Pmd reviews for acne scars

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Product Review⎮PMD First Impression + Scarring Nightmare!

32 066 views | 25 Jan. 2016

This is my experience with

This is my experience with the PMD. Everyone reacts to products differently. I wanted to share my experience so that others can take heed. Use at your own risk!

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion tool: https://youtu.be/O7zorM5NNVo

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FTC: This is not a sponsored video.


I have something similar to this that was given to me. Glad I saw your review first. Sorry for your bad experience.


some people have sensitive skin not to mention yes i heard this will cause redness as it eats away skin layers that is how it works

Vee Tech

Have you ever used Vieline hair therapy by natural life herbs?

Promiti Ghose

Thank your honest review. We need more unsponsored honest and real feedback for those of us that are looking. Try using a mix of coconut and olive oil for the scars.

Jess Tx

Thank you so much hugs and kisses you are so beautiful love your videos


I also got scared on my face. I returned it. Thanks for your review

Gabby Grier

You obviously didn't watch the demo video that pmd company SPECIFICALLY tells you NOT TO use the pmd without watching

Just Simply Delilah

Thanks for your review!!! I was actually considering purchasing this TODAY, not anymore!!


I have scars as well. They are really light, but I will have to use a skin lightener to remove the scars.

LaLa's Lounge

Hey, what did you do to heal it? My 3rd go around, my son did the same thing sounds my mouth, chin and lower cheeks.


I’m not sure if you put to much pressure on your face when using it but it said no to Hoover over one spot and don’t go over the same spot more then once. Did you start off using the highest one? If you got scratches you had to have been using this very forcefully, I’ve been using it about a month now and haven’t had any issues.

Kaniya Hill

Sorry for your scaring ?? but Thank you sooo much !! Been looking for a real raw review about this product and so glad I came across yours


I just started the Vid...gurl if this the worst you look...YASSSS!!!  PRAISE HIM!!  Natural beauty!!  You look good girl!  :)

Brittany I PocketsandBowsTV

I think you made a good point! I noticed that my first strokes were where I scarred as well. Maybe it just takes time to get in the groove...i'm to scared to test that theory out but maybe that's the issue.


Did your scars heal? The same thing happened to me. I have burn and track marks all over my face and I don't know what to do

Tee L

I have watched over 5 other videos and everyone say the PMD worked for them all having different skin tones. I was going to invest in buying one but not after watching your video and the experience you had. I'm pass and consider another option. Thanks for sharing.

David Borg

I have a PMD and it seems to be working for me and my skin is fucked with a capital F. Sun damaged and scarred.

The takeaway ? Everyones skin is different. What works for joey won't work for josetta, and vice versa.


I should've watched this before. My face is so bad right now. Can I ask you how long it took the scars to heal?

uberhaute looks

You look absolutely beautiful without makeup on and I mean it!

Chay Jay

Oh naw. Might as well keep using my harsh ass exfoliant ? lol

monica webster

next time use it on your arm or your leg first,sweetie.


Great video. I love the honesty. This tool always scared me for some reason. I am glad I never was interested in it. Sorry for your bad experience. Hope the scratches heal without too much scaring. Take care Hun.

Courtney Williams

Great video. Good information. Have you tried it since?!

Sushmitha Reddy

Thanks a lot sis... from 3 days iam trying to buy by seeing that positive vedios but now I never buy thanks a lot?

Christina Marie Hollis

I had a very similar experience a few years ago with this. I didn't have any scaring or cuts, but I had huge burn like marks all over my face. And I used to the "tester" disk as they informed you to do the first time. I followed all the instructions to a T. I had to keep my face soaked in vitamin e oil for 5-6 days until my skin finally healed. I wrote a pretty terrible review of it on makeupalley.com.

Wisdom love

How can you get rid of the scar?

Jessie Marie

There's an actual testing head you have to use. The sensitive head is more embracive. After a few weeks you can move up to the next one.

Mayra Gallegos

Hi! Do you have any updates on the scars you got from the PMD? How long did it take to heal?
I’ve used the PMD a few times and today I used it after months. I obtained similar scars and am looking all over on suggestions on how to treat my skin in order to recover.


