiful! Today we

Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the world of relaxer treatments. An irreversible way of premaritally straightening your hair.

Shop XMONDO Hair: https://www.xmondohair.com/

What a relaxer is doing to your hair: https://youtu.be/_lMauJ9-jUE

Relaxer dos and don’t s: https://youtu.be/zcrLlgpzNvE

Damasterstylist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0RJCIE7mMY

Tierra J: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ73nhERf-A

Ciera Danielle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZIUjkN7dOo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradmondonyc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bradmondonyc

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bradmondonyc?utm_source=tt_10

XMONDO Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xmondohair/

Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

Don't Forget To Live Your Extra Life.

Camryn Thornal

Omg, I was 9 when my mom first relaxed my hair, I did it until 22 when I bleached my hair during quarantine and ruined it. I’ve been natural for almost a year but I miss the manageability of the relaxer!

Kai Ringold

Wym... How is it the same head of hair... And most black females know how to do it.. not that hard to do ???

Charles Gibson

Uhhhh....does @Brad Mondo ever watch Black women doing their natural hair without straightening it? Or is he just obsessed with the straightening of Black hair? ????

Audrey Rios

texlaxling is a relaxing without making it completely straight


this is why i love watching you. the way you show your passion for all types of hair and diversity just makes it soo much better.

Kackie Reviews Beauty

Literally binge watching black hair transformations on IG is my happy place. If you like satisfying, disciplined sections and game changing before and afters...

Georgia Jacquett

I am relaxed and stretch my relaxed hair. The first video you reacted to the hair stylist did not base her scalp with vaseline or and oils. That is neglectant on her part. I use a vaseline base or ors product scalp base. You really need to protect the scalp before a relaxer especially when you have not relaxed in so long.

Tshego Shikwane

I started relaxers at 7years I did them till ten then I cut my hair I grew it out them relaxed again then i didn't relax for a whole year i just kept it they way it was after it was relaxed then my hair when to 3c hair mind u it was like 1a when I relaxed. But I cut it coz I wanted my 4c hair back lol.

Davinia Houghton

I love your videos. I would trust you to do my hair. I love how you want to increase your knowledge on black hair. Its so refreshing ?


The second girl texlaxed her hair. Its a process to loosen your curls rather than straighten it. Its basically still a relaxer though and its still going to damage your hair. Ive never understood why people choose to texlax instead of just a keratin treatment.

Morgan Childress

I just relaxed my hair after 6 years...such a relief!!


Is she gonna grease the scalp, is she gonna go in with vaseline?!?!?!? You need that barrier if you're gonna go down to the scalp. Before I had dreads I personally experienced an unprotected scalp when getting permed and my God!

Karie Weetjewel

Here in the Netherlands not every salon trait black/afro hair! The salons that do work on black hair are called black hairdressers.

Barbiie Quinn

You can do a video with you doing a relaxer for the first time....AND I WILL VOLUNTEER TO LET YOU!!!

Marta Yordanos

Boy u seem g


Relaxers cause reproductive issues. They are unhealthy even when done correctly.

Naturally Tianna

Lmaooo I normally don’t comment but babyyy that second girl hair was a complete fool. She was going for a more curly looking hair but it came out as stringy. I’M ON THE FLOORRRR ???


The anxiety in my stomach when the second gal was about to take her towel off...?

Tired Peach

Can someone explain what is in a relaxer?

Ajah Faison

I was 2 when I got my first relaxer ? my last relaxer was at 17 ? I’m 19 almost 20



April McPherson-VanRaalte

Look at how happy all these women are they're beautiful

D I V A Kingsley

This was a great video., thanks for posting. I always wondered why they teach everyone in Cosmology school skills but people shy away from them...isn’t it good practice to be versatile in order to make more money and show on Instagram, facebook, etc..?,. I am Black and back home in Michigan I had a White guy do my relaxers and he was excellent!!! (I was bummed when he moved to New York, but happy for him also.). I also had a Black woman do my relaxers and she was excellent also, she would also have White men and women clients and she always told me that “Cosmetology School has taught me so much why would I do a disservice to myself in not applying my full potential in making more money by showing versatility in ALL races and hair textures. Again thanks for posting and I’d love to see you post a video of you doing a relaxer. I bet that you’d be good at it.

