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A Love Story.

13 371 041 views | 24 Aug. 2019

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When life gives you a Polish kid, make him famous.

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


Vanessa Knight

L like. Your. VIdeo. LOgan. PAul

Melis Baker

Bruh get him a bike or skateboard


thats basically the best video of logan paul to ever exist


My name is Logan I could be Mini Logan Paul I’m from Canada go check me out on Tim Tom @logantheunfollowed


the subtitles are killing me ???

Andrew Humphreys II 777


Ethan Brooksair

I bet the kid is just a master con artist


Yo you got time for a new sugar baby ? 
I need money for work and work for money

Andrew Humphreys II 777



Where is he logan


2021 i want to see where that kid is at


what he meant was stop spending thousands on clothes for me and just write a cheque so i can feed my family

falcons prey

Where is he now bro

Markus Russell

wait what polish warzone is this kid talking ab. is he just cap

Fox hunter Gamer

God bless the kid

Satvik Dhiman


zergeo x


lil helium

get him baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Dashing - Cman

That kid is hilarious I agree with you Logan

Najah Aldakili


lil helium

he has to come back

Scott Adkins fan737

Mike: are you high are stupid!?!?
Also Mike: chooses lana rhoades as a girlfriend

Jared 2164

6:50 snitches get stitches MARK

You got the wrong ROOMMATE JAKE

Kokonaft Pilot

Bring him back

mohammad balasmeh

that song was sick dude


Logan has such a good heart man bro this make me sad bro Bless you Logan Paul and the kid

Hunter Waff

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thanks! Love Hunter

Adi's Bodyguard

The editor did him wrong

Brian Han

the captions are hilarious

Jonah Bartolome

This kid came to America just to get clout he made a fucked up decision


there is "Wasaw" no "war zone".

Ruben Grob

"We show him the best of america" while sitting in a Gucci store.


i te komentarze

Karunya Durai

the captions thoo ?

Malin Ruda

Xue how hew


polska gurom


Well i guess it worked


jd=jebac disa


Who remembers the old title lol


it looks so not real but inside of them you see it is real shit real story sad and happy at the same time

pro king

i actually cried


Obecność Polaka proszę zostawiać like

Aastha Narkar

I'm here after callmeming's video

Todd Lozon

He did make you more famous the thing is now you have 2 million more subscribers than your brother so when he’s allowed to come I think he should



kiyler robert

im crying

riley gangestad

“I don’t want to stain my forests”????

jeboy i

jkg ahaahaaha

Michelle Banks

I watched this at 1 in the morning

Anesa Mujezini

not logan walking into the gucci store in flip flops


polacy dajcie like zeby amerykanie pomysleli ze napisałem cos mądrego

umbreonek -

where is gucci face jacob


from 1 dollar to 1mil dollars

Andrew Humphreys II 777



I think you should send him all the money you earned from this video. he did make you more famous ?

Sean Healy

Is this the kid laroi?

Adnan Mutapcic


fardan kamal

12:15 laughs in polish lmaooooo

Adam Adnan

he made u 13M views

Sahaj Taneja

Bring him back

Sya Mazibuko



fuck mike

Reaper 45

2021? Any one

Izhan Farooqui


Rene Maldonado

Wait mike didn’t by Logan’s house Logan did so why is he saying to Logan he’s grounded

Ethan Ramos

im to soft i dont wanna cry :(
make logan paul great again

kamryn hall

I'm the 39,600

Wise Words from Aiki

Kid laroi is that you?

AMcDowell 26

The track low key hit different tho!!!

Imports Not Sports

bro now the kid has his own TV show ( Jacob Borkowski ). check on instagram same name. he grew so fast...

gerry sosa

all staged lol ....

Apqori Dzulkifli

He come from nowhere

Adam Stanislawiak




levysha lemoa

you are famous now

Julia Dutkiewicz


Cristhian Sanchez

Mi nombre es Cristhian Sánchez y soy de España, solo quería decir que este video ha sido la pollaaaaaaaaa

Thomas Cooper

Petition to bring back JACOB✋

Kobra Alim

aawwww so sweat logan

Ian Dela Cruz


Kyle Murphy

Gucci on my face ????

Cool kid

Why Ed did he even show his private?

Melis Baker

Bruh every time I watch this I'm always like why MIKE

Ejr show Show

Bring him back

maxbulls PL

Luty 2021:Jacob wciąż nie wyleciał do US,czyli chyba można powiedzieć że nie ma szans na dołączenie do Logana?


I love the subtitles under Jacob

gang shieet

In like a year he is going to be like 18 he can join the team

Cesar Santos

We need him on impaulsive!!

Hesa Dewabrata

he kinda look like the kid laroi

BeeP* GeT oUt Da WaY!

I feel like it’s time for him to return please it’s been too long! ??

conor mcjager

Tell me why I like The Polish Logan Paul than the real one


who is seeing this in 2021 ?

Fortnite Gamer

lil Logan!!!! all the wayyyyy

Daniel Jella

That’s kid laroi??

David Vega

How did this kid even get a visa into the United States at 15 ??

