Post sex glow

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my post-hookup skincare routine

3 162 views | 8 Feb. 2021

stop looking up sex

stop looking up sex proof makeup and start! looking! up! post! sex! skincare! i realized i hadn't done any skincare content on this channel which is absolutely unacceptable because my day to day life is consumed by 95% skincare. i am a skincare baddie and you deserve to know it!! so here's my post-hookup skincare routine, post-makeout skincare routine, beard burn skincare routine, etc. you definitely don't need to use this many products but like... isn't it kinda fun? lmao

links to all the products used:

✭ oil cleanser – good molecules: https://bit.ly/39Xzwu7​

✭ water cleanser – hero cosmetics: https://bit.ly/3rxSIEL​

✭ mask – cocokind: https://bit.ly/3rwPfX9​

✭ rosewater toner - cocokind: https://bit.ly/3tLtViL

✭ eye masks – good molecules: https://bit.ly/3cVwN6q​

✭ lip mask – loops: https://bit.ly/3cSGBOD​

✭ snail toner – peace slices: https://bit.ly/3p00TIr​

✭ hyaluronic acid serum – the ordinary: https://bit.ly/3jsgVcZ​

✭ buffet serum - the ordinary: https://bit.ly/3jBubfu​

✭ rescue balm – hero cosmetics: https://bit.ly/2NaPPuD​

✭ lightning wand - hero cosmetics: https://bit.ly/3aZOijF​

✭ moisturizer – first aid beauty: https://bit.ly/3cSVAYI​

✭ eye cream – glow recipe: https://bit.ly/3jsi6sK​

✭ lip sleeping mask– laneige: https://bit.ly/3jsijw2​

✭ mighty patch original – hero cosmetics: https://bit.ly/2OhCIIS


✭ twitter: https://twitter.com/maddiedragsbaek

✭ instagram: http://instagram.com/maddiedragsbaek

✭ podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/7CQaTeIZeoKYRuKDO3uhOQ

✭ depop: https://www.depop.com/maddiedragsbaek

✭ spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/woahmaddie?si=tQmzvfHuTfij4rQomN75hw

For business inquiries: [email protected]


→How old are you? ✭ 23

→Where do you live? ✭ Brooklyn, New York City

→What do you edit with? ✭ Adobe Premiere Pro

→What do you film with? ✭ Canon T6i or Canon G7x


→Music by Ryan Little - Think About You - https://thmatc.co/?l=511CFF07

→Music by Gil Wanders - Lost / Found - https://thmatc.co/?l=3B36D08B

→Music by Ryan Little - flew da coupe. - https://thmatc.co/?l=4535415A

Bri Marie

Watching you debate how to take a sip with the lip mask on is hilarious.

Maria Price

love your videos!


you trying to drink with that lip mask on should not be THIS funny to me

Rachel Modi



ok i loved this. babbyyyy !!! you have no idea how many times i slept in makeup for a hookup....BLEH. but i encourage you to keep going with being single even with sex! i think it gets easier over time. those men are bound to fall in love with you ! but seriously going to employ these post-hookup skincare routines once im back in action lol

Kyriana Lynch

Okay your intro imagery is gorgeous. Also great topic thanks!

Julianne Haugen

sleepovers with u must be a dream

Johanna R.

Your glowing!?

Alexis Aschkenase

Me after watching this: pulls out phone to try these hacks ?


This video was so aesthetically pleasing and calming. Literally felt like I was chilling with a friend

Lauren Elise

Thank you for making me smile and laugh for 19 straight minutes of my life,

mason jar

okay but the high school comment is so true. emotionally unavailable for all of em

Stef D

damn sis you gotta teach me how to use face products without constantly getting the nostril piercing infected. i just have to think about using a peeling and my damn stud starts getting inflamed ugh

Stella Grabolle

Really into your content at the moment:) love your style
So glad you are uploading consistently at the moment


i literally look forward to your new videos

georgia v

your laugh is so contagious!! you are such a good storyteller, I love these types of videos from you

Dee Will

I’ve been chilling from dating/ messing around since you announced your previous video and you’re right- this stuff is not easy, even as a guy. Oddly enough more opportunities seem to show up but you recognize how temporary they’ll be. And you’ll be horny more often which is backwards asf ? I’ll keep you posted?