Valerie Maruwa

Take it with a grain of salt

Randomblkgirlontv Tm

Ugh I gave up perms it’s been 8 years but now I have length and seen this so I’m tempted I won’t do it but I remember that smooth feeling and silk press last like two days on me ?


Brad needs to do a wash day react

Leya The Enthusiast

The only white hair dresser I would trust with my hair

Melody Mathilde

Hairdressers who specialize in certain procedures and certain types of hair are literally miracle workers. They just do the most amazing things.


relaxer treatment? that shit made my hair unhealthy! it's not treatment! i'm glad my mum made me stop when i was eight!


The way you butchered that girl's name XD ! 'seun' is not pronounced 'siwun', it's pronounced 'shewun'. It's a Yoruba name.

That One Speed Painter

I’m struggling with my hair and I need help and my mother is literally a hair stylist but doesn’t help meeeeeeeeee

Bettyanne Gay

I love that comment, "once you relax, you can't go back"././////


Watching the second woman after having followed her for a while is really funny bc she actually admitted that she didn’t really do a lot of research on relaxers when she began her journey. She literally just cut it a few days ago after starting the process + experiencing post-partum shedding

Martha Smith

The damage has me CRINGING!!!

Cheye’s Life

Looks so bouncyyyy you so cute ??

Jahnea Stanfield

The first video made me cringe.
Never, ever comb a relaxer through hair.
Second video, girl bye!

Caylah West

Every middle aged black mom with kids has done this on their child at least once. It was almost like a right of passage for little black girls to get a relaxer back in the mid-2000s ?

Je'Daiah Taylor

The first girl just throw away something I’ve been tryna achieve

Mom so Hard

You have the best ever PERSONALITY!!!!

Susan TheSweet

Brad! Look at your black and gold jacket! Why doesn’t everyone talk about your clothes? So good. Such great taste.

Giorgy Germain

I love and respect the fact you are interested in our hair, and you know a lot about our hair ??

Raven Tyshé

I use a relaxer but when doing so, I don't put a lot of heat on it because you don't want your hair to fall out.... and I also make sure its hydrated because it will break off if its's dry. Make sure you don't relax your hair often I like to give a minimum of 3 months to let my roots grow back out so I won't keep damaging it. DO NOT get a relaxer if your hair is already damaged you will be bald. It also depends on how thick your hair is, if your hair is thicker then it will probably withstand all the chemicals and not break off.


The hairstylist in the first vid seems to be skilled & talented. I would go to her and I do not have curly hair at all.

Ruth Nwarueze


Hugh Tran

Brad can you please react to the Youtube channel "Deeper than Hair". She is AMAZING and you will love her.

Mackenzie Verhoeven

Brad Mondo: Who needs alcohol?
Me *Sipping on Baileys...lol ?

Lolita Lamont

You NEVER wash your hair before relaxing !!!??‍♀️ every black girl knows that?? also there is a BIG difference between texturizer and relaxer ? ps brad is adorable when he’s learning about black hair?

Kai Ringold

It actually does pop out of the cream pretty straight too ?? hair was healthy curly really more than with a perm in it ?????

Rhonda Seward

I love how passionate he is about hair! That's how a stylist should be:)

Sincerely, Mrs. Griffin

I’m about to relax my wave nouveau permed hair. It’s been six ninth since I got the wave nouveau and I’m ready fir a change. My hair shed like crazy, my hair line vanished. Thankfully it come back now, but it was scary for a minute there. I documented my journey on my YouTube channel. I would highly not recommend the wave nouveau curly perm

Bre The Queen

Relaxers traumatized me as a child. The scabs and burns... Ill never get another one

No Name Given Withheld

I used to use chi quick smooth but the company stopped making the product. Sodium hydroxide is harsh. Kudos to him for doing his homework. I am natural, but opt for color only now.


okay but YOUR JACKET is giving me LIIIIFE

Deanna Findlay

"Interested in Black hair" but only showing relaxes or putting them only in videos about Black hair or 4C hair , we live lol

Dionne Dionne


Priscilla Sifuentes

I just love the respectful way in which he is reacting and commenting to all of this and willing to learn and educate himself about the topic. ✊?