K and S Playz

logan ur videos make me feel better

Courtney Robinette

Kid lori??? Edit: he kinda look like him tho

Tymon Guzik

Kto od fritza


cringiest song ive ever heard lmao

marcos rivera

Who’s watching in 2021

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Rob Gronkowski Says He Might Retire Again

320 770 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Rob Gronkowski talks about

Rob Gronkowski talks about winning his fourth Super Bowl, the secret to his Gronk spike and his relationship with Tom Brady.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Stream now on Peacock: https://bit.ly/3gZJaNy

Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: http://bit.ly/1nwT1aN

Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c

Get more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: https://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show


Follow Jimmy: http://Twitter.com/JimmyFallon

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Follow The Tonight Show: http://Twitter.com/FallonTonight

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Tonight Show Tumblr: http://fallontonight.tumblr.com

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show, including comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.


NBC YouTube: http://bit.ly/1dM1qBH

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Rob Gronkowski Says He Might Retire Again





Onjet Harjono

I love that tshirt

Cordell Senior

What a horrible, simpering interviewer this guy is. He cow-tows to all celebrities to levels I can barely stand. "You're so great, you're so great ... everybody loves you ..."

Daniel Lai Kei Mok

If siri knows what Gonads are LOL

J. Gravett

The "Gronk Spike" drink has to be tri-colored! ????

Onjet Harjono

So grey

Gary Crane

alexa knew what gonads are

jimbo mc

If you can get out of the NFL healthy you win !

Mistee Lee

He’s so f’ing hot!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary Mitchell

Go Bucs

Reid McEvoy

Dang it Jim! I wanted to hear him finished the story about him spiking the ball and hitting him in the gonads. Why do you cut off stories for non-jokes trying to make them jokes? He was actively telling a funny story.

ThisMyCollection 2

He never heard of gonads?

Mr Philotimo

I loved sports, but they playing during a time where people dont know what tomorrow will bring just doesn't seems right. Sports should represent values, they were lost when players are getting paid millions. Unethical.

Cosmo Kramer

When he brought up bill lmaoo

Matt Doe

They are both beast Brady and Gronk but i hope if he go out of the game he do it when on top


Gronk is actually better coming in half through the season!

Max Xyan

Hes such an pure soul.

Chris Tyag

He had to come back due to all the noise in the league that two new kids were way better than him

Mikey From The 5ive

Jimmy is awful


Ya Jimmy can't interview. Like all the SJW clowns on late night, just let the guy talk when he's on a roll no interruptions.

erik puka

Jimmy needs a new laugh

Vinay Naik

Fallon, ask a question and let him talk....jesus


The way Jimmy talks about the super bowl I'm 100% convinced that not only he didn't watch this super bowl, he probably didn't watch any super bowl

Áron Hidvégi

Jimmy u still stinks ...

Al 57K

From Foxboro and Now Florida ,It's like this I am Will Hunting and so is he ,Where were you when People needed a Legend ,Only Sports makes you ,after that I still have a 200 IQ but I'd rather be You !!!

Ed Griffin

Retire and go play with the streaker. I never thought this but you are a jerk!

Alex Ellis

Gronk WillDoIt

Susan Howe

LOVE the GRONK! Please don't retire again!

alexandre martel

Every time I see gronk on an interview... there's always a moment i just go maaaan just look at his hands!!!!!!! I should be used to it by now but no


Fuck, Jimmy talks way too much. Was waiting when gronk will actually talk.

Tim Southee

The sloppy port physically enjoy because trunk mechanistically increase next a jaded politician. handsome, rampant dahlia


Big old goofus.

Matt Fuller

Jim Is Lying Thru His Fake Teeth!!!

kev hollywoodgamer

Rename the Lombardi trophy to Mr Tom Brady trophy

toni g

Jimmy is not funny

Nikki Morris

Does Fallon ever shut up?


Man Fallon looks so fake without people in studio

B Smith

Why retire when the reffs are taking care of you?


I hate giving this idiot Fallon views but it's the Gronk, gotta watch it...

Jeff Kross

That’s hilarious

justin meeks

Only way gronk retires is if Brady retires




He is just going to do whatever Brady does

Bruce Bias

I pretty sure gonads is a real word and an actual body part

Peter Bulla

Look those mitts gronk has......god bless his girlfriend!!??


“RETIRE” because he doesn’t want to get picked up by a shitty team ??? he’s done this before

Caelan Penado

jimmy fallon clickbaiting so hard

Mario Garcia

I think Detroit wants him again. Haha ?


But jimmy fallon is not crying about trump now...wow

Good for him. I mean it

Darla Gregory

You haters wish.

Callie Mae Stone

Good Job GRONK with you and your team mates and TOM BRADY winning the SUPER BOWL. I enjoy it when GRONK Spikes the football.after he gets a touchdown. GO GRONK

David Motyka

He has great hands.

Joanna Watters

The disgusting birthday lately colour because grey intracellularly squeal without a spotless sailor. guiltless, wary hurricane

I won’t watch 15 sec ads

Jimmys losing his mind not having a crowd fake laughing at his dumb jokes lol

Benny The RolliNstOner

Dont come back we're sick of you retiring lol

Darryll Espela

4:07 putangina! ??