I love you so much and you make me want to live that bad bitch life!

Blue Jean (they/them)

2021 is the year I'm getting my skincare together. Better late than never. I'm in that same boat of being mad, but not really, at my younger self and being supportive for mental health reasons


ok the COLORS in the shot when you have the green mask on, with your pink pjs and green couch?? so beautiful

Becca Hine

"i dont want a hookup....but i also want to have sex" girl TELLLLLL ME ABOUT IT. im right there with you lmao <3


“is this how trisha paytas feels” i’m screaming

isabella riley

what i learnt: get a bar room in my house

Emily Riswick

Absolutely living for your content atm xx

Isabelle S

God I love you ??

jill shewmaker

wow i really wanna be your friend but you’re like 8 years older than me skfbfb

Madie Malone

You know when you just KNOW you would be like best friends with someone??? That’s how I feel watching your videos lol ???? and we’re both named Madie and we both live in NY ?

kelly row


Manon le chevalier

Love your content and these stories were hilarious


one, I LOVE your makeup. two, i was hookup central for years and then went a whole year last year without sex (mainly my choice but i was also living with my sister at the time) and it....was rough at first LMAO then i didn't even think about it

Robyn Ferguson

HELLO, good video!??

Phoebe Callard

"but then i remember who i am" HIT ME OH LORD I GET THAT

Bloom Gardenia

Love herrr

GrahamCrackerJay TV

I love the way your bathroom is set up. You have a plant in your shower. What type of ? is it.


I wish I had a friend like you lol


ur my idol tbh

Jess M

Ugh like can you just post every day??? ALSO can you do an updated makeup routine, I would yell if you did. Love you lots ?

Emma U

bestie vibes only bestie vibes only


You’re so genuinely fucking funny, I feel like I’m hanging out with a wild friend for 20 minutes

Deanna Kent

I just discovered double cleansing....Life. Changing. I use Albolene. It's drugstore but it fr works the best as a balm. And then I really love the cleanser from Tula because it contains the pre/probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier. Also I highly recommend the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

Noa Efron

sissssss the bit about convincing yourself someone’s changed is so important and I so needed to hear that rn ❤️


“Pour yourself a glass of wine!”

Girl I wish I could drink alcohol but my body would be like okay I guess you’re choosing death.

Alexis Aschkenase

Ok update: some people texted me after I had a fair share of vino while watching this, but i was way too blissed Out and living for my glowy skin ?? so I just got a some cute lingerie on and watched more of my queens videos ?


LMFAOOOO when you told your mom to "keep your mouth shut bitch" i SPAT out my coffee LMFAOOOOOOOO


okay literally my jaw dropped when I saw your makeup, you're an icon


i appreciate it so much that you say "I fucked him" instead of "he fucked me" bc i feel like us women are always taught the latter


Also dating in a Panama Canal is so tricky trying to tell if they're being safe and not seeing a million people in between you and whatever they're doing. Just hump your pillow and play with your zzzz zzzz zzzz and get to rest love ❤️

Tess Webber

I love this video so much :) it felt like we were on facetime the whole time you were telling the story about the hometown hookup hahah

august vulcano

the mask is truly giving me "the bachelor: shrek edition" vibes


no amount of talking you do will ever be enoughhh (i sound insane omg)



Another Minimalist

You never fail to make me laugh and feel like I can get my shit together ???

Emma Staley

the makeup girl. my god <3

GrahamCrackerJay TV

I get horrible black heads on my nose ? I have tried the biore strips and they don't work. What should I use? (Anyone)

Post sex glow

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Sex Tips: What To Do AFTER Sex - Build Intimacy in Relationships

191 358 views | 9 Feb. 2013


LEARN HOW TO HAVE GREAT SEX-- Watch This Video To Learn About My Best Selling Book "Revolutionary Sex" http://bit.ly/yt-RS

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What to do after sex...