Micaiah Capers

Brad you are amazing and I am thinking about relaxing my hair and now I know what to do and not do do

ada's aura

I know everyone is hating on the 2nd girl (who "texlaxed" her hair ) for washing and blowdrying right before the relaxer.. so I just wanted to add that she stated that she came back to film 3 or 4 days after.
She starts by saying "ok today is finally the day... my hair has been like this for 3 or 4 days".

Lol I know I thought it was crazy too but we move ?

Jally 8

???? it was shay-wun

Macey Boyd

my hair is really weird rn because my treatment plan got messed up with COVID so now I have to straighten my roots over and over again

Denique Butler

everytime brad does natural curly hair he's alway so excited,it's just adorable

Bella Bukuru

Damn I’ve never hear someone who knows soooo much about black hair. I’ll trust this men with my liiiife

ArtsY KiDD

This comment section has showed me people don’t know the difference between CURLY hair and COILY hair??

communication loyalty compromise

Tiara J is not the one to follow when it comes to a relaxer, she don't know how to relax, not even in her latest video. She's entertaining tho?

Solesha Joseph

I Can't Remember If I Washed It Directly Before But I Definitely Didn't Manipulate It, Or Scratched It. Boi Did It Itch The Most Just Before A Perm Or Relax, Have Me Patting My Neck And Face?. I'd Normally Grease Or Lubricate It Before To Stop Or Limit The Burning.
I Started With Texturizers Then Between Relaxers And Perms (Primary School To High School). Went Back Natural (High School) Then Hit 2020 (College) Shaved And Still Tryna Brush In Waves.


That second girl almost gave me a heart attack... everything was a NO.

Brad was so polite about it ?

aaliyah uwu

I got nothing against hair straightening it's just those harsh chemicals. My scalp should not be burning.

Ajmal Bin Salman

He’s hilarious ?

El rincon de Eve

unpopular opinion: the last girl's hair war soooooo beautiful. :/ why would she relax that beautiful hair? :( I know, I know the struggle to maintain the hair is BIG time. but what has she done?! :((

Kayla Imani

This video brought back some memories! Rushing to the sink after getting it combed through. The stylist basing my scalp before the relaxer. UGH. My hair use to be so straight that it would have static chile.

kay dee

That moment you realize Brad Mondo is an actual elf


Ive had a relaxer for the majority of my life over 30 years and ive alway had hair to my mid back...now im natural...you have to maintain your hair either way and keep a healthy routine of deep conditioners hot oil treatments etc...

kristianna Robinson

My mom once relaxed her hair after dying it ? and was just sooooo surprised that it stripped her hair


when I was in 8th grade. this girl got her hair relaxed for the 1st time ever. it was soo bad. the person who did it messed up and didnt get enough of the stuff on all her hair so only parts if the hair got relaxed fully. it was really funny looking back on it but it was horible for her when it happened. but the girl was a bully so in my opinion it was karma. bwahahaha

Alexa F

Omgggggggggggg I feel the burn ? I haven’t had a relaxer since 2016. Never going back


Idk what happened in the second video ?

Shadae Jay

I relaxed my hair for years. I cut my hair 3 years ago. but when it was long enough I still went back to the relaxer ??. however. the relaxer started damaging my hair and it burnt twice. my hair grows so fast so I had to relax quite often. but I'm outgrowing the relaxer now and I'm almost natural. I think I'll be full on natural early next year. so yeah. pretty excited. and nervous.

Mistake Youmad

I was wondering why someone with such gorgeous hair that they've been growing out for so long would risk straightening it at home. So I googled how much it costs and daaaammmmmnnnn $$$ I get it now.


I love watching go Brad Mondo reacting to people dying there hair and stuff on Snapchat and to find out that I could be watching much more videos on YouTube makes me so happy ?

Angie C

My parents gave me a lot of fucked up genes but the one thing I am always grateful for is my no fuss almost straight hair, I can't imagine the amount of maintenance so much of y'all go through. Sending everyone healthy hair vibes!

Audrey Rios

as a person that has relaxers since i was about six up till now I am 52 she did jusut fine the roots first it good for home relaxing

Kackie Reviews Beauty

When I was in hair school and they taught us the active ingredients were the same as depilatories...I was like wait what? They’re like yeah, it’s just that you take it off sooner. It’s not joking around, fam.

Color Light

I dont want relaxers

Smart Kids

My relaxer grew out I didn’t cut it or nothing and now I’m natural

Nichelle M.