Jean Luney

He should, of course, continue to play for the Buccaneers, as long as Brady plays. He knows that. He may be jockeying for more money, for his last couple of years with the Buccaneers???


I swear SteveWillDoIt and Gronk are related? they look so much alike

Alejandro Alfaro

it sounds so weird to hear jimmy without the laughtracks, he so unfunny


Traded to Tampa Bay?

Victor Sanchez

Jimmy not going to lie you need to stop posting this show it’s over for you pal

Master Yoda

tom brady did what peyton manning never did


I can't understand how people enjoy watching Jimmy Falon.

Gordon Sumter

Dudes an awful interviewer


If there was a beer called GRONK OR GRONK LT, I'd definitely buy it. Dude, is pure fun

Assuntay Cleaver

These hosts say alot of nothing for minutes at a time

john girgenti

It’s too bad Gronk you talk to this little twerp Jimmy Fallon what the hell does he know about football anyway He is also a stumbling drunk

Jason Murillo

I love how Gronk looks like he’s taking this interview in a college dorm.

jamie fraser

Nah hell def be back. He didnt come back just to leave after a year

Werner Heisenberg

Worst tv host of all time

Glitchy Lesca

Fallon talks to Gronk while Gronk listens

Peter Dyste

He'll play at a discount because everyone knows he doesn't want to play anywhere else.

itiswhatitis paz

Gonna let Gronk talk at all ????


Click bait trash

Guillermo Urrieta

Dear Jimmy Fallon, WTF are you talking about ? Let him speak and not everything has to be a joke.


He is young and should capitalized on that.

John Swarmer

you better not gronk why would come back for one year and then retire again why dont you just stay in retirement

Rav Ram

I'd like a Gronk hosted late night show.

David Anthony

Best bromance in sports

Scott M

Champions ;) Tom know's ;)


Siri : Yes Jimmy " What are Gonads " ! Haaaa LOL ?

Gil Edwards

I really wish Jimmy had tried to call Billicheck live on the show while talking to him..


Don't forget wwe

brain brain

Jimmy Fallon trips me tf out lmao like hes ai

Danielle Bahl

Gronk mentioned everyone but Mahomes. Tommy told him “babe, we don’t mention that long hair goofy fuck”.


Gronk spike should be his wwe finisher move


when jimmy started talking about Belichik i cracked up


My like is for Gronk. Not Jimmy Fallon.


Fake News....Gronk will play 5 more yrs

Richard Huebner

How could he not catch those balls, look at the hands on him....


Fallon is a terrible host.


First time I've seen Jimmy Fallon for the last four years of Trump... But is it just me or does this guy look like a serious junkie? I meanifit's not drugs, then this guy drinks all of us to shame... It amazes me that he has a freshly shaven face, he must come into the studio passed out from his nightly bender and some poor shlep has to shave Jimmy as he's passed out in his chair... Yikes bro, you need help..

Easy Rider

Jimmy ruins every interview by talking about himself

Holly Winchell

Continue to love the scripted drunken nightmare that characterizes the NFL! I super enjoy the Gronk and Brady duo...they can't be beat. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for playing into all of this; you are a true warrior.

Joshua Bradshaw

How wasted drunk is jimmy?


Might as well go to all the football teams and win the Súper bowls for all teams lmao



Marcus Aurelius

Not "one of", he is THE greatest tight end in NFL history.

Ginger Bread

He's not one of the greatest, HE IS the greatest

Ken Snedegar

Rob Gronkowski is playing next year he really said it when he is sober he's his partying just saying he might retire

Tom V

Congratulations Gronk!

Make your face great again

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Make Your Face Great Again Makeup Tutorial - Comment Response

5 116 views | 16 Mar. 2016

Tess Paras Responds to

Tess Paras Responds to your comments from her "Make Your Face Great Again" Makeup Tutorial. Take the ‪#‎TrumpYourself‬ Challenge -post a pic or video of your OWN version of this look in the comments!

Starring and Written by:

Tess Paras (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)


Boogie The Mann


Lacey Noel

LOL, Trump supporters always tell people to get a job when they're offended.

Inspectrgajit 01

great stuff

A. Bruce McDonald

Hilarious... BTW what does a chapped anus look like?


You are hilarious :)

Cheesesteak22 !

This cordial, college-educated guy thinks you're funny ???

Alicia Conklin

She stuck it to the mean wannabes! U go girl!

Sy Tac Loc

Girl, you made me and many of my coworkers laughed so hard. I thank you.

David Peterzell

Nice. More people need to find this comment response vid. So do you have to use Cheetos? I guess Fritos or Doritos might be perceived (by the Trump faithful) as too ethnic.


What was that gesture she made after she said "first off"? I can't look it up because it has no words.


Tess P., your Make Your Face Great Again video is great! More! More! (thanks)

Tom Renish

So cordial, and truly hilarious. Thank you for bringing some marvelous sensibilities to what now passes for political discourse.