It sucks that you had such a horrible experience. I've always seen positive reviews l until yours. I have super sensitive skin so I will definitely steer clear of this product.

All_Things_Pretty & Hauls Too

Do you have an updated video on how you got the scars to fade?

Jess Tx

thank you so much for your review on PMD i was about to buy. one tomorrow for my acne scars but now I'm scared to try it hugs and thanks for your honest review.

Lise Been

Was your skin completely dry?


I had a horrible experience with this PMD. As I'm typing this I'm in tears. It has left huge scratches across my cheeks. It's been 3 days and it looks like somebody cut my face with a knife. I wish I would've found negative reviews before purchasing.


Thanks for doing this... I was considering buying it until I saw this. Appreciate the non sponsored video...

Diamond Forever

Thanks for your honest review, I almost buy this PMD. I will browse a professional diamond peel in ebay that comes with hot & cold hammer, ultrasonic scrubber, microcurrent etc...

Lama Almubark

I was in their website before minutes to order it to Canada, But I said, let me see some of the reviews on the Youtube, when I saw your review I raise, Thanks god that I did not order it yet. Thank you so much for sharing us your experience

Tiara Kinloch

Thanks for your honest opinion! I will not be buying any more

pezz candy

great video girl I was just about to order that dumb thing thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

Halal Eritrean

Thank you for the non sponsorship

Ceshaun Holland

I wish I had seen this before purchasing, now I’m scared to use it ?....

Dii B

Try Derma-rolling do some research on it and give it a try. Much more affordable and works greta on scaring . Ive used it myself and found one on eBay for just $5. it makes the skin heal itself faster

Leonora Smith

I used it on my eyes it fucked them up badly. Overall my face is superdry after using


Thank you for your honest review. I don't find a lot.of negative reviews in Youtube

Josie N

Finally! A non sponsored review! Thank you so much for your honest review


So glad you did this video!

Sarah Bartlett

This happened to me too. I had a bunch of cuts on my face. Some of them I think are going to become scars :(

Vee Tech

Thank you so much for your honest.


Girl! That pmd is dangerous! It could possibly be considered as a weapon since its scratching and bruising skin like that. I understand a regard to user error, but to damage your skin like that...you're still pretty.

Capri Diana

I had no problem with mine.


Thanks for showing the video my acne scares are in the same place as your ?

Connie Long

dont keep pmd on same place for more than 2 secs

Carol Smith

Dermabrasion is a good thing in a professional setting for people with pigmented skin, I get it done periodically, but I have too much reaction just to scrubbing beads in cleansers if I am not very light-handed.

I am so sorry this happened to you, but I do appreciate your spreading a little truth.


I just bought this and I have two circles that look like cigarette marks. It's been three days and they have yet to disappear. Did you scars ever leave? I'm so worried. I've only used it once but am considering a refund.


If I get I would start on my feet.lol

Elizabeth Bert

Same thing happened to me. Glad I'm not alone. People should be completed informed before making this purchase. Thank u for sharing, girl.


Thanks for sharing ur expereince so is it like a mini dremmel for ur skin? A spinnin sand paper disc?

Simply Jayni

Ugh!!!! I wish that I saw your review before I bought the PMD machine. I saw only positive reviews about it so that's why I purchased it. Now I have serious scarring and now wear concealer everyday to hide it.. You are the real MVP because I did a review but I didn't show the scarring because it was so bad, and it damaged my self esteem. Thumbs up for you ?


have you try goat milk soap that lighten the skin, too. i let sit for 5 min n wash it off. i tried on my face n arm. i notice my tan line remove n my hyperpigement eaten away like white sopot


Sorry this happened but you're still beautiful ❤️

Biscuit Bar TV

I just got done using the Man PMD. My first attempt to stroke ended up hovering over the spot, I see a red spot. My second stroke in a different spot caused some redness as well. I started on the coarsest disc. I switched to the normal disc, and everything seemed fine after that. In fact I switched back to the coarse disc without scarring or redness. As an after treatment, I did a red clay mask finishing with a toner, vitamin C serum, vitamin E, and a moisturizer. By this time, my redness did lighten up a lot.