The second girl used a texurizer but called it telaxing?? I'm confused? I thought a texurizer gave you curls? To me, her hair looked the same before she did the "telaxing". Idk, smh.

Kim Husbands

It is best to wash hair just after, not just before relaxing. When the roots need retouching repeatedly, that is when the scalp burning begins, and the brittle dry snapping and weak hair shedding and balding regret kicks in. And the time and cost.... no can do. I will just learn to properly care for what grows from my roots natural.

alt summoner

i had relaxed on my waist length hair until i covered it all then i immediately washed it out when i smelled a burning smell and all my hair turned into wax and then fell out don’t trust it even if it says safe for fine hair...

Abby’s awesome World

Brad as a white male: dangerous, scary, nooo bad

Half the female black community: ??? ur overeating lol
But tbh I always get relaxers and a lot of people who don’t get relaxers kinda over think it when in actuality it’s not that bad

Randomblkgirlontv Tm

Like you can play in my natural hair anytime like no lie you can treat me like your wigs like you can relax and bleach my hair then silk press it will doing henna and I’d be happy

Hennah Tried It

omg that jacket I want I want

Pure Heart

Your hair was hard to manage because you washed it ever 4 months sis. That is insane. It had to be ridiculously dry to its core and I doubt you clarified ?

Makayla Slater

Relaxers scare the crap outta me to do. I did a few in Beauty school and yeah I dont like doing them at all. They make me really nervous.


No Brad girl number 2 hair is a HOT MESS


I love that he says CURLY instead of course or kinky!!

Je'Daiah Taylor

Why they first girl ain’t just get a silk pressssssssss

Faizah Mohammed Aruwa

Oh hey! I JUST finished watching Seun's video when this one of yours got recommended to me and I came on after to watch! ❤️

Tate Jones

I love her! I watched like all of her videos during quarantine because of how relaxing/satisfying her vids are

Rhonda Seward

As a 53 year old woman who had hair down her back when she was little....then relaxers for years....it became thin, etc.....started wearing weaves because they looked better....now did the big chop and growing my hair back. I will never do relaxers again. I have learned to really love and appreciate the health and lenghth of my natural, texture.

Brad Mondo

Hey beautiful ?

Kosarachi Omereonye

hahaha her name is pronounced shey-woon

Permanent hair relaxer

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Full Relaxer on Curly Highlighted Hair

25 855 views | 31 Jan. 2019

This video is about doing

This video is about doing a Full Relaxer on curly Highlighted Hair

Welcome to my channel EuqinaD Hair & Beauty.

Text or Call 813-770-4267 for serious inquiries only.

Mobile or In studio services and Detailed Training classes for individual or group available.

EuqinaD (813)770-4267

WEBSITE: https://www.euqinad.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/euqinad1/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/euqinad1/

PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/euqinad/

TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/euqinad90


Beautiful results! Just a few questions, though. Why did you shampoo prior to relaxing? Did you use Olaplex to prevent the bleached hair from breaking off? What was that product you used to protect her scalp? Thanks for all the amazing videos. You truly are a master of hair styling!

Rachel Heredia

How long did you process the relaxer in her hair? I'm going to attempt relaxing my daughters long hair but the relaxer says to only leave on for 20 minutes and I know it'll take much longer for me to apply than 20 minutes. Should I do half and then wash it out and finish the other half? or will it just be okay to go ahead and do the whole head at once?

Bo Bandy

What brand and strength did u use


Hello i would like to know what is the name of the flat iron spray? Thank you

the1theonly _princesseri

It made me sad she got a relaxer, but DAAAUUUUM. Those results ???. Out of this world ??????.

Meg Oliver

Hello, I'm Brazilian, here in Rio de Janeiro and a fan of your videos send kisses to everyone here

kim williams

Great great job!

james d

Yeesss!! I would have had a heart attack if she came to our salon with all that hair for a a relaxer! And you killed it guurrl!!! ???

Makda Haile

amazing job!! It was sooo satisfying to watch

Pauline Fonglyewquee

I noticed you use the flat iron about 4 times in the same area is that not damaging to the hair?

Chandra Cox

Can a relaxer be used on bleached hair?

lady shay

Why is it so relaxing and hypnotic watching her put the hair on the board like that?

