Silk sheets and pillowcases

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Lily Silk Bedding Linen Haul || Unboxing

1 236 views | 22 Aug. 2020

This video is not

This video is not sponsored. I purchased all items with my own money.

* Items shown *

Duvet cover - https://www.lilysilk.com/us/19-momme-seamless-silk-duvet-cover.html

Fitted sheet - https://www.lilysilk.com/us/19-momme-seamless-silk-fitted-sheet.html

Pillow case with hidden zipper - https://www.lilysilk.com/us/19-momme-terse-silk-pillowcase-with-hidden-zipper.html

All season silk comforter in silk shell - https://www.lilysilk.com/us/all-season-silk-covered-silk-comforter.html

* for care *

Special silk detergent - https://www.lilysilk.com/us/special-silk-washing-detergent-tenestar.html?recommend_from=productSee&show_from=1004

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Đồng hồ & Phụ kiện

great video
i happy to see your channel!!!

Teddy Burr

VERY expensive. Around £650 for 25 momme quality 4 piece bed set!!

Shop Luxe

Fresh and new sheets make me happy! I love white linens! Those look so pretty, soft and luxurious!

Tarina Monty

Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try LilySilk and the bedding looks great! That color is so pretty!! ??


Wow! I need to try these bedsheets it looks so luxurious, love the color, and the packaging.?TFS!?

Always Antonette

Beautiful sheets! New subbie here. Hope we can connect here on YT ?

Raw seduction

Thank you for this review others I watched didn't show the boxes & just kept on talking. You got straight down to the review thanks ?


Wow, I will try their bedding. Beautiful color OMG, your puppy is so cute. He probably want to sleep on new bedding. Thank you so much for sharing darling. ❤️


Love it!?

Miss Nene

Love it! I’ve been looking for new sheets, never heard of this brand but it seems very lux! The color looks very peaceful and elegant ?


Really cute ?

Silk sheets and pillowcases

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Silk Bedding: Silk Pillowcase, Silk Bed Sheets, Silk Comforter, Silk Robes, Silk Pajamas

628 views | 9 May. 2017

The video was real from

The video was real from our respect customer

Our silk products have the lowest price on our list, but it doesn't sacrifice quality. All our products are made from 100% MULBERRY silk- the highest quality for purchase, they're all natural and un-dryed, containing 16 anqino acids which absorb less moisture from skin and hair than cotton or satin.

Products Shown

VANSILK 19 Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Oxford Silk Pillowcase Pure Color Double-side Silk for Hair and Skin 1Pc White Standard 20" x 30"(51x76cm)

amazon.co.uk link: https://goo.gl/v1b3Kx


Couple Code: FYXXZDF9, 20% off all in my store

suraj kumar

how to buy in India

Silk sheets and pillowcases

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ElleSilk Silk Sheets and Pillowcases: Exquiste Details

1 891 views | 12 Jul. 2019

https://www.ellesilk.com/silk-bed-linen.html - ElleSilk’s workmanship is evident in every detail. Cut and stitched by specialist who have years of experience working with silk, ElleSilk’s silk sheets and silk pillowcases are cozier to sleep on.