Are you suppose to use a serum so it can glide easier!!

Rose Frisby

hmm.. your really not ugly at all. just had to say


It says to use the training disc first and not to start off using it on your face?

Nubian Nurse

This happened to me! However, this is when I used the white tip. I put meladerm on the scar and it cleared up. If you use the blue tip it works wonders.

Kerri Overstreet

How did you get rid of the scarring ?

fiesty lil mama

your suppose to go against the stretch of your skin not with like you showed with your neck....


Thanks for your review.

Pmd reviews for acne scars

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Skin Care: Acne Scar Removal at Home with PMD: review and DEMO

10 477 views | 8 Jul. 2014

Get your PMD Here:

Get your PMD Here:


SAVE 25% of PMD with code aakinsanya1

Hey Guys this is a review and demo of the PMD (personal microderm) I want to review for this company to find out if this can work my skin and skin type. Overall am impressed with the results am seeing so far. This is a work in progress and you guys will continue to see its progress as I continue to use it. So far I've used this device for a total of 7 weeks and I've seen changes in my skin when it comes to my hyperpigmentation and acne issue. I have also seen a shrinkage in pores so that means less oil production. I really like this product and this is my honest review. I hope you guys can give it a try. Thank you so much for watching and your support towards my channel don't forget to THUMBS UP, fave and share this video.

FTC Disclaimer: This video was sponsored All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with the company and products were sent to me for review consideration.

Join Hautelook : http://www.hautelook.com/short/3U8f1

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Zeva Dan

I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Fopobiacne Secrets (look on google search engine). But I'm uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular acne remedy?


great review hun! your skin is just flawless!!!


Your skin is looking great boo great review

Mal B

Your make up looks awesome 

Keyanna Rivera

Thanks Tinu for the info I showed my sister some of your previous videos of your acne scaring. Now she has hope she is excited to try it. PS Tinu your makeup is so beautiful I hope there's a tutorial coming so.....see you in the next video huge and kiss....

Fumnanya Ekhator

thanks for this great review! been eyeing this for a while

Tamara Walker

Thanks for this..I just signed up..??

Allezmoy Bourque

Great review and demo @Makeupbytinu

Curtis Judd

Good point about the fact that it doesn't just solve all our acne problems, ya know?  I think that a lot of people think the PMD is a one time fix kind of thing, and it is not.  Have you continued using the PMD tool since you posted this video?  Any more updates?

NV norbby

this does not work. i have it

linda doulah

how many times did it take you to see good results 

yanerisglam y más

Hi i invite you to my channel please


OMG! Your makeup looks flawless as usual and so does your skin! And can you do a makeup tutorial on this look you're rocking in this video? Please and thank you! Love ya :-)

Shams Tara

you look beautiful and flawless as always
Thank you .


I can't wait to get this next month. Thank You for sharing this video with us. Your skin is looking good.


Great review and demo!

jullia elisei

Follow HEREPA. com tips to Remove Most Types of Scars and Acne Marks

Maureen Hope

Beautiful as always.


Thanks for the review of this product.. Looks like something i need to look into.. Liked & Shared!


Thank you Tinu for sharing. I also suffer from acne as well the cream from the dermatologist work very well "differn gel" Hugs


Loving your hair...your makeup is flawless

Pmd reviews for acne scars

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ACNE SCAR FIX! | PMD First Impression AND 1-Year Review!

44 705 views | 14 Jun. 2013


Coupon code for 25% off!: NicolaFoti

Ken has been using the PMD (that I happened to buy him through AndreasChoice's video last year) for a year, and I'm trying it for the first time. First impression and 1-year review in the same video WHAT WHAT

This video is sponsored, but like I said, Ken's already been using it for over a year, so we were more than happy to do a review! ^_^

OH! And here's the video I took Ken's screen caps from:



COMEDY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/soundlyawake

VLOG CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/stillsoundlyawake

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Thanks for watching!

Thanks for subscribing! :)

William m

wow, that is great information. keep up the great work of information, laughs, cute puppies, cute boys, cutie everything. good job and thanks

The BrokenPick

Life isn't painless my friend,saying that you can't deal with pain sounds stupid!