Chandra Cox

Is a relaxer only meant for people with 4C or 3C hair? Mine is unruly, frizzy and curly but not in a cute way and I want it straight but not sure if this treatment is for me. I've only ever seen it done to people with 4C and 3C hair.

Misr Raye & co.

Looks like she doesn't even need one

Anna Bailey

He said

april lanoue

Wish I had this done for my birthday

Mel S

Too many passes.
Whats the point of the blow dry AND relaxer if your gonna fry the hair with the flat iron?

m e

I’ve been continuously impressed with your knowledge & skills working with many hair types over the years. Thank you for showing in the beginning how to handle hair that is tangled. It makes it understandable, why this young lady opted for a relaxer, especially if this will make it easier for her to maintain her mane on her own. Excellent work a usual ???!!!

Odjevwe Oraka

I like the way you apply the relaxer

Nina Nina

I wanted to see if anyone was gonna talk about the detangling my stylist tells me specifically not to pull the hair apart like that because it will only cause damage, breakage, split ends, more knots and make the hair weaker


BEAUTIFUL!!!! Please what name Relaxer and was it lye or no lye did you use?




Why relax all the hair and not just the perimeter???

reincarnation believers

Hi, I found your video and as I observed at the beginning you washed and ditangled her hair but then as you were applying the base I noticed her roots looked oily, why is that? Just an honest question as I would like to know the process ?? thanks in advance for your response. By the way the results are amazing! Great job!

lady shay

Where are you holding this ? at tho


Hello! How long did she process?

J Michelle Howard


hi bye

Ughh why did you go over it with the flat iron so much ?

Jamie Garcia

That is so rude to come in with all of those knots in your hair!


parts of my hair is under processed and some parts are over processed. How do I do a corrective relaxer?

E. P.

Relaxer was completely unnecessary.

Mel S

Her hair was washed before you relaxed?

Lakeisha Griffin

Your the best Queen God Bless You ?


Too much product in the hair a little in the roots no good job


Sleek and beautiful ??????


Relaxer? Why She really didn’t need it. To get rid of her curls all she need is a good flat iron. But those end results are amazing! ?


I know the rinsing process of relaxer seemed like forever. Beautiful results. Love your videos. Very educational from another stylist.

gracelynn schiltz

What is the music in the background i like it what’s the name?

perla soto

The results are beautiful, but she was not a good candidate for a relaxer. She barely had curls her hair was more wavey . That’s my opinion, sue me?‍♀️

Leila Oliveira

Wonderful as all ur works my cuteee miss u ???????❤

robert björnesjö

Maybe im stupid, but her hair was still curly after u rinsed it? The shiny straight result was from blowing it out and flatironing ut ? ?

Deep Batra

I used organic roots olive oil no lye relaxer to straighten my hair.... After the treatment, I used flat iron and dryer to get straight hair. After 24 hours my hair started curling back again.... Is it compulsory to use dryer and flat iron after every wash? How long does typical no lye relaxer maintain straightened hair?

Renee Mosley

You are a phenomenal colorist. That was alot of passes with the flatiron and you barely took off any ends nor went in throughout her head combing the heck out of those ends.

Brown Melanin

I'm not sure why she relaxed her hair, but it came out beautiful.

Odjevwe Oraka

Is that affirm relaxer

Brandi Williams

Great video?

maria sanchez

The relaxer needs more time because her hair was still kinky.

Candy Kendrick's

????good job! I love the hair style really pretty! Where are you located? I'd like to come to your salon depending on when you are located

Kim Ivey Makeup

This is so eye opening because you shampooed the hair just before the relaxer. I was always under the impression that disturbing the scalp in any way would cause burns, but this turned out AMAZINGLY! Thanks for sharing.

Mariam Kallon

Don’t you apply relaxer on first before you wash it? ?

Shannon Perry

Honestly, I thought home girl's hair looked beautiful already but whatever makes her happy.?‍♀️

Sharita Richardson

Your videos are my therapy, great application from start to finish!!!!!

Jen Tuesday

Wow....as a 4c chick who struggles with the urge to go back to the crack...I’m kinda salty she got a relaxer. Like I’d kill for such a loose curl.

Nina Nina

No deranged no nothing and the hair was wet so it did even more damaged