In this sex education video sex expert Alex Allman will tell you about importance of afterplay and things to do after sex.

Everyone has heard about foreplay and foreplay is great but afterplay is as important for building happy relationships.

This is Alex Allman from "Revolutionary sex" and I've got a sex tip for you today for the after glow and it's great for building intimacy and connection for couples. It will really send the right message to your lover and leave a great taste after sex.

Guys, if you try this sex tip in the first moments after you make love I think that you'll find that you build a lot more connection with your woman and that she remembers the entire sexual experience more positively.

Women, the same thing. If you want to let your man know that this was something a little more meaningful to you.

This is a great sex advice to try if you are in a relationship for sure.

Immediately after completing intercourse instead of just pulling out and heading to the bathroom to wash up, it's great to just linger for a while and stay inside of your lover. When you're getting ready to withdraw your penis after intercourse for a lot of women there is a feeling being left, the feeling of emptiness right after of pulling out. So manage this moment emotionally but coming out very slowly and then just after you come out of her maybe give her a kiss, stroke her hair, look into her eyes and let her know that you're leaving but you're not leaving. And then just as you pull out press your pelvis forward and using your lover abdomen press up against the opening of her vagina and hold in that position, maintain that pressure against her vagina maybe just for a minute or two.

It's a really powerful and bonding experience and will make the entire sexual experience more beautiful for both of you.

Women, you can also take control of it by holding his hips in place after intercourse. After he withdraws you can tip your hips upwards and press yourself up against him and just hold in this position for a while. It's a very beautiful little intimacy builder.

Of course depending on birth control you are using it could be impossible. If you are using condom as your only means of birth control, I don't recommend using this because it's very important to pull out after ejaculation to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

But otherwise try this.

Men, listen up, I've got a quick little warning for you. It's a really great thing to do if you want to be intimate with someone and build a connection. However if you know that this is not someone you are going to be seeing again, please don't do this. It really sends a wrong signal.

For everybody else, especially for those of you who are in a relationship, try this. I think you are going to find that it adds a little beautiful cherry on top of your love making.

This is Alex Allman for "Revolutionary sex".

Make sure you hit us with a "Like" if you like tips like this.

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Try the free LOVE QUIZ: bit.ly/YTgenm


DeJa Angle

I really like that Thank you. It's a very nice touch and it definitely makes for a happy ending too.

Joe Melton

This is really good. It's telling her that 'getting some' wasn't your mission, that it isn't about your ego. It's telling her that she is your comfort and joy. The most powerful communication has nothing to do with words. This is about telling her, without the emptiness of words, she is beautiful and good, precious. That she has your heart. It makes her feel powerful and safe. The deepest satisfaction about sex, to women, isn't about orgasms. It's about how you make her feel about herself. This is a bullseye. And that you mentioned when NOT to do this shows why you are so good at what you do. I wish I knew when not to do this sort of thing decades ago. It would have changed my weird little life. Orgasms are about making her feel good. Satisfaction is about making her feel good about herself. There is a down side. Got to know when to stick to orgasm games. Otherwise, hearts will break. No sex is worth hurting someone. Ever.


YES! I feel a little sad when he pulls out. Looking into my eyes, a light kiss and staying there for a minute means a lot to me. Tell me how great it was and that you hate to pull out.

More Dollar

very informative... nice video

Chelsea Woods

This is genius

Dusten Murden

seal the deal? look into her eyes as you exit toss up deuces and let her know your a mess and need to be cleaned off!!!
romance on the next level!

serious baby

im a man and i love alex allman, he dosent know me but he puts a smile to my face. thanks Alex Allman you have made my sex life with my beautiful women AMAZING!<3 i love it i love life i love everything.

rakib irony

U r r8

Im J

I feel like he îs that one wise uncle that knows the secrets of life


uncle its not your age to have sex just watch and relax.


Your still supposed to pull out even if u use a condom?

Mario Dodo

stop telling everyone my moves

Larry Dickinson

Nice video?


Thanks !

Alex Allman

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Safeer Khan