I completely forgot ken had bad skin lol.


Is the term "PMD" common knowledge? I had no idea what you guys were talking about for the first half of the video and I felt dumb.

Audrey Hatfield

I want one so bad, I had bad acne at one time $ I have scars now

Deant'e Jamal Felton

I think its "PersonalMicroDerm"

alice tomson

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I can't deal with pain said the bottom


* She's so cute!

anca lucia

If you feel like you have tried everything, I recommend you go the natural route and make skincare treatments from your home Number one best natural remedies for acne HEREPA.com – Holistic Acne System


Poor Ken. Few things suck worse than having to look at old pictures of yourself with really bad acne (and my face used to look easily as bad as that & worse), particularly when other people spring them on you. It's like: "that was a horrible horrible time for me! There was horrible stuff all over my face. It was embarrassing and humiliating on a daily basis... and now I've finally got rid of all of that. So... Why must you remind me? Can't you just burn the picture? Please? Pretty please?"

Shelby Martinez



pro active in my experience is for ur normal breakouts not real cystic acne. I use proactive now to keep my skin clear but I used meds to heal the acne. It was a god send.

Sharon Thompson

Wow, I actually really want one now. Ken's results look really awesome. How long did it take before the scars started to disappear?


Aww, well HE'S a cutie :) I have a black lab mix too. Good dogs!

dellora catonne

learn the only way to really cure acne for good  HEREPA. com the holistic way.

Dylan Payan

What did ken use to heal his acne?

Mat Wihapi

In new zealand pro active is the tv infomercial brand some use or clearasil which everyone in nz knows of

Savannah Molina

Ken's skin looks amazing! I forgot he even had acne!!!


Wow!! If I hadn't seen the older photos I would never have guessed that Ken EVER had an acne issue....his skin looks beautiful on camera!


Yep they were definitely away from the desk all weekend haha They said that you have to use the link in the description box and near the end of checkout there should be a spot to put the coupon code! Let me know if it works!


Did you guys always have to shave before using the PMD? ( is always having a clean shaven face a requirement, is really my question haha)

bumble bee

How many times do you use it in a week?


I'm currently using accutane, and it's doing wonders for my skin! I'm thinking of maybe getting this one. I'm not sure yet since it's a lot of money. But when/if I do I will use your link and coupon


gurl! beauty is pain, pain is beauty!!!! okuy?!

bitume un soir d'été

Lol, lies.


Did they send you a free one to review?


I have the PMD too it's a great product, good investment. I'm using the green discs now.


THAT IS SOO LOUD I FEEL I HAVE TYPE MY COMMENT LIKE THIS! I was gonna buy one a long time ago my friend has one and her skin OMG big difference like Ken's... but once I tried her's I LOVED IT don't get me wrong but it's SOOO LOUD and ANNOYING! like really? would you please Pipe the F**** DOWN! lol

Mark Gailmor

Don't forget that PMD now has a branded device just for men.

Mr. Malfouf

should i clean shave before using it each time?

Marjun Villafranca

I just placed an order, using the coupon and it worked . THANKS GUYS!


I love Ken's hair!

Dylan Payan

What did ken use to heal his acne?

Alex B

Kens skin is really perfect !

Saphira Stone

My boyfriend has skin very similar to Ken's, so I showed him this video and he used the coupon code to buy one. It arrived in the mail a few days ago and he just tried it tonight. He's really happy with it and thinks he already can see a difference. Thanks for sharing the review and the coupon! :)


Thanks for the review guys! I'm also wondering what kind of facial products you guys use (ie. cleansers, toners and moisturizers)?

Gabby Grier


Jessica Stohr

Yeah I've been using Proactive for about 6 months and it balances my skin but that's about it. =/ And their dark spot corrector hasn't seemed to work for me. Ken's skin looks great though, I'm jealous!

Philip Harris JR

Is it safe to do it over facial hair or would I need to shave first?


Exactly! Dulce Candy is on their homepage, and she is one of the most untrustworthy "gurus" on YT. She constantly lies, so I can't tell if the product is good or not. (Btw, I still can't believe she denies getting breast implants. It's so obvious!)


omg ur dog is so big now!


does this get rid of blackheads?

R. Dupri

Please review some proactive products.

Rhythms Unlocked

Would you be able to ask Ken if he used the PMD to over his irritated area? Because my forehead had recently went through a breakout or redness irritation. I'd just like to know how Ken applied it because it seems to have worked and made his face looking much healthier


Ken's skin looks good. His hair too.


I Love you <3 lol @ *boot pops* thanks for video my scaring is showing more and more as I age.

sandy koll

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The results are amazing wow. I wish I could afford one!


I've been thinking of getting one for a while but I couldn't trust all the other reviews cause let's be honest someone getting paid who has used it for 2 weeks can't give a real review.


So does my hearing aid :P HAHA


Ken's skin looks fantastic. Definitely motivation to use my PMD more I have some red marks on my arms I wanna fix up.

MsCole bug

Thank you so much for telling me not to put the disc in when wet.  I have had my PMD for a month now.  So happy I watched your video so I don't ruin mine.  Your skin looks great!


If you feel like you have tried spamming, I recommend you open your eyes and realize it doesn't work.


I know a guy that uses a chemical peel... It's good for getting rid of the scars...


Hahah! Idk If im getting blind or what because now I see the coupon box in plain view! Yaay for saving forty four dollas!!


A lot of the time if you can't stop your acne with OTC topical medications you probably need to see a dermatologist so they can get to the root of the problem and help you get on a regimen that will help to clear up the acne.


Umm wonder how much it cost .

Reuben David

Facial care companies would like individuals to try their new products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever noticed a skin care section set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products? Well I discovered a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) You can get them here bit.ly/12hLJ0E?v=ghdug

Planet X

So Ken wasn't always perfect :'(


Apparently you have NOTHING better to do than spew negativity about others on Youtube.

jay chery

lol thee ending

Michael Van Geldren

I want one so bad now. Help me I'm poor.


But it's not just from the PMD. It's been a year of his skin naturally healing as well and acne medication, so keep that in mind!

Sarah Louise Stevenson

You guys look so young in that old video!

Kevin Chandra

Nicola, how do you put the coupon code? i was looking through it and i clicked the purchase one and i couldnt see where to put the coupon code

Adam Blaine

Ken needs to do a hair tutorial


I'm trying to buy this using the code you provided, but the code doesn't work. Help?

Sarah Louise Stevenson

Just to let you both know — I have bought one (with the discount code, of course!) to treat my self-harm scars. I've been told by a dermatologist that microdermabrasion would help, but have been unable to find a way to afford it; the PMD is perfect! Thank you both so much!


I sooooo want this!!! Does it hurt if you run it over facial hair?

Jason Schmitt

That guys eyes look like a snap chat filter.


Where does the coupon code go? After I press "Add to Cart" then "Checkout" and "Continue as Guest" It starts asking for my card info and I dont want to buy it without my NicolaFoti 25% off code...?

Kevin Chandra

thankies Nic ! I'll look it up later...

Buy Bionic

Peeling treatment are expensive. This is a good way to save money.

Tawny Kasun

TY, I just used your code last night & got a shipping confirmation today! Yay for saving $49.75.


Holy shit. The difference is remarkable.


For those who live outside of the US & want to purchase the PMD with Nic's discount code, add the "PMD Personal Microderm - International" to your cart and proceed to checkout. The site will then ask you to fill out your billing information. Afterwards, it will ask you for your payment information, which is where you can apply the code under "Discounts". Hope this helps.


Where do i put the coupon code... Thx


Do you think this is a better option than clarisonic? :)


Alright sounds good!


I had forgotten that Ken even had bad acne b/c his skin looks so good now.

Olive A

The guy on left looks great, your skin got a hell of a lot better. Right dude, you're pale white so do you have before and afters plz.


What breed is your doggie? She's so cute? Guessing she's a girl by the pink collar lol :)


What do you do for you skin Nick? Because your skin is good.

donna t

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If i get a dremel machine and